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Porsche 911 Turbo (996) Tribute
Just a short video - Shame I sold the car before I managed to finish the film/ get some driving footage - however it has been by something more than adequate ;)
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Zodiac Medline blasting around Ria de Alvor
Just a short video of my Zodiac Medline 1 with a Suzuki 60 blasting around Ria de Alvor. Hitting about 33 knots at times.
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Drive in my Manual 6 Speed Ferrari F430 - Accelerations & Downshifts
Just a few clips of my 2006 F430 Manual!
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Zodiac Medline 1 RIB - Lagos Portugal - 35 Knots
Bombing around in a Zodiac Medline RIB in Lagos, Portugal with Yamaha 75HP.
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British Xylonite/Wardle Storeys/BX plastics/ICI - Abandoned Factory - Brantham - Urbex
Filmed in September 2011. History Of The British Xylonite Co. Ltd The following was taken from the National Archives Site The British Xylonite Company could justifiably claim to be the first British firm successfully to manufacture a plastic material in commercial quantities. Xylonite, better known by its American equivalent of 'celluloid', was invented by Alexander Parkes and first displayed in 1862 under the name of 'Parkesine'. Derived from the nitro-cellulose and collodion processes, it was initially used for making domestic articles in substitution for wood, horn, ivory or tortoise shell. Its subsequent development was closely associated with Hackney, being taken up by Daniel Spill, rubber manufacturer, in 1864 and later by the Xylonite Company at Hackney Wick and the 'Ivoride' Works at Homerton High Street. The founders of the British Xylonite Company, Levi Parsons Merriam and his son Charles, established in 1875 a small business to make combs, imitation jewellery etc. next door to the 'Ivoride' Works; the two works merged in 1879. The original site being small and unsuitable, it was decided in 1887 to buy land at Brantham on the Suffolk bank of the River Stour and erect a purpose-built factory; finished goods continued to be made at Homerton until 1897 when a new factory was built at Hale End near Walthamstow (its products going by the trade name of 'Halex') which also housed the head office. Other types of plastics were introduced, and in 1938 the British Xylonite Company became a holding company with three subsidiaries: B.X. Plastics making xylonite and lactoid; Halex Ltd. making finished goods, and Cascelloid Ltd. making toys and bottles at Leicester and Coalville. The Distillers Company took a half-interest in 1939 and bought the entire Group in 1961, but in 1963 it formed part of a new grouping called Bakelite Xylonite Ltd. established jointly with Union Carbide, and including plants at Birmingham, Aycliffe and Grangemouth. Several sales and mergers took place in the 1960s and 1970s, the most significant being the sale of the Brantham and Aycliffe sites in 1966 to British Industrial Plastics, a subsidiary of Turner and Newall Ltd., who were in turn purchased in 1977 by Storey Brothers of Lancaster, formerly a major commercial rival. The Brantham site operated under the name of Wardle Storeys and until recently manufactured limited quantities of xylonite using traditional processes and equipment. The company went into liquidation in January 2007.
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Toyota MR2 Turbo Popping Flames - Mongoose Exhaust/De-cat
MR2 turbo popping some huge flames after a nice little run
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EP3 Honda Civic Type R with Gruppe M induction kit
A Friend's EP3 Honda Civic Type R with Gruppe M induction kit
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Fiesta Zetec-S (Mk5) 2002 with K+N induction kit
My old Zetec S
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2017 Audi S4 Avant (354bhp) Acceleration & Exhaust Noise
2017 Audi S4 Avant (354bhp) acceleration - 3.0TFSI
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Oliver Cromwell 70013 Manningtree Station 09.09.08
Oliver cromwell steam train going through manningtree station at 18:42
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Mercedes C63 AMG Standard Exhaust Warm Startup & Revving
My C63 being started up and revved when warm.
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Honda CRX accelerating 16v JDM 0-60 in 7 Secs
My girlfriends Honda CRX 1.6 16v, NON VTEC mods : 4-2-1 manifold, mongoose backbox, induction kit, HID Xenon 6000k Kit and a heavy right foot!
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1972 Triumph TR6 Acceleration
1972 Triumph TR6 Acceleration
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Mazda MX6 Exhaust Popping Flames - Decat
MX6 Exhaust Popping Flames, De-cat with big bore muffler
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ZSOC Norwich Meet 3.3.07
ZSOC Meet Norwich 3.3.07
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Audi A4 2.0 FSI (B7) Turbo Standard Exhaust Popping!
Audi A4 2.0 Turbo Standard Exhaust Popping!
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Mazda MX6 Exhaust De-Cat
My MX6 exhaust, standard exhaust just a de-cat
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Owning an illegal DVD seller!
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Fiesta Zetec-S straight through exhaust
Greg's Fiesta Zetec-S straight through exhaust
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Toyota MR2 Turbo popping Flames de-cat
MR2 Turbo popping flames Mods: De-cat Mongoose Exhaust Induction Kit HKS SSQV Blow off valve
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Finch gets owned on ice
Finch gets owned!
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