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Zelena Humor || Mr. Blue Sky
By far the most text I've ever put on a video, I hope you like it.
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OUAT Humor || Season 5
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OUAT Humor || Season 1
YAY! Video #1 is up! Expect one everyday in the next week to celebrate 1000 subscribers!!! Woo!! I think Graham and Emma's humor really shined in this season, as well as Henry and his ambition in breaking the curse. Also Emma makes the best faces.
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Killian Jones Humor || Uptown Funk
AND DAY 7 IS HERE (phew I need an editing break...jk I premade all these videos lol) I decided it was only fair that since my name stands for Hilarious Killian, that the final video of my 2000 subscriber week be a humor video of Killian. I hope you enjoy!
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OUAT Humor || Season 2
Ugh got blocked, threw this song on the video, will post the original on vimeo later. Vimeo to real video: https://vimeo.com/259254155
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OUAT Humor || Season 6
Yay last one for now! I hope you enjoyed all these humor videos...I'm taking a bit of a break right now (more like vidders block) so the next video could be in a day or two or a few weeks. We shall see!
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OUAT Humor || Season 4
Ok the frozen people are hilarious. Also I'm only doing 6 videos because life and I want to do season 7 humor when it's done. But I will be doing humor videos (the sass ones) for 7x11-12 soon!
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The Charmings being Embarassing Parents
Hahaah I love them
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Henry Mills Sass
WOW he's gotten sassy
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OUAT Humor || Season 3
Yay this is my favorite one! I hope you like it!
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OUAT Humor || Season 7
YAY WE REACHED 2000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! (unless some asshole unsubscribes, which could happen but at this point and time I'm at 2000) LET THE WEEK OF ASSORTED VIDEOS BEGIN! Let's start out with a highly requested season 7 humor video that I for the life of me did not want to make. I hope you enjoy!
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156 Seconds of Once Upon a Time
This is the last one I swear!!! I hope you love it like me!
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WHALE? || OUAT Humor
Gosh I couldn't not do this, has anyone actually put these scenes together? Haha
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Protective Dad Humor || OUAT
Gosh I adore David, he's gonna be in a few of my next videos! I hope you like this little thing I threw together.
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The Story of Captain Swan (2x05-7x22)
This thing is a DOOZY, go get a snack before you sit down to watch haha. I really loved how it turned out though and it didn't take as long as I thought it would! I hope you love it and CS like me!
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Killian "Dammit Bro" Jones
Lol I hope you laugh
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OUAT Humor || 7x02
The Hook not wanting the kid thing was a joke lol, and I also didn't come up with the hot blonde thing, someone on my ouat group chat did
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89 Episodes of Captain Swan in 178 Seconds
My original version of this video got blocked so this is it with a different song and more at the end because the song is longer (Yes there is bonus video at the end, the 178 seconds ends with Emma and Hook on his boat) If you wanna see what I originally intended for this video was follow one of these links: https://vimeo.com/254141689 https://killiarious.tumblr.com/post/170472034630/89-episodes-of-captain-swan-in-178-seconds-and If you wanna here my long winded rant keep reading: So essentially I was trying to choose between Love Me Like You Do and Capital Letters (I went back and forth a billion times while editing), I chose Capital Letters which was DUMB. I absolutely adored that version and it got blocked worldwide. Then I went and changed the song to Love Me Like You Do but it needed an extra 40 seconds of video which might not seem like alot but it's ALOT. So yes I did spend the entire day editing this video, you better enjoy it lol. If you read this comment Cactus down below. ALSO: Which version do you like better? ALSO: There are more than 89 episodes but those were the ones I could get decent scenes of, I left out 3x09, 4x21, 5x06, 5x09, 5x16, 6x04, 6x16
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OUAT Humor || 6x15
Haha this episode was surprisingly hilarious
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Levi & Nico || Nervous
They're so cute, I can't deal! Coloring by Maryxstuart
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141 Episodes of Henry Mills
Well I had an idea to make a video so you could progressively see Henry grow, I know this is kind of similar to the Hope video and the ouat one I'm posting later this week but I really wanted to do this. I might do an Emma version at some point but I promise after that I'm done haha.
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Once Upon a Time || 7 Years
Lol this you pick I vid only took me 2 freaking months, I hope you like it. It's a miracle that it's finished! Oh I'm also severely judging whoever picked Ivy and Tremaine to go with all these good parents haha.
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OUAT Humor || 7x01
And we're back with the weekly/bi-weekly humor videos woo
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Grumpy Humor || Handclap
Lol this was gonna be a dwarves video but I soon realized that grumpy is the ringleader
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OUAT Humor || 7x03-04
Yay this is finally done, I've had 7x03 done for a while but it wasn't very long so I decided to combine them! I love making fake stepdad jokes hahaha. There's a CS video going up tomorrow.
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Every Breath You Take || What Still Remains
Omg so I loved Colin's new movie! And I want to make a few videos from it so this will be fun heh! I thought this song suited creepy ass peter well.
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Nic & Conrad || Another Love
I'M OBSESSED. Conrad gives me way too many Killian Jones cerca season 3B vibes. He loves this girl who loves him but in their case doesn't want to give him ANOTHER chance. I must have a soft spot for dudes with weird names and sad faces. Go watch The Resident! It is excellent and I think these two have potential to make it on my otp list.
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Captain Cobra Humor
I know this isn't a trailer but it was a lot closer to being done. The trailer is at 30%, hopefully that'll be done by Wednesday!
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OUAT Humor || 7x20
Trailer Week #2 in 2 days!
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OUAT 6x11 & 6x12 Humor
I hope you like it
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Mamma Mia 2 || OUAT Style (#1)
Damn this one was a doozy, I don't have a great memory of snow scenes so finding all of these was a challenge! Has anyone seen the 1st one? Also I really hope you like this week of trailers, I tried to do a variety instead of just captain swan romance ones, though there are a few but they have different tones! Also i'd love if you'd show these to yours friends, I'm less than a hundred from 1000 subscribers and I'm dorkily excited about it! I really wanna make like a celebratory video when it happens so fingers crossed it happens before ouat ends!
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Dark Captain Swan || Survivor
Omg you guys do not know how much I LOVE THIS. I've been wanting to do a dark cs video for ages but I just didn't have the inspiration. But omg it's so nice to change up what I'm vidding because I've been doing too many sickly sweet CS videos and this was badass so yay!!!
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OUAT Humor || 7x11
This only took me like 2 months lol, well these are back so yay, 12 and 13 will be out over the next few days. Still working on the rest!
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OUAT Humor || 7x21-22 (a bit savage...)
Sadly this is the last humor video of season 7...and the last one I have planned...Request an episode though and I will see what I can do! Trailer Week #2 starts tomorrow!
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Random Season 1A Humor || OUAT
I'm doing a rewatch with some people (you can join if you want!) so I threw some of the things I found funny into a video
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OUAT Humor || 7x12
I am literally the worst, this video and another are done, thumbnail done, and I'm still too lazy to post them haha. More things to come when finals are over!
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David & Emma || I Loved Her First
I swear this is my last video involving Emma and David's relationship for a while haha, I just had so many ideas involving them it had to happen. Though I do have another tiny video for David, but it'll be funny and you'll like it I promise!
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A Bad Mom's Christmas || OUAT Style
I honestly don't know what to say about this LOL. As always leave suggestions below!
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I thought Hook as a dark one was hilarious!
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Colifer ATV Humor
Yay I made this for my cssv, I hope you guys enjoy!
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Colifer Humor
Instagram: Killiarious
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Ouat Humor || 7x07-08
Ah I love having a break from school, I'm so productive. Also, moral of the story, Hook & Regina are doing a lot of grounding in these videos lol.
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OUAT Humor || 7x14-15
Slowly working on these humor videos, I finally cut 7x17-20, ONLY THE FINALE LEFT WOOO...and a bunch of saracastic words...
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Killian Jones || Praying
Ok settle in guys, I have a lot to say: 1) I desperately tried to make this a Killian video and not a CS video, I hope I succeeded. 2) The ending when he proposes might be confusing, it's because it says "I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees..." And when you propose your get down on a knee and then I feel like his life with Emma is his peace. Also the point of the last two clips isn't "What kind of man do you want to be?" "I want to be a husband" I was paralleling their smiles. 3) Damn when I heard this song is October I wanted to do a Killian-Rumple video, then when I went to do it, it was bits and pieces of a villains of ouat video, then I scrapped that in like December and two days ago I was halfway done a dark one emma hook video and then last night, at like 12 am, I scrapped that and started this GEEZE. 4) I know the beginning is a hot mess in certain parts, I did the back half from the hours of 12 am- 2 am and the front half got 2am -4 am so I was kind of hallucinating and too lazy to fix anything weird about it. 5) I hope you enjoy! I've been wanting to do a new Killian video for ages!!!
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OUAT Humor 6x06
There are no words
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OUAT Humor 6x13-14
This is so crappy but I needed to shuffle it on out before the next set of episodes start
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Ouat Humor || 7x16
Another day, another humor video. Slowly working through the episodes LOL. Should I pick a random season and do humor videos for it?
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OUAT Couples || Love Me Like You Do (YPIV)
Day 4 brings us the YPIV I neglected for a few months! I love how it came together so I hope you enjoy!
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OUAT Humor 6x18-19
The other humor video I forgot to upload. I know it's shit but I really want one for every episode. Except 9. There was nothing funny about 9.
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OUAT Humor 6x10
I've actually, for the most part, have had this made for a while but I decided it would be more fun to post closer to 6x11
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