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Oracle DBA- Realtime Activities
Get Oracle DBA online training on real time scenarios and issues. Take a step by step learning modules and become an expert Oracle DBA with our professional trainer.
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Why are Kernel parameters critical for Oracle Database
Learn more about Kernel parameters with a case study. It's awesome to see how SHMMAX parameter effects a process on UNIX. Liked it? Subscribe to our channel now !!! Look at the complete blog at www.orskl.com Need training on Oracle DBA? WhatsApp to +919951696808 Training content is at www.orskl.com
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Dataguard   Real time apply
Understand what is Real time apply in Oracle Dataguard
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Dataguard - Redo/Archive log shipping at process and network level
Oracle dataguard redo and archive log shipping process at network level
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Trace session details with USER process and SERVER process ID
Oracle database user session tracing.
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Will huge Consistent Reads floods BUFFER CACHE?
Video Blog on Oracle Real Time Activity regarding CACHE chains in BUFFER CACHE on Consistent Read operations. Looking for Oracle DBA training? WhatsApp/Contact: +919951696808 More training options at www.orskl.com/training
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Can you really flush Oracle SHARED POOL
This video will explain what happens in reality when you issue ALTER SYSTEM FLUSH SHARED_POOL. A step by step case study will give you the answers by the end of this video session. Oracle DBA training: Need some training on Performance tuning? - Whatsapp +919951696808 Look for more contents on training at: www.orskl.com/training
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Oracle DBA - Dataguard Realtime
Understand Redo/Archive shipping at Network and process level in Dataguard. Find us @ facebook : https://www.facebook.com/orsklacademy For training on Oracle DBA please visit - www.orskl.com
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Ways of generating EXECUTION PLAN in Oracle Database
Learn how to generate execution plan in oracle database in many ways
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How Oracle database does instance recovery after failures
A real time activity to demonstrate how Oracle database performs automatic instance recovery after a failure. This video blog will take a real example to prove the concepts in reality. Need DBA training? Whatsapp : +919951696808 More blogs at https://www.orskl.com
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3 values you should know when tuning the SQL statement
Are you tuning an SQL statement, these 3 values might help you tune better
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Secure Logical Standby Oracle database
Understand how do you secure your logical standby oracle database
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What exactly is PLAN TABLE in Oracle Database #Performance #Tuning
Running an EXPLAIN PLAN to generate EXECUTION PLAN in oracle database is possible with PLAN_TABLE. But this video will give you much more insights of what is this PLAN_TABLE. Learn how is PLAN_TABLE called as global temporary table. Need Oracle database training? WhatsApp to +919951696808 visit www.orskl.com/training
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Why should we configure limits.conf for Oracle database
Real time example - As Oracle DBA, you must have installed Oracle database software on UNIX platforms. But why did you configure limits.conf file ? This blog will help you understand with a real time example. Want Oracle DBA training? check www.orskl.com/training Whatsapp: +919951696808
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Locks   Blocks   Deadlocks
Understanding Locks, Blocks and dead locks in oracle database.
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Is LBA mandatory for SCAN listener in Oracle RAC?
Load Balancing Advisory is a feature that helps SCAN LISTENER to balance load across the instances in Oracle RAC 11gR2. This video will help you deep dive into concepts and facts on the same. Look at the blog of this video at: www.orskl.com In need of Oracle DBA training: www.orskl.com/training WhatsApp for traning at : +919951696808
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New SQL ID Does not mean hard parsing or new execution plan
Not that new SQL ID lets oracle database generate a new execution plan
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EXPLAIN PLAN for multiple SQL statements
How to generate Oracle database explain plan for number of SQL statements at the same time.
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Interesting fact on reading data from GV$ views in RAC
How data is fetched from GV$ views in oracle RAC
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Oracle 11gR2 Performance Tuning
Learn Oracle Performance Tuning with Real Time Activities. Watch this video to see how HARD PARSING issue can be rectified with simple resolution. This course will load the system and show you a real time approach to resolve performance issues on your environment. Get more details at : www.orskl.com/training Queries? WhatsApp: +919951696808 Get your hands dirty now and become performance tuning expert.
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Oracle 11gR2 RAC DEMO
Demonstration on Oracle 11gR2 RAC training.
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How to find block sizes of all Oracle Database files
Block size of control files and redo log files are not same as default block size of your oracle database. Understand the level of control we got to alter these block sizes from one of my real time activity. Many more interesting blogs at : www.orskl.com/blog Looking for Oracle DBA training: www.orskl.com/training WhatsApp: +919951696808
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Can you flashback table into SYSTEM tablespace?
Flashback feature in Oracle database is well known to roll back the table to a specific timestamp (depends on undo retention) or to restore dropped table and many more. We must have used this flashback feature so far on application schema objects and found working without any issues. As an Oracle DBA did you configure any tools (might be monitoring, RMAN catalog or any) with objects created in SYSTEM tablespace? If so, you probably would see some problems later when you need to use Flashback on these objects though they are not Oracle supplied objects. Let us go through a case study which will clearly explain you the functionality of Flashback table. Did you like the video? Subscribe now, Like it and share it. Looking for Oracle DBA training or services? redirect to www.orskl.com WhatsApp to +919951696808
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Oracle 11gR2 Single Instance real time activies DEMO
Oracle 11gR2 DBA training on real time activities only on single instance database environment
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Can a data block accommodate rows of distinct tables?
With a case study let us find the answer if Oracle Database BLOCK can accommodate rows from multiple tables. Really very important when dealing with tuning an Oracle database at storage level. Need Oracle DBA training? Then visit www.orskl.com or whatsapp +919951696808 FInd more interesting blogs at www.orskl.com/blog
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Oracle 12c Golgen Gate Essentials Training - DEMO
Learn Oracle 12c GoldenGate essentials with real hands-on exercises. This course includes Oracle GoldenGate Management Pack concepts and exercises as well. You will be exposed to examples in every session, which gives you a feeling on working on real time environment. Get more details at : www.orskl.com/training Queries? WhatsApp: +919951696808 Get your hands wet now with this training module.
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Shell scripting for Oracle DBA's
Scripting skills will add lot of value to Oracle DBA’s. It will help DBA’s to reduce performing recurring tasks, schedule jobs, monitoring, Automating and much more. This course will train you with good real time examples which demonstrates how an Oracle DBA activities can be simplified and managed easily. Subscribe with us, like and share. How to learn? redirect to http://www.orskl.com/training/oracle-unix-scripting/ Queries if any, then WhatsApp: +919951696808
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Learn Oracle 12c New Features : for DBA's
Get trained on Oracle 12c New Features. Minimum skills required: Oracle 11gR2 database administration. Want to know in detail about this course? then "Read More". Course details: www.orskl.com/training WhatsApp number: +919951696808 Do you like it? Subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends.
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Will highly correlated variables impact Linear Regression
Let us build a python code to understand the impact of highly correlated variables in the data set in building a linear regression model. Please find the blog here - https://www.orskl.com/will-highly-correlated-variables-impact-linear-regression/ Get in touch for training - +919951696808 or [email protected]
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Oracle 11gR2 Complete DBA - DEMO
Demonstration on Oracle Complete DBA training. Includes Core DBA, Real time activities, RAC and Dataguard courses
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1 technique to be safe and not sorry as Oracle DBA
As an Oracle DBA, be safe with your data - scripts, docs, white papers and other references
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Ways to identify if data is Normally Distributed
In this blog we are going to find ways to identify if the given data set is normally distributed or not, in Python. In need of Data Science training? Refer - https://www.orskl.com Whatsapp - +919951696808
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How to become Data Scientist? Data Science Starter Course - DEMO
This video will give you the introduction DEMO to Data Science and explain the pathway to become a Data Scientist. Data Science Starter course will cover the following topics. 1. Fundamentals 1.1 Programming R Language Python Language 1.2 Mathematics Statistics Probability 2. Machine Learning Predictive Modelling Linear Regression Forecasting Time Series Classification Logistic Regression Naïve Bayes Classifier Decision Trees Clustering K-Means
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Oracle 11gR2 Core DBA n Linux
Demonstration on Oracle DBA training which covers SQL, Linux and Administration-I courses
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