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Christ the Redeemer Monument - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Christ the Redeemer Monument has overlooked the city of Rio de Janeiro for 80 years. The largest Art Deco statue in the world, the 130-foot statue sits atop a 2,300-foot peak, and has been an historical icon of both Rio and Brazil since its completion in 1931. On March 1, 2011, the world saw Christ the Redeemer Monument in a new light. Traxon Technologies & e:cue lighting control, in a partnership with OSRAM, fulfilled lighting designer Peter Gasper's vision to create wonder and inspiration in Monument visitors, by illuminating the statue with bright LED light. An intelligent lighting system consisting of 64Traxon Shield AC Extend, and 30 Liner Shield AC XB-27 RGB and Cold White fixtures with specially-focused optics, were installed around the base of the statue at various distances. The powerful yet extremely energy-efficient, cost-effective fixtures are paired with a signature control system comprised of a Lighting Control Engine (LCE) and two Butler XTs, which allow each Shield AC Extend fixture to be individually aimed for precise, even illumination on all of the monuments unique details. In addition, the installation can be programmed, activated or deactivated via the Internet, mobile phones or portable tablets. The new system is also significantly more energy-efficient and less labor-intensive than the previous lighting system, allowing it to inspire visitors for years to come. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14039
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Making of Arena Corinthians
Arena Corinthians is 100% illuminated by OSRAM and Traxon Dot-XL has been used in the panel which allows images of over 16 million colors. This making of video features images of several areas of the stadium, including the training room, locker rooms, press, field area, and a time lapse showing the construction of the façade panel since the installation of the first LED.
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How to configure Butler XT and XT2 engines
e:cue Butler XT and XT2 engines can be clustered for standalone mode to control up to 32 DMX universes. This video shows the configuration in the Programmer of the e:cue Lighting Application Suite and how to handle and configure the engines in the Device Manager.
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Crystal Hall - Baku, Azerbaijan
Created for the 57th annual Eurovison Song Contest, Crystal Hall symbolizes the steady uprising of Azerbaijan and its capital city, Baku, which hosted the final round of the largest European music contest for the first time in 2012. To lend a gem-like glow to its jagged architectural shape, Crystal Hall was adorned with 72 Traxon Shield AC Extend fixtures, which illuminate the many entrances to the hall. The Shield AC Extend fixtures provide color, high brightness, and fully saturated wall washing to this 23,000 person venue. In addition, 10.000 of Traxon's Dot XL-9 RGB, with a customized pixel pitch of 2.5 meters, were installed on Crystal Hall's exterior. When paired with an e:cue Lighting Control Engine fx (LCEfx) and Butlers using DMX2DALI, both Shield AC Extend and Dot XL sparkle, giving Crystal Hall the appearance of a glowing 3D crystal. Both fixtures types were customized in grey housing to blend perfectly with the building's exterior remaining nearly invisible, even in daylight. The entire installation was designed with an interactive element that reacts to events occurring within the building giving the hall a living façade to generate excitement in event guest and to brighten Azerbaijan nights. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14085
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Flame Towers - Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku Flame Towers is a striking new addition to the skyline of Baku. Located atop a hill on the Caspian Sea overlooking Baku Bay and the old city center, the three towers were inspired by Azerbaijan's ancient history of fire worshipping, and will illuminate the city and act as an eternal flame for modern Baku. The goal of the project was to create a low-resolution media façade to display video content, while integrating inconspicuous lighting fixtures into existing architecture. To meet the project requirements, Traxon created a special fixture, to be installed behind the buildings' windows and give the allusion of ribbons of light. The main challenge of this project was the varying window dimensions, and that the maximum gap between fixture and window frame needed to be less than 15mm. With a flexible mounting solution and intelligent calculation, the project team reduced the overall amount of needed fixtures to only 16 different modular lengths. The entire three-tower installation is controlled by an e:cue Lighting Control Engine fx (LCE-fx) running Emotion, and Video Micro Converters (VMCs). Typically displaying burning flames, the intelligent control system allows for simple lighting show changes to reflect additional animations and graphics for special events, such as the recent 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14084
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Air Navigation Tower - Batumi, Georgia
When the Batumi Airport was reopened in May 2007, its navigation tower was already 50 years old. Wrapped in its previous wire frame, it did not meet Georgia's modern design requirements and therefore, Traxon was summoned to create an illumination concept to light Batumi Navigation Tower's exterior. The customer's vision was to create something similar to Yas Hotel in AbuDhabi. Therefore, 465 String RGB systems were used to craft a media façade encircling the middle of the tower. Providing inspiration and welcoming visitors, the media palette now brightly displays poems scribed in Georgian and English. The remainder of the building was covered in over 2,500 Dot XL-9 RGB systems, which makes the structure shine and sparkle in the night. More than 100 Wall Washer Shield AC XB-36 RGB lend a background glow to the tower's exterior. The ultra bright fixtures are paired with an e:cue Lighting Control Engine (LCE), four Video Micro Converters (VMCs) and 11 Butlers, enabling ultimate control, including individual pixel addressing, of the glowing landmark tower. The Batumi Navigation Tower is now regarded as one of the most beautiful illuminated buildings in Georgia, and it attracts the attention of many visitors and passersby. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14087
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San Mamés Stadium – Bilbao, Spain
Designed with the concept of energy and unity, the new San Mamés Stadium is the home for the Athletic Club of Bilbao, one of the biggest European football clubs. It replaced the previous 100-year-old San Mamés stadium, which was popularly referred to as the cathedral of football. While maintaining the atmosphere of the old cathedral, the new Stadium is designed with modern elements to connect with the city and its surroundings. A total of 2,500 vertical sails are mounted on the façade as five horizontal rings around the new stadium. Each sail, five meters high and twisted at 90 degrees, is illuminated by 17 individually controllable Dot XL-6 RGB. Special profiles were created to house the Dot XL-6 perpendicular to the sails. To obtain perfect beam spread, every dot is positioned on a different angle to prevent direct view to the Dots. A total of 42,500 RGB LED dots illuminate the façade of the stadium, creating stunning lighting effects and amazing media content. Various dynamic lighting sequences are played via e:cue Video Micro Converter (VMC) paired with the Lighting Control Engine fx (LCE-fx). The 360-degree multimedia façade gives a unique character to San Mamés stadium, creating an urban landmark over the estuary of Bibao. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14300
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i Light Marina Bay 2014 - Singapore
Traxon Technologies, an OSRAM business, is sponsor of i Light Marina Bay 2014 and is the illumination provider for two unique light art installations at the i Light Marina Bay 2014. In its third edition, i Light Marina Bay 2014 continues to bring together one-of-a-kind light art installations from the world's top lighting artists. Traxon, a global leader in solid state lighting and control systems and subsidiary of OSRAM, is a sponsor for i Light Marina Bay 2014 -- Asia's only sustainable light art festival. Two unique light art installations featured at the festival -- Joujou-Ours and Bedazzled -- feature the creative use of simple yet flexible light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting solutions by Traxon and its control brand e:cue to illuminate Singapore's Marina Bay waterfront. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/news/news_details/2529
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Demonstration how to setup the Color Picker
A short demonstration how to setup the Color Picker in the Action Pad of the e:cue Lighting Application Suite. It shows how and where to assign color channels in the Action Pad.
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Mood Light™ Motion – Creative Applications
Mood Light™ Motion interactive lighting panels combine LED lighting with motion sensing technology to create stunning interactive architectural lighting solutions. It can achieve various indoor applications and bring people interactivity and creativity. Mood Light™ Motion is simply to install with different surface materials for wide variety of applications and environments. Forming interactive furniture, wall and floor in any size and shape by the panels could suit your pursued atmosphere and effects. Suitable for retail stores, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, and many other indoor environments, Mood Light™ Motion delivers additional value and user experience via its interactive ability. Not only showing the light, Mood Light™ Motion also enables users to explore the art and innovation of lighting. See product information: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/products/product_details/10369
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Traxon’s 20 Year Anniversary
The brand name Traxon was established in May 1995, together with the founding of the company Traxon Technologies in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Flexibility, simplicity, and innovation are the guiding principles that formed what Traxon stands for as a brand today. Traxon’s dynamic lighting solutions have been implemented in numerous renowned architectural landmarks worldwide including Flame Towers at Baku, Christ the Redeemer Monument at Rio de Janeiro, Silo 648 at Helsinki, YAS Marina Hotel at Abu Dhabi, and National Stadium at Warsaw. Today as a brand under OSRAM, Traxon products and solutions continue to transform creative visions into unforgettable lighting experiences, elevating architectural, entertainment, hospitality, and retail environments around the world. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/traxon20
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OVO - Lyon, France
OVO is an egg-shaped art structure that concentrates, magnifies, and diffuses positive energies while appealing to multiple senses. Created by ACT Lighting Design and sculpture specialist Odeaubois, OVO's illuminated portion consists of ultra-bright, fully-customizable Dot XL-6 RGB, programmed to communicate visual and acoustic animations. This dynamic installation is a combination of 24 crossed spiral structures based on the Golden Proportion found in the universe, such as in DNA helixes. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14047
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What is Light?
Light isn’t simply about illumination, for OSRAM it’s about illuminating the future for the world. We always set our sights forward, forever pushing the possibilities of lighting with our innovations, technology and quality in different industries and areas of the world. What can light do? The applications of light are only limited by your imagination, push what is possible with our innovations. OSRAM continually aims to exceed customer expectations and excite the people we work with as well as those who witness the results of our efforts. The entire value chain of light from components, products and solutions to services, business processes and interactions, is our priority. Nothing is taken for granted. What does light mean to us? Our lighting technology is built upon a century of experience. The knowledge and expertise we have accumulated helps us look to the future to anticipate key challenges and opportunities. We have gathered over 2700 experts, developers and software engineers to challenge what is possible, and make the potential of light accessible to everyone. Our quality promise encompasses our products, the people and processes, from beginning a project to completion and beyond. Our goal is for a sustainable, reliable and efficient future and this is our passion. OSRAM Lighting Solutions continues to transform innovations, technology and quality into unforgettable lighting experiences that can elevate Office, Retail, Industry, and Smart City environments the world over. This is light. This is OSRAM.
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Anne Fontaine - Tokyo, Japan
Anne Fontaine is a French fashion designer, who has created a fashion empire taking the simple white shirt and interpreting them artfully season for season. For her new store in Tokyo, Omotesando district, Traxon installed over 200 Mirror 64PXL on the wall to have "more than a mirror". In addition to being a stunning mirror, it can be used as a giant display wall for customized visual animations and videos to promote Anne Fontaine's latest collection. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/2137
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Qingdao - Shandong, China
Traxon e:cue just revived Qingdao city of Shandong, China with digital solution featuring SYMPHO™City central management platform. Shinan District, the center of Qingdao, now takes on a new look as over 3,000 pieces of e:cue control engines, including Butler PRO, Butler S2, Lighting Engine Control 2Fx and Lighting Engine Control MX, intelligently monitor its lighting system. Iconic landmarks such as the Huilan Pavilion, Palace on the Sea and HNA IMC Center now add to Qingdao’s waterscapes and echo with its modern vibrancy.
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DEBUT™ Wireless LED Lighting Brings the Dressing Room to Life
Please visit http://www.osram-americas.com/debut to learn more about DEBUT™ . Here from fashion designer Daniela Corte, owner of a high-end retail boutique in the heart of Boston, to find out why this Traxon Technologies wireless, smart #LED lighting system will help revolutionize the dressing room experience.
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OSRAM Design Center, Shenzhen - Shenzhen, China
OSRAM’s brand-new office-based Design Centre in Shenzhen is a luminous showcase of cutting-edge OSRAM products and innovative lighting solutions. Stunning visual intrigue welcomes visitors from their first entrance, with a spectacular reception area illuminated by 1,476 ceiling-mounted Traxon 16PXL Boards, all synchronized and connected through e:cue LCE-fx and VMC to generate impressive patterns and graphics. A mysterious beauty and innovative talking-point is the Mood Light™ Motion monolith, which visitors can control with a sweep of the hand. For general office lighting in the reception area, LEDTOUCH™ Batten truly helps to enhance the vitality and enthusiasm of work.The suspension-system installation of energy-saving LEDTOUCH™ Skyline creates a stylish environment in open areas. As for the corridor and the leisure zones, OPTIVALU® Downlight together with LEDCOMFO™ Batten create a comfortable atmosphere. Demonstrating specialist lighting applications in the 3-metre-high laboratories, OSRAM has installed Roblitz® Highbay and Roblitz® Linear, providing a hi-tech glare-proof environment in the lab area. Meanwhile, technology behind the scenes makes lighting a joy to use. With LIGHTIFY™ Pro, LEDTOUCH™ Panels and LEDTOUCH™ Skyline, users can easily adjust lighting in the meeting rooms or open office areas from their mobile device. The expertise on show is not limited to office solutions: LEDTOUCH™ Downlights together with LIGHTIFY™ Pro show their leading ability in commercial situations, while for reference, the robust outdoor LUXPLUS® LED Street Light is shown in action; and an eye-catching demonstration of the building façade solution Media Tube® HO RGBW with e:cue Butler Pro control amazes visitors with its brightness, efficacy and color consistency. Throughout the Design Center, QR codes next to every lighting product allow customers to download and share corresponding product information using their smartphones and the OSRAM Lighting Solutions Asia Pacific mobile app. Within its 70 square-meter area, the Design Centre is a true showcase of our expertise and solutions, revealing what is possible today and arousing customers’ imaginations for tomorrow. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14347
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IMAGIC WEAVE® masters the balance of aesthetic structures and illumination art. The creative and sustainable possibilities of Traxon LED tubes integrated into the rugged structural durability of Haver & Boecker's stainless steel mesh, meld together to become a woven grid equipped with individuallyaddressable LEDs, which converts building façades into unique, transparent canvases for vivid, large-scale media. IMAGIC WEAVE® steel composition act as a flat, unobtrusive second skin, protecting the building from harsh elements and harmful UV rays while serving as a thermal layer. Its linear LED configurations are easily attached to the mesh structure with a patented clip system, which enables uncomplicated maintenance and addition of LED configurations. Various pixel pitches render them capable of medium resolution graphics, text, and video animations in full color. The IMAGIC WEAVE® range is IP67-rated for indoor and outdoor environments, with an available optimal viewing distance of 40 meters to 400 meters. IMAGIC WEAVE units are custom built for each individual project, and are controllable by DMX512 and e:pix/DVI input signals, Smart Chip technology, and intelligent software for maximum control of even the most intricate media scenarios. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/lighting_solutions/product_details/2177
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The Middle Ring Expressway – Suzhou, China
The Middle Ring Expressway, located at Suzhou Hi-Tech Zone has transformed into the most brilliantly luminated municipal road in Suzhou city. With a total investment of RMB 22 billion, the roadway was equipped with around 2,000 sets of OSRAM OLUX™ LED Spot H with 4000K color temperature. In addition, around 10,000 sets of OSRAM XTRA Liner DC were used to achieve different lighting effects by changing the high powered LEDs. The seamless lighting effects are operated by e:cue control systems, including Butler S2, LCE 2 and RDM Isolater that control around 10,000 sets of OSRAM XTRA Liner LEDs, which produce identical colors simultaneously. Connecting 27 nearby areas, the Middle Ring Expressway is one of the most important transportation hubs in Suzhou city. This 112 km expressway consists of six lanes of two-way traffic, supporting speeds up to 80 km/h. Now outlined by fascinating lighting effects, drivers and passengers of this roadway can truly enjoy this exquisite journey. Traxon & e:cue is excited to be part of this outstanding project. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14328
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Los Libertadores Bridge - Lima, Peru
Los Libertadores is a modern cable-stayed bridge located in Lima, Peru. The bridge was recently declared an icon by the mayor of Peru as a gift to Lima citizens in celebration of the "bicentenario" of independence. Lighting designer Claudia Paz of CAM Peru and contractor and software specialist Arquileds collaborated with Traxon Technologies to develop a sophisticated LED lighting installation for the bridge, this consists of 410 customizable Media Tube RGB. The result is an ultra bright, full color effect for the 12 steel bands that span from the top of the bridge to the bank of the Rimac River, perfectly tracing the architectural design of the bridge. Traxon Media Tube RGB can resist nearly any weather condition, making it a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor installations. All of the bridge's lighting effects are controlled using 4 e:cue lighting control Butler and one Butler XT which can be activated by an iPod touch using e:cue's software. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/13940
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Lighting Control Engine (LCE) Product Video
Designed to control large and complex projects, the Lighting Control Engine (LCE) is a high-performance server with the e:cue software suite installed. A central control unit, this versatile lighting control server orchestrates all devices and fixtures within a project. With the ability to output DMX512/rDM, e:net, and other protocols such as KinEt and Art-net, and the capability to integrate various audio/video, external triggering, and other desired devices and content, the LCE is the ideal solution for the most demanding projects. A built-in touch screen monitor housed on the front panel of the attractive, durable aluminum casing provides user interaction with custom graphic user interface designs. The LCE can be mounted in a 19" rack. See product information: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/products/product_details/9812
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Taiyuan - Shanxi, China
Regarded as the core CBD business circle in Taiyuan, Changfeng street is an important base of Taiyuan’s development. You can hardly find a second street like this in Taiyuan that gathers resources and capital of the whole region. Over 300 pieces of e:cue control engines, including Butler S2, Butler PRO, Lighting Engine fx and Lighting Control Engine 2 mx are digitally connecting 140,000 OSRAM customized luminaires, including DOT RGBW, LED LINEAR and LED FLOOD light series, to revitalize Changfeng street. When the night falls, OSRAM luminaires turn the business circle into an ever-bright city. When the night falls, the brightly-lit business circle turns Taiyuan into an ever-bright city, making it dynamic as it is glamorous.
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Yanqi Lake – Beijing, China
The Yanqi Lake in Beijing, China is a picture of serenity with great vistas of waterscape and landscape. An increasingly popular choice for locals and tourists alike, the Yanqi Lake was chosen as the location for the Belt and Road Forum 2017, an initiative that promotes closer economic cooperation and connectivity among countries from around the world. Encircled by the mountains of Jundu, Hongluo and Jingdeng it is a wonder to behold during the daytime, but its beauty is dulled by the darkness during the night. However, that is now history as OSRAM Lighting Solutions breathes new life to the nighttime scenery. Following the exceptional success and record-breaking attempt with the Wuhan Two Rivers and Four Banks light installation, OSRAM Lighting Solutions rose to face the challenge of Yanqi Lake. The environment around Yanqi Lake naturally generates harsh conditions, making this project extremely difficult. With tropical storms and snow likely occurrences, the survival of outdoor electronic equipment is slim and so it was required that the solution be robust, reliable and capable. The OSRAM OLUX® LED Flood Light 150W RGBW was selected because it can withstand the elements, come rain, snow or shine. Controlled by over 400 e:cue Butler S2, the resulting light display is akin to that of a traditional Chinese landscape painting, highlighting the natural beauty of the lake and the surrounding area. The color-changing display creates a mesmerizing and dynamic swathe of light that washes over the lake and mountains like shimmering brushstrokes in the night. The wondrous light installation even uses the mountains themselves as a canvas, creating the effect of an invisible brush dancing to the rhythm of nature and highlighting all its glory. As the landscape lights up, the view serves to remind spectators of the past, the technology shows what’s possible in the present and together they can act as an inspiration for what the future may hold. By integrating state-of-the-art innovations with the natural environment of Yanqi Lake, OSRAM Lighting Solutions was able to create a painting made of light, underlining the incredible beauty of China’s landscape while simulating traditional Chinese art. The success of this project shows once again that for OSRAM Lighting Solutions, the impossible is just an obstacle to overcome. Our vast experiences, knowledge and determination to keep striding forward and reach greater heights made this stunning amalgamation of nature and technology a solid and bright reality. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14357
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Traxon Technologies - Dynamic Lighting for Retail
Light is among the most essential and effective sales tools in the Retail industry. Whether directing attention to a retail space, conveying the quality of mechandise, or strengthening braning and display themes, lighting has a dramatic - often subconscious - ability to charm consumers.
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TV Asahi EX Tower + EX Theater Roppongi – Tokyo, Japan
Winner of the “Good Lighting Award 2013” from The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, EX Tower + EX Theater Roppongi is TV Asahi’s headquarter featuring a stunningly lit façade in Tokyo. “EX” implies Excite, Expand, and Experience. The 17-story EX Tower office includes an entertainment space called EX Theater which hosts a wide range of performances from live concerts to plays and musicals. Traxon Media Tube® RGB adds a vibrant element to the entrance and concert hall of EX Theater. To highlight EX Tower in Roppongi skyline by night, over 300 pieces of customized 40PXL Traxon Media Tube® RGB in direct view were mounted and fitted onto the aluminum curtain wall. Capable of replaying medium-to-high resolution graphical content, Traxon Media Tubes® RGB on the facade showcases pre-programmed dynamic graphics such as the cartoon character “Go-chan” panda, the new mascot of TV Asahi. Advertisements such as the upcoming entertainment performances are displayed on EX Tower’s building façade via 10 e:cue Video Micro Converters (VMC) which enable direct video output with pixel-to-pixel mapping. TV Asahi is a major Japanese broadcasting company operating a television network of about 23 local affiliates with a successfully developed base for transmitting new culture and information to the public in Japan. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14296
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V-point - Hong Kong, China
A unique luminous design stands proud among a throng of light. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is a bustling shopping district that is home to a wide variety of shops enveloped in bright lights and dazzling ads. So, to create a lighting installation that draws attention in amongst the wayward lights is no easy feat, but OSRAM Lighting Solutions stepped up to the challenge. Choosing Media Tube® HO RGBW for its superior output and tight pixel depth, long chains were woven on the façade of the V-Point building, creating a distinctive triangular pattern that lights up at night to shine bright in the throng of flashing signs and vibrant pedestrians. Controlled by 87 e:cue Butler S2, the installation is a creative display crafted by OSRAM Lighting Solutions and partners. The V-Point building in Causeway Bay is an important landmark in Hong Kong, and is now beautifully accentuated with high-resolution lighting effects, helping it to stand proud in the crowded commercial district. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14350
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IMAGIC WEAVE® - Hypercube Skolkovo - Moscow, Russia
Envisioned as a Russian Silicon Valley, Skolkovo Innovation Center is a high-tech commercial area close to Moscow. Hypercube is the first building to be developed here. The revolutionary design, by architect Boris Bernaskoni, reflects a commitment to develop break-through technologies. A key element of Hypercube's experiment in architecture, engineering, art and media is the futuristic media façade that symbolizes the innovative spirit. The goal was to create an interactive façade capable of communicating with the surrounding area while serving as the building's second skin. Making it sufficiently durable to withstand Russia's harsh climate was the key consideration. Equally important was ensuring that the façade offers a degree of transparency, allowing daylight in while giving those inside a clear view of the outside. IMAGIC WEAVE® -- which pairs the creative and sustainable advantages of Traxon's individually-addressable LEDs with the rugged structural durability of Haver & Boecker's stainless steel mesh -- was the obvious choice. The IMAGIC WEAVE® media screens are perfectly integrated into the homogenous 3,200 m² stainless steel mesh façade which covers the Hypercube's four sides. When the media screens are not in use, the LED profiles when seen from a distance become nearly invisible against the transparent mesh façade. Supported by a control system of e:cue Lighting Control Engines fx (LCEs-fx) and Video Micro Converters (VMCs), the façade acts as a dynamic communication medium which adapts to different uses over time. Spanning 234 m² on the north façade, the main screen can be used to display images and film clips of Skolokovo city or advertising videos. The lettering area -- the four interconnected, elongated screens -- can be used to directly greet individual visitors by rolling text message across the four cube facets. The result is an outstanding example of media architecture. The IMAGIC WEAVE® façade brings intimacy and dynamism to Hypercube. Connecting interior and exterior space, it interacts with people, captivating all who see it. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14213
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Pachinko ZAP Ofuna Hall, Kanagawa - Japan
Pachinko parlors are one of the most popular gambling halls in Japan and as famous as karaoke bars. The often bright and noisy shops offering a broad diversity of the special pinball-type machines are usually filled with people spending hours trying their luck in the establishments. Located in the Kamakura area, Ofuna is one of the biggest Pachinko parlors in Japan. Being part of the Pachinko chain, 'ZAP', one of the leading Pachinko establishments, numerous visitors and gambling enthusiasts are attracted to the building which offers one of the greatest varieties of Pachinko machines. Traxon Technologies has turned the entire exterior façade of the building into a huge media screen displaying texts, graphics and animations in bright and vivid colors. The concept has been developed and realized by Traxon in cooperation with HAU'Z co., Ltd. and KERUN co., Ltd. to enhance Ofuna's attractiveness as one of the most famous gambling hall in the area and to strengthen the brand ZAP. Using over 1000 1PXL Boards RGB, the eye-catching media facade turns Ofuna building into a famous landmark in the area, strongly attracting the attention of each passer-by. Controlled by Traxon's powerful Micro Server and the user-friendly software e:cue programmer V5.0, the installation is easy to control, however creates various splendid effects making this project a remarkable media façade in Japan. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/7336
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Mood Light™ Motion - Easy interactive lighting
Mood Light™ Motion interactive lighting panels combine LED lighting with motion sensing technology to create stunning interactive architectural lighting solutions. Ideal for indoor use with various options for surface materials, Mood Light™ Motion offers a cost-effective interactive lighting experience through its innovative design which enables easy installation and setup. Intuitive and innovative, each modular 30cm square wall panel contains an interactive lighting control engine functioning as a complete stand alone system. Simply add more modular panels to build any size or shape. Designer surface materials can be combined with custom video and interactive behavior to fully define your experience. Easy to install and setup, up to 255 modules can be connected and automatically addressed. There is no need for complex external sensors, controllers or time consuming configuration. See more: http://bit.ly/1fE0sIz
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Hanjie Wanda Plaza -- Wuhan, China
Dazzling the most populous city in Central China, world renowned architecture practice UNStudio combines both contemporary and classical architectural elements in the design of Hanjie Wanda Plaza, a luxurious shopping mall with recognizable designer labels and expensive goods. The Plaza features a unique façade that is furnished with over 40,000 hand-crafted globes made of stainless steel and white alabaster, positioned in relation to each other. Enabled by the powerful e:cue control system, the iconic façade is transformed into glittering media façade, giving the impression that the globes are cascading like water or folding like a silk scarf in the wind. Accomplishing one of the major media façade attractions in China, the project is the epitome of highly flexible media façade system. Specially designed to easily output video content on LED media installations, 65 pieces of e:cue Video Micro Converter are selected to control and project nearly 80,000 pixels of media content over the massive façade measuring more than 22,000m2. In addition, the Patchelor tool in e:cue Lighting Application Suite allows the content designer to use a background picture for easy pixel mapping. The versatile software simplifies patching large matrix and fixture setup. The intelligent e:cue control system is able to integrate with 3rd party video server, making real-time video processing possible and enabling dual-layer video alignment and calibration of color reproduction. Traxon Technologies again demonstrated the superiority of its e:cue control system in glamourising the Hanjie Wanda Plaza project to bring a sparkle to the fast growing city of Wuhan. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14235
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NH Collection Eurobuilding Madrid - Madrid, Spain
The NH Collection Eurobuilding Hotel in Madrid, Spain, which was reopened in September 2014 after extensive renovation, can be found in a perfect location in the center of town near the Paseo de la Castellana and the famous Bernabeu Stadium. With its great facilities, including event rooms, wellness areas and restaurants it is the ideal place for business trips as well as holidays. While the building itself boasts eye-catching architecture in this corner of Madrid with all its clean and rigid forms and lines, the technology behind the lighting should take a back seat and let only the light itself be visible. All in all, over 450 fixtures, including different versions of Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB as the main product, complement the outstanding architecture. While the entrance façade features a 3000K LED matrix based on Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB which can be controlled every 30 cm as one pixel, Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB warm white units are used to illuminate special diffused polycarbonate panels from the back to create a multimedia façade. This perfect interaction between different types of Nano Liners is controlled by e:cue LCE-fx and Butler PRO, which include temperature sensors to automatically communicate with the LAS software when the temperature gets too high. The software then reduces the brightness to reduce the temperature. This software is completely custom-made with evolving content that never repeats itself. The light is programmed to follow nature, especially the day and night rhythm, and the urban atmosphere in all aspects. The light movement is quite organic and soft, which suits the splendor of this building, playing with different shapes and functions, e.g. the use of shadows. This makes guests feel welcome in the constantly changing environment, which is completely flexible and allows for a lot of experimentation in the future. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14321
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Trans Studio Bandung Roller Coaster - Bandung, Indonesia
Yamaha Racing Coaster is the defining landmark for Indonesia's entertainment leader, Trans Studio Theme Park in Bandung, an amusement park that is integrated with Bandung Supermall. Among the Trans Studio Bandung Roller Coaster features is a near-vertical lift to 82 feet, followed by a backward movement propelling riders back to the beginning of the coaster at a sensational speed of over 62 miles per hour. The lighting designer sought to immerse the entire roller coaster in rich illumination sequences, as well as incorporate an intelligent, dynamic chasing effect that tracks the cars' movement. To meet these challenging demands, Traxon' s Wall Washer Shield AC XB-36 and 18 RGB were installed on pillars providing saturated washing effects throughout the body of the coaster. Traxon' s Shield AC Extend was added to deliver an ultra bright band of light to the coaster' s upward climb, adding energy and excitement for riders at the peak moment. In addition, flexible Dot XL-6 RGB was mounted on the coaster to outline the track. When paired with an e:cue Lighting Control Engine (LCE), a Butler XT, and motion sensors, the Dot XL fixtures fulfil the light chase effects and highlight the path of each rollercoaster car. Traxon & e:cue' s flexible, innovative lighting solutions clearly define Yamaha Racing Coaster' s exhilarating path, preserving its vivid pulse in vibrant light. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14086
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Project Hope "The Southern Star" - Munich, Germany
Traxon Technologies innovative lighting fixtures were used to turn a windmill into a sensational piece of LED art. Equipped with over 1,000 ultra bright Dot XL-9 lighting fixtures (9,000 LEDs) the world's biggest revolving media screen displays a multitude of stunning colors as well as medium-resolution video content. Challenged by the difficult winter-weather conditions as well as the implementation of an installation on a constantly rotating object, artist Michael Pendry chose Traxon as partner for realizing this spectacular project due to its innovative and customizable lighting solutions. IP67-rated the Dot XL offers exactly the flexibility needed for this demanding project. Available with 3, 6 or 9 high performance LEDs per dot casing the single controllable dots are mounted on an elastic cable with customizable pitch offering the possibility of an installation on almost any surface or three-dimensional shape. Furthermore the Dot XL has a robust casing that ensures full outdoor capability. Controllable by DMX as well as DVI input signals Traxon's Dot XL displays full color lighting effects and spectacular video animations. Visible from a distance of up to 30 kilometers the LED windmill is a pioneering installation and a symbol for green energy, due to Traxon's cutting-edge innovation using only as much electricity as one hair dryer or two water kettles. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/11009
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Meixi Lake - Changsha, China
Traxon e:cue brought fine art alive by providing a total solution to light up the landmark in Changsha City of China, the Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre. 20,000 pieces of LED luminaires, including OSRAM Olux® Linear were connected with e:cue Lighting Control Engine fx and Butler S2. The connected lighting has outlined the complex’s composition, which resembles a white hibiscus standing still and watching its own reflection on the waters. Perfectness of architecture never felt so real.
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Saint Paul's Hospital - Hong Kong (IMAGIC WEAVE®)
IMAGIC WEAVE® masters the balance of structure and art. The creative and sustainable possibilities of Traxon LEDs paired with the rugged structural durability of HAVER & BOECKER's stainless steel mesh, meld together to become IMAGIC WEAVE®, a woven grid equipped with individually-addressable LEDs, which converts building facades into unique, transparent canvases for vivid, large-scale media.
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Lee Gardens One -- Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong, countless neon lights, outdoor advertising screens and colorful installations constantly compete with one another. With millions of locals and visitors thronging the city's busy streets, capturing the attention of pedestrians is a daunting challenge. Traxon & e:cue has successfully achieved this at the Lee Gardens One, a chic shopping center that brings together prestigious designer brands and trendy restaurants. Collaborating with Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects Limited, Traxon & e:cue could enhance with their extraordinary lighting effects at such impressive site. A variety of extraordinary lighting effects now highlight the center's five-storey-high entrance -- from static color displays, to waves of changing hues for special occasions. Traxon's Liner XB-9 RGBs provide the lighting sources from behind a layer of contoured cladding. To meet the client's specific requirements, an e:cue Butler XT manages various dynamic scenarios. This advanced control system handles the complex pre-programmed cues that trigger creative lighting effects. Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong's most fashionable, vibrant and crowded shopping districts. With its countless boutiques and restaurants, Causeway Bay is also a magnet for young people. The area and its designer stores have received a further boost in recent months with a dramatic increase in the number of visitors from Mainland China. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14210
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Várkert Bazár Conference Room - Budapest, Hungary
As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historical monument Várkert Bazár next to the Royal Palace has been restored by the Hungarian Government and reopened in August 2014. The newly restored neo-renaissance building complex now houses a new cultural space with a garden, a park, catering facilities, and exhibition areas. Traxon & e:cue dynamic lighting solution was implemented to illuminate the new multifunctional 800-seater conference room at Várkert Bazár. State-of-the-art technology and modern architectural elements are added to the original structural elements designed by Miklós Ybl. As a multifunctional room without any windows, the lighting must fulfill various functions from convenient to aesthetic ones. This combination is transformed into a lighting solution consisting of a 30 pixels high and 950 pixels wide Traxon String System involving overall 27,000 RGB pixels, and e:cue control system with Lighting Control Engine 2 (LCE 2) and Video Micro Converters (VMC). With the LEDs mounted hidden in a special wooden enclosure, the light passes through acrylic rods to the exposed outer surface of the wood. Thanks to the modern programmable lighting design, the dynamic lighting solution provides different lighting backgrounds and themes for different types of events including music concerts, theatrical plays, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows and gala dinners. Controllable via a WiFi tablet or laptop, through dry contacts with external drivers, e:cue Video Micro Converters convert the DVI signal of the servers into 64 e:pix digital signals to display impressive graphic animations. The extraordinary complex Várkert Bazár, combining classical and modern architectural styles, together with the new multifunctional event hall is a highly acclaimed and valuable new feature of Budapest where domestic and international conferences, festive events and concerts take place. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14311
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Wuhan Two Rivers and Four Banks – Wuhan, China
The ancient port city of Wuhan lies at the confluence of two mighty rivers, the Yangtze and the Han. Now, celebrating the life and commerce this junction has breathed into Wuhan for thousands of years, the two rivers and their four banks have been transformed into a spectacular canvas, with over 20 km of synchronized LED lightshow weaving fairytales into the night sky and river reflections. OSRAM Lighting Solutions provided 6,785 units of e:cue Butler PRO, Butler S2, LCE-mx, LCE and LCE-fx to control the LED screens of over 300 buildings, while 2,886 OSRAM ArchiShape® Flood RGBW S M L augment the entertainment on selected buildings. The lighting beats as one narrative heart, with all e:cue products connected and synchronized to the split second by a unique hybrid fiber optic and 4G network solution. Incredibly, the commissioning for the entire 20 km, 300-building lightshow was completed in just four days. This was achieved through the innovative approach of installing a control server and sub-control server in each building through User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The protocol allows artists’ videos to be perfectly split across more than 300 individual buildings, stored in the sub-control servers. The solution has proved perfectly reliable in triggering media playback in real-time, while also allowing for further connection between systems in the future. With the lighting and control solutions provided by OSRAM Lighting Solutions, the Yangtze and Han rivers come to life, offering residents and tourists a visual feast and showcasing the illustrious history and culture of Wuhan city. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14341
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Binary Sculpture of Manyata Embassy Business Park - Bangalore, India
Visitors are welcomed with an inspiring Binary Sculpture upon arriving Manyata Embassy Business Park (MEBP) near Nagavara Lake in North Bangalore. Home to a vibrant mix of businesses from dynamic startups to global brands, MEBP is one of the largest technology and business parks in India. Created by DPA Lighting Design, the Binary Sculpture is a 4-meter cube structure made of steel with "0" and "1" cut-outs symbolizing the binary numeral system in mathematics and digital electronics. Traxon Dot-XL6 RGB, e:cue Butler S2 and Butler XT2 are installed on the Binary Sculpture to enable colorful illuminations and stunning lighting effects. Different lighting programs such as scrolling text of "MEBP", shimmering effects, rainbow color chasing, arrow effects and much more are set up to be easily controlled and replayed via the e:cue user terminal Glass Touch T12. MEBP has been awarded the "Best IT Park" at the 2013 NDTV Property Awards in India. Often referred as the „Silicon Valley of India", the innovative Binary Sculpture with dynamic lighting effects beautifully underlines Bangalore as one of the leading roles in information technology globally. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14282
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IMAGIC WEAVE® Product Animation
IMAGIC WEAVE® masters the balance of structure and art. The creative and sustainable possibilities of Traxon LEDs paired with the rugged structural durability of HAVER & BOECKER's stainless steel mesh, meld together to become IMAGIC WEAVE®, a woven grid equipped with individually-addressable LEDs, which converts building facades into unique, transparent canvases for vivid, large-scale media. See product information: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/products/product_details/2177
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Coface Arena - Mainz, Germany
The Coface Arena in Mainz is home of the first FSV Mainz soccer club and can accommodate over 34,000 spectators. Traxon Technologies helps FSV Mainz pride shine brightly by illuminating the entire stadium façade in the team's signature red color. 500 Traxon Liner Shield AC XB fixtures with custom red housing and red LEDs were installed on the stadium's exterior in November 2011. The ultra-bright luminaires, which richly wash the building façade over 15 meters high, are linked to a PC within the building's automation system, and to an e:cue Lighting Control Engine (LCE) and a Butler, which manage the different lighting scenarios during the crowd arrival and entrance time, game time, and post-game exiting of the venue. Designed to accommodate architectural exteriors where a rich, even wash or graze is necessary, the Liner Shield AC XB's IP66 rating renders it a strong solution for exterior façade illumination. Visible from a long distance and from every direction, the red illumination welcome it visitors. The dynamic façade solution was also recognized in the German Lighting Designer Awards 2013. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/14196
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Mangshi - Yunan, China
Mangshi, located in the west of Yunnan province, is the capital city of the Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture. It is also known as “the city of dawn” because it was right in the dawn when Buddha came to this land according to the legend. Buddhism is talk of the town at this place. As a matter of fact, Mangshi has one of Asia’s most renowned Buddhist shrines -- the Menghuan Grand Golden Pagoda complex. Located at the Leiyarang Mountain, the seven-floor Buddhist pagoda with a height of 73 meters domineers the whole city and is the landmark of the prefecture. Mangshi is also a unique fusion of multiple ethnic minority cultures, including Dai, Jingpo, Susu and De’ang etc. Its rich and colorful heritage has cultivated various forms of art, including the well-known peacock dance, Daiju opera, folk song, the Water Festival, the Dance & Song Festival, the traditional Dai painting and paper-cutting etc. It is the spiritual paradise for both Buddhist pilgrims and camera-wielding sightseers. To properly further utilize its recourses and gain greater growth, the local authorities kept seeking a smart solution that can modernize the town while keeping its wild, untouched beauty. Known as an expert in smart connected solutions, Traxon e:cue was eventually chosen as the project provider. OSRAM SYMPHO™City centralized smart city management platform is the most critical point. It can connect multiple subsystems with ease and monitor large and complex systems, providing all relevant information at a glance and making urban administration of Mangshi more straightforward. The SYMPHO™City platform now monitors over 8,000 pieces of OSRAM LED luminaires, and over 300 pieces of e:cue lighting control engines installed in the town with smart and cost-efficient management. The connected lighting solution from Traxon e:cue by OSRAM created safe, well-lit open spaces for Mangshi dwellers, and brightened up its main landmarks including the Menghuan Grand Golden Pagoda complex, the Kongque Ave and the Airport Blvd. etc., bathing the whole city in golden radiance resembling the Buddha’s blaze of glory. Modernization has better the city’s transportation environment and brought new opportunities to Mangshi’s tourism and sightseeing industry while preserving its exotic and primitive beauty, allowing local people to lead more colorful lives.
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Nano Liner XB RGB - Product Video
Sleek and slender, the discreet Nano Liner XB packs high-intensity LEDs into a slim, linear fixture that is unassuming yet powerful. Capable of fitting into the smallest of allowable spaces, Nano Liner XB casts bold, even light onto walls and other flat surfaces and can be discreetly hidden from view. With its numerous customization options, Nano Liner XB is ideal for enhancing interior environments with a broad range of colors of RGB, where space is limited and high output is necessary. See product information: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/products/product_details/620
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e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT - Basics and principles
e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT is a simple yet powerful lighting control software with an intuitive graphic user interface. This video will show you some of the basic ideas of the work flow and the user interface. See product information: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/products/product_details/10378
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HAVER & BOECKER Headquarters - Oelde, Germany
Traxon Technologies realizes an outstanding IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade in Germany at HAVER & BOECKER's office building in Oelde. IMAGIC WEAVE®, a fusion of stainless steel mesh and state of the art LED technology is the perfect solution for permanent outdoor media façade installations at stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers, car parks, and other large buildings in any environment. The woven wire mesh embellishes buildings with an outstanding shiny second skin and excellently serves as an effective sunscreen, filtering sun rays while maintaining its transparency. This development is the result of the combined knowledge and experience of two market leaders: HAVER & BOECKER, one of the world's leading wire weaving companies with a global network of branches and manufacturing facilities and Traxon Technologies, leading provider of innovative LED lighting systems and solutions. Traxon's first IMAGIC WEAVE® façade in Germany is fully outdoor rated (IP67) with a length of 9m and a height of 4.7m and installed on the exterior façade of HAVER & BOECKER's headquarters building, displaying various kinds of media content in medium resolution, including videos, graphics, and animations. 222 IMAGIC WEAVE® tubes (each 3m long) are mounted behind HAVER & BOECKERS's stainless steel wire mesh, ensuring easy maintenance as well as a flat surface of the facade. 10,656 high performance LEDs with a pixel pitch of 6.25cm display stunning lighting effects in up to 16 million different colors. The mesh can be extended at any time due to the used innovative patented clipping system and therefore is adaptable to different budgets. All cabling for the 42.3 sqm installation run through the metal form minimizing the number of holes in the building's façade between control room and media façade. Featuring DMX and DVI capability, IMAGIC WEAVE® is controlled by Traxon's in-house control brand, e:cue, using its latest Video Micro Converter, Video Control Server, and the EMotion (DVI) Software. This first IMAGIC WEAVE® project of Traxon in Germany was finalized in August 2009 and brightly lightens the huge façade of the office building today due to both companies' high level of innovation. See full showcase: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/showcase/showcase_details/7677
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