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The Day of the Amberjacks
Made the trip out to reef #12 in nearly record time. Oceans were flat and the bite was good. But what was weird is that there was NO Red Snapper caught at the first spot and only a small one at the last spot. The AJ's were chewing a hole in the bottom of the boat and God blessed me with one a couple inches beyond the legal length of 28". The Trigger I caught matched the length of one I caught last year at reef #6.. 17.5"
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Great Fish Variety
Had to hang out alone today as Big John was having some more surgery on a few spots on his ears from not putting sunscreen on that part of his head.. Lesson learned gang..! It was a pretty good day with a wide variety of fish including a small Vermillion and small Trigger I didn't film. Total take home today was 2 Almaco Jacks (caught 3), 2 Porgies, 1 Lane Snapper and 1 flounder.
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22 Miles and Game On
It was one of those absolutely gorgeous but really HOT days and we made a run all the way out to one of the natural bottom areas out of New Smyrna Beach. I will be coming back to this large area often as it produces a few keeper Black Sea Bass and they are one of the best eating fish you can catch. This was our first trip out to this area and we moved a couple times but only covered maybe 5% of this good fishable area and I know there will be spots that holds concentrations of larger cooler quality fish.
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Thursday Night Shrimping
The waters were cooling off from a couple days of cold rain and cool temps but needed some saltwater therapy so headed to Haulover Canal near Titusville for a couple hours of shrimping. Normally, this time of the year, there would be 8 to 10 boats all set up close to the bridge to dip shrimp but it looks like the cold kept them away. I was alone the entire evening I was there and dipped a little over a gallon of primo shrimp.
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Surprise Snook
Was going to try to head to reef #6 but the winds and swells said ..NOPE. So I hung around the jetty for a few hours and had some great action.
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3 Mangrove Snapper
Only fished a couple hours with the rains predicted to move in by noon. Actually caught 4 Mangrove Snapper but one was just a shortie and threw him back so I can catch him next month when he is 10+ inches long.
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Biggest Black Drum
Strong Easterly winds have kept me yearning to get a line wet. Well today, the winds finally slackened up and I headed to the jetty for some Black Drum action.. when you only catch one, it's a good thing when it's a BIG one.
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Redfish and Porgies
Tuesday was 'SUPPOSED' to be a calmer day than Monday so I planned to make a deep run on Tuesday and just do a little fishing at the jetty on Monday. Well, as you will see, on Tuesday, it was very rough out at reef #13 so I did not fish there and slowly headed back to reef #5. It paid off very well.
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3-Porgy 2-Lane Snapper 1-Black Drum
It wasn't a hard decision when my old buddy Robbie asked if I wanted to go off shore and look for some Cobia. Well, we didn't see any Cobia but had a great time catching a bunch of fish..
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Mega Mangrove
We just came out of a week of rain which kept us land locked and it was a thrilling pleasure to feel the wind in our face again. We are actively looking for places to avoid catching Red Snapper and we have found one and will continue going to this spot and explore for more. This 'Mega' Mangrove was actually 1/4" shorter than my record.
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Double Record Setting Day
What a beautiful day.. all day. Of course, we had to wade thru hordes of Red Snapper before getting any good cooler fish but once we found 'the spot'... it was game on..!
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Big Mangrove Smackdown
Monday is always my choice day to begin the week fishing and if the wind/waves are manageable, let's do it..! John and I headed out to a distant natural bottom area and the further we got out, the better the seas became. It took me awhile to dial in the Mangroves and I also was having issues with my hat cam (broken piece inside) and missed filming/catching 2 big fattie Mangroves. We saw a bunch of Cobia but only one was keeper size and he was not hungry. I came home with a limit of Mangroves and one Trigger and John came home with 2 Vermilion, 2 Spot tail Pinfish, and one Porgy.
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Ace of Spades
The call of the deep is strong folks. Even though there were slightly stronger Westerly winds predicted, we finally decided to head out to reef 12 and then 11 (18 miles from Ponce Inlet). We would have filled the cooler except the barracudas were not a bit shy about ambushing our catch ON THE WAY UP, leaving us with just the head of our catch. My other fishing buddy Robbie, decided to fish inshore and made a surprising catch besides the 3 legal Mangroves he put in the cooler. He also caught a 19" Cubera Snapper. A rare catch indeed. What I like most about salt water fishing...you just never know!
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Mess O Fish
Finally got to the jetty and also fished the bridge for a little while to complete the trifecta of Black Drum, Black Margate and Sheepshead. Lots of fish cleaning..
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Big Fattie Sheepshead
What a gorgeous day. The winds were light and we were even able to get out to the jetty and get into some action. Caught quite a variety of fish from Red Drum to sharks to puffer fish and Sheepsheads..
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Fun at Reef 6
Been rough weather for the last week but John and I finally made the trip out to reef #6 out of Ponce Inlet today. We caught at least a dozen Trigger fish and only one was a 12" keeper. We probably caught 50 - 60 fish today just brought a few home but it sure felt good getting back out and getting out lines wet.
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Shrimping Fun
After some serious storms had passed our area, I headed on down to Haulover Canal for some shrimp dipping fun. After MANY trips there and only getting a few, tonight was finally different and I left the canal at 4 AM with nearly 4 gallons.
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Perfect Fishing Day
Last day of the week and it was probably one of the best days to fish I have seen since moving to Florida. Seas were flat, ever so slight breeze to help keep the heat down, great fish bite and wonderful company.
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What an An Average Day Looks Like
With gentler breezes blowing, we headed out and what is UNUSUAL.. still there were very few fishermen heading out of port and it is a very big ocean with a lot of fish. Another thing I discovered today is that we ALWAYS catch more fish when we have the Minn Kota GPS trolling motor 'working' compared to just using the anchor. With the GPS trolling motor working, we always stay on one spot, or we can move 15' up, back, right or left but if you are dragging anchor, you have to pull up and reset, maybe several times. At home, I have narrowed my problem down to inside the motor head.. probably worn out brushes and I will need to disassemble and replace them to get my SP70 back in working order.
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Danger Averted - Food Pantry - Fishing Prep
With my being 'land locked' for a couple weeks, I took this opportunity to make 3 short clips from previous requests from Brothers of the Hook.
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Fabtastic Day at the Reef
First off let me give a big "Thank You Blaine" for bringing it to my attention of a wording error I had in the title of THIS video that I needed to correct. I deleted, corrected and re-uploaded the 6-09-2014 video again. Sorry to all you fishermen who have already seen it. I only have 1 degree and it's obviously not in English... BTW.. "Infamy" doesn't mean good memories.. it means bad. That's what I had to correct.
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Crowded Jetty
Even though I knew it would be a little crowded at our small jetty here at Ponce Inlet, this day, it was especially packed. Must have been easily 15 boats encircling the tip area.. all looking for Mr. Red Drum. At first, all we caught was one nice sized Spanish Mackerel and there was nothing else biting so we went out to between our inlet buoys to play with a couple sharks and then came back in looking for Reds... found'em..!
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A New Species in the Cooler
Was excited with finally being able to do some buddy-boat fishing with the legendary Mike D. from Jetty Rocks Fishing. The jetty was a bit rough from the last couple days of N and NE winds and with the water cooling to around 66 to 68 degrees F, the best bite was Sheepshead plus an assortment of other miscellaneous fish. My best catch at the jetty was one Black Drum (my target species). Both Mike D and I decided to head out to the reef and try for some Triple Tail that might be hanging around the buoys and I was THRILLED that Mike gave me some live shrimp after he caught his 2 keeper Triple Tail.
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Mangrove Amberjack Red Snapper
I was hoping that Big John would be in the front seat today but he had a minor procedure done and the Dr. said he needed to 'relax' for a week. Good thing because I was getting constant spray over the sides and even had a wave over the bow so anyone in the front seat would have been soaked. My goal today was to avoid any and all Red Snapper so I went to a spot where there is just a little structure on the bottom. Didn't work. Once again, one after another Red Snapper in the 3 spots I moved to during this mornings adventures. But, I feel fortunate that one Mangrove Snapper and a healthy sized Amber Jack both got a boat ride home. On Wednesday, the winds are supposed to be calmer. I may try and go to a new spot of natural bottom at least 20 to 25 miles out... Lord willing.!
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Mutton Snapper Surprise
My second day at being able to fish at the end of our little jetty. There was a building Easterly breeze and I was only able to fish for an hour and a half before needing to head to calmer waters. While there, I caught 4 Mangrove Snappers and Red Drum. But, what I thought was a "Lane Snapper" was actually a Mutton Snapper. I had also caught a Mutton Snapper yesterday and erroneously called it a Lane Snapper.
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The Day The Big One Didn't Get Away
This was July 3rd and I usually won't go out at the beginning of a holiday weekend but the weather was exceptionally nice so John and I headed out to reef #11 in hopes of putting some Beeliners in the cooler. There had been a several day cold upwelling from the Gulf stream and the fish bite was way off. We only put 3 fish in the cooler and I gave John the Beeliner and Porgy. Fantastic day to be a fisherman.
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Porgy Cobia Red Snapper
This is the second part of my January 27 day at the reef. I had just moved over to the "Red Snapper hole" from the Porgy hole because I was tired of catching mostly Pig Fish. When I dropped anchor here, I was pretty far off of the structure and wasn't sure if I could entice anything to bite. Man, was I wrong... This video has 'woke me up' to the need for a gaff.
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Cousin Kyle Taps the Mangroves
Southerly winds and a constant 2'+ seas early, kept us from a deep run so I went to a nearby artificial reef that I haven't been to since last year. Early on we were in lots of floating weeds and Kyle hooked into a nice King while I was busy trying NOT to catch Red Snapper. We both had huge break-offs from thug Red Snapper as we were trying for Mangroves. Near the end of the trip, Kyle tried a tiny jig head with shrimp and he found what the Mangrove Snapper were waiting for and put 3 keepers in the cooler.
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Sub-Freezing Sheepshead
31.3 degrees F plus windy = a cold day Sheepshead fishing. Went to my favorite spot with plans to put Brutus in the cooler but the cold North winds made me head for the sunny, quiet side of the bridge. Put a total of 6 Sheepshead in the cooler and acquired a new best friend. Even better, I lost no hooks or sinkers so it was a good, good day..!
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SaltyKayak's Sausage Gravy and Biscuit  Breakfast Video
gofund.me/6as8cpcc The winds have been blowing and the waves rolling for two weeks so I took this rainy day to make my FIRST cooking video.. and not a single fish was involved but I am sure you will enjoy the video as much as I did making it and eating the outcome.
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Mixed Bag of Fish
Cool winds and turbulent seas but we fishermen must do what we fishermen must do.. go and see. Although there were no Triple tail on the buoys, we did find a lot of hungry fish out deeper. But the cost was rough seas and a long bumpy ride. Both Gary and I came home with fish in our cooler and to both our surprises, Gary caught a 17" Black Sea Bass...
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Four Different Species in the Cooler
This was going to be a windy day and with a rising tide, I wasn't sure I could cast net any finger mullet. Fortunately I did score enough to make a great morning of fishing. As the morning wore on, the winds picked up but so did the bite and I was after my target fish.. Black Drum and wasn't disappointed.
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Best for Last
For we 'close-in' fishermen, it was an epic day at reef #12. Unfortunately, the first fish I caught was my nemesis..a shark. Just one of 5. The first fish John caught..well, you will see it at the end of this video.
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The Chain of Command
The weather was supposed to be deteriorating in the afternoon and for the rest of the week so John and I decided to go out to reef #11. Well, the winds were picking up even as we were traveling and had to stop at reef #12. Glad we did because the waves got ugly early but we still had a blast...
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Big John Limits Triple Tail
It was an awesome day for Big John. The goal today was to put John on some legal sized triple tail and although it took awhile, he put 2 legal sized in his cooler. Most of the morning was cold and windy and conditions were rough but, we were smart for putting on our thermal undies and thermal socks and 'layering' because now, both the water and air temps are cold to start with. But now, the bad news. I have received reports that this spot is being over run by fisherman who want to catch a Triple tail and every buoy is has a boat on it. My advice to my fellow Brothers of the Hook... have an alternate plan for fishing. Reef 5 is just a couple miles further out.
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It was a Goliath, Black Drum, Red Drum kind of Day
Please consider contributing to my "Safe for the Whole Family" page.. https://www.gofundme.com/6as8cpcc With winds predicting to be approaching 40 mph, I took this opportunity to see if there was anything biting at our small jetty this morning. At the first spot, not a bite for at least 45 minutes... so I moved another 50' further to the North and 'found'em'! Very short trip but also very productive... and it felt great knowing that there are fish showing up at the jetty for days when we can't go off shore.
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Pre Dawn to Early Dusk Fishing Part 1
For 10 hours upon the shining sea we sped and bent our poles upon the hump of mound and depth of hole. 'Twas scale and fin we didst pursue and to our joy the Lord did imbue. This first edition of the 10 hour day brought forth many a finned friend to fill our seeking salty spirits but wait my fellow hook and line friends, the best is yet to come.
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Shrimping in Edgewater Jan 10  2014
Decided to try Edgewater shrimping for a change. I knew the shrimp were going to be smaller than Haulover Canal but Edgewater is only 10 minutes from my house. Spent the entire outgoing tide just dipping 1 here and there but they came non stop. It was fun.
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The Jetty was Hot Today
It has been nearly 2 weeks since the boat hit the water. I was converting my trailer from a 2 axle to a single axle and then had some cement poured for a new driveway. But Finally managed to get the boat out of the back yard and into the water. Today, VERY strong Southerly winds so we had to anchor behind the jetty in order to fish. But the Mangroves were hungry and it felt GREAT putting several Mangrove Snapper and a Red Drum in the cooler. And by 'anchoring' I mean with the SP70 trolling motor deployed. This Minn Kota 70 ft lb trolling motor kept the boat on spot even in the big wind, waves and moderate current. It feels good to NOT have to throw an anchor out.
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It Was a Whale of a Great Trip
This was my first fishing trip of 2019 and it was a day if rare sightings and common catches and new discoveries.. enjoy the action..
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Halloween Surprise
The day broke chilly and a little breezy but with a few Black Drum being caught, I headed to the jetty with shrimp and a few live finger mullet to add to the excitement. Great news.. Big John has been released by the Dr and I will be taking him out tomorrow on our first deep trip in many weeks.
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Cousin Kyle Sets 2 Records
With Hurricane Florence churning out in the Atlantic and heading to the Carolina's, we decided to roll on over the long swells and head out to a couple off shore spots. And it paid off with a lot of hot bite action.
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We Were in King Country
Just got to love days like this. Cool start and by 10 AM we were in our short sleeves. Did not catch any sizable Triple tail so headed out to a natural reef. Only made it part way and had to stop and fish over some big Manta rays. Then headed out to reef East 11 and we were in King Country.
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Shrimping, Spaceships and Tripletail
This is a compilation of 2 short videos covering about 2 weeks. I have been taking a break from intense fishing beginning to work into a new past time of photography and admiring and sharing God's glorious creation thru photographs and artistic renderings. I am unsure if I will begin a Youtube photography channel because there are already thousands out there. The only difference would be that my channel would be dedicated to 'trying' to see His creation as He sees each bird, animal or plant.
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Great Day Fishing Tough Day Catching
Let this be a lesson to all you young bucks... from years and years of surf fishing and just wearing a baseball cap, John developed skin cancer from sunburns ON TOP of his ears. Yes, he would use sunscreen but never thought about his ears. So USE sunscreen on all exposed skin...! The Dr. got all the cancer so John will be out fishing again soon.. As you will see, a beautiful day out of Ponce Inlet so I headed to one of my favorite stomping grounds..reef #6. The water is still a bit too cold for aggressive bites and it was unusually swift going from N to S (what's up with that?) Got lots of bites but they felt...weak and light. There were 5 or 6 GOOD hooksets on bigger fish but for whatever reason, within seconds they would pop out.. just one of THOSE days. Yes I put the cams down but there was still too much 'snow' to make a complete video but there is a great clip included in this video.
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Pre Dawn Red Snapper Run
I wasn't planning on going Red Snapper fishing any more this year but the weather was just too good. John and I hit the ramp a little after 5 AM and there were plenty of parking spots and little congestion. But I HATE running thru the river channel/inlet in the dark. You simple cannot see the BIG waves near the end of Ponce Inlet and we ran into some dandies. But the run out and back to our spots was quick and smooth. Unlike last Wednesday, the water temps had dropped 4 to 5 degrees and the bite was way off. We had to work hard to put the 2 biggest Red Snapper in the cooler. Also, I dropped my underwater cams down and upon viewing those clips at home, I discovered that the bottom 10' was like a green jello snow storm and the cams couldn't see but a few feet so no underwater video clips.
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Endurance Test for the Minn Kota Riptide SP 70 with i Pilot
With the seas building due to hurricane Joaquin and 4' to 6' already at the jetty, we could only handle the pounding for maybe an hour before heading to calmer yet still swift waters. My main focus today was to try and determine some of the maximum conditions the Minn Kota Riptide SP-70 could handle WITH the "Spot Lock" feature enabled. My main reason for buying the SP-70 with i-Pilot was the Spot Lock feature (GPS anchor) so that I could stow the 120' of rope, chain and anchor and HOPEFULLY never have to use it for fishing again. This Minn Kota Riptide out-performed my expectations in rough seas, rapid running water and contrary winds. I could tell that when first activated, we would drift backwards possibly 10' to 12' but then the Minn Kota would kick in hard to pull us up to the initial activation spot and would continue it's constant hard running to keep us well within a central circle of the GPS area. Yes, this 'old timer' is very happy with his Riptide.
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The Day of the Trembling Triggers
It was rough. It was windy. But it was do-able. We hit reef #12 with a goal of putting some Porgy in the cooler so I went directly to my old Porgy hole. Not a single Porgy but it appears the Triggers chased the Porgy off. Besides the 5 Triggers we brought home, we lost as many big ones . And had fun catching a good variety of other species.
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How to Snell and Uni-Knot a Circle Hook and Swivel
There are a few people ask how I tie various knots so here are the ONLY 2 knots I use. At home, I will Snell my single hooks and Uni-knot any double hooks I make. And I Uni-knot tie all my swivels.
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Riverbreeze April Shrimping
John and I were finally able to get the bottom of the boat wet as we got a good break from a sequence of storms going thru. The night started slow and ended pretty good even though the shrimp just seemed to all go to sleep all at once after 45 minutes of crazy shrimp dipping. About half of the shrimp were 'eaters' and the other half I will use for bait. Glad I had some bug spray along because even in a breeze last night, the mosquito were aggressive.
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