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how to create a template in phplist
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Miva Merchant 9 Add Product
Adding a product in Miva Merchant 9
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Miva Merchant 9 Editing Several Products
Edit several products at once in Miva Merchant 9
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Miva Merchant 9 Order Processing
Describing the steps to processing orders in Miva Merchant 9. The basic steps are: 1. Click Order Processing 2. Click on an order and click Create Shipment 4. Click the Shipments tab and click on an order. 5. Click Generate Shipping Label 6. Click Enter Tracking Number There are two ways to access Order Processing, once logged-in to the Miva admin: 1. from the Quicklinks section on the admin home page 2. or from the drop-down menu in the top, left corner Once in the Order Processing section, there’s a drop down menu for filtering your orders. You can filter by Date Range, Payment Status, Order Status, or Batch. You can process an order 1 of 2 ways: 1. If you click on an order and click the pencil icon, you can look at the items in the order and, maybe you only want to ship one item and not the other. (select an item, click Create Shipment, click Generate Shipping Label, click Enter Tracking Number) 2. Or you can go back to the Order Processing page and process the entire order: Select the order, click Create Shipment. Click Shipments and generate a shipping label and enter a tracking number. To select more than one order, you can either click and drag, or click on one order and hold the Command key on your keyboard if you're on a Mac, or Control key if you're on Windows, and click additional orders.
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Miva Merchant 9 Edit an Order
Edit an existing order in Miva Merchant 9
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How to clear your cache in Internet Explorer on Windows XP
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how to send a message using phplist
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woocommerce add product and product attributes
I have already created a global attribute for colors by mousing-over 'Products' and clicking on 'Attributes', and I've already created the categories and sub-categories for the product I'm about to add/create. I start by mousing-over 'Products' and clicking on 'Add New'. I enter my product name and select the categories and/or sub-categories this product is assigned to. I've already copied the description, so I just click where the description is going to go and paste it. I click on 'Product Image' to set the default product image. Because this product has attributes, I have to select 'Variable Product' from the 'Product Type' drop-down menu. Next I click on the 'Attributes' tab for this product. At the top I select the global attribute I've previously created and click the 'Add' button. Next, check the 'Used for variations' checkbox and click the 'Select All' button. This adds all the values that's in the global attribute, to this local attribute. Next I click 'Save Attributes' button. Next, I click the 'Variations' tab for this product and click the 'Add Variation' drop-down menu to select 'Create variations from all attributes'. Doing this creates a line item for every attribute, in this, for every color. Now I can add images, inventory, prices, etc. for each color. When I'm done, I click Save Changes, then Publish my product.
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Wordpress tutorial video on how to create an anchor to a section of another page.
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How to process a batch of image using Adobe Photoshop.
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IMG 2520
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How to clear your cache in Firefox on Windows XP
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How to configure or set-up Thunderbird to check your email
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copy and paste between iphones
copy and paste between iphones
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How to clear your cache in Google Chrome on Windows XP
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