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3 Reasons to Start a Career in Software Sales
Have you ever considered a career in software sales? If not, maybe it's time you should. In this video, I discuss 3 specific reasons why a career in software sales is something that could truly meet your goals in life. 3 Reasons to Start a Career in Software Sales: 1. Software Sales pays very well! 2. Software Sales isn't an impossible career to break into 3. Software Sales professionals are in high demand For your FREE first chapter of "How (and why) to Start a Career in Software Sales", click below! http://careerdreaming.com/free-chapter If you'd like the full book, click below! http://www.amazon.com/How-Start-Career-Software-Sales-ebook/dp/B01DJQ3P2Q
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The 5 Best (High Paying) Sales Jobs
https://careerdreaming.com click the link for more great career advice When examining the best sales jobs in 2018, I've sorted them according to a number of categories; compensation, companies that hire and long-term career prospects. These aren't your stereotypical door-to-door, Willy Loman-esque sales positions, but highly coveted roles that present the opportunity to earn significant compensation in complex and technical sales environments. This list is meant to help open up your eyes to some of the most popular and respected sales professions in existence, so that you can evaluate a career that works well for you. As usual, if you have any questions after reading through this content, check out the conclusion of the article for additional advice, how to contact me, etc. PepsiCo's Campus Recruiting Manager, Troy Steece, discusses why he thinks PepsiCo has some of the best sales opportunities for CPG professionals on the market. https://youtu.be/5oNgXZBccWM
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How to Start a Career in Software Sales
Have you ever wondered how to start a career in software sales? I break down exactly how to start a career in software sales, whether you're an entry level professional or even someone looking to transfer industries with 5-20 years of experience. There are established methods for finding your way into the software sales space that I delve into, both based on my own personal experience in the industry as well as common advice. If you have any questions, feel free to check out all of my software sales advice below on my website, Career Dreaming, as well as my book now on Amazon! Download the first chapter of my book, absolutely free. http://careerdreaming.com/free-chapter More software sales career content - http://careerdreaming.com/category/software-sales-advice/ My book on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/How-Start-Career-Software-Sales-ebook/dp/B01DJQ3P2Q
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What is a Contract to Hire Position?
Have you been approached recently with an opportunity for a job that is a contract to hire? Curious as to what a contract to hire actually is? Rob uses his background as a former technology recruiter for a staffing agency to fill you in on what a contract to hire position truly means for you and the outcomes that can come from such an opportunity. For more information on the topic, head over to Career Dreaming. http://careerdreaming.com/contract-to-hire-positions/ The real key to everything? Be smart with contract to hire roles because there is a high amount of inherent risk that can ultimately hurt you in the long-run if you're not careful!
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The Simple Mistake I made in a Sales Interview that lost me a job offer
I made one stupid, massive mistake that lost me a job offer in the last hour of a multi-round job interview. With 5 minutes of extra work, I could have easily avoided the mistake during the job interview and wrapped up an easy raise, here's the story. Story: A 3rd party recruiter reached out to me about an opportunity to work at a pretty interesting 40-person startup software company in NYC looking to hire their first legit sales rep. I was employed and actively on the job market, but I knew I was underpaid in my current role, so I said, what the hell, I'll interview and see if they offer compelling compensation. So I go through the interview process, ace a few phone interviews and I'm invited for an on-site interview at the company's HQ office. Admittedly, I didn't do much preparation since it wasn't a job that I had sought out and I really didn't care too much about it. I end up sitting down with the two co-founders and a VP and the interview is going very well. Then it happens. In my 1-on-1 interview with the CEO/Founder, he asks me if I had signed up for a trial of the company's software and played around with it..... My answer? "Ummmmm, no, I didn't get a chance." From that point on, I could tell the conversation turned for the worse. He was almost bitter about it and I felt like I lost him on the spot. A week goes by and I don't hear anything from the company or the recruiting agency. They finally call me and say, sorry, they aren't going to make you an offer but the company didn't specify why. I knew exactly why. Moral of the story: Always do your research prior to interviewing. If they company sells a product, develops a software or anything else you can publicly access, get your hands on it. In this case, I could have easily signed up for the company's free-trial software and played around with it for 5-10 minutes and aced the question. I honestly have no doubt that if my answer was different to the CEO's question, I would have gotten the job offer. I don't know if I would have accepted it, but I literally get embarrassed about the fact that I screwed up an interview that badly. Always do your in-depth research. All it takes is one moment to lose a job offer. For your free chapter - http://careerdreaming.com/free-chapter Read the blog post: http://careerdreaming.com/a-software-sales-interview-story-dont-do-this/
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4 Types of Jobs in Software Sales
If you're interested in a career in software sales, it's important to know a few distinctions between the 4 most common software sales jobs and what their responsibilities are. Depending upon your experience level, career aspirations and personal preference, one of the following roles will likely be the best fit for you. 4 Types of Jobs in Software Sales: Business Development Representative/Sales Development Representative - Entry level sales role in the industry Account Executive - "Hunter" type roles, where Account Executives close new business Account Manager/Relationship Manager - "Farmer" type roles, where Account Managers work on renewing customers and upsells Sales Engineer/Solutions Consultant - Sales Engineers and Solutions Consultants provide technical and software demonstration expertise to the overall sales team. Get the first chapter of my book, "How (and why) to Start a Career in Software Sales", absolutely free. Link for Free Chapter - http://careerdreaming.com/free-chapter For thorough detail on the subject, in addition to my book, feel free to check out this post as well! http://careerdreaming.com/5-most-common-roles-in-software-sales-jobs/
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How to Prepare for a Software Sales Interview
Learn the 4 steps on How to Prepare for a Software Sales Interview, that have helped me have an +80% job interview/offer rate. These steps include: How to research the company How to research your interviewer(s) How to sell your experience How to close the deal To join the Software Sales Academy, click the link below and use the code "webinar" when you sign up! http://careerdreaming.com/academy For more information about how to prepare for a Sales Interview and the Software Sales industry in general, check out all of my content here: http://careerdreaming.com/category/software-sales-advice/
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Sales Interview Tips - How to sell your experience
If you can't sell your own experience, how can you sell a product or service? Here are my sales interview tips on how to sell your own experience. Like I said, if you can't sell you as a job candidate, how can anyone expect you to sell ANYTHING on the market. Simple answer, they can't. That's why you need to nail down your value proposition to employers so that they fall in love with your candidacy. Make sure you take the sales interview tip to heart and keep it with you. For more advice on software sales: http://careerdreaming.com/category/software-sales-advice/ For a free chapter of my book: http://careerdreaming.com/free-chapter
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Sell Me This Pen... IS STUPID
What do you do when your interviewer asks, "Sell me this pen?". I have the perfect response and it's not something you'll find in a Leo movie quote either. How about this. If someone asks you this pen, they're taking a crucial opportunity in an interview and blowing it by trying to replicate a scene out of movie. If a 10 second sales pitch on a pen determines whether or not you get a job somewhere, quick tip, you probably don't want to work at that company! Instead of selling some crappy, transactional product in a boiler-room type of environment, how about you try your skills in the world of enterprise software sales? For your free first chapter of "How (and why) to Start a Career in Software Sales", click below! http://careerdreaming.com/free-chapter To check out more of my Software Sales content, click below! http://careerdreaming.com/category/software-sales-advice/
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3 types of positions agency recruiters find job seekers
There are typically three ways that 3rd party staffing agency recruiters staff positions for job seekers. http://careerdreaming.com 1. Permanent, direct-hire positions 2. Contract-to-hire positions 3. Contract positions Each has it's own benefits and we break down the relationship briefly in this video
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3 Important Requirements to Start a Software Sales Career
Learn three important requirements that are needed for you to start a software sales career. These requirements are especially important for professionals that don't have experience in Software Sales To take your career to the next level, join me in the Software Sales University: careerdreaming.com/university
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