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Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme EDP review
What Allure Perfume is your favourite from the line? I would like to hear your opinions in the community?
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Allure Homme Review. Still worth it today?
Chanel Allure Homme. Is this fragrance still worth buying in 2018?
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Paco Robanne has just re/release Invictus Aqua. Is it the same? Drop your questions and comments in the comments section.
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Dior Homme Eau for Men Review
This composition opens up with a fresh grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot and coriander from the Crimea. The heart note draws all its elegance from the masculine florality of the sensual Iris from Tuscany. The sparkling base note with woody amber accent gives this scent a touch of sweetness.
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Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport
This is a review and comparison video on the 2007 version and 2016 version.
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Zara 9.0 Review
Here is a review on an inexpensive scent with the note of iris for the iris lovers out there. Let me know in the comments what are your favourite iris scents?
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The highly critically acclaimed Kryptomint.
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Egoiste Review
Egoiste began its creation in the mid 1980s. Legendary perfumer Jacques Polge was researching the Chanel archives and came across a formula by Ernest Beaux (creator of Chanel No5). This formula (Bois des Iles) required a high percentage of sandalwood inspiring Polge who at the time was working on a men’s fragrance to accompany the launch of a Chanel menswear line. The menswear idea was cancelled however many in Chanel HQ pushed for the fragrance to be released. As a result Bois Noir was launched and sold in limited quantities only through Chanel boutiques. The fragrance was a complete departure from the fougere style of men’s fragrances currently in the market and was never intended to be a big success. Bois Noir lasted a year before disappearing. In 1990 it was decided Bois Noir should be launched to a wider audience and thus Egoiste as it is known today was born. To accompany the launch Jean Paul Goude created a TV advertising campaign that has contributed to the fragrance’s cult status. Directly translated as ‘selfish’ L’Egoiste ad quotes 17th century French playwright Pierre Corneille staying away from the stereotypical approach to men’s fragrance marketing with semi naked male models. The fragrance flopped in America and did not enjoy the global success intended by Chanel. After 30 years with Chanel, Polge still names Egoiste as his favourite piece of work for the fashion house. “It was so new and singular-and still is”. Perhaps it was this ‘newness’ that lead to its failure. It’s certainly not for everyone. Egoiste is a perfume icon and much more interesting than the 1994 release of Platinum Egoiste that carries the Egoiste name but none of its personality. Whilst Platinum Egoiste is available everywhere, sadly Egoiste is now in limited availability after Chanel lowered its global distribution.
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Encre Noire Review
Here is a very masculine fragrance that I think you should get your nose on. What is your favourite vetiver scent?
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Allure Homme Sport Review
The tingling freshness of Italian mandarins opens on clear, intense cedar wood notes It is highlighted by a crystalline chord Tonka bean from Venezuela, with its sensual almond aroma, combines with the flattering notes of white musk in an intense, deep base note.
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Chanel Monsieur Parfum EDP Review
This is Chanel 3rd take on this classic fragrance. It was launch back in 2016; however, it isn't talked about.
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Platinum Egoiste Review
This green Fougère accord with the aromatic freshness of lavender and rosemary is highlighted by a hint of Petitgrain from Paraguay. In the extravagant heart note unfolds the masculine chord of clary sage and geranium. In the base notes you get some warm woodsy notes.
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Pure Malt reformulation review
Is this one still worth getting after its 2009 release?
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Pure Havane Review
Another Rock star from the A Men line. A * Men Pure Havane is based on the art of tasting cigar cigars in three parts. The first third begins with an aromatic top note of fresh tobacco leaves. When smoking a cigar, the second third of an increasing strength. Similarly, Thierry Mugler develops the heart of the perfume with a honey-tobacco accord, whose vanilla and syrup accents delight even the most demanding connoisseurs. The last third develops his masculine and captivating power as a base note with the woody and sensual notes of patchouli and Cacao.
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Christian Dior Dior Homme Review
Is this still a masterpiece today?
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Gucci Intense Oud Review
This is a good one for people who want to get into oud.
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Creed Original Santal
Are you better off with Mont Blanc Individuel? Why this one get's no love in the community?
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Creed Aventus
Aventus, the energetic alpha male fragrance that also fascinates women, exudes an aura of power, power and success. A black leather cuff surrounds the classic Creed bottle, decorated in silver with the motif of a horse with a rider. Aventus - a symbol of boundless freedom and adventure.
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Top Ten Black Tie Fragrances
These are my Black Tie Fragrances that suits the event. The fragrances must be an evening scent. It must smell unique or avant grade. It should complement the event and the tux. What fragrances are your black tie scents?
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Zara Vibrant Leather Ft  Creed Aventus Review
Zara Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum which smells exactly like the EDT. The perfomance is also exactly the same. The only change was the bottle and box.
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Pure Tonka Review
One of the latest from the A Men line up. This one is playing on the most overused note in fragrance in the last 3 years. Jacques Huclier used Tonka in a different way than most fragrances do in Pure Tonka. This is for men who still love to smell like a man.
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Angel Men Review(Reformulation)
I am giving my take on this iconic love me or hate me men's perfume from Mugler.
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Jeremy Fragrance Review Contest- Monsieur Parfum
Fragrances for the fall season scenarios
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Hot Water Review
Hot Water is the blend of innate power and instincts that reveals a natural and ingenuous sex appeal. Feel the burning, latent heat. Reach out, caress this skin, pulses racing, cross the line.
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Top Ten Spring List
Here are my top ten spring list for 2018. Let us know what are some of your favorites for Spring.
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Allure Homme Editon Blanche Review
This oriental-fresh fragrance combines the fresh notes of lemon and bergamot from Italy with the oriental touch of sandalwood from New Caledonia, vetiver from Haiti and vanilla from Madagascar. This scent is know as the lemon merengue pie.
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Nautica Review
This will evoke your olfactory senses with a salty sea breeze.
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Terre D'Hermes Review Part 1
This is a modern masculine scent. A scent that takes on the earthly elements, that has a very refreshing quality to it.
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Gucci Guilty Absolute Review
Please don't let the name fool you; this is not a flanker. Perfumer Alberto Morillas has created a niche fragrance in the Gucci Guilty Flanker. The fragrance does not change after it has been applied to the skin for the first time. To achieve this, he combined the two leather chords Woodleather, and Goldenwood with the natural extract of the Nootka cypress. The result is an extremely dry-woody composition with a complex structure that is intensified with notes of patchouli and vetiver. This one will find it's audience for sure!
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Dior Homme Cologne Review
This is a simple eau de cologne style done exceptionally right. I got this one up again. Leave a comment on this hot weather beauty.
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Green Irish Tweed Review ft. Cool Water
This is a classic masculine scent in an EDP concentration that is fill with quality ingredients. It was created by Olivier Creed the Sixth. Legend has it that it was allegedly created by Pierre Bourdon who I believe is the creator for this scent.
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Valentino Uomo Intense
The fragrance that put Valentino on the map for men's cologne.
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Bleu de Chanel review
I just needed to review this timeless classic that will go down in history. What is your take on the one that started it all?
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Bleu De Chanel Part 2
A masculine scent for every kind of man out there. Here is my review on the much love and hated Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum.
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The unique alchemy of the aromatic freshness of castoreum and a complex as well as rare leather chord is refined by woods and spices. The notes of Cistus labdanum, clary sage and Indonesian patchouli enrich his glowing, exotic base note.
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2017 and into 2018 with Colognes and Fragrances
Here is just a quick overview on what new releases I picked up in 2017 and what I plan to get for 2018.
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Spring Fragrance Rotation
Here are some of my fragrances that I use for certain scenarios. Some of these may just work for that date or party you have coming up.
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Welcome to the channel
Here we review perfumes and tell you how I feel about it briefly.
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My Winter Rotation 2017
Here are the fragrances I'll be wearing for certain winter scenarios. Tell me what are you guys wearing this winter.
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Boss Bottle EDT Review
This is a classic scent that will stand the test of time. The scent DNA is elegant, class and sweet making this a versatile or signature scent.
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