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Chasing Cars -- Grey's Anatomy
Watch in 720p please! Oh my heart. This show will always have a special place in my heart. It was one of the first shows I ever watched and I have rewatched it so many times but I will never stop loving it. Even if the later seasons aren't the same show for me like s1-s5 were (I loved s6-s9 as well but the first five seasons are MAGIC), I still love it and it feels like the characters are your friends because you grew up with them? It just means too much for me and I truly hope that I showed HOW much in this video.
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The Best Of Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)
The hero that we don't deserve.
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The Leftovers - I Lost Everyone
Watch in 720p please! God, this show is everything and I wish that everyone would watch it because it's so incredible. The acting (!!!), the story, the characters, the writing, the cinematography, and oh god the music. The soundtrack to this show is so damn beautiful and I just couldn't just choose one song for this video from it, I had to use two songs haha. Hope you guys enjoy this and that it will get you to start watching it, you won't be disappointed. If you liked Lost, you will adore this show.
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Nick & Jess - Still
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Daryl Dixon || Made of Stone
Watch in 720p please! "You're gonna be the last man standing." -------- I think everyone knows by now how much I love this character, haha. He's just everything! I really, really hope everyone will enjoy this. And let's all pray together that the next two final episodes will be filled with sunshine and laughter (aka nO MORE HEARTBREAK).
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Band of Brothers || For the weight of us
[REUPLOAD from my previous account] Really one of the best TV series ever made.
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You Are A Memory - Multifandom
Watch in 720p please! dON'T ASK ME WHY I DID THIS. These deaths still hurt so much.
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Nick & Jess || Gravity
[REUPLOAD from my previous channel] Happy new year everyone!!! I hope 2014 will be an amazing year for all of you. I honestly don't know what I would do without any of you. I wish more than anything that I could get my old account back. I miss rewatching my old videos and reading your wonderful comments on them. Many of you has requested that I should reupload my NG videos, and I honestly don't know why I haven't already. I worked so, so hard on this one especially and it truly means a lot to me. So why not start this year with reuploading one of my favorites?
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Jesse Pinkman || It's All Gone
[REUPLOAD from my previous account] Such a tragic, beautiful character. I love him.
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Barry Berkman (Season 1) -- A Tribute
Watch in 1080p please! ......... Oh my god. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time. The season 1 finale aired this sunday and I can't explain what an emotional ride it has been, even if it was only 8 episodes. I am so so ready for season 2 and for this show to get all the awards it deserves. Bill Hader is a GOD. I wanted my first video to be about the main character, and I wanted to show why it's impossible to not sympathize with him. His character development reminds me SO much of Walter White, only it's reverse. He's a murderer who wants to become a good man. Even though we all know that it's not possible, and that he will never find true happiness. I love him, but I hate him, but I love him. ok so in summary PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW !!! Also, it's been a year since I made an instrumental video. Making this reminded me of how much I love it, so let's hope that it won't be that long until my next one!
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Rick & Lori || Say Something
Watch in 720p please! Will I ever be over her death? When I heard this song, I just knew that I had to make this.
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The West Wing || Brothers In Arms
Watch in 720p please! "You did not desert me, my brothers in arms." The best show I've ever seen. I don't even know how to explain how good it is or my love for it. This video is everything to me and while I don't think it made the show justice at all, I did put my heart into it and I do think that I showed what I love about this show. Unfortunately there are so many characters that I love that I barely (or not at all) showed in this one, but the song was just too short for it. But in my next TWW videos I will definitely have time for it! Dedicated to my parents who got me into watching this show. They have been begging me for years to do it and I'm so happy they did! This is truly our show. And this is also for Gal, of course. What would I have done without you?? And what would I have done without our discussions after every episode???
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Will & Alicia - Any Other World (Instrumental)
Watch in 720p, please! THIS. HURTS. TOO. MUCH.
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The Leftovers (Tribute) - I'm Here
Watch in 720p please! "Are you ready?" - "Of course she's ready. She's the bravest girl on earth."
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The West Wing - 8 Circle
Watch in 720p please! "You're still here." - "Yeah, I'm still here."
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Jesse Pinkman || I Deserve Whatever Happens
Please watch in 720p! My first new video on this account! I've been editing on this one (and a video that's going to be a birthday present) for a while now and I really hope that it's good enough to be the first video I upload here. :) I miss him so much. I really wanted to make a real tribute to him but I just can't stay away from the pain... but I can definitely promise you guys that I will make more Jesse videos so I will have the time to really make justice for his character. Hope you all had a great weekend! :)
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IASIP - Paper Planes
Watch in 720p please! I can't stop.
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Will & Alicia | The Cold
Watch in 720p please! THE MOST TRAGIC RELATIONSHIP IN THE TV HISTORY. Dedicating this to Gal (https://www.youtube.com/user/gal255) who I also blame it all on for making me watch this wonderful show and making me fall in love with these two. Why. Why. WHY.
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - My Type
Watch in 720p please! ... I CAN'T BELIEVE I FINALLY MADE AN IASIP VIDEO!!!!! This show owns me, seriously.
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The Walking Dead || For The Suffering
[REUPLOAD from my previous account] Watch in HD for better quality! "How many people have you killed?" - "Just me.... just me." - "Why?" - "You don't get to come back from things. You don't get to come back."
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Mac & Dennis - Mad Love
Watch in 720p please! NEWSFLASH ASSHOLES i hate these two
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Skam - Thunder
Watch in 720p please! Thank you for everything, Skam.
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New Girl || Something I Need
[REUPLOAD from my previous channel] Probably the most requested video that people wanted me to reupload, so why not?! I truly have a love/hate relationship with this one, haha. Hate the editing here but I do love the feeling the video gives me. It makes me happy.
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The Most Powerful Man In The World
Watch in 720p please! "He was alone, and all was well."
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I Did It For Me | Walter White
Watch in 720p please! Finally back with a new BrBa video!! It's been so long. I love vidding this show even though it's impossible for me to make it justice, but it makes me so happy (aka ruined). I MISS THIS SHOW SO DAMN MUCH.
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Fargo (Season 1) - Feeling Good
Watch in HD please! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW. So I finished the first season two weeks ago and started on this video right away, and now I'm watching season 2 and there's just no way I can decide which season I like the best so far????! They are both incredible in their own ways!
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Katniss Everdeen - No Winners
Watch in HD please! Do I even need to explain the love I have for this character and this series? And how thankful I am for everything it has brought me? This video means a lot to me, but it's completely impossible to make her story justice.
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Daryl Dixon || You're All Alone
[REUPLOAD from my previous account] My love for this character knows no bounds.
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Josh & Donna || The Blower's Daugther
Watch in 720p please! "If you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for red lights."
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Grey's Anatomy || The Story
[REUPLOAD from my previous account] This song was just so made for this show.
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Mac McDonald (IASIP) | It’s Okay
Watch in HD + with subtitles please! I have literally no words to describe exactly how much the s13 finale of IASIP means to me, that was just.... without a doubt one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking scenes I've ever seen and ever will see. I haven't been able to think about anything else for two days now and I had to get my feelings out in some way. I love this character SO much and I hope I made him justice.
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Glenn & Maggie - Wait
Watch in HD please! "I'm with you. I'm always with you."
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Will & Alicia - I'll Love You Forever
Watch in 720p please! "It's just really good to see you again." - "Again? Where was I?" I am and will always be destroyed because of these two.
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Hoppípolla || Multifandom
Watch in 720p please! My little way to show my appreciation for movies. Wanted to use so many more movies that I adore as well but the song was just too short.. but I completely LOVE to make multifandoms so this will definitely not be my last! Movies used: Walk the line, Gladiator, 127 hours, Schindler's list, Million Dollar Baby, Where the Wild Things Are, Life of Pi, Big Fish, Philadelphia, The King's Speech, The Cider House Rules, Inglorious Basterds, Little Miss Sunshine, The Lovely Bones, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Milk, Catching Fire, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 50/50, LOTR: The Return of the King, Forrest Gump, Moulin Rouge, Titanic, 500 Days of Summer, The Breakfast Club and Les Miserables.
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Multifandom || Don't Be Dead
Watch in 720p please! I'm so sorry. And I'm also so, so sad.
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The West Wing || Hallelujah (Collab with Gal255)
Watch in 720p please! :) My first video together with Gal (Gal255). I can't explain with words how much I love this video and how much I love working with her. One of the most talented and amazing editor ever! We really wanted to show the heart of this show in this video and I think we did it perfectly. I'm so proud of this one!
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Parks and Recreation - Strawberry Swing
Watch in 720p please! I made a Parks video three years ago to this song, and I thought I lost it when my YT account was deleted too. But then I found it and I just had to remake it. I love this show so much, it means the world to me and I miss it every day.
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Angel on Fire || Katniss Everdeen
Watch in 720p please! I love her so much. I've been wanting to make this video ever since I saw Catching Fire, the song is just completely perfect for her.
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Jesse Pinkman - The Darkness Behind You
Watch in 720p please! "Self hatred, guilt, it accomplishes nothing, it just stands in the way." - "Stands in the way of what?" - "True change."
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The 100 - Kettering
Watch in HD please! This song and this show ended me.
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Nick&Jess || All I Need
REUPLOAD! Watch in 720p please! Oh my god, this was my very first Nick & Jess video that I made three years ago. I found my old harddrive with all the videos that I thought I had lost when my old YT account got deleted, so imagine how happy I was when I found this one??? I loved making it, I just had to reupload it again.
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Stand By Me -- Multifandom
Watch in 720p please! my heart hurts
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Breaking Bad (Cinematography) - Frozen River
Watch in 720p please! This show had the most beautiful cinematography of all time. I just couldn't help myself to make this, even though it's sort of just random clips put together, haha.
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Peeta & Katniss - Forest Fire
Watch in 720p please! "I hope you know, that you're my home."
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Jesse Pinkman - Why Not
Watch in 720p please! "Today is the first day of the rest of your life. But what kind of life will it be?"
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Arctic - The Walking Dead
Watch in 1080p HD please! The quality gets so much better. God, I've missed editing TWD so bad. Almost as bad as I miss the actual show, haha. COME BACK TO ME. Also, it's my first video (except my travel video) that I've made with iMovie. I had to remove Parallel Desktop from my computer, where I could use Vegas, and I hate it. Vegas is what I'm used to so I'm not 100% happy with the result on this video.. there's so many things that iMovie doesn't have compared to Vegas, but someday I'll probably get used to it.
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Jesse Pinkman - Waking Up
Watch in HD please! Well, this hurt like a bitch. I miss him more than anything.
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Walter White (Breaking Bad) - God's Teeth
Please watch in HD (720p)! I love this character, just as much as I hate him. In this video I wanted to focus on WHY he became the person he was in the end, and the consequences of his decisions throughout the series.
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Rebellion
Watch in 720p please! Ok so this show owns my SOUL. I hope you guys like this video as much as I enjoyed making it!
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When It's Cold I'd Like To Die || Katniss & Peeta
Watch in 720p please! Why did I do this to myself.
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