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Dream interpretation (panthers/black panther in dream)
Episode two of dream interpretation dreaming of big cats
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Dream interpretation (killing someone in your dreams)
Yes murder can come after you even in the few hours you escape the world. The act it self can represent an introverted person who feel a lot of anger. It can represent hating an aspect about yourself, that your are trying to escape from your waking life.
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Dream interpretation (being burned in your dreams)
Dream interpretation (being burned in your dreams) What does seeing fire in your dreams means? What is your subconscious trying to tell you. What is the secret message this time. Let's decode it. Dealing with fire (playing with fire) can be both positive and negative. If the fire is under control. Is causing you happiness and warmth it can be positive and indicate positive emotions in your life. Being burnt alive in your dream while feeling pain and fear means you have strong emotions you are dealing with.
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What does it mean to dream of a witch (dream interpretation)
Dreaming of a witch isn't always a pleasant experience. It can be both terrifying and magical . so in this episode we will discuss what does it mean when you see a witch in your dreams
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What does it mean when you dream of engagement ring
Dreaming of rings has the interpretation of feeling complete and content, infinite satisfaction Losing a ring in your dreams means you feel your relationship is falling apart
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Seeing dead loved ones in your dream meaning (dream interpretation)
What are signs from deceased loved ones,what does it mean when you see a dead loved ones in a dream.
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Dream interpretation (Lizards in dreams)
No need to worry anymore about what does your dream mean here you can find out about the meaning of your dreams. Dreams tell more about our state of mind and subconscious its a very exciting way to connect with our inner self and our very intense inner desires and instincts.
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The meaning of your dream(the Exam) dream interpretation
What does it mean when you dream of a long pages and a very difficult exam ahead to do while running g out of time probably been there done that? Here what it means.
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Getting eaten alive(dream interpretation)
sorry for not posting in a while this video will be about a very scary rare dream. Its about getting eaten alive in your dreams. Getting mauled to death in your dreams can mean being consumed by certain emotions especially if it was accombined with pain and getting stalked by a [email protected] animal especially ones you fear most.
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Dreaming of celebrities interpretation
Dreaming of celebrities interpretation What does it mean to dream about a famous sing,actor,... It can mean a strong desire for admiration as celebrities are associated with being celebrated and admired
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What does it mean to dream about a gypsy
Dream interpretation,what does it mean when you dream about a gypsy.
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Dreams interpretation (pets in dreams, neglected pet's and happy pets)
The third episode of dream interpretation, this time about dying starving pets what can they mean. Or loved nourished pets. Usually they represent important things in our lives
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Dreaming of stairs (dream interpretation)
Dreaming about stairs can be confusing and finding an explanation to it can be really a task
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Dream interpretation (getting chased in your dream)
Being chased by someone in your dream is your subconscious sending you've message about your current situation in life a state of avoiding some of your responsibilies, running from your past, from facing something
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Dream interpretation (dreaming of a dog)
Dogs are pets but they can mean sense of protection in dreams as well, let's look together at the dream interpretation of the dream mean with this dream decoding video
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My virtual tour to Egypt
Cairo is a very beautiful city , I enjoyed every moment there people are friendly and the weather is just AHMMMazing!!! I went to see some mummies, tombs, and work of art made by gold in the museum, I went also to the pyramids was so blessed to witness this wonderful. What to expect when I go to Egypt for the first time? Its really not very different from any other country out there, just be smart and stay alert and you will enjoy the best trip Is it dangerous to go to Egypt ? No its very stable there right now and I saw a lot of tourists
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Dreaming about snakes
Dreaming about snakes,or saying a snake in your dreams comes down to four main explanation. Snakes represent evil to many people. And they often refer to threats by people or fears you avoid in your waking life. They can have positive association for some people such as healing or new beginnings. Though Siegmund Freud had a totally different explanation :') . which is more sexual. It can mean you feel sort of inadequacy when it comes to sex or intimacy
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Dream interpretation (losing a teeth in your dream)
Dream interpretation (losing a teeth in your dream) Can mean several things, but mainly. Power, losing face. Have you woke up checking your teeth before from how much the dream felt so real. Then your emotions are too strong
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Dream interpretation (drowning)
The fourth episode of dream interpretation, is about drowning. It has nothing to do with the titanic movie you have watched. Its most of the time a warning about an urgent need
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Dreaming of food(food dream interpretation)
Dreaming of food(food dream interpretation) dreaming of food and what does it mean
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Hitler's rant (Hitler becomes a gay porn star)
That is just another Hitlers parody, made just to make you laugh. There are many funny Hitlers parodies on YouTube and my video is inspired by them. This video is just for fun and not to offend anyone. Any homophobic or anti Semitic comment will be deleted. Of the songs included in this video. Some of the songs in the clip Hey sexy lady by shaggy Pussy by rammstein
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Melania trump interview 2018
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Flying in your dreams( dream interpretation)
Flying in your dreams dream interpretation
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That is a video to express my love for Asian people!! Guys you are the best😍 just a short story out of many that prove you guys are the best
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10 MINUTES of Guided meditation for Relaxation
10 MINUTES Guided meditation for Relaxation,with no music. Make sure you are in quite place. And enjoy a journey to the Nirvana of mindfulness and calmness.
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10 things I wish I knew earlier about life
Here is a video about some wisdom ;) that I gained by years. Believe me each and everyone of them I learned the hard way. Enjoy the video and make the best out of using these advices Title:10 things I wish I knew earlier about life
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Beyonce halo (vocals cover)
Beyonce halo (vocals cover) Hi everyone so I made this video as I recently became aware that my neighbor hates my voice. Especially when 8 sing before breakfast. and he threatened to throw a rock from his rooms window if he heard me singing again in my room. so I made this as a tribute to him maybe hE will appreciate my artistic tendencies. But he was my first audience and the first to see my performance so I can feel grateful for that
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How to get bigger lips (make up tutorial for SEXIER LIPS)
How to get bigger lips? If you had thin lips its not a problem anymore. Now you can get bigger lips without injection or a visit to a cosmetic clinic. with some lipstick applying hacks. Liquid lipstick is my fav!! When it comes to creating this look. To look more like 1950s Hollywood seductress. I used mostly Giorgi Armani products, I love their lipstick products as it lasts longer. While you still can get similar liquid lipstick from other brands like maybelline,urban decay....etc Get this look of fuller, juicy ,red lips look by first doing some scrubbing,with adding some lip balm. And continue exfoliating with a tooth brush. Make SURE to remove any traces of the lip balm begore starting as it can make it difficult to draw the lip lines.After that use kisskiss amazing lipstick as a lip liner. It will define the lines easier and help you create the lines that matches the size of your dream lips...!!! After that using a painting's tooth brush added the liquid lipstick(two layers), first layer would be lighter shade. Then the second darker one that really makes the whole color stronger and last longer.
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Friction physics problem (using 2nd Newtons law)
Finding coefficient of kinetic friction, this is another physics problem to help you comprehend physics fundamentals.
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My Message to sexual assault/harassment victims
I will discuss in this video the challanges faced by victims (learned from experiencece wisdom is always significant) From my experience, and my own struggle with being shamed, doubted and silenced as a victim.
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Drawing a leopard timelapse
Using acrylic colors to draw a leopard room me three days, inspired by another youtubers work
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Physics problem (solving friction problems) no acceleration
No way to run from dynamics
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The pussycat runs from the rat
Tom and jerry was not very accurate
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The amazing Wilson's promontory
This is a quick footage of my visit to the amazing The amazing Wilson's promontory. In Victoria Australia
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Quite comfort 25 QC HEADPHONES honest unsponsored review
Reviewing QC25 headphones, they should be called noise reduction instead of noisecanceling
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Physics problem (dynamics and friction) solving acceleration over an incline
Dealing with another physics problem about friction, this time calculating acceleration over an inclined surface.
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What is significant figures (math and physics explanation)
Significant figures are her 'significant' to help in writing a number in a precise way and understand measurements. Always a non zero number is a significant figure. For example 222 or 6.25 (has three significant figures) Another example 700 has only one significant figures (trailing zeros with no decimal are not considered) Another example 3008 or 30.04 all are significant (zeros between non zero numbers are considered significant) Another example 0.055 or 0089 only two significant figures, the zeros on the left side of the non zero numbers are always non significant regardless the decimals Another example 12.2300 any zeros after decimals are significant figures this number has 6 significant figures. Any zero after a decimal is a significant figure only if its after a non zero number like here 0.0001222300 this number has 6 significant figures. Or this one 70.0 has three significant figures
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Bang bang Nancy Sinatra amazing cover
Bang bang Nancy Sinatra amazing cover. I loved this song so much bang bang have been featured in the OST of kill bill since then I can't get enough of this amazing song by Nancy Sinatra I figured out also to return to my hobby video directing and smoking enjoy like and subscribe
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My story with the WITCH!!!
This is my witches visit story. So I am not so into myths or any of that but recently I had an incident in my last visit for Egypt that was an eye opener. It was my visit to see my cousin. My cousin has a friend named Ellyan she is a young woman who believes in black magic and the occult. Elly an is in love with an Egyptian man who she goes out of her way and do wonders to make him fall for her. Despite he shunned her many times Ellyan still stalks him and never gave up on making him fall for her. So Elly an ended up hearing about a famous witch in Cairo. A black magic practice that rumors has it she had supernatural powers. So Ellyan decided to go to her and offered me to join and my curiosity led me there.
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HE IS BACK, the boy who died in 1972
This story is about a message i got from one friend of friend on facebook as a respond to my witches story. She told me she had too a weird encounter with beyond the mind experience. She met a little boy the claimed he was in a car accident back in the 70s , the car accident appear to really have taken place for real claiming a little boy's life but how real his claims are and how did a little kid knew about such an accident he never heard of or knew about? So I guess HE IS BACK, the boy who died in 1972.
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Fundamentals of physics (how to write in scientific notation)
A physics lesson about how to write in scientific notation, writing a too big or too small value in a way that its easier to read.
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