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Fjord Norway Road Trip - A guide to Driving in Norway
The best way to see the Norway Fjords and experience the culture is by car. Take this road trip through Fjord Norway and experience the beauty of the scenery and people! See the complete itinerary and road trip map here - https://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/norway-road-trip-fjordland/ Follow all of the Norway stories on Ottsworld.com
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Driving in Ireland
I take on driving in Ireland solo for this travel adventure! I traverse the 1,200 miles of the Wild Atlantic Way on my own. The winding, narrow roads had me biting my nails, dodging sheep, and taking in some of the most beautiful views in the world.
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Aurora Chasing in Fairbanks Alaska
Fairbanks Alaska is one of the best places in the world to go for a northern lights trip. Watch as we test out 3 different northern lights tours around Fairbanks. Video by Michaela Potter https://www.youtube.com/user/wanderlustprod
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Atlantic Airways Faroe Islands
A very unexpected landing in the Faroe Islands
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Dinner in the Ross Sea
This is a real rock and roll kitchen on the Spirit of Enderby ship. How would you like to try to cook in this environment?
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Winter in Fairbanks
Don't let the threat of cold weather stop you - there are many great winter adventures to have in and around Fairbanks Alaska! Try dog sledding, walking with reindeer, and aurora chasing just to name a few!
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Sleeping Weddell Seal Wakes Up
There is no peace and quiet in a penguin colony. This Weddell Seal on Franklin Island Antarctica learns that the hard way...
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How to be a Dog Sledding Musher in Alaska
Come with me and attend a mushing school at the Last Frontier Mushing Coop in Fairbanks Alaska. Located in the little village of Two Rivers, a dog sledding mecca in Alaska, you'll learn everything you need to know to mush your own team of dogs!
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MacQuarie Island Wildlife
Where can you find 3.5 million penguins & 80,000 elephant seals? Come with me to Macquarie Island and get close to wildlife on this remote subantarctic Island.
Views: 778 Sherry Ott
Cliffs of Moher Walk Ireland
The best way to experience the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland is to walk the Burren Way trail! Go beyond the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Center, follow the trail north and walk the 4.5 miles back to Doolin.
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Ride the Alaska Railroad Aurora Winter Train
See what it's like to ride the Alaska railroad in the winter! I took the Aurora winter train and had a complete train experience that should be on everyone's Alaska winter itinerary! Video by Michaela Potter https://www.youtube.com/user/wanderlustprod
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Building a Road in Nepal near Dharapani.MOV
Annapurna Circuit Building a road the hard way near Chame on the Annapurna Trail Nepal
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Chuck the Adelie Penguin
Oh how I want to take this little guy home....
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Traffic in Hanoi during 'rush hour'
I sat above a traffic circle in Hanoi watching the chaos having a beer!
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Holiday Video 2018
My annual Ottsworld year in review! This is my 12th year of producing a holiday video that will take you around the world!
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Annapurna circuit trek to High Camp
A look at the steep trail to high camp on the Annapurna circuit
Views: 864 Sherry Ott
Bridgestone Winter Driving School
Learn how to handle and anticipate winter driving situations at this one of a kind winter driving school in Steamboat Springs Colorado! Learn about the complete driving school experience here - https://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/winter-driving-school-steamboat-springs-colorado/
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Take a Goat Safari in Norddal Norway
A trip to a small village goat farm is more than simply cheese tasting, it's the full authentic experience.
Views: 399 Sherry Ott
Entering Petra
The long entrance to Petra through the Siq is memorable - especially when there aren't any tourists around. Your first view of the Treasury building is amazing...unless of course a truck gets in the way!
Views: 757 Sherry Ott
Essential Winter Travel Gear
On a recent winter trip to Fairbanks, Alaska I was able to test out and try some new winter travel gear. Here were my winners and what I'd recommend should be on your winter packing list! Video by Michaela Potter at https://www.youtube.com/user/wanderlustprod
Views: 207 Sherry Ott
Thaipusam  - Singapore
Man carrying Kavila dancing before a temple
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Biking Trollstigen Road Norway
Lending a helping hand to a few bikers on the famous and challenging Trollstigen Road in Norway!
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Learning how to Cross Country Ski Alberta Canada
Kicking off my month of 'firsts' with Cross Country Skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park . A day filled with gorgeous Canadian Rocky views and a few wipe outs. With 45 minutes of instruction - I set off on my own to do cross country skiing for the first time...see how I did...
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Annapurna Circuit - Thorong La Pass
360 view of Trail to Thorong La Pass on the Annapurna Circuit Nepal.
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Adelie Penguin Feeding Chase
Hungry penguin chicks have to run for their food in a feeding chase. See how fast they run!
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Sounds of Antarctica
Basically, it is only when we are silent for a bit that we can hear these things and process them. And that’s what Antarctica was about for me; learning, listening, and processing the beauty in front of me.
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#OttAntarctica Travel Preparation
A father and daughter prepare for their much anticipated trip to Antarctica. What does it take to prepare for such a trip?
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How to Make a Human Tower (Castello)
See the parts and watch the steps in making a Castello (human tower) at the Girona Temps de Flors
Views: 513 Sherry Ott
Annapurna Circuit - narrow trail near Dharapani
A narrow part of the trail near Dharapani that actually terrified me! The drop off was steep and the ground was hundreds of feet below!
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wrestling in gobi
Wrestling in the Gobi Desert
Views: 97 Sherry Ott
Fin Whale Sighting Antarctica
The 2nd largest animal to have lived - the Fin whale around the bow of the MS Expedition in Antarctica.
Views: 589 Sherry Ott
Antarctic Circle Crossing
Crossing the Antarctic Circle via ship is something few people get to do, so it's fitting to celebrate this momentous occasion
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How to Make a Bratwurst in Germany
Thuringen bratwurst are the best in Germany. See how they are made so that they can be called a Thuringen bratwurst!
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Nova Scotia Road Trip
See the sights and hear the sounds of Nova Scotia - Canada's seafaring providence. A Mother Daughter road trip through Nova Scotia
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How to find and eat the best pizza in Naples Italy
This video takes you through a day of eating in Naples Italy as I tag along with locals. My quest was to find and eat the best pizza in Naples - I achieved that, however I did so much more than just pizza! Come to Naples hungry!
Views: 65 Sherry Ott
Evie and The Hot Vit Lon
A food challenge in Vietnam! Would you eat hot vit lon - half hatched baby duck egg? Peer pressure wins every time!
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Off Roading Lanai
Rent a Jeep, put the top down, and go for a wild ride on the island of Lana'i Hawaii. Prepare to get dirty!
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How to kill a fish
Asian market - preparing my fish for dinner!
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Miramichi River Fly Fishing
Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon is much harder than you think in the Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada
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Taking the Polar Plunge in Antarctica
Doing the unthinkable - taking a dip in Antarctica.
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Fishing in Norway
Norway has a long history with fishing. The country is still dotted with little fishing villages, and if you have an interest in fishing you can get out on the water on your Norway vacation and also do some fishing!
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Travel to Tolar Grande Argentina
It might be relatively unknown now, but a trip to the Tolar Grande in Northern Argentina will be on everyone's wish list soon! Take an offroad adventure to the far corners of Argentina and feel like you've just landed on another planet.
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Take an Arctic Adventure on the Ice Roads in the Northwest Territories
Drive the coolest road in the world - the ice roads of the Northwest Territories in Canada
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South Dakota Blizzard Christmas Day - Drifts
Drifts at my parent's house
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Horse Head Fiddle - Mongolian Instrument
Famous Mongolia Nergui plays the Horse Head Fiddle
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Whales and Birds Feeding in the Bering Strait
Rarely seen by humans - our boat was heading through the Bering Strait and we came across this amazing scene. The birds were enough awe, but then the whales (humpback and Finn) started popping up among the birds...a true miracle to see!
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Travel with the Senses
Sounds of an Uncruise through Panama and Costa Rica
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How to Eat Pizza in Italy
Learning to eat pizza like a local in Naples at the best non-tourist pizzeria in town Antica Pizzeria Sorbillo at Via dei Tribunali, 38 -- 80134 Napoli
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One Second a Day in Peru  - A Teenager's Perspective
My 17 year old niece and I spent 3 weeks in Peru traveling and volunteering. She took 1 second of video footage every day of things she did - and put it together in this montage. A fun memory of a great trip full of diversity!
Views: 1072 Sherry Ott

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