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Lost Park Parka from Kifaru Review
This is a quick review of the lost park parka from Kifaru international. After researching tons of products, I will be doing a simple review on the products that i have chosen and why i chose them. These are the products i will be using as I learn to transition from a hunter that grew up in the east and will be moving out west to test my skills as a try to become a western hunter. www.getnlost.com https://www.instagram.com/getnlost/ https://www.facebook.com/GETNLOST/
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My cargo trailer/portable hunting camp
I decided to add a few things to my cargo trailer so now i can hall my Polaris Ranger and have a place to stay on my outdoor adventures. Nothing to fancy, just enough to be very comfortable.
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Water bottles instead of Bags of Ice? Salt or no Salt?
Im trying to use ice bottles that I can keep in my freezer ready to go at anytime so I will always have ice for my coolers. Im testing to see if a salt solution water will stay frozen longer that tap water. I know the salt ice bottles are colder and take longer to freeze. but being colder is not always better. I need it to last.
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MTN OPS Conquer weight loss challenge.
This video I talk about the MTN OPS products I have used in the past. I Review the weight loss bundle. I put it to the test, a 14 day challenge to see how much weight I can lose using the MTN OPS products.
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A look at my 338 Lapua Ackley Improved Long Range Canyon Rifle.
Custom build, 338 Lapua AI. Long Range Rifle. My first ELR rifle. Nightforce ATACR scope. XLR Industries chassis.
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Kifaru Slick Bag Long Wide 0 degree review
A review of the Kifaru Slick Bag 0 degree long wide sleeping bag. Tons of sleeping bags on the market. Only one slick bag.
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The Garmin Explorer + with inreach
A look at the Garmin Explorer+ with inReach. This a a GPS unit with satellite capabilities. You can text and email, send your location to others, and use the SOS in case of a emergency.
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Modular Evolution Bipod Review
A look at what I consider to be the most versatile bipod on the market.
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Part 2 of My MTN OPS Conquer Weight Loss Challenge
I put the MTN OPS products to the test. 14 Days of eating clean, low calories, and MTN OPS products. See how much weight I can lose in 14 days.
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Alaska Guide Creations Bino Harness
Whats a bino harness? I was never big into optics due to most of the areas I hunted in the east, i was lucky if i could see 100 yards. After doing some research I chose the Alaska Guide Creations Bino Harness as my first bino harness. Hopefully I will have lots of time to use this this season when I move from Western Pennsylvania to Western Idaho.
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The Kifaru Fulcrum  pack.
A look at the new Kifaru Fulcrum. A very large pack that can be used for very long trips or it can be used for day trips.
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A trip to the taxidermist. 2016 Quebec bear.
Spring of 2016 I had the chance to go hunt and fish in northern Quebec. The fishing was awsome and I had no idea the amount of bears. I was able to harvest my first black bear. I had a 3/4 mount done at Bears Den Taxidermist in Finleyville Pa. This is a quick video of me picking it up and a quick tour of the shop.
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Tyto ultra light replaceable blade Knife
This is a quick review on the Tyto replaceable blade knife. The replaceable blade knife has become very popular in the last few years. Of all the knives I have tried, This is by far the lightest, most simplified, easy to clean knife on the market today.
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Gearing up for a 5 Day Elk Hunt Part 2 the clothes
A quick look at the clothing I will be taking with me on a 5 day elk hunt. We will be both backpack hunting and truck camping so I will have the opportunity to have extra cloths with me. This is the basics.
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A quick tour of my camp along the Allegheny National Forest.
2 small acres of land that borders Allegheny National Forest. This is the area I grew up coming to as a child. This is where i learned to shoot, learned to fish, learned to hunt, and learned about what i consider to be the finer things in life. www.getnlost.com https://www.instagram.com/getnlost/ https://www.facebook.com/GETNLOST/
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Kifaru International 500 D Pullouts
This is a short review on the Kifaru International 500D pullouts. These light weight bags are excellent for keeping your back pack organized. Made in the USA. Kifaru.net
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Garmin Explorer+ InReach FIELD TESTED
I've used it for the entire season. I've taken it everywhere. It may be a perfect fit for some people but maybe not for everyone.
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CamoFire.com and Stealthcam review
A quick review of a great deal offered from Camofire.com Stealthcam products are top notch in my opinion. Check out www.Camofire.com for all there incredible deals. This video goes over one of the Stealthcam camera packages Camofire offers on occasion.
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The Woobie from Kifaru International
A quick review on the Woobie from Kifaru International. A ultralite weight synthetic blanket. Apex insulation. Very pack-able. Superior quality. Poncho liner
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A quick review of the Primus ETA cook set
I have little experience cooking in the back country. After researching a few different cook sets, I decided to try the ETA from Primus. I was able to catch this on Camofire.com for a great price. I open the set and give my opinion of why I chose this set to be my first set for my upcoming adventures out west. @primusequiptment @camofire
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Gearing up for a 5 day elk hunt Part 1
Getting all of my gear together for a 5 day elk hunt. This hunt will be a mix of truck camping and backpack camping. I will need a good variety of gear so I am ready for what ever is needed to get the job done. I am not the one with the tag but the experience is priceless.
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The Q-core Deluxe Sleeping Pad from Big Agnes
This is a review/open box of the Q-Core Deluxe from Big Agnes. It is in the wide size. Its a insulated, well built, extremely comfortable sleeping bad.
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GetnLost....nothing to do with direction
A quick introduction. A little bit about myself growing up in the western part of Pennsylvania, a little of my hunting history, and the begging of a incredible adventure as I prepare to move out west and learn the ways of a western hunter. www.getnlost.com https://www.instagram.com/getnlost/ https://www.facebook.com/GETNLOST/
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