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Homeless man never removed a piece of clothing from his body for years – is amazingly transformed vi
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch A mentally disturbed homeless man, who had never removed a piece of clothing from his body, was rescued in Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. When a volunteer of Apna Ghar, a charity organisation, came across Viru, he was covered in layers of tattered clothes, which was difficult to peel off from him. The homeless man in his forties, who had been wandering the streets of Shivpuri for decades, was found to be schizophrenic. Dr B M Bharadwaj, founder of Apna Ghar, said Viru would put on whatever cloth he would find and never remove them. The clothes would shred into pieces but hang on to him after getting entangled with other pieces. The stench he emanated was powerful enough to put off even people who took pity and wanted to help him. The volunteer brought Viru to Apna Ghar campus in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. A video uploaded by Apna Ghar shows its workers, slicing through his clothes meticulously. They clean him up, give him a wash, cut his hair, nails, and tend to his minor injuries. In new clothes, sipping tea from a mug, Viru is magically transformed and looks nothing like he used to earlier. He is currently going through therapy and rehabilitation. Apna Ghar works with homeless, destitute and very sick individuals through its 19 ‘Ashrams’ spread across India. It is headquartered at Bharatpur, Rajasthan, where it takes care of 1,910 needy individuals. Dr B M Bharadwaj said the organisation does not take money from government and runs entirely on donation from the people.
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Venkiah Naidu can’t write a page in 3rd standard notebook, ridicules Arun Shourie video
Venkiah Naidu can’t write a page in 3rd standard notebook, ridicules Arun Shourie (video) Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch Journalists staged a protest against CBI raid on NDTV at Press Club in New Delhi on Friday. A highlight of the event was a speech made by former editor and Union Minister Arun Shourie, who advised the media on how to counter the onslaught by the government. He said media should stop giving free air time and newspaper columns to ministers, which allowed them to push their agenda. He noted that Minister Venkiah Naidu had been occasionally writing in Indian Express, even taking three-fourth of a page. It was then Shourie wondered if Venkiah Naidu – a minister largely known for his lung power - could write anything. He said Venkiah Naidu would not be able to fill up a page even in the small notebook of third standard child. Venkiah Naidu can’t write a page: Arun Shourie (video)
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Friendly elephant makes a routine visit to a house in Kerala begging for a treat video
Friendly elephant makes a routine visit to a house in Kerala - begging for a treat (video) A short video called 'Enchanting Kerala' showing the bonding between an elephant and people is winning hearts on twitter. It shows that laid back picture of God's own country, complete with coconut trees, lush greenery...that feeling and sense of it having just rained....and then there's the elephant. The gentle giant moves along playfully on the side of the road, in front of a row of houses. There's the vigilant mahout in red mundu walking alongside, on the road. Then a teenager opens the gates of his house and on cue, as if this is a tradition that's been going on for ages, the elephant steps into the compound and almost tries to get into the house. Only the small doors make it stand outside. From inside come the family members with jaggery and fruits on a plate, and lovingly feed the animal. A small boy steps into the house, managing to squeeze in the narrow space in between the elephant and the door frame, showing how used all parties in concern are, with one another. Once all the goodies are given out, the elephant still stretches its trunk to ensure that the whole plate is clean. It is only when the teenager gives it another piece of jaggery and someone says 'madi', that 'it's enough', that the giant leaves. The place where this video is shot is not very clear, though there are suggestions that it could be somewhere near Kollam.
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Hundreds of Indian villages organise traditional cockfighting defying ban
Hundreds of villages organised cockfights, defying an official ban, as part of traditional celebrations during Sankranti, a harvest festival, which concluded on January 17. Thousands of people flocked to watch the illegal bloodsport that was widely held in the coastal districts of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. On January 8, the State High Court had warned the officials to enforce the ban on cockfighting strictly. Despite the heavy presence of officials and the police at the venues, there was no let-up in cockfighting, which has been opposed by several animal welfare organisations in India. Activists say roosters’ suffer grievous injuries due to sharp knives tied to their legs before the fight. The fight continues till one of roosters is killed or maimed. Thousands of roosters – costing from USD 200 to USD 2,500 depending on breed – take part in these fights. Owners train their birds for several months, which are raised on a nutritious diet of almonds, cashews, minced meat and eggs. N G Jayasimha, managing director of Human Society International, said: “Cockfighting is not only cruel to animals but also encourages gambling and child labour. A practice that glorifies illegal activities should have no place in a civil society.” Cockfighting generates a revenue of USD 150 million to organisers with illegal betting contributing a major portion of it. Viewers can be seen placing bets on their favourite roosters without any fear from the police, who can usually be spotted in the vicinity. Senior police officials said they made a serious attempt to enforce the ban and had arrested over 2,000 organisers and gamblers in just two districts of the state. But media reports said official efforts failed to make any impact on the ground. The districts were dotted with hundreds of cockfighting arenas, which had made seating arrangements for thousands of people coming from different parts of the state. Eager organisers also showed reporters how they tied sharp knives to roosters’ legs and allowed filming of the fights as well. Anjaneya Reddy, a resident of Bhimavaram said, “Cockfighting is part of our culture. It cannot be wished away with a law. It is stoo popular to be banned”
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Man risks life to rescue lamb from abandoned borewell
Correspondent, NewsCrunch In a breath-taking rescue effort, a brave youngster pulled out a lamb from an abandoned borewell risking his own life. A local TV channel TV 9 reported that the incident occurred at a village near South Indian city of Vijayapura. The man and his friends spotted an abandoned borewell and heard a lamb bleating from inside. The poor animal had fallen inside the borewell, which had been left uncovered, after it had failed to yield water. They could see that the animal had got struck at a shallow depth. A video of the incident shows them discussing in Kannada language that someone would have to be lowered inside the borewell upside down to pull the lamb out. The know that the manoeuvre is extremely risky as the man would plunge to a suffocating death if the people holding his legs lose grip. The first volunteer backs off saying it would be hard to breath inside. A second volunteer steps in saying he is willing to go inside if his friends can hold on to his feet. After they assure, he is lowered inside, hands first. They find that the lamb is stuck deeper than they thought. In the heart-stopping moments that follow, the man risks disappearing into the borewell with two friends hanging on to his feet. But the effort pays off and the man finally tells his friends to pull him up. He surfaces clutching on to the lucky lamb by its ears. Reports of children falling into uncovered borewells surface periodically from all over India. Farmers, who dig these wells abandon them when they fail to yield water, unwilling to incur the additional expense of covering them up. Many of these wells – literal death traps – are strewn across the country waiting for a young victim to step into them.
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Doordarshan host  Kanchan Nath crushed by falling coconut tree
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A woman morning walker was crushed by a coconut tree that fell on her in Mumbai. The victim, Kanchan Nath (58), was rushed to the Sushrut Hospital, where she passed away on Saturday morning. Nath was a well-known anchor at the government-run Doordarshan TV channel. A CCTV footage from a shop caught the mishap that occurred on Thursday morning. It shows Nath going for a morning walk near her home in Chembur. As she walks past Chandroday Society, a coconut tree comes crashing down and falls on her. Taking a direct hit, Nath falls down on the road and is pinned down by the weight of the tree. Onlookers rushed to help Nath and pulled her out from under the tree. Nath's husband Rajat Nath blamed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the civic body that governs Mumbai, for the mishap. He said the BMC officials had been informed that the tree could fall anytime. But they had allegedly refused permission for the society to cut it. Local ward representative corporator Asha Marathe said BMC officials had found the tree in good condition and had refused permission to cut it. Meanwhile, colleagues at the Rangmanch Ke Sitare music awards which Kanchan had been due to host later this month, paid tribute to her and postponed the event. A statment said: ‘’A coconut tree felt down on Kanchan giving her major internal injuries like multiple fractures and some brain injuries too. ''We Team RKS and all the other members are really shocked and shattered at this point of time hence we have decided to postpone our celebration date.''
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Woman police officer Usha Somvanshi transferred in MP after she removes black film from cars
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch An upright woman police officer was transferred punitively by the Madhya Pradesh government after she forced a youth with political connections to remove black films from his car window. Putting any kind of tinted films on car windows, irrespective of the degree of visibility, is a direct violation of a 2012 Supreme Court order. A video that has now gone viral on social media shows the officer, Usha Somvanshi, publicly rebuking the youth for violating the Supreme Court order. She ordered the films to be removed immediately. The youth, confident in getting his way by the sheer power of his political influence, started misbehaving with the police personnel. Officer Somvanshi then ordered her subordinates to arrest him, in compliance with the law. The youth is seen claiming in the video that Officer Somvanshi had slapped him, but he refused to substantiate that claim when he was questioned further. How did the Madhya Pradesh government deal with such an honest officer? By transferring her to CSP Jabalpur as punishment. This comes days after another upright woman officer Sreshtha Thakur was transferred to Hardoi by the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh for daring to cross swords with BJP politicians.
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Viral video of an ‘engineer’ robbing ATM machine is possibly a fake    world’s easiest ATM theft!
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch A video of an ‘engineer’ and his accomplice robbing an ATM machine has gone viral clocking millions of page views. What’s striking is the ease with which they steal the money. The accomplice keeps a watch from outside and makes sure that there is no customer butting in to their smooth operation. The ‘engineer’ walks in, punches a code, opens the top lid of the machine and tampers with the machine. He then draws loads of money like any other customer. The simple operation lasts for a few seconds. The awe-struck viewers sent the video viral calling it the world’s easiest ATM theft. There was speculation that the man was an ‘engineer’ and an ATM technician, who knew how the machine worked. There were also doubts if the was genuine. For such sophisticated operators, with insider knowledge, they make no attempt to cover their faces which stands exposed to CCTV cameras. The ‘CCTV footage’ shakes and moves unlike visuals that are shot from a static camera. A viewer from Kolkata Nikita Roy who seems to know about these machines called the video fake. She identified the ATM as an NCR machine model SS22E. The ‘engineer’, according to her, opens the upper hoot, which holds the printer, and card reader. The cash unit is in lower portion of ATM and is secured through a dialler lock. So, the man had no access to cash unit. So, what’s the video about. Possibly a prank played by two men, an ‘engineer’ and his accomplice.
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Republic TV Reporter snatches rival channel’s mike from grieving father on live show
Video credit: Tehseen Poonawalla The ultra-competitive Indian TV industry hit a new low on Monday night when a reporter tried to remove lapel mike of a rival channel from a man being interviewed on a live show. It did not matter that the man, Varun Thakur, was grieving the murder of his eight-year-old son who was found in school in a pool of blood. The reporter, an employee of Republic TV, has not been identified. She was desperate to get Thakur’s time, who was being interviewed at his home, by a rival channel Times Now. Thakur was scheduled to speak on Times Now till 9.15 pm and then switch to Republic TV. But he spent a little more time on Times Now and then announced that he was cutting short the TV interviews as he had to attend to a very important guest, who had come to meet him. It was then the Republic reporter decided to grab him by his collar. Viewers of the Times Now show were baffled to see a pair of hands cutting into the frame to remove the mike and another pair of hands restoring them. (There were at least five instances where a hand could be seen trying to remove the microphone from Thakur’s lapel.) Activist Tehseen Poonawalla shared a behind the scenes video of the ugly incident. It shows the Republic reporter distracting and arguing with Thakur when he was on the live show. As she tries to snatch away the mike, she is pulled away by another unidentified woman ignoring the protests of the Times Now crew. Thakur can be seen repeatedly asking her politely to let him go. The incident drew widespread condemnation as a transgression of media ethics. Thakur’s son Pradyuman, a student of Ryan International School in Gurugram, Haryana, was murdered by a school worker on September 8. The worker tried to sexually assault him in the washroom and then slashed his throat. The unfortunate boy succumbed to his injuries in a hospital later.
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Seven year old boy dies after hit by speeding bullet in Karimnagar
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A seven-year-old boy succumbed to his injuries after he was hit by a speeding bullet on Sunday in Karimnagar, Telangana. The seven-year-old boy, Akshay, was waiting to cross the road along with his mother and sister. A CCTV footage shows him dashing across the busy road before his mother can react. He comes right in front of a Bullet bike which is being driven too fast on a fairly congested road. The Bullet rider, Sai Krishna, had no chance of slowing down the bike, which hits Akshay in full force. The impact hurls Akshay for a few metres and the footage shows his mother and other passersby rushing to him as he lies limp. Media reports said he passed away later due to his injuries. Police have arrested the Bullet rider Sai Krishna and filed a case against him. Boy dies after hit by speeding bullet in Karimnagar (video)
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Coorg woman has incredible escape after falling from bike and coming under bus – just walks away vid
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A woman escaped miraculously after coming under a bus following an accident. The bus passed over her with the wheels missing her. Though in daze, she managed to get up and walk away. The incident happened near Gudde Hosur village of Kushalnagar taluk in Coorg. Rita and Navneet were going to their village Bolur on their bike. A CCTV video of the incident shows government-owned KSRTC bus following them on the road. Navneet, who is driving the bike, suddenly shifts lane and comes right in front of the bus. The bus driver veers left to avoid running over the bike but hits it nevertheless. While Navneet manages to escape, Rita falls and comes under the bus. In a heartstopping moment she can be seen rolling under the bus, but missing the wheels, as the driver slams the brakes. As Navneet and other passersby rush to assist her, Rita emerges from under the bus and walks without any major injury. The video has gone viral and many viewers are commenting in favour of the bus driver for thinking quick and avoiding slamming the bike.
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Shocking video shows Himachal school kids crossing dangerous stream fuelled by rain water
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch A shocking video of school children from Himachal Pradesh being forced to cross a dangerous slope with rapidly flowing rainwater is doing the rounds on the Indian media. Said to be from near a village in Chamba district, it shows about a 15-meter stretch of a shallow canal-like water body; because of the heavy rain in recent times, the water rushes downhill. There we see a group of children in various school uniforms, who are forced to cross that stretch to reach the other side, where their school's presumably located. Carefully, they tread the rocky path, taking care to ensure that they are conscious about the force of water that's hitting them and those particular areas which may be very slippery. Some stop midway, at known safe spots, to reach out to their slightly younger friends, and lend a hand to get them safely on the other side. Others, even carry the youngest ones in the lot on their shoulders and back, and take them to the other side. Several news stories about people being washed away and losing their lives from various parts of the country are being reported with alarming regularity this monsoon season. It is disheartening to see the possibility of that risk casting the shadow on these young children - all because the required infrastructure hasn't been put in place.
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In daring robbery, six women break into shop in Delhi at night – using their shawls for cover video
A woman gang has been caught on camera breaking into a shop on the busy Dabri road in New Delhi at night. Though they succeeded in stealing the money, they were filmed by the store’s 3 security cameras, one outside the shop and two inside. The footage shows six women squatting in front of the shop as if waiting for someone and making sure that there are no people around. Then, 3 women spread their shawls to give cover to other 3 who start opening the shutter. Two women hold the shutter up while the thinnest woman slides in quickly. The cameras inside the shop capture her entry into the store from underneath the shutter and then looking for money, which she manages to find, holding a torch in her mouth. She then signals her companion outside and they lift the shutter again. As she slides out, they close the shutter and walk away from the store. The owner of the shop Rahul said he was shocked to find the women thieves after going through the CCTV footage. He said it was a sad reflection on the law and order situation that they could break into a shop which had taken all security measures and was on a busy road. The police are now searching for the criminals with the help of the CCTV footage.
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Angry Pune villagers force python to regurgitate deer  – pat it to make it spit out faster  1
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch Going against expert advise, people of Bedase forced a python to regurgitate a deer in the vicinity of their village last week. Bedase, about 30 kms from Pune in Maharashtra, is close to the Lonavala-Khandala forest region, an area marked by sizeable python population. Volunteers of Pune-based NGO, Animal for Friends, received a rescue call from the residents of the village on July 4 after they had spotted a python with its belly swollen, showing tell-tale signs of having made a fresh kill. A team of volunteers led by Kiran Mokashi rushed to the spot and saw that a large crowd of onlookers had gathered around the snake. He advised the residents not to disturb the snake for a week saying it would go away on its own after digesting the meal. But the local residents insisted that the volunteers remove the snake immediately as they feared for the safety of their children and animals. Kiran Mokashi told NewsCrunch that when snakes fear for their safety they usually regurgitate their meal and try to get away quickly. He urged the villagers to let the snake regurgitate at its own pace and not cause it any more stress. But a village youth kneeled down next to it and started patting it to make it spit out faster. The animal was later taken to a clinic, given a check up and released in the forest. Mahesh Vasantrao Mahajan president of Friends of Nature said there were several cases of pythons straying into villages and killing street dogs or sheep in the area. The priority of rescue effort was to make sure that the snake is left undisturbed and given a chance to clear out on its own. But sometimes when the local residents refuse to cooperate the team waits for the snake to regurgitate and then release it in the forest.
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Terrified family spots an orgy of snakes in their backyard
Video credit: Gururaj Sanil. A family was shocked to find an entangled mass of snakes in their backyard on Wednesday. Manjunath Tailor and his family members in Puttur, South India, spotted several snakes bundled together with several more hovering around in the vicinity. As the terrified family raised an alarm, a crowd quickly gathered at the spot and many suggested that the snakes be killed to ensure they did not harm anyone. Manjunath called Gururaj Sanil, a snake conservationist, to tackle the situation. After examining the snakes, Gururaj Sanil told the family not to worry. He advised them not to interfere with the snakes saying they were just in the middle of a mating ritual and would go away on their own. He identified the snakes as buff striped keel backs, which are non-venomous, and usually live close to human habitats. During the mating season, between March and November, female striped keel backs secrete a pheromone, which draws suitors, who tussle to mate with her forming a ‘ball’. Gururaj Sanil, who filmed the ‘mating ball’ in Puttur, said, “About four snakes competed in the mating ritual which lasted for nearly three hours. Seven to eight more snakes were seen in the vicinity.” The female later lays 8 to 10 eggs, which may take up to 45 days to hatch depending on the temperature of the area. Gururaj Sanil, author of 6 books on snakes, says these snakes are harmless and people who spot them should leave them alone.
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In daring robbery, six women break into shop in Delhi at night – using their shawls for cover video
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A woman gang has been caught on camera breaking into a shop on the busy Dabri road in New Delhi at night. Though they succeeded in stealing the money, they were filmed by the store’s 3 security cameras, one outside the shop and two inside. The footage shows six women squatting in front of the shop as if waiting for someone and making sure that there are no people around. Then, 3 women spread their shawls to give cover to other 3 who start opening the shutter. Two women hold the shutter up while the thinnest woman slides in quickly. The cameras inside the shop capture her entry into the store from underneath the shutter and then looking for money, which she manages to find, holding a torch in her mouth. She then signals her companion outside and they lift the shutter again. As she slides out, they close the shutter and walk away from the store. The owner of the shop Rahul said he was shocked to find the women thieves after going through the CCTV footage. He said it was a sad reflection on the law and order situation that they could break into a shop which had taken all security measures and was on a busy road. The police are now searching for the criminals with the help of the CCTV footage.
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Well known elephant, described locally as gentle giant, killed in Kerala by earth mover video1
In a heart-breaking incident at Munnar in Kerala, an adult elephant was found dead near a plantation, after being hit by an earth mover. The jumbo, lovingly known as Chillikombam had strayed into inhabited areas near Chenduvara from the forests on Tuesday evening. A man working on an earth mover saw the wild elephant and tried to scare it off by driving the vehicle towards it. The entire incident has been caught on video and has gone viral on social media. Few hours later, the gentle giant was found dead near a plantation of the Chenduvarai estate factory under Kanan Devan Hill Plantations Company Limited, reports Asianet News. Post-mortem reports suggest that the animal died due to internal bleeding from injuries. Moreover, injuries due to JCB blades were also found, which is illegal and banned in Munnar. Forest officials say while trying to scare off the jumbo, the man had actually rammed his earthmover into it, resulting in the fatal injuries. The driver and the vehicle has been taken under custody for now, pending further enquiry. Arun Reddy Punooru, a Madhu Malai-based wildlife activist, said it was unprecedented for anyone to use JCB machines to chase elephants. Local people usually shout, or at the most burst crackers to shoo elephants away. He also added that Chillikombam lived in the Munnar area and was popular with the local villagers. It was known for its calm behaviour, and though a wild elephant, had never charged at anyone. It would seek food wherever there was greenery and had strayed into an estate when it was attacked by a JCB machine, he said. Video courtesy Sebinester, Munnar
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In touching video, government school children cry after their favourite teacher is transferred – the
A tear-jerker of video has been going viral smashing all stereotypes we may have about government schools. In it, the students of a government school are wailing and have mobbed a teacher. They are upset that he has been transferred. The man, who is also in tears, is trying to console them. The video shows that there are terrific teachers in government schools, who are dedicated to their jobs. The video has gone viral drawing massive response and emotional comments. The footage is from a government school in Nekar colony, Gadag, Karnataka. Two teachers Mahantesh, who taught arts, and S P Hanagi, who taught fine arts, were transferred as part of the government policy to shuffle teachers periodically. Mahantesh had spent five years in the village and forged a strong bond with the children. As he told a Kannada TV channel, he respected the government order and had to move on. The video dates back to 2016, but worth a watch, nevertheless.
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Flash flood turns sedate waterfall into a ferocious force of nature in Himalayas    in  the blink of
A calm waterfall in Himalayas, starved of essential nutrient, comes alive in an instant thanks to a flash-flood which gushes into it. As we watch, the waterfall gains volume and force, and smashes down on the rocks changing its colour from muddy to clear white. A video, which captures the majesty of nature in free flow, is going viral. It is at least two years old, but definitely worth a watch. A caption associated with the video indicates that it was recorded on the Rishikesh-Badrinath-Kailashnath Dham Marg, possibly one of the routes taken by the pilgrims along the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway. There is also a possibility that the flash-flood was created by an outflow from a dam. The waterfall was wasted on the photographer, who in the middle of the flow, cuts into record other onlookers.
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Man washed away along with car by raging river in Sonmarg – safely resced
In a miracle rescue, a man was pulled out of ice-cold waters of a raging river in Sonmarg, Kashmir, last Monday. Krishan Kanth Bhalla, 55, had been washed away by the swollen Sindh river along with his car and driver after an accident. His driver, Fayaz Ahmed Guroo, 32, has gone missing and a search is on to trace him. A few onlookers spotted Bhalla stranded in the middle of the river, along with his car on the morning of July 19, and alerted police. The police responded quickly and used a crane to reach Bhalla. They attached a safety cage to the hook and sent two men to fetch him. Heart-stopping visuals of the incident show the cage being lowered and the two rescuers helping Bhalla to climb the cage. Bhalla had spent over four hours in the middle of the river clinging on to his car which had struck a boulder. He said it was a miracle that he had survived. Bhalla, who runs a taxi business in Jawahar Nagar, Kashmir, met with the mishap while returning from a business trip. He said he had gone to drop a tourist to Kargill along with Guroo. They had stopped at Sonmarg a little before 3 am as Guroo, who was fasting for Ramzan, wanted to have breakfast. After leaving Sonmarg, Guroo drove for a few kms, with Bhalla in the seat next to him. He was driving at 80 kms per hour and had to make sharp right turn. He lost control, the car skidded for some distance, capsized and plunged into the Sindh river which was running close to the road. As the river had swollen with a fresh influx of water it dragged the car with it. As the ice cold water hit them, Bhalla remembers both of them crying out each other’s names to make sure they were ok. As the water flooded the compartment, he struggled to keep his head over it and noticed that Guroo was gone. The river carried the car for 2 to 3 kms. Luckily for Bhalla, it crashed into a boulder in the middle of the river and came to a halt. The crash broke the rear window of the car as well through which Bhalla managed to come out to seek help. He spent the next few hours clinging on to the car. He said he was afraid that the car would slip and get dragged into the river anytime. After day break, he noticed a few men on the nearby bank. He shouted, but his voice was drowned by the water splashing around him. He started whistling to get their attention. The men alerted the police, who rushed to rescue him. The ordeal has left him with a broken hand and few other minor injuries. Bhalla said the water at Sonmarg flows from the snowy Himalayas and is very cold especially in the mornings. He has no idea how he survived it. All he recalls is seeing water everywhere for hours and then spotting a few men on the bank. The local police said the river stretch was very dangerous and it was for the first time they were pulling out anyone alive. He is happy he survived but sad about Guroo, who is survived by a mother and two sisters. Guroo was engaged and was to marry after a few months, he notes.
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Fearless staff battle fire at petrol pump after bike bursts into flames in Chattisgarh video 1
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch Fearless staff of a petrol pump put on a brave fight to douse fire after a bike burst into flames at Raipur, Chattisgarh, last week. The fire spread quickly engulfing another scooter. But the staff stayed back risking their lives and prevented a major mishap. The incident occurred at Daga Petrol Pump located in Ganj Police Station area. A man had come with his son to refuel his bike. As the staff were putting petrol, his tank caught fire. The man and his son left the bike and fled the spot. The fire spread to another scooter in the vicinity, which was also engulfed in massive flames. As customers fled, the staff stayed back to fight fire. They pushed the burning vehicles away from the pump and brought in the fire extinguishers. The fire was massive, the vehicles burned uncontrollably covering the area with thick smoke. A heart-stopping CCTV video shows the staff right in the middle of the mishap trying to put out fire with basic equipment. An employee’s shirt reportedly caught fire and another person’s hands were slightly burnt. But there were no casualties.
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Horror accident on jandiala highway
Three people died and five were critically injured in an accident on NH 1 near the Coca-Cola factory in Jandiala. A CCTV camera captured the entire mishap on Sunday . Cars were moving on both sides of the national highway with the same usual frequency – there was nothing to suggest that anything could be wrong. All of a sudden, a Fortuner dashed over the road divider from the Jalandhar side and out of nowhere, it crashed into a SUV travelling towards Delhi. The driver of the SUV Ritesh Arora died on the spot from the impact. His mother Kalpana and a friend Naveen Malhotra also could not be saved. Ritesh and Naveen’s wives Sheetal and Priyanka survived the accident along with the two children, Pranav and Kirti. All of them were residents of Delhi. The driver of the Fortuner Rajinder Singh is also hospitalized with injuries. He has been booked by the police for culpable homicide under sections 304, 427 and 279 of the Indian Penal Code. His arrest is pending till his release from the hospital. Sheetal Arora, the complainant in the case, has accused Singh of driving in an inebriated state, resulting in the fatal accident, reports The Tribune.
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Asian lion conservationist blames rogue tourists for the notorious car chase video
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch The Gujarat forest department has arrested four persons, who chased a lion cub in their car. The men have been identified as Utpal Pandya, Devang, Parthiv and Brijesh. After the video went viral, the cyber cell police traced one of the men, who had uploaded the video. He broke down during interrogation and led to others. The car chase took place on June 17 at Visavadar taluka of Junagadh district. Visavadar is close to the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the last abode of Asiatic lions. There are just 523 lions in the sanctuary. The one-minute long video shows a cub running frantically ahead of the car to save its life. As the car gives it a chase, the occupants of the car urge the driver to drive faster. “Hit it... go fast.. shoot it.. we will not get the chance again.” “Go faster, nothing will happen even if you hit it,” says another. The cub, however, managed to disappear into the bushes and escaped unhurt. The incident would have gone unnoticed except for Mayank Bhat, a conservation activist who runs a Facebook page, Save Asiatic Lions. He accessed the video and shared it on the Facebook page. He also alerted media and complained to the officials, who took prompt action. Speaking to NewsCrunch Bhat said the incident was not isolated and blamed it on the growing menace of rogue eco tourism. Tourists eager to watch lions pay local villagers to tip them off when a pride is spotted. Lions reportedly do not eat their kill immediately but return later in the night to consume it. So, when the villagers spot a fresh kill, they tip off tourists who rush to the spot. The three men in the car had made a contact with a local villager Lakhan Mer, alerted them on, after spotting that a lion had killed a buffalo. While they could not find that lion, they came across a cub which had strayed a little from its pride. The chase began then and landed them in jail.
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In daring robbery, six women break into shop in Delhi at night – using their shawls for cover video
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A woman gang has been caught on camera breaking into a shop on the busy Dabri road in New Delhi at night. Though they succeeded in stealing the money, they were filmed by the store’s 3 security cameras, one outside the shop and two inside. The footage shows six women squatting in front of the shop as if waiting for someone and making sure that there are no people around. Then, 3 women spread their shawls to give cover to other 3 who start opening the shutter. Two women hold the shutter up while the thinnest woman slides in quickly. The cameras inside the shop capture her entry into the store from underneath the shutter and then looking for money, which she manages to find, holding a torch in her mouth. She then signals her companion outside and they lift the shutter again. As she slides out, they close the shutter and walk away from the store. The owner of the shop Rahul said he was shocked to find the women thieves after going through the CCTV footage. He said it was a sad reflection on the law and order situation that they could break into a shop which had taken all security measures and was on a busy road. The police are now searching for the criminals with the help of the CCTV footage.
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Wild fish comes everyday to greet farmer who saved its life
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A poor farmer in rural Maharashtra has built an unlikely friendship with a wild cat fish whose life he saved a year ago. Prakash Patil, 54, visits a local pond in his village Yede Machindra in Sangli district everyday and calls out for the fish. Amazingly, the fish surfaces, swims close, even lets him pull it out of water. Patil calls the fish ‘Narayana,’ another name for popular Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. He recalls that the unlikely friendship started on 14 July, 2016, on the eve of ‘Ashada Ekadashi,’ an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. A neighbouring farmer in his village told Patil that a fish had washed up into his farm along with the water released from a canal, and asked him to take it away. The neighbour, a vegetarian, thought Patil would take the fish home and eat it. Patil found the fish, which was stranded in a puddle of water, alive but inert. He carried it home in a plastic container with water and was amazed to see it reviving. He then shifted it to a water tank and fed it for over a month. As the fish grew in size and turned very active, he released it in the local pond. A few days later, he started noticing the fish again in the pond. It would draw close to the bank whenever he approached and once even jumped into a bucket he was using to draw water. The fish and the man started spending more time with each other and it gradually grew confident enough to allow him to touch it and even lift it out of water. Patil, a devout Hindu, thinks that fish represents a form of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu took 10 mortal forms to battle evil on earth and one of them was as a giant fish. Patil said, “This fish is divine and it is a blessing that it comes to me everyday.” Over the last months, he has visiting the pond everyday, calling out for ‘Narayana,’ holding it with his hands, uttering a sacred chant and releasing it back in water. His village Yede Machindra has a strong tradition of worshipping fish. According to a local legend, a Hindu saint, Mrichendranath, who was a devotee of the fish-form of Lord Vishnu, had lived in the village in the distant past. There is a temple named after him in the village where Vishnu is worshipped in the fish form. There are a few sceptics in the village who think that the fish comes to Patil as he feeds it biscuits daily. He refutes them saying the fish does not eat anything he offers. But everyone in the village acknowledges that Patil and the fish share a bond and say the fish even waits for him near the surface. “If he fails to turn up at the pond any day, the next time he approaches the fish, it tries to bite him,” a villager said. The bond between Patil and the cat fish, while rare, may not be all that improbable. In June 2016, the journal "Scientific Reports" had published a study which had found that fish had the ability to distinguish between human faces. It has also been reported that a Japanese scuba diver Hiroyuki Arakawa has built a 25-year-long relationship with an Asian sheepshead wrasse, which lets him kiss her.
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Moment angry elephant chases and tramples over forest officer
This is the shocking moment an elephant attacks and tramples over a forest officer. Forest officer Marappa, 48, had gone with a team to drive out a herd of elephants that had strayed into a village near Shoolagiri in South India. Villagers had gathered to chase away the elephants and some of them even exploded crackers angering them. Marappa got too close to the herd and was chased by a tusker. He fell down and was slightly injured while fleeing. He jumped into pond to save his life but the tusker followed him there. Thought a few villagers tried to move Marappa to safety, the elephant continued to chase him. They were forced to leave him and run as the he elephant caught up with them. The elephant trampled over Marappa, who later succumbed to his injuries at a nearby hospital.
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Shocking video shows a half slice of fish thrashing about 'with life' in Japan
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch An uncomfortable part of being omnivores is the pain animals go through while they are killed to provide meat. This has led to a shifting of more and more humane practices of slaughter across the world. Hence, the world was rightfully shocked by a gruesome video of a fish cut in half thrashing about in Japan. The video seems to be taken in a Japanese fish monger's shop. A yellowfin tuna was cut in half longitudinally and kept in one of the trays. Suddenly, the fish slice started thrashing about. It was no one off incident as the thrashing continued for over two minutes. The jumping was so vigorous that at one point it seemed that the fish would escape from the tray on which it was kept. Surprised squeals from the viewers could be heard at the background of the video at this highly unusual sight. The video soon went viral on several social networking platforms such as Twitter and international media also picked it up. Twitter users were quick to point out that the fish was definitely dead at the time of the thrashing. There was no way it could have survived being cut in half. The thrashing is therefore not a indication of the fish being in pain. Rather, it can be put down to random nerve firings. Video shows fish slice thrashing about in Japan
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Dangerously driven KSRTC bus takes life of a biker near Mysore  (video)
An erratically moving KSRTC bus hit a bike killing its rider and seriously injuring the man on pillion near Mysore on Tuesday. The incident, which occurred in Hunsur taluk, has been caught on camera. It shows the speeding bus veering dangerously to the right side of the road to overtake a bike, but ends up smashing into another two-wheeler coming from the opposite side. The deceased has been identified as Manjunath, 35, and the injured biker is Ravikumar. Both of them have been identified as residents of Magali in Piriyapatna taluk.
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White tiger dies after two Bengal tigers maul it in front of onlookers
Correspondent, NewsCrunch Video has emerged from India of Bengal tigers attacking and injuring a white tiger at a biological park. The white tiger succumbed to its injuries later. In video shot by a visitor, filmed on Sunday (September 17), two Bengal tigers can be seen mauling the helpless white animal. A third Bengal tiger can also be seen in the video. In total, three Bengal tigers attacked and injured two white tigers in the incident at the park. The two white tigers had accidentally walked into a separate enclosure where the Bengal tigers were kept at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP). A fight immediately broke out between the two groups, with the Bengal tigers particularly targeting the weaker of the intruder before a group of shocked visitors. The park officials struggled to separate the tigers and restore peace. Santosh Kumar, executive director of the park, said the white tigers may have stepped out of the enclosure when the staff opened the gates to let safari buses out. The big cats managed to walk along safari buses without drawing attention. The lapse came to officials’ notice only when a fight broke out among the animals. Santosh said: "Our staffers are careful while operating gates. But as Sunday was a busy day and three vehicles had lined up, they may have failed to notice the tigers stepping out." Last month, a zebra had died after falling into a ditch dug by BBP staffers to erect a pole in an enclosure.
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Gujarat villagers find ferocious leopard snared in barbed wire after heavy rain video 1
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch People of Babapur village woke up in the night recently to the chilling growls of a leopard and ceaseless barking of the alarmed village dogs. They set out in the morning to find out where the sound was coming from and came across a leopard trapped in barbed wire, a farmer had used to fence his plot of land. The animal was snared in the steel wire, which had cut into its body. After getting trapped in the night, it had pulled and struggled to escape, only to get tightly wound up in the wires. It had tried in vain to bite off the metal and was bleeding from the mouth as well. The villagers alerted the forest officials who came and rescued the leopard using a dart gun. The animal was shifted to a rescue centre, treated for minor injuries, and then released in the forest. Babapur, in Amereli district of Gujarat, is adjacent to the Gir forest range, the home of Asiatic lions. Mayank Bhatt, founder of Save Asiatic Lion Campaign, said the district had received heavy rainfall which had flooded large parts of the forest and forced animals to flee. The leopard had come in the search of dry land and food when it got trapped by the wire, he added.
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Video: Hindu groups target Christmas celebrations, create fear
Indian Christians celebrated Christmas with caution on Monday following a spate of attacks from radical Hindu groups on festivities. Hindu groups have targeted the run-up to Christmas celebrations across the country alleging that the festivities were just a cloak for missionaries to convert Hindus forcefully. On December 21, Hindu activists allegedly disrupted singing of Hindi carols at the Aligarh Church of Ascension, a tradition which goes back 1858. A small group of men forced their way inside and kicked the musical instruments and shouted anti-Christian slogans. Hardline Hindu activists had also sent letters warning Christian schools in Aligarh against involving Hindu students in Christmas activities. On December 19, Hindu extremists allegedly raided a community centre in a village in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, where Christmas celebrations were being held. They threw copies of Bible and posters of Jesus Christ to ground and roughed up participants. On December 14, police detained an entire choir of 35 members, which was going door to door singing carols and celebrating Christmas in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. A Hindu militant organisation alleged that they were converting Hindus in the region. On December 9, Hindu activists allegedly attacked and vandalised a prayer hall in Coimbatore disrupting Christmas celebrations. A pastor, Karthik, suffered an injury to his head, and a woman suffered a fracture, and a few others suffered minor injuries. There have been other incidents as well in which even families praying inside their homes have allegedly been targeted. Taking note of the attacks, Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, the president of Catholic Bishops Conference of India, (CBCI), said the minority community was losing faith in the Narendra Modi-led BJP government. The Cardinal also pointed out that attacks by Hindu groups targeting Christians across India have increased since the Hindu nationalist BJP came to power in 2014. Cardinal Cleemis also led a delegation to meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the country’s top security official, and complained that the police were playing a biased role and not acting against the attackers. Christians constitute 2.4% of India’s over 1.3 billion population.
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Baby girl battles for life after falling from first floor balcony in Hyderabad (CCTV/Video)
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch A one-year-old toddler fell from the balcony of her first-floor home in Hyderabad on Monday. Inaya Fatima has been admitted to a private hospital, where she is said to be critical. Daughter of Mohammed Imran, Fatima was playing at her home located in the Bahudurpur area of the city. She was unattended as her mother was working inside. She crawled to the balcony and then fell down, which reportedly did not have child safety measures. A CCTV camera at a neighbouring home caught the chilling sight of Fatima dropping to the ground. It shows a neighbour rushing to her aid and lifting the limp, unconscious toddler. Her mother and neighbours rushed her to the Lotus hospital in Lakadika Phool, where she has been admitted to the ICU. Fatima is reportedly injured in the brain and needs a surgery.
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Goods train runs in top speed for 8 kms without engine in Uttarakhand
In a potentially disastrous incident, a goods train detached from its engine and ran in top speed in its tracks. The accident occurred at Khatima town in Uttarakhand yesterday, and was captured in a video. Eight engine-less wagons, which were reportedly parked at the Tanakpur Junction, took off when the workers were loading it. It reportedly ran at a speed of 20-22kms per hour without a guiding engine, even ventured into a different route and dragged a tractor stationed close to the rails. A woman escaped narrowly from being hit by the fully loaded goods train. A few goats and a calf, which were crossing the track, were crushed to death under the wheels of the out of control train. Railway authorities have blamed the workers on the site for the incident and launched a probe to find out what set off the train.
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Miraculous moment scooter rider escapes without a scratch after coming under a bus
Correspondent, NewsCrunch A scooter rider came under a bus but escaped without a scratch thanks to an alert traffic police man. The incident occurred in North Indian city of Dehradun on Wednesday at 12.30 pm. The scooter rider tried to overtake a city bus from the left in violation of right-hand drive traffic rules. As the bus driver failed to spot the scooter, he mowed it down. A shocking CCTV video from the spot shows the rider falling and disappearing between the wheels as the bus passes over him. A traffic policeman, Kani Vijay Prasad, saw the mishap and ran towards the bus to stop it from moving any further. Other passers-by also rushed to help and pulled the rider out from under the bus. The man was in shock but managed to stagger to his feet without any injury. The scooter rider, who has not been identified, thanked the policeman or saving his life. The Superintendent of Dehradun Police Nivedita Kukreti lauded Vijay Prasad’s effort and said he had set a fine example for other policemen.
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Delhi man dies in bike crash at high speed   Go Pro camera captures fatal collision video
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A 24-year-old man died in a bike crash on Monday night after he lost control of his Benelli TNT 600i super bike in New Delhi. Himanshu Bansal was allegedly racing a friend on the streets of Delhi when he lost control and crashed into the wall of the Lady Irwin college on Sikandra Road while trying to avoid an elderly pedestrian who was crossing the road. A Go-Pro camera worn by one of the riders, Lakshay, captured the entire incident, reports The Times of India. Bansal can be seen wobbling in a bid to steer clear of the pedestrian while traveling at a speed of approximately 200 kmph after which he hits the footpath. Bansal was thrown about 50 metres towards the wall and his helmet also came off while his bike can be seen spinning for at least a 100 metres before coming to a rest. Bansal was then taken to the JPN hospital by the police but was declared dead on arrival. His face and head had been smashed due to the impact. According to his family and friends, he had gone to a club near Connaught Place for a party and had then decided to race one of his friends back home. Lakshay maintained a distance to record the race from behind with his Go-Pro. But when they reached Sikandra road, they saw the pedestrian trying to cross the road and Bansal swerved right to avoid him but ended up hitting his waist with the handle. This resulted in him losing his balance and he crashed into the wall. The injured pedestrian was taken to a hospital by a passer-by and later discharged with minor injuries. The police are yet to identify the man. The last call that Bansal had made was to his mother asking if she wanted to eat some ice cream. Bansal worked with his father and elder brother at a utensil manufacturing factory owned by the family at Jhilmil. A case under sections 279 (Rash driving or riding on a public way) and 304 (A) (Causing death by negligence) of the IPC was registered and investigations in the case are ongoing.
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Underwater prayer meet held for fishermen killed by Cyclone Ockhi
A team of scuba divers held an underwater prayer meet to pay homage to fishermen killed by Cyclone Ockhi. Twelve divers – 10 of them drawn from the affected fishing community – dived to a depth of eight metres near Kovalam in South India and prayed for 22 minutes. The multi-religious team read prayers according to their individual faiths from laminated sheets of paper. They prayed for those who died and those who are still missing at sea. Severe tropical cyclonic storm Ockhi which struck parts of South India later November killed 65 fishermen, according to official estimates. Scores of fishermen, who went missing in sea, are yet to be traced. The under water prayer meet was organised by Friends of Marine Life (FML), a local NGO, and Bond Ocean Safari, an underwater adventure sports group. FML coordinator Robert Panipilla said the prayer meet was held to comfort the grieving families. “We also prayed for the Almighty to make the officials respond better during future emergencies,” he added. The fishermen’s families have been protesting saying the Indian government failed to trace the missing men as its response to the disaster was delayed and lethargic. Director of Bond Ocean Safari Jackson Peter said the prayer meet also helped to draw attention to climate change. “We had never seen a cyclone on the Indian east coast lining the Arabian Sea. We are yet to wake up to the dangers of climate change,” he said.
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12 foot long King Cobra caught from poor village home’s kitchen in Coorg video
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch A King Cobra was caught last week from the kitchen of a home in the village of Katakeri near Madikeri in Kodagu district. The women of the house sensed something rustling behind the fireplace and were shocked to see a King Cobra. The family members panicked, fled the home and called a well-known snake rescuer of the district ‘Snake Gagan.’ Snake Gagan came with is team and caught the snake from the kitchen. The snake had apparently come looking for food and gone to the right place. A video of the incident shows him catching the snake and putting it in a gunny bag. The local forest officials took possession of the snake and later released it in the a nearby forest. The area is known to get visits from Indian spectacled cobras, but a King Cobra entering a home was a first. King Cobra, the world’s deadliest terrestrial snake can kill an elephant with a single bite.
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Amritsar man makes desperate call to family after getting shot by bike borne killers who looted Rs 1
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch A 45-year old man, Inder Sharma, was shot dead by two men on a bike near Amritsar on Thursday. They robbed Rs 13 lakhs Sharma, a general manager in an automobile services company, was carrying in his car. He came under attack after he had collected cash from a petrol pump in Manawala. The men chased him, forced him to stop the car and broke the window. When Sharma resisted they shot him twice - in his arm and chest. Videos taken by onlookers show him sitting in his seat bleeding heavily. There is cash strewn inside the car. As onlookers surrounded the car and made videos, Sharma called his friends and family members desperately asking them to rush for his help. People around him can also be heard talking among themselves. Local media reports said his family members came to the spot, and took him to a hospital, but Sharma died on the way. The Police have filed a case and are scanning CCTV footage of a nearby bank to find clues. The incident raises questions on the law and order situation in Punjab and also on the despicable behaviour of the onlookers who opted to record the trauma on their mobile phones than rushing him to a hospital.
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Three men scoop food from dirty platform floor and pack it for passengers at railway station video
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch Everyone complains about the quality of food served by the Indian Railways. A video, which is going viral, explains why. It shows a few men packing a rice dish on a platform without any care for hygiene or wellbeing of passengers. It even shows them scooping food from dirty platform floor and packing it. There is no information about the video though there are claims that they are re-packaging left over food. The video was allegedly shot at Vishakapatnam Railway station and announcements in Telugu can be heard in the background. Last month, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) had said that the Railways catering units at stations and in trains were failing to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. The CAG had inspected select 74 stations and 80 trains and found that the food that was being served was unsuitable for human consumption. The CAG report, which was tabled in Parliament, had created an uproar. It had noted that contaminated foodstuff, recycled foodstuff, shelf life expired packaged and bottled items, unauthorised brands of water bottles were being offered for sale on stations.
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Luck Coorg biker falls on road after auto hits him – speeding lorry stops just in time to avoid runn
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A biker had an incredibly lucky escape after a lorry managed to stop inches before him. He had fallen on the road after an auto hit him. If the lorry had moved even a little further, it would have run over him. The incident occurred in Somwarpet in Coorg on July 11. A CCTV footage from a nearby shop shows an auto making a sudden turn and hitting the biker, who loses balance and falls on the middle of the road. The video shows a lorry speeding in the opposite direction. But the alert driver manages to bring his vehicle into a screeching halt just in the nick of time turning a major accident into a minor mishap.
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Elderly Odisha woman pulled out of manhole – after she fell, spent all night inside (video)
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch A 75-year-old woman was rescued from a 20-feet deep manhole in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, after she fell into it and spent the whole night inside. Dukhi Jethy spent nearly 12 hours in the manhole crying aloud for help. A CCTV footage of the incident shows Dukhi walking on a road in the Old Town area at 8 pm on August 25. She fails to notice an open manhole and slips inside after stepping on it. As it was raining and dark, no one noticed her falling into the pit. The local residents had placed a bamboo pole inside the manhole and tied a piece of cloth to it to alert people using the road about the danger. On the morning of August 27, a few passers-by saw the bamboo pole shaking and peeped inside. They saw a traumatised Dukhi shouting from inside and shaking the pole to draw attention. They immediately called the fire brigade, which rescued her in a delicate operation lasting an hour. A fireman was lowered inside with a chair and the woman was placed on it and pulled up. Ramesh Majhi, a fire brigade official, told local media: “She was completely traumatised and had sustained injuries on her head. We immediately rushed her to the Capital Hospital." Dukhi’s family members had begun searching for her through the night after she failed to return home. They rushed to the hospital after a neighbour informed them that she had been rescued from a manhole. Local residents said that the city officials had ignored their complaints about the open manhole for over six months. On August 28, the Odisha Human Rights Commission (OHRC) sought a report on the incident from the city government. A petitioner has filed a complaint before OHRC seeking compensation of Rs 5 lakh to Dukhi pleading that she was a victim of official negligence.
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Alert cops save Mumbai man’s life after he slips from running train at Kurla station
Two alert cops saved the life of a commuter after he slipped from a moving train at Kurla station on Saturday. Koparkhairne resident Sanjay Kolte was on his way to Vashi when he decided to board a local train that was pulling away from platform No. 7. But Kolte, who was holding a bag in one hand, missed the footboard as the train was moving faster than he thought. Though he managed to grab the door handle, he lost his balance and fell, and was in danger of slipping into the space between the platform and the train. Two Railway Police personnel, Prakash Gite and S K Kushwah, saw the mishap unfolding before their eyes and ran towards Kolte. One of them grabbed Kolte shirt in the nick of time and pulled him to safety with his left hand.
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Child rescued at Aurangabad station after it slips from moving train
Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch In a miracle of an incident, a child slipped and fell into the space between the train and platform, and still managed to escape with his life. A couple, Pradeep and Shrutika Ghatole, tried to get on to a moving train at Aurangabad Railway Station in Maharashtra on July 8. Shrutika, who was carrying their three-year-old son Shreyas, dropped him accidentally while boarding the train after losing balance. As the horrified parents watched, Shreyas slipped into the space between the wheels and the platform. In the scramble to save him, parents and two or three other passengers also fell out of the train, which was pulling away from the platform. As the parents with the help of other passengers tried to save the boy frantically, a quick-thinking passenger pulled the chain and train stopped. Shreyas was pulled out without even a scratch. The couple left for their destination 'Parbhani' in the next train.
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Kathmandu girl has miraculous escape after she falls into an underground drain and disappears video
Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch In a chilling incident, which was caught on camera, a ninth-standard girl stepped into an open drain on a flooded road in Kathmandu and was washed away. Luckily, alert passers-by managed to pull her out safely, but only after she had been dragged by the storm waters for over 25 metres, including an underground stretch. Satya Sapkota was on her way home from school, on July 14, when the incident occurred. As it had rained heavily, large parts of Kathmandu had been flooded. She was trying to cross Samakhusi chowk, a main road of the city, when she failed to noticed the open drain and fell into it. The distressing sight was caught on camera by Sucila Magar, who runs a beauty saloon on the third floor of a nearby building. As Sucila and her brother Sharan watched in horror, Satya fell into the drain and disappeared into an underground stretch, which ran below a nearby road. But fortunately the drain surfaced again and an passerby spotted Satya hurling with the water and pulled her to safety. Sharan says he tried to warn Satya, but she could not hear him in the rain. She escaped without any injuries and has overcome her trauma as well. Speaking to local TV channels Satya said civic officials should ensure that such mishaps did not occur again. Another girl, a third-grader, Binita Phuyal was not as lucky. She was also similarly swept away in another part of the city and was found dead later. The video of Satya’s lucky escape went viral and drew extensive media coverage in Nepal prompting PM Sher Bahadur Deuba to order city officials to cover up all open drains in 15 days.
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Mentally ill woman lynched in West Bengal – they thought she was a child lifter graphic video
The nation witnessed yet another incident of a likely innocent person being beaten to death by a mob – but this time, it was child-lifting instead of beef at the heart of the controversy. 42 year old Otera Bibi, a mentally challenged resident of Mithipur-Panagarh village at Murshidabad in West Bengal had wandered off from her home and landed up in Sekendra village, 8 kms away on last Tuesday morning. A Sekendra villager, Dilip Ghosh, noticed that Otera Bibi had entered his house and was in close proximity to his minor daughter. He immediately alerted his neighbours, all of whom were on edge after another minor girl Fultushi Ghosh vanished from the neighbourhood on June 21st. Immediately, the villagers pounced on Otera Bibi and starting beating her up viciously, assuming her to be a child-lifter. At one point, she was even tied to a tractor while the assault continued. Some people took videos of the heinous incident, which soon spread like wildfire in social media. Police rushed to the spot immediately after hearing of the incident – the woman was rescued and taken to Jangipur sub-divisional Hospital but she succumbed to her injuries within a few hours, reports Indian Express. Otera Bibi had been abandoned by her husband after she manifested symptoms of mental illness and she was living with her parents. Her family did not think much of her disappearance on Monday night -she often used to leave home for a day or two but would invariably return home safe and sound. Police have taken a few people from the village into custody and are also looking at how to combat the spreading of such dangerous rumours amongst the rural population.
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Kashmir militants play cricket using AK 47s as wickets – release propaganda video
Kashmir militants have released a propaganda video showing themselves playing cricket using AK 47s rifles as wickets. The six-minute long video shows six militants playing cricket in an apple orchard. While AK 47s have been planted as wickets, some of them can also be seen playing with rifles strapped to their backs as they bat, bowl and field. Quoting officials, TV reports said, the video had been shot in South Kashmir's Korkernag area. All six militants reportedly belong to terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen and security officials have identified four of them as residents of Anantnag district. A few media reports also said the men in the video were the same terrorists, who had attacked Amarnath pilgrims on Monday, killing seven and injuring 19 men and women. But security officials said they could neither confirm nor refute these reports. Over the last few years Kashmir militants have been releasing videos to try to recruit local men. These videos show them in combat fatigues, carrying out their routine activities – training, praying or playing. Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani became very popular with these videos and after he was killed last July Kashmir had erupted in violence.
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Cobra caught from cupboard in Mysore government hospital   patients blame officials video
The PK Sanitorium hospital on the busy KRS Road in Mysore had an unlikely visitor who wasn't much appreciated by most on 17th July. A cobra. The five-foot serpent was accidentally, but luckily, found in a cupboard in the hospital. With 60 patients and their family members and visitors on the premises, this created quite a commotion. It was then that snake expert Ramesh came and rescued the cobra. The video by News9 shows him treading carefully, opening the door of the cupboard, identifying it as 'nagarahaavu'. He then quickly grabs it by the tail, and while tugging it gently, uses his tool to ensure that the cobra's head stays away from his body. He then carries it out of the hospital, with the snake opening its hood completely to reveal the spectacles on it, the characteristic feature of cobras. All is well that ends well. It was a pleasant ending for both the snake and the people on the hospital premises.
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Indian town gets rare ‘fish-rain’ treat  after Cyclone Phethai makes landfall
Cyclone Phethai, which made a landfall in coastal Andhra Pradesh in South India on December 17, rained fish on the town of Amalapuram. At about 4 pm residents of the town were surprised to see the fish falling from the sky along with the rain. Residents said more than 200 fish fell near a school and on roofs of several houses. Narasimha Reddy, 46, said: “More than 200 fish fell on a ground near the local school. Many rushed to the school to witness the rare event and also to collect the fish for dinner.” The fish called ‘Gidasalu’ in Telugu language is a popular local delicacy. "Fish rain", a rare meteorological phenomenon, occurs when strong whirlwinds swirl over shallow water developing in water spouts which, suck small objects in water including fish and frogs. The marine life can be carried for long distances by clouds and dropped along with the water. Amalapuram, a small town in East Godavari district, is about 32 kms from Yanam where Phetai made the landfall.
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Boy hurt grievously after he is hit in head by lift in Patna – he peeped to see if it was coming dow
An impatient boy was grievously injured after he was hit in the head by a lift in Patna. The horrifying incident occurred at Shail Villa apartments in Patna on Saturday. A CCTV footage shows the 14-year-old boy, who has not been identified putting his head through the door, and getting hit by it. The impact of the blow was such that he fell instantly and lay motionless. He was rushed to a hospital where his condition is said to be serious. A longer version of the video shows him pressing the lift button and then peeping through the door which blocks entry to the shaft. The door was fitted with a see-through glass pane and it is not clear how the boy managed to put his head through it. In a similar incident, a 14-year-old girl lost her life in Mumbai in May after her head got struck by a lift which was hurling down. Aafna Zaveri, a resident of Ashiana building in Bandra East, Mumbai, had put her head through the broken glass window of the lift door. She was nearly decapitated after she was hit by the lift.
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Demolition of Chinese brands' hoardings in Pune not due to border tension   fake news rules social m
Keeping up the trend of chest thumping patriotism, a video demonstrating a message of boycotting Chinese products had gone viral in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter a few days ago. The video showed a JCB machine tearing down hoardings of Vivo, Oppo and other Chinese brands at Pimpri Camp Market in Pune. Messages accompanying the video hailed the hoardings demolition as a patriotic stance against China. People were soon congratulating Pune for delivering a punch against Chinese products. However, an investigative team of Viral Sach, a ABP News show, has proved that the context of the video was utterly made up. The team found that the municipal corporation in Pimpri Market had passed an order to remove illegal hoardings from the area two months ago. Accordingly, work began around a month back, and many illegal hoardings were demolished, not just those promoting Chinese brands. But, the visual of the demolition of hoardings of Chinese brands like Vivo, Oppo was combined with a sensational message to deliver a catchy yet untrue message on social media. In fact, according to one of the shopkeepers in the area, Chinese brands sell very well since they are cheap and sales are booming as always. Moreover, some Samsung hoardings were also destroyed in the video. Samsung happens to be a South Korean brand based in Seoul, and the brand has nothing to do with China.
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