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Milow - Ayo technology (unplugged)
- Milow Live @ tv-show 'de zevende dag', Brussels-Belgium, 1 feb. 2009
Views: 886292 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Constant Now (Live)
dEUS live @ TV-shpw 'Villa Vanthilt' 01/09/2011 Roeselare - Belgium
Views: 54441 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Roses (Live)
dEUS live @ 0110 concert against racism on 1 oct.2006 , Antwerp , Belgium
Views: 146183 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Instant Street (Live)
dEUS @ 0110 concert against racism , Antwerp 1 okt.2006 , Belgium Lyrics: You're probably right, seen from your side, that I've been lucky but I've been meaning to crack all week. Yes I've been involved, it never resolved into anything shocking. Pains playing yoyo in my body as we speak. And now I found something to look for, but I can't decide, 'Cause I might find that to stroll behind is better than to score. Just like I did before. It wouldn't be true, not towards you, to say that I'm staying. When on every single impulse, on every other move I react. 'Cause in any old creek, with changing technique, you'll see me playing. After any old motherfucking blow I'll be back. We turned away from instant stuff our cracking codes were breaking up our words were sucked out it made them clean. And after lowness say it and after more let it be known Our codes are grown into something mean. You're probably right, as for tonight, you're making me nervous. What is it you want me to be thinking of? I'll put on a movie, I'll play something groovy as a matter of service And I'll chuckle when you smile as a matter of love. 'Cause you know it's not my style to be giving up now. And this pain in my side, I had enough. This time I go for Instant Street This life's a soulless excuse for all abuse and parenthesis. The flyspecked windows and the stinking lobbies they'll remain all the same, all the same. This time I go. This time I go...
Views: 129460 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Bad Timing (Live)
dEUS @ 0110 concert against racism , 1 okt.2006 , Antwerp , Belgium
Views: 199758 BelgiumOnStage
Jess & James - Move (1967)
Jess & James are Fernando & Toni Lameirinhas. With a career in the music business spanning over forty years, the Lameirinhas brothers' story traces back to 1959 when by escaping the oppresive environment of Oliveira Salazar's dictatorship in their native Portugal, the Lameirinhas family left Porto to resettle close to the Belgian city of Charleroi. There, the two brothers studied music under an Italian expatriate and bitten by the Rock'n'roll bug, founded their first band, The Modes, releasing their first single in 1964.However, The Modes did not last very long, inspired by the hot music sounding from the States the brothers started a new, firey, soulful act, naming themselves as Jess (Toni) & James (Fernando) they recorded and released their new songs on a few singles before the true magic happened, it was called ''Move''. ''We were so busy performing that it took us a while to realize ''Move'' was a big hit all over Europe'', recalls Toni. Restless performers, the two were doing many gigs, specially in Spain, where their records as released by Belter, sold like hotcakes. Soul was all the rage in Spanish nightclubs making Jess & James one of the hottest acts. Belter described the duo as ''Two really original guys. Hidden under long black cloaks, they live according to the ideals of another world they have made their own. Their scream is one against tyranny, war, violence, and above all total peace between all men of good will''.
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Admiral Freebee - Ever Present (Live)
Admiral Freebee Live @ de laatste show , Brussels .
Views: 76776 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Suds & Soda (Live)
dEUS live @ 0110 concert against racism on 1 oct.2006 , Antwerp , Belgium
Views: 220697 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Nothing really ends (Live)
dEUS Live @ 0110 concert against racism, Antwerp 1 okt.2006, Belgium- Lyrics: The plan it wasn't much of a plan I just started walking I had enough of this old town had nothing else to do It was one of those nights you wonder how nobody died we started talking You didn't come here to have fun you said: "well I just came for you" But do you still love me? do you feel the same Do I have a chance of doing that old dance with someone I've been pushing away And touch we touched the soul the very soul, the soul of what we were then With the old schemes of shattered dreams lying on the floor You looked at me no more than sympathy my lies you have heard them My stories you have laughed with my clothes you have torn And do you still love me? do you feel the same And do I have a chance of doing that old dance again Is it too late for some of that romance again Let's go away, we'll never have the chance again You lost that feeling You want it again More than I'm feeling you'll never get You've had a go at all that you know You lost that feeling so come down and show Don't say goodbye let accusations fly like in that movie You know the one where Martin Sheen waves his arm to the girl on the street I once told a friend that nothing really ends no one can prove it So I'm asking you now could it possibly be that you still love me? And do you feel the same Do I have a chance of doing that old dance again Is it too late for some of that romance again Let's go away, we'll never have the chance again I take it all from you I take it all from you I take it all from you I take it all from you I take it all from you I take it all from you
Views: 243638 BelgiumOnStage
Absynthe Minded - Envoi (Live)
Absynthe Minded [email protected] TV-show 'Vila Vanthilt' on 11 Aug. 2009 , Hasselt - Belgium, Lyrics: My verses stand gawping a bit I never get used to this They lived here long enough Enough! I send them out of the house I dont wanna wait Until their toes are cold Enough! I wanna hear the humming of the sun Or that of my heart, Hardening Enough! They dont screw classically They babble commonly And bluster nobly Enough! Enough! In winter their lips leap In spring they lie flat at the first warmth They ruin my summer And in autumn its girls and a broken heart For another twelve lines on this sheet Ill hold my hand over their head And then Ill kick them out Enough! Go and pester elsewhere, one-cent rhymes Find somebody who cares Enough! Go now on your high feet This is where the graves laugh When they see their guests Enough! One corpse on top of the other Go now and stagger to her Whom I do not know Enough! Enough! In winter their lips leap In spring they lie flat at the first warmth They ruin my summer And in autumn its girls and a broken heart http://www.absyntheminded.be/site/
Views: 399965 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS - Sun Ra (Live)
dEUS Live @ 0110 concert against racism . 1 okt.2006 Antwerp , Belgium
Views: 57807 BelgiumOnStage
Novastar - Never back down (Live )
Novastar Live (2006)
Views: 123480 BelgiumOnStage
Zornik - Black hope shot down (Live)
Zornik Live, Lotto Arena Antwerp, 2007
Views: 25653 BelgiumOnStage
Het Zesde Metaal - Appartementje (Live)
Het Zesde Metaal live @ TV-show 'De Zevende Dag', Brussel 01-06-2008
Views: 33694 BelgiumOnStage
Raymond vh Groenewoud - omdat ik van je hou (Live)
Raymond vh Groenewoud Live @ TV-show 'De zevende dag' , 21-02-2010 , Brussels - Belgium
Views: 114271 BelgiumOnStage
Daan - Housewife (Live)
Daan Live (instrumental) @ Marktrock , aug.2007 , Leuven , Belgium
Views: 384866 BelgiumOnStage
Toots Thielemans & Jamie Cullum - one for my baby (Live)
Toots Thielemans & and friends Live @ North sea jazz festival, Holland, 2007
Views: 82302 BelgiumOnStage
Sioen - Cruisin (Live)
Sioen Live @ Vlaamse feestdag, 11 juli 2009, Brussels-Belgium
Views: 49579 BelgiumOnStage
Roland & Admiral Freebee - Hissing o' the heath (Live)
Roland and Tom van Laere (Admiral Freebee)+ DLS-band Live @ 'de laatste show', Brussel 14-02-2008.
Views: 20486 BelgiumOnStage
Zornik - Scared of yourself (Live)
Zornik live (2007), Lotto Arena Antwerp. Belgium
Views: 117621 BelgiumOnStage
Daan - Icon (Live)
Daan & Isolde Lassoen Live @ TV-show 'Villa Vanthilt' , Hasselt - Belgium, 25-08-2009
Views: 93024 BelgiumOnStage
Axelle Red - Le Monde tourne mal (Live)
Axelle Red & DLS-Band live @ 'De laatste show', Brussels
Views: 90033 BelgiumOnStage
Daan - Swedish Designer Drugs (live)
Daan live @ Marktrock on aug.2007 , Leuven , Belgium
Views: 115172 BelgiumOnStage
Arno - Les yeux de ma mère (Live)
Arno Hintjens live @ Fr3-TV-studios
Views: 254335 BelgiumOnStage
Ozark Henry - Vespertine (Live)
Ozark Henry live @ Tv-show 'de zevende dag' , Brussels 2 dec. 2007 OZARK HENRY is the pseudonym for singer, songwriter, arranger and producer PIET GODDAER. His musical talent got noticed when working for a theatre company. Without having earlier ambitions to make an album, Ozark Henry got signed in 1996 and released his first album the same year:"I'M SEEKING SOMETHING THAT HAS ALREADY FOUND ME". OZARK HENRY had his breakthrough in his home territory with his double platinum selling albums "BIRTHMARKS" and "THE SAILOR NOT THE SEA". This year Piet celebrates a decade Ozark Henry with the release of his fifth album "THE SOFT MACHINE". ALBUMS. 'I'm seeking something that has already found me' - Ozark henry (1996) 'this last warm solitude' - Ozark henry (1998) 'birthmarks' - Ozark henry (2001) 'the sailor not the sea' - Ozark henry (2004) 'the soft machine' - Ozark henry (2006) 'a decade ozark henry' - Ozark henry (2007)
Views: 67892 BelgiumOnStage
Zjef Vanuytsel - Stil In de Kempen (Live)
Zjef Vanuytsel Live @ 'De zevende dag' ,02-03-2008 , Brussel
Views: 43071 BelgiumOnStage
Vive la Féte - Maquillage (Live)
Vive la Féte live @ Marktrock , aug.2007 , Leuven , Belgium
Views: 61614 BelgiumOnStage
DLS-Band XL - Mister Blue Sky (Live) (fantastic!)
DLS-Band + Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire), Koen Buysse (Zornik) ea.. Live @ 'De Laatste Show', Brussel , 27-03-2008
Views: 28019 BelgiumOnStage
Axelle Red - Naïve (Live)
Axelle Red Live @ Marktrock , aug.2007 , Leuven , Belgium
Views: 23770 BelgiumOnStage
Arid - Words (unplugged)
Arid live @ TV-show 'de 7é dag', Brussels 13-01-2008
Views: 78616 BelgiumOnStage
Lies Lefever - 'Lied voor Sien Eggers' (Live)
Lies Lefever Live @ Music for life, 21-12-2009, Gent - Belgium
Views: 20575 BelgiumOnStage
Toots Thielemans in de Marollen
Toots Thielemans (86) and a friend (92) in hometown Brussels. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=iOOvJY42k8w
Views: 27570 BelgiumOnStage
Guido Belcanto - Madame Louise
Guido Belcanto [email protected]'de zevende dag', 5 oct. 2008, Brussel
Views: 20041 BelgiumOnStage
Arsenal - Lotuk (Live)
Arsenal live @ Rock Werchter, 03-07-2009, Werchter-Belgium
Views: 134862 BelgiumOnStage
Filip Kowlier -  De man van 31 (Live)
Filip Kowlier ('t Hof van Commerce) Live @ TV-show 'de zevende dag', Brussel 9 december 2007
Views: 24002 BelgiumOnStage
Buurman - pruimelaar (live)
Buurman Live @ TV-show 'de zevende dag', 10-05-2009, Brussels Belgium
Views: 35114 BelgiumOnStage
Zap Mama - Drifting (Live)
Zap Mama [email protected] Tv-show 'de zevende dag', 27-09-2009, Brussels - Belgium
Views: 92504 BelgiumOnStage
Ozark Henry - Godspeed (Live)
Ozak Henry Live @ TV-show 'De laatste show' , Brussel , 4 december '07.
Views: 44388 BelgiumOnStage
Novastar - Because (Live)
Novastar live @ 'de zevende dag', Brussels Belgium on 11 jan. 2009
Views: 33851 BelgiumOnStage
Bart Peeters - Andersomdag (Live)
Bart Peeters Live @ 'de zevende dag', 14 sept 2008 , Brussels
Views: 33372 BelgiumOnStage
Arno - Mother's Little Helper (Live)
Wederom een pareltje van Arno Hintjens
Views: 52885 BelgiumOnStage
Daan Live - The Player (Rare)
Daan Live , Brussel 31-12-2007
Views: 22138 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS -- The Real Sugar (Live)
dEUS live @ 0110 concert against racism on 1 oct.2006 , Antwerp , Belgium
Views: 15851 BelgiumOnStage
Sioen - No Conspiracy At All (Live)
Sioen live @ TV-show 'de zevende dag', Brussels , 11/11/2007
Views: 52355 BelgiumOnStage
dEUS -- Fell off the floor, man (Live )
dEUS live @ 0110 concert against racism on 1 oct.2006 , Antwerp , Belgium-
Views: 22070 BelgiumOnStage
Axelle Red - Rester femme
- 1997 , Rester Femme
Views: 77475 BelgiumOnStage
The Black Box Revelation - Gravity Blues (Live)
The Black Box Revelation Live @ Werchter 2008, Belgium.
Views: 99462 BelgiumOnStage
Zita Swoon - Thinking about you all the time (live)
Zita Swoon live @ Marktrock , aug.2007 , Leuven , Belgium .
Views: 75446 BelgiumOnStage
Arid - Words (Live)
Arid live @ Suikerrock 26-07-2008, Belgium
Views: 22352 BelgiumOnStage

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