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#MotoBFFChallenge - Who will make the cut?
The Improvisers - Kaneez Surka, Kanan Gill,​ Abish Mathew and Kenny Sebastian - bring you their take on best friends this Friendship Day.
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Introducing Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in India!
Get a sneak peek into and Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India. Take a look at the attention and care that goes into assembling each handset. The phone that you love is now made in India!
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#motorolaonepower – explore the power of Android™ 9 Pie!
It's time to experience POWER like never before! Brought to you by Motorola and Google, the #motorolaonepower lets you be ready for anything with a massive 5000 mAh battery, 16 MP + 5 MP dual rear cameras, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 636 processor and more. Plus, with the latest Android™ 9 Pie update, check out all the cool updates to the already power-packed phone and get it exclusively on Flipkart! https://bit.ly/2CbnD3c
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#MyMotoLogo – Speed painter Vilas Nayak lends his touch to the  Batwing
This video sees Vilas Nayak, a leading speed painting artist from Mangalore, put his spin on the Batwing. This video sees him creating a life-size version of the Batwing with a Kathakali theme. Motorola’s #MyMotoLogo is a competition marking the 60th anniversary of the Batwing. We’re calling Moto fans across the country to design and create their version of the iconic Batwing logo. Entries can include doodles, paintings, graffiti, installations and more! The winning entrant will have their logo engraved on a customized Moto X, just the one, globally!
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Moto X Force| Think Practical
Do you think practically or differently ? Do you suffer from a severe case of butter fingers? Watch Karan Talwar, Kaneez and Jeeveshu come together to give you a practical solution to the hazards of your different thinking! #MotoXForce is here!
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Moto G (3rd Gen.): The phone that's always there for you
The Moto G (3rd Gen.) is everything you want in a phone. It's water resistant, has a long lasting battery and 13 MP quick capture camera. And with a Pure Android experience, it delivers unrivaled performance. The Moto G is truly the phone that's always there for you!
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#MotoSpotlight Stage - Shillong
You call it fun, we call it #MotoSpotlight! Here's what our winners from #Shillong have to say about their experience at the Moto Spotlight Stage at the NH7 Weekender! If you have got what it takes to be on the stage, register now at http://motonation.in/spotlight/
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#helloyou. welcome to your new moto g6!
Loving your all new #motog6? This phone was designed keeping you in mind, much like this video which shows you all that you can do with it. Enjoy the 18:9 Max Vision edge-to-edge display, take stunning photos with the 12 MP +5 MP rear cameras and advanced photo software, explore the intuitive moto experiences and so much more. Check it out! https://bit.ly/2sDHOAD
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welcome to your new moto e5 plus
We hope you’re loving your all new #motoe5plus! Check out this video to know all that you can do with it. To know more about it, head here. https://bit.ly/2zooRsr
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welcome to your new moto e5
We hope you’re loving your all new #motoe5! Check out this video to know all that you can do with it. To know more about it, head here.https://bit.ly/2KZFAXl
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Meet Moto X Force
Rick Osterloh, President, Motorola Mobility is upto something, take a look to know more! #MotoFaceOff
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#MotoSpotlight Stage - Lucknow
Lucknow, the 'City of Kebabs and Nawabs', enjoyed the #MotoSpotlight on the 7th and 8th of November. With power packed performances by Faridkot, Diabolical Damage, Bhairavas & charming Bani J as the host, the event was a super hit! Here’s a glimpse of the fun we had in this beautiful city!
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How to prevent overheating on your phone
Does your phone get warm, and sometimes even hot when you're using it? Understand why it happens and how can you prevent it from happening.
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The Moto 360 (2nd Gen), a watch that makes time for you!
With important updates, apps for every occasion, hands-free voice control and compatibility with android & ios, the new Moto 360 lets you make the most of your time. Take a look!
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Meet the new #motog7power. 60 hours of battery matters to you.
The all new #motog7power is here, so you can enjoy 60 hours of non-stop power on a single charge with its 5000 mAh battery! Also, get 9 hours of power in just 15 minutes with its 15W TurboPower™ charger. Never miss a moment with a fast-focusing 12 MP camera, learn more with Google Lens, experience the latest Android™ 9 Pie, and multi-task like a pro with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 632 processor & 4GB RAM. Get it for just ₹13,999 from a retail store near you and on Flipkart! https://bit.ly/2SAf5MY
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Moto X Force Coming Soon
Are you one amongst 40 % of people who are deathly scared of dropping their phones? Watch the #MotofaceOff to know more.
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Say hello to your moto g6 plus
The new #motog6plus is truly #builtformore with a smart camera and serious performance! Check out this video to know how you can get more from every feature. Be it the 12 MP + 5 MP dual rear smart camera system with Google Lens, its blazing fast 6 GB RAM, the 15 cm (5.9) full HD+ max vision display with a larger 18:9 aspect ratio, and more.
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Atul Kasbekar #HelloPossibilities
We all know Atul Kasbekar said hello to his love for photography. But, what did he have to say goodbye to? Watch this video to know how he zoomed into the world of possibilities. #HelloPossibilities
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Moto X Force ShatterSheild™
Shattered phone screens is something we dread the most, not any more! The all new #MotoXForce with 5 layer protection is all you need to protect your phone! Watch the video to know more.
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motorola one power | be ready for anything
Say hello to the power to do anything! The new #motorolaonepower gives you the latest Android™ OS upgrades, built-in security and the latest innovations from Google. It also packs a massive 5000 mAh battery, TurboPower™ charging, 19:9 max vision display, 16 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera system and so much more! Available exclusively on Flipkart for just Rs. 14,999.
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#MotoSpotlight Stage- Bangalore
It was Bangalore’s turn this time to sing and dance to the tunes of Moto Spotlight. Dec 2 – 6 saw some staggering performances in the city along with lots of fun at the bus. Missed it? Check out here
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Presenting Moto X4 | Experience Perfection
The all new #MotoX4 brings to you a stunning glass & metal body, Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 630 Processor with up to 6GB RAM, IP68 water and dust resistant design, 12MP + 8MP dual rear cameras, wireless audio sharing & a lot more! Available at Flipkart and a #MotoHub near you. Buy now - http://bit.ly/2zDzJB5 Know More - http://bit.ly/2zDzJB5
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#MotoDadTunes – India’s first crowdsourced Father’s Day Song – The Prelude
The 21st of June is Father’s Day, and World Music Day! So we thought…mashup! Dedicate a line to your dad on Twitter or Facebook and the amazing Man. Goes Human will write your line into a cracking performance of India’s first ever crowdsourced Father’s Day Song. Just use #MotoDadTunes. You could even win a #MotoE4G. We’ve started things off and you’re going to help us finish. So let’s get writing…
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Rakshabandhan | #SuperSister
Here’s to your #supersister, the one who’s your constant friend, teacher and protector! This #Rakshabandan, gift your sibling a motorola smartphone at no cost EMI of just Rs.1500 or get a cashback of up to Rs.1200* at your nearest retail store. Hurry, find a store here - https://bit.ly/2NR5J8T T&C's apply.
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Moto 360 : It's Time
Hear the design story of Moto 360, a modern timepiece, from the people who made it. Learn more at http://motorola.com/moto360.
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Motorola Migrate
When you’re ready for your next Motorola phone, Migrate takes care of transferring contacts, photos, and videos with a single click so you can enjoy your new phone faster.
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#SayHello on World Hello Day
It's World Hello Day! #HelloMoto is our way to #SayHello. What's yours?
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Moto G⁴ Plus: #NeverMiss A Shot
Taking pictures will never be the same again with the all new MotoG⁴ plus. Elevate the level of your photography with Pro tools for ultimate control. Seize every moment with just a little twist to your wrist! Put an end to rushing for those perfect moments. Stop. Enhance and Share! Be the indisputable selfie taker with wide angle front camera. The new Moto G⁴ Plus. Pictures. Power. Performance. Priced like no other. Available exclusively on Amazon.in: http://bit.ly/22d2lq7
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Revisit the #MotoSpotlight Bacardi NH 7 Weekender Delhi
28th and 29th of November, Delhi witnessed some amazing artists like Ankur & The Ghalat Family, Thumpers and Vir Das' Alien Chutney for the Bacardi NH 7 Weekender. Adding to the fun were our own Moto Spotlight Delhi finalists, The Urban early men, Sawarantar and Man goes human who encaptivated the audience with their performance. Let us take you through the amazing journey!
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Moto X Force: Don't be afraid to fall
Introducing the world’s first shatterproof phone #MotoXForce with Moto ShatterShield™ , 5.4 Quad HD Amoled Display, 3760 mAh Battery, 2.0 GHz Snapdragon Octacore Processor and a 21MP Rear Camera. It’s a complete package!
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#motog5plus - Captivating Design. Unlimited Performance.
#Uncompromise with the new #motog5plus, an unexpected combination of beauty and power. It features a head-turning metal design, a 12 MP Rear Camera with Dual Autofocus Pixels, a 2.0 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor, and a 3000 mAh all-day battery that fuels up fast with TurboPower™ charging. Available at Rs. 16,999. Buy now! #DifferentIsBetter
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Moto X4 - Launch Event | 13th November
It’s time to make way for the #MotoX4 that’ll help you #ExperiencePerfection! Catch the live unveiling here on 13th November, 2:30 pm onwards.
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Moto X Play Launch
Your one-sided mobile relationship ends today. Say hello to Moto X Play, your Perfect Partner, who never gives up on you. #MotoXPlayLaunch
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MotoE3Power - #FeelThePower
Experience extraordinary battery performance with quick charging and 3500 mAh battery. Take a shot at true to life imaging with 8MP camera w/flash & 5MP front with beautification mode. Protect your phone, inside and out with a water repellent nano coating. The new Moto E Power is designed to deliver a complete phone experience throughout the day and into the night. Feel the power. Fuel your passions. Exclusively on @Flipkart *link*
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different is better with Moto Z & Moto Z play with Moto Mods – 60 sec
Some smartphones remove the headphone jack, we added a JBL SoundBoost Mod. Some make the phone screen bigger, we added a 70” InstaShare Projector Mod. Some make a camera better, we added a Hasselblad TrueZoom Mod. Some make the battery bigger, we added a Incipio Offgrid Power Pack Mod. different is better with moto z & moto z play with moto mods.
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the moto g6 play. play today charge tomorrow.
helloyou, who loves to stay unplugged! Here's presenting the new #motog6play with a 14.5cm (5.7) Full HD 18:9 Max Vision Display, a massive 4000mAh battery, turbopower charger, and more. Get it now on Flipkart or a #motohub near you, for Rs. 11,999 only. https://www.motorola.in/products/moto-g-play-gen-6
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Gauri & Nainika experience the Moto X4
Gauri & Nainika fell in love with the #MotoX4, which is crafted to perfection! It will have you falling in love over and over again too. Unveiling on 13th November. Buy at Flipkart or a #MotoHub near you. Know more -http://bit.ly/2hclIjz
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Introducing Moto X Play – Your perfect partner
Tired of that one-sided relationship? Well, now you don’t have to be! Say hello to the brand new Moto X Play, your perfect partner. With a 30+ hour battery, 21MP rear camera, 5MP selfie cam, a 1.7 GHz octacore processor and a 14cm (5.5”) display, this really is the answer to those relationship woes. But that’s not all. You also get the Pure Android Experience you know and love! So, choose the perfect partner and, more importantly, choose the phone that loves you back. Check it out now! http://www.motorola.in/products/moto-x-play
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Hero without a cape - #MotoDadTunes| India’s first crowdsourced Father’s Day song
India's first crowdsourced Father’s day song performed by the indie rock band, Man. Goes Human. Motorola fans from across the country sent us their lyrics on Twitter and Facebook using #MotoDadTunes. The 7 best entries were written into a song, which was performed by the band LIVE on Father’s day. Enjoy! Hero without a Cape He's my friend, he's a hero He picks me up when I fall, and shows me the way Never complains, always hides his pain Doesn't let me make the same mistakes he's made. My dad's my best friend, he is my hero without a cape. You're no ordinary man. You make me everything I am. Its not just this one day But since it is today Happy Father's Day He is my rock, in an ocean of doubt. Good from bad, he helps clear out. Stands by my side, never says no. Tells me to dream big, and never let go. He isn't perfect but he's the best at what he does. His presence gives me strength What I am today is because of him Made sure that the light of my dreams never gets dim My dad's my best friend, he is my hero without a cape. Been too long he's given up his Happiness, now its my time To be his hero like he was mine And give him what he deserves. I would be lost, had it not been for you. You held my hand no matter what life threw. He pushes and pushes me to the peak. Shines with pride when I succeed. He's my friend, he's a hero He picks me up when I fall, and shows me the way Never complains, always hides his pain Doesn't let me make the same mistakes he's made. My dad's my best friend, he is my hero without a cape.
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Limited Edition Moto Z2 Force with Moto TurboPower Mod | Launch Event
Always stuck to your charger and paying for screen replacements!? The Limited Edition #MotoZ2Force with #MotoTurboPowerPack is on its way to end your #flagshiphardship!
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Moto G5s Plus - Launch Event | 29th August
Watch the live unveiling of the Moto G5s Plus that’ll help you #FindYourFocus and unleash your creativity. Catch it here on 29th August, 12:15 pm onwards.
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Nikhil Chinapa #HelloPossibilities
Want to know how Nikhil Chinapa decided to say goodbye to ordinary & say hello a career in music? Watch the video to know more! #HelloPossibilities
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Time for a #PhoneLifeBalanceChallenge?
44 Years ago, you said hello with the mobile phone we invented. This #WorldHelloDay, we want you to think about your relationship with your phone and take the #phonelifebalance quiz. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. Would you be able to get a better phone life balance in 21 days? Share your quiz result with us and take up the #phonelifebalancechallenge, to improve your relationship with your phone. http://bit.ly/2hRDkF3
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Vijay Singh experiences the Moto X4
See how Rajputana Customs experienced perfection with #MotoX4, which is both stunning & strong! Available at Flipkart and a #MotoHub near you. bit.ly/2hclIjz
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#Motorolaonepower #AndroidOne         Motorola One Power | Launch event | 24th September, 12:30 pm.
Say hello to the all-new motorola one power, a co-creation of Motorola and Google, exclusively on Flipkart! Tune in LIVE to catch the launch event on 24th September at 12:30 pm.
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the moto g6. designed with you in mind
helloyou, who loves to be creative! Here's presenting the new #motog6, with 12 MP + 5 MP dual rear cameras and a creative camera system, 14.5cm (5.7) Full HD+ 18:9 Max Vision Display, 3D Glass Black, Turbopower Charging and more! A phone designed with you in mind! Get yours now on Amazon India or at a #motohub near you. https://www.motorola.in/products/moto-g-gen-6
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The new Moto G Family - Moto G5 & Moto G5 Plus
Meet the Moto G family that brings together an unexpected combination of beauty and power. It’s got a precision-crafted metal design, a fast-focusing camera and an all-day battery that’ll get everything done in a single charge. The new Moto G family. Unexpected is now extraordinary.
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Moto G⁴ Plus: #FlickClickNeverMiss
Catch Vasuda Sharma's exciting melody featuring #MotoG4Plus! #NeverMissOut on what really matters with 16 MP Rear & 5 MP 84° wide angle front camera. Life awaits at the twist of your wrist! #FlickClickNeverMiss Lyrics Credits: Vivek Mahajan Audacity ( Radiocity 91.1)
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Kolkata's in the Moto Spotlight!
After Shillong, the next stop for our Moto Spotlight stage was Kolkata, the City of Joy! Check out Archana Vijaya talking to our winners - Lion Eats Man, BEE and The Buskers & The Do's and Don'ts - about opening for talented musicians like Sha'air + Func, Spud In The Box & Pink Noise on the #MotoSpotlight stage!
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