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Pat & Sheena, First kiss
Scene from the tv series "Bad Girls" Clip is from series 7 episode 10 I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS OF BAD GIRLS.
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A Girl Thing - 3/7
Movie - A Girl Thing
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Luke and Lorelai Their First Kiss
This is clip is from season 4,Finale
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Pat & Sheena, Kiss
Scene from the tv series "Bad Girls" Clip is from series 7 episode 13 I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS OF BAD GIRLS.
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A Girl Thing - 2/7
Movie - A Girl Thing
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Dirt - Courteney and Jennifer kiss!
The season finale of Dirt (aired Mar. 27, 2007) featuring Courteney Cox kissing with Jennifer Aniston.
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Paget Brewster kissing a girl
From a "Huff" episode (Credits: Tesla)
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A deepfried Korean Thanksgiving clip [literati: kiss]
To make up for the not-so-brief posting hiatus, i posted 4 literati (jess/rory) vids. *sigh* still hoping for milo and alexis to get back together. (: --- JESS: Tell him he needs to get more trash cans. LUKE: Just go. LORELAI: You got any coffee? LUKE: That I've got. Come on in. Hey, did I see flames coming from Sookie's place about a half-hour ago? LORELAI: Yeah, why? [Lorelai and Luke walk into the diner. Rory follows Jess down the sidewalk] JESS: I still say you should get more tra. . . [Rory kisses him] RORY: Hi. JESS: Hi. RORY: Later. (:
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Anne/Danny - Kiss after wedding
Danny kisses Anne after her father's wedding
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3.08 rory and jess kiss
rory and jess' first big kiss as a couple
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Helen & Nikki (Bad Girls - season 3b)
Video number 7 of a ten-video-arch about the Helen & Nikki love story from the British TV series Bad Girls.
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Rory and Jess' first kiss
Season 2 episode 22, Rory kisses Jess. ♥♥♥
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Jate - Kiss the girl
Maybe it's just my Disney mania, maybe it's just my romantic side, but I LOVE this song. It makes me think about Jate. It's "Kiss the girl" from "The little mermaid". ^^Hope you like it!
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Gilmore girls-Rory's first kiss
Gilmore girls-Rory's first kiss-from www.alexis-online.ne
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Gilmore Girls - last kiss
luke and lorelai final kiss
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Jess And Rory Kiss
When Jess and Rory kiss for the last time, it made me so sad knowing that they are over! I cried, I love them!
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Kiss The Girl
Tribute to Jessica and Eric of BB8. I do not own Ashley Tisdale.
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top 15 jess and rory moments
these are my top 15 jess and rory moments
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Gilmore girls - Walking in on Rory and Jess/Lukes system
For my friend who wanted to see tht scene from Gilmore girls where Lorelai walks in on R/J "horizontal on the couch" and how luke kept them safe with his fancy system ;) episode: 3.14 - swan song I dont own the clip, thanks to gilmorefan.com!
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Top 25 Best TV Couple (5 to 1)
My top 25 of my favourite Tv couple From 5 to 1 Please enjoy, comment and rate... I tried to take the video from the first kiss but it was not always possible. Thanks for watching! 1. Lorelai -- Luke 2. Sydney -- Vaughn 3. Kirsten -- Sandy 4. Meredith -- Derek 5. Abby -- Luka
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A Zanessa Story [Episode 9 - Kiss The Girl] Series 1
Episode 9. Series 1. NOTE: OMG! So sorry for the long wait guys! But i have been sooo busy with school! =[ I will try and upload the episodes more often. xoxo Olivia
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Luke and Lorelai: Season 1 Moments
these are the best luke and lorelai moments in season 1
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Kissing test
girls doing a kiss test for a commercial with...
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monkey kissing prank
watch other vids like this at http://mycrazyvideos.tk/ very funny prank
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My Girl Ending kiss
the finale of my girl
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Luke and Lorelai - The Journey of their kisses
A video with all Luke and Lorelai's kisses in it. No music, just the scenes in one long video. Seasons 3-7. Chronological order.
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Gilmore girls, Jess and rory kiss!
Jess and rory kiss!!!
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Kiss the Girl
Chloe and Lex need to get together! I mean, their Verbal Judo has been on from Season One!
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Gilmore Girls- When Luke Kisses Lorelai
Agian, blocking out all the uglyness that happened later on during the 6th season. Credit given to Amy Sherman/WB/CW, for the clips. Song, 'When you kiss me', by Shania Twain.
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Kiss the Girl - Miley/Rico
Rico develops a crush on Miley, and really wants to kiss her, but he keeps missing his chance, and then later on, he finally surprises her and plants one on her.
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GG 417 - Paris kisses Rory in a club
Gilmore Girls Season: Four Episode: 417 Title: Girls in bikinis, boys doing the twist Rory and Paris decide to go to Florida to celebrate Spring Break. While in a club (where The Shins are singing live), Paris realises that everyone else is having more fun than they are so she kisses Rory as part of their Spring Break experience. I OWN NOTHING!!
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Gossip Girl - Chuck and Blair kiss
With my favorite music "Sugababes - My Love Is Pink"
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Luke and Lorelai There Last Kiss
So Cute knew dat dey would get bak 2gether It will always be Luke and Lorelai
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The Exorcist - Kiss The Girl
Kiss the Girls
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Luke && Lorelai- From the First Kiss
from episode 4.22 to 7.22. Luke and Lorelai moments. and there's Chris stuff in there. enjoyyyyy "Damn Regrets" by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus isn't this song fun???
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Little Mermaid: Kiss the girl - greek original 1989
This is the greek version that first played and everyone loved it. Μικρή Γοργόνα - ελληνική έκδοση (c) Disney 1989 Given this movie is no longer available for purchase (this version) and more than 20 years old whoever wants to get a copy of it, they can download it at http://rapidshare.com/files/361584189/littlemermaid.avi.001 http://rapidshare.com/files/361600018/littlemermaid.avi.002 http://rapidshare.com/files/361616918/littlemermaid.avi.003 http://rapidshare.com/files/361644314/littlemermaid.avi.004
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Friends - Series 2 Episode 7: The Ross & Rachel Kiss Scene.
Ross & Rachel's argument at central perk and then their first proper kiss! Series 2 Episode 7
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Cody and I-Kiss the girl
A video of me and Cody
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Because I'm a girl Kiss
Because I'm a girl Kiss
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Ryan/Taylor- Kiss the girl
A Ryan/Taylor video. They are so adorable
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Kiss Suprise
Girl gets a suprise
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Kiss The Girl - Joxer/Gabrielle
A not-so-serious Joxer/Gabrielle video because my brother asked me to make one. Just something funny I put together. No copyright infringement intended.
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Kiss the Girl, Robin; RMC: 9
Robin's Musical Collection 9: Perhaps my best movie yet, here is a mixture of Disney's Little Mermaid, featuring "Kiss the Girl," and BBC's Robin Hood season 1 and 2. Features clips through episode 6. If you enjoy this video, feel free to go to my profile and check out the other music videos and videos in Robin's Musical COllection. Thanks for watching.
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Annie (1982) - Little Girls
Composed by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Martin Charnin Performed by Carol Burnett http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083564/soundtrack
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This Kiss- Gilmore Girl Cats.
Some girl wanted me to chnage this, it's changed. :]
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The Kissing Test
girls kissing blindfold
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Kissing Scenes - Miley & Jake
Here's a video with all the kissing scenes between Miley and Jake. Episodes: Clip 1 - People Who Use People Clip 2 - Achy Jakey Heart Part 1 Clip 3 and 4 - Achy Jakey Heart Part 2
Views: 4016223 Allie Ava
best kiss 2
1)addison alex/greys anatomy 2)susan marc/er 3)veronica logan/veronica mars 4)ephram amy/everwood 5)pam jim/the office 6)claire charlie/lost 7)luka abby/er 8)peyton lukas/one three hill 9)sara michael/prison break 10)izzy alex/grey anatomy 11)seth summer/oc 12)luke lorelai/gilmore girls
Nick Singing girls kiss girls
Nick Singing girls kiss girls
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Nikki and Helen - Tender Love - Bad Girls
Probably the most lesbian video ever. Why does Helen keep going back to Nikki? She needs her tender, tender love. Set to "Tender Love" by Jill Sobule (unreleased). I may make a companion piece to this. Clips by Shed Productions. Used without permission.
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