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Automating EXPDP Backup Basics
This video will give you generic idea about how to automate oracle datapump backups using crontab
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RMAN Create Catalog
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RMAN Part 2   Configuration Parameters
Learn different RMAN configuration parameters and how to use them.
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Oracle Manual Database Creation
Learn how to manually create oracle database
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RMAN Part 1   Introduction
This video is introduction to RMAN - recovery manager in oracle. Learn how to connect to RMAN and take easy backups.
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User Management in Oracle
Learn how to create users in oracle, check default tablespace etc.
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5 tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur | Startup secrets
If you want to run your own business, you've come to the right page. Being an entrepreneur is a high-risk, high-reward position. It's full of stressful situations, sure, but it's also chock full of rewards and a sense of accomplishment. It's not as hard as it seems -- as long as you have some diligence, patience, and, of course, a good idea, you'll be your own boss sooner than you think!
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