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University of Wollongong - Your future is bright
We are a young, internationally recognised university that’s determined to create positive change at every opportunity. Our personalised approach encourages bright minds to collaborate through learning and research to deliver world-class results that have impacts across the globe. To find out more, visit us: http://www.uow.edu.au
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A day in the life of a UOW student
What's it like to be a UOW student? Find out here as we follow three students through their typical day at UOW.
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Timetable and tutorial enrolment process
This video is to provide students with simple, easy to understand instructions on timetable and tutorial enrollment processes.
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Find your why at the University of Wollongong
UOW students and alumni share their stories about studying at UOW and how it has helped shape their careers.
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UOW Living - Marketview
University of Wollongong Infomercial Marketview http://www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation/residences/marketview/overview/index.html
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New breed of Australian plum promising in fight against dementia
Researchers at the University of Wollongong are testing the short-term effects of Queen Garnet Plum juice on blood pressure and memory in one of the first human trials on the new ‘superfood.’ More information: http://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW201071.html
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Next generation condoms at UOW
For more information visit: http://projectgeldom.com/ A team of researchers from the University of Wollongong (UOW) has received Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding to help develop a Next Generation Condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use.
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UOW 3MT Final
Watch UOW's 2016 3MT winner Ika Damayanti from the Faculty of Social Sciences "From Storytelling to Story Writing: A Learning Journey of English Language Learners in Indonesia". http://www.uow.edu.au/research/rsc/news/3mt/index.html
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UOW Living - Weerona
Infomercial Weerona http://www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation/residences/weerona/
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Life at UOW's International House
International House is the original University of Wollongong residence and an affiliate of the 15 International Houses Worldwide. Home to many Australian and international students this residence first opened its doors to students over 27 years ago. It now proudly boasts a community representing over 30 nations, including Australia, living and learning peacefully under the one roof. International House is fully catered and located in a semi-bushland setting in North Wollongong. It is mere minutes from the nearest railway station, a 15 minute walk to the main campus and Wollongong's premier beach, North Beach.
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Life at UOW's Campus East
Campus East is located in the beach-side suburb of Fairy Meadow, a 10 minute drive north of the main University of Wollongong campus. The Residence setting is comfortably spread across large grounds including a number of playing fields. Conveniently, Campus East is only a 5 minute walk to Fairy Meadow swim and surf beach, as well as local shopping, and eating outlets. Campus East is the largest of the University's residences, housing 615 residents in flexi-catered and self-catered accommodation. Students come from Australia and all over the world creating a supportive and fun community that is rich in diversity. At Campus East we aim to develop and foster a sense of pride and inspire passion for our college. http://www.uow.edu.au/accommodation/liveoncampus/campuseast/index.html
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Tips on University of Wollongong's Early Admission 2013 Program
Learn about ideas on how to stand-out from other applicants when it comes to the interview stage of the University of Wollongong's Early Admission 2013 Program. http://www.uow.edu.au/future/early-admission/index.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=tips-video&utm_campaign=early-admission-2013
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UOW College Study Tours
UOW College Study Tours are a great way to improve your English through intercultural exchange and to experience the Australian culture firsthand.
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UOW Winner of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition 2012
University of Wollongong ------------------------------------------------------- Engineering PhD student Kevin Loo was the winner of the 2012 3-Minute Thesis Competition. Kevin's 3 minute talk was entitled Brachy View:In-Body Imaging for Cancer Treatment. His supervisor is Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld from the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP). More Information: http://media.uow.edu.au/news/UOW127337.html
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Memory Schemas
University of Wollongong ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Steven Howard from Early Start Research Institute (ESRI) School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences University of Wollongong talks about Memory Schemas.
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Remarkable new finds are clues to ‘hobbit’ ancestry
In a remarkable new discovery, an international team of researchers has uncovered the fossilised remains of ancient hominins in Indonesia, which appear to be the ancestors of Homo floresiensis, the tiny species of human, affectionately dubbed the ‘Hobbit’, that stood at just one metre tall.
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University of Wollongong Recreation & Aquatic Centre
University of Wollongong --------------------------------------------------------------- A snap shot of a day at the UOW Recreation & Aquatic Centre. http://www.urac.com.au/
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How to Get Started at UOW
Starting at uni can be overwhelming so we'll take you through all of the steps you need to get started at UOW from how to accept your offer, enrol in your course and subjects and what happens at orientation. http://getstarted.uow.edu.au/index.html
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A must watch video when you enol at UOW! Learn about SOLS, IT, and important tips from students to help you settle into life as a UOW student.
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Perspectives of an Indian student (3) - Welcome to Wollongong Festival - UOW in the Community
At the Welcome to Wollongong festival of 2009, incoming international students to the University of Wollongong were treated to a warm welcome. Hear their early impressions of Wollongong.
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Game of Antarctic Mosses - Sharon Robinson
Studying Antarctic vegetation to understand past climate change adaptation and inform future conservation strategies.
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Goodwill Hunting 2019
A time-lapse of over 1,000 students who took part in the annual 2019 Goodwill Hunting initiative.
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UOW opens Australia's only dedicated children's museum
The Early Start™ Discovery Space, based at the University of Wollongong, is a purpose-built, hands-on learning through play space that invites children 0-12 and their carers to explore, discover and create together. For more information visit: http://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW193554.html
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Perspectives of a Bangladeshi Student #2- Welcome to Wollongong Festival - University of Wollongong
At the Welcome to Wollongong festival of 2009, incoming international students to the University of Wollongong were treated to a warm welcome. Hear their early impressions of Wollongong.
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Professor Gordon Wallace named 2017 NSW Scientist of the Year
Professor Gordon Wallace, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) at the University of Wollongong (UOW), has been named 2017 NSW Scientist of the Year. Professor Wallace is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of electromaterials science for his innovative use of nanotechnology in conjunction with organic conductors to create new materials for energy conversion and storage, as well as medical bionics. Read more: http://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW239290.html
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3D printed fins take surfing to the next level
Researchers at UOW are creating custom-designed 3D printed surfboard fins that allow surfers to improve their performance in the water. The project, part of UOW’s Global Challenges program, aims to rethink current surf fin designs and manufacturing techniques in order to create new shapes, sizes and materials that are more efficient and tailored to the individual surfer’s needs and the waves they ride. For more info: http://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW212175.html
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2018 Goodwill Hunting Time-Lapse video
A time-lapse of over 1,000 students who took part in the annual 2018 Goodwill Hunting initiative.
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UOW Enrolment Day Autumn 2013
University of Wollongong ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enrolling at University is an exciting time! Picking your first subjects, meeting people, learning about UOW services... and of course, getting your student card at long last! Everyone is keen to get started, both with study and with UOW Student Life: Play Free Sport, Clubs & Societies, Leadership programs, Local tours and heaps more. To find out more about Student Life activities, visit: http://www.uow.edu.au/student/life Music CC by Silence Is Sexy.
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Psychology Student Interviews - Marianne Torres
University of Wollongong ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Interviews with various students from the School of Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences about their path through their degree. http://socialsciences.uow.edu.au/psychology
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Why Study Business at UOW
University of Wollongong --------------------------------------------------------------------- Alexandra Jurmann was interviewed at December graduation 2014. Her perspective provides insight as a local student obtaining work whilst still studying and the reasons why UOW is a uni of choice.
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Professor Buddhima Indraratna (UOW)
Professor Buddhima Indraratna has pioneered research on both rail geotechnics and road embankments on soft soil in Australian academia since early 1990s. I was instrumental in the successful bid for the first CRC for Railway Engineering in 1999 (Federal Government initiative) and became the founding Director of Centre for Geomechanics and Railway Engineering. My contributions through research to innovative design and construction practices in rail track engineering and problematic ground improvement for stabilising transport infrastructure and have made a significant impact worldwide. My career is characterized by research excellence, close collaboration with industry and the implementation of innovative research-based solutions. Over two decades, my research encompasses a wide spectrum of applications from theory to practice, particularly in transportation geomechanics. I have developed an international reputation for: a) conceptualisation and design innovation for stabilising rail and road embankments built over soft foundations; b) novel analytical techniques and design procedures for high speed rail tracks capturing the role of ballast degradation, track confinement and subgrade deformation; c) dams and embankment design and associated filtration and drainage; d) analysis of jointed and porous media and stability implications on transport infrastructure. The above contributions have been instrumental in changing the often conservative industry practices, including revisions to some Australian Standards. http://www.iloveengineering.org
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Flinders Ranges: The Golden Age of Rock
In July 2016 a group of geology students from the University of Wollongong and the University of Colorado embarked on a two-week journey through the South Australian outback. The field trip focuses on a huge cross-section of time, spanning 500-600 million years ago.
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Welcome to Wollongong
Welcome to Wollongong has been established to provide a ‘symbolic’ welcome to new students to the city of Wollongong and the Illawarra community. Now in its 11th year this significant event aims to engage and embrace students and their families from overseas and interstate and is attended by over 450 students and community members. This video is shot from the POV of an incoming international student and showcases some of the amazing experiences and opportunities you can have when coming to Wollongong. More info: https://www.uow.edu.au/student/life/wtw/index.html
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UOW Living - Keiraview
Infomercial Keiraview http://www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation/residences/keiraview/
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The Smart Sodium Storage System Project
The Smart Sodium Storage System (S4) Project is a $10.6M ARENA-funded project led by the University of Wollongong aimed at developing sodium-ion batteries for use in renewable energy storage applications. Read more: https://stand.uow.edu.au/worth-its-salt-energy-storage/
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Sustainable timbers: from the tree to the guitar
How guitar makers and the timber industry are striking a chord for sustainably grown and harvested woods. Part 1 takes you from the tree to the final product, the guitar. Read the full story: http://stand.uow.edu.au/timbers-sustainable-timbre/ ‎
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How 3D printing could revolutionise the sport of surfing
Ever dreamed of surfing some of the world’s best surf breaks all in the name of research? That’s exactly how a team of students and academics from the University of Wollongong found themselves rocking in a small boat off the coast of West Sumatra. Their task? Test the new shapes of 3D-printed surfboard fins, designed at manufactured at UOW. And the way to do that? By showing off their surfing skills at one of the world’s most consistent breaks. Read more: https://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW249439
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Low cost, super efficient offshore wind turbines for a clean energy future
University of Wollongong ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Researchers from the University of Wollongong (UOW) are developing technologies for next generation offshore wind turbines that are one-third the price and 1,000 times more efficient, and they could be installed off the coast of Australia in the next five years. http://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW184359
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3D printed flutes set to revolutionise the music industry
The University of Wollongong is exploring the potential for 3D printing to change the music industry through the creation of custom-designed flutes that can play a variety of microtonal tunings unavailable on standard instruments. More information: http://media.uow.edu.au/releases/UOW195208.html
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UOW101 Autumn 2016
A must watch video when you enol at UOW! Learn about SOLS, IT, and important tips from students to help you settle into life as a UOW student.
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International House - Living @ UOW
If you want to live in a residential community that provides you with academic support, pastoral care and the opportunity to mix with other residents on a daily basis then the University Residences will be the best choice for you. http://www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation
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Adam Gilchrist Student Talk
Australian Cricket Legend Adam Gilchrist visited the UOW main campus on Wednesday 11 November 2015. He spoke to over 200 students about his leadership experience on and off the pitch.
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Welcome to the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Welcome to the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
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From a creative major to a creative career - Amy Russel, australian Geographic Magazine
UOW graduate, Amy Russell, knows hard work will take you places, but sometimes even she is surprised how far she's gone. From a Park Street Sydney high-rise to the wilds of Kenya and New Zealand's volcanos, Amy's doing what she loves, wherever that leads.
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UOW College student experience
UOW College offers students an alternative entry path into UOW through university preparation courses. Our students take a couple of minutes to describe their experience at UOW College. http://www.uowcollege.edu.au
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UOW's Molecular Horizons
The University of Wollongong's new $80 million research facility, Molecular Horizons, will be home to a suite of revolutionary technology including Australia’s most powerful biological electron microscope, the Titan Krios cryo-EM microscope. Molecular Horizons demonstrates UOW’s commitment to impact-driven research where the world’s best molecular research will be put into practice to improve and save lives.
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How to enrol at UOW
We'll prepare you for how to enrol in your UOW course so you can officially become a UOW student. http://getstarted.uow.edu.au/enrol
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MBA Course Delivery
University of Wollongong ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dr. Venkata Yanamandram, MBA Course Director discusses the course delivery options for Sydney Business School MBA students. Sydney Business School is the graduate school of the Faculty of Business at University of Wollongong. http://business.uow.edu.au/sydney-bschool/future/why/index.html
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Michael Pampalone III, Intellectural Property Law Specialist in New York City
Michael Pampalone III, Founder & Owner of Pampalone Law. UOW Exchange Student 2000.
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Ultimate Frisbee team gears up for ‘Olympics’ of university sport
Ultimate Frisbee team gears up for ‘Olympics’ of university sport
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