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Bolton Town Centre 1992  Part One
Now see how it looks today ! Bolton Revisited. http://youtu.be/af7Uwyw61iY I can't believe it's 17 years since I filmed this! Look at the cars! Look at the clothes! Not a mobile phone to be seen! It's summer and not a single young woman's stomach on display! Take a stroll down memory lane back to 1992. John Major is Prime Minister. Bolton Wanderers have finished 13th in the Third Division but new manager Bruce Rioch is just about to arrive and goal scorers Andy Walker and John McGinlay help the team back up to the top. Leeds United just won the last football title before the Premiership started.Cigarette advertising is still allowed on street billboards. People seem to be in much more of a hurry - maybe it's cause they don't have the mobile phones! Enjoy.
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Farnworth 1992
It's the Summer of 1992. Here's Farnworth's library, Bolton Road and Market Street.
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Bolton 1988
Driving from The Haulgh to Breightmet... Fred Dibnah's house, Bury Road, Withins Lane.... 22 years ago !
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Ruwi, Oman 1991
So much quieter in the early 1990's - empty spaces where now there are buildings. Woodlands restaurant and The Sheraton Hotel are recognisable landmarks in the Central Business District of Ruwi.
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Hope Shifah : Surprise Your Loved One
In Hope's TV show we surprise one of Uganda's poorest families. Although they have nothing themselves they give Hope (pretending to be a beggar) food and water. We reward them with a week's supply of food. Then we go behind the scenes as she surprises another lady on Valentine's Day.
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Kuwait 1988  Fahaheel
A drive down the coastal road to Fahaheel June 1988, months before the Iraqi invasion changed history. See also - Fahaheel to Abu Halifa.
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Leicester City Centre 1999
February 15th 1999. Tony Blair is Prime Minister. Leicester City still play at Filbert Street. In two days the team will reach the final of the League Cup. Gary Lineker's family still have a fruit and vegetable stall at the outdoor market.
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Oman 1990: driving from Ruwi to Muttrah, Corniche and Suq
Here's the promised video of Oman back in 1990. Drive from Ruwi to Muttrah. The corniche and souq
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Oman 1990 Ruwi, Wadi Kabir
Oman 1990 A drive from Ruwi CBD to The Bustan Palace Hotel
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Kuwait 1988 Abu Halifa
A small coastal town in south eastern Kuwait unknowingly just months away from Saddam Hussein's infamous and terrifying invasion. See also "Kuwait 1988 Fahaheel"
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Bolton Town Centre  1992 Part Three
I discovered more video hidden away!. Here's Deansgate, Bradshawgate.....
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Oman 1991 - driving from Ruwi to Madinat Qaboos
How quiet was the traffic back then?! Driving from Ruwi to Darsait, Qurum, Shati Al Qurum along Al Inshirah Street to Madinat Qaboos. The InterContinental hotel stands almost alone in natural shrub land by the beach. Watch also Shati Al Qurum https://youtu.be/3iMw_bE28gU On the beach and the InterCon hotel
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Amsterdam in 1991
It only seems like the other day I filmed this but it's a long time ago now ! I take a look at how diamonds are cut and go inside the Hotel Krasnapolsky in Dam Square.
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Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) A taste of Burmese food
A taste of Burma - Yangon street food is everywhere, spicy, interesting. I make a random sample of some of the delights on offer. You might want to give the chicken anus a miss :)
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Getting the sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
12Go is an excellent company. They are totally honest and help you at every stage of the booking process. You could fly there in an hour for not much more money but the modern sleeper train is a wonderful experience - great value - and you get to see more of the lovely Northern Thailand countryside along the way. See how hard the train staff work converting the whole carriage into sleeper berths !
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Bolton Town Centre1992 Part Two
Here's the eagerly awaited second part of Bolton 1992. Wait for Farnworth - coming soon. Wow the excitement!
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Dubai in 1992
Wow ! Check this out. Back in the days when Dubai was Deira and not much else. I keep looking out for the skyscrapers and there aren't any.
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Kuwait 1988 Fahaheel to Abu Halifa
Driving back up the coast road, there's also film of a local shop at the end - gives an idea of the products available back then...
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Hope Shifah, Uganda's Rising Star
I spend a week in Uganda touring with the wonderful Hope Shifah Nakawombe. If you would like to donate to the orphanage kindly send to: PO Box 29639, Kampala, Uganda. Or contact at [email protected] Check out Hope's TV show on facebook: Wewunyise Omwagalwaawo Surprise your loved one
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Driving from Madinat Qaboos to Ruwi 1991 Oman
The roads were so quiet ! Especially on a Friday. The new parts of Muscat had yet to be built. I drive to Ruwi on a road cut through the mountains - a journey that had taken two days by donkey just a few years before.
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A white man in Africa (part two) - wining and dining in Kampala, Uganda
The street food comes right at you in Uganda ! I visit my friend's favourite fish restaurant in Kampala and then visit the Yasigi Beer Garden where we sample some of Uganda's finest home made ales.
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Paradise Island, Guimaras, Philippines (Part Two)
We buy fish from the local fisherman, stay at a beach resort and visit the nearby Eco Park
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In the audience of "It's Showtime" - the Philippines favorite TV show
If you're in Manila you might enjoy this hectic fast moving experience. As a member of the audience - right up close to the stage - you really feel you are a part of this action packed variety TV show. See Vice Ganda - openly gay comedian, Filipino-Australian Anne Curtis-Smith, Kuya Kim Atienza - the man with the hat ! and all the other stars of this much loved long running TV extravaganza.
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Songkran at Khaosan Road, Bangkok
Enjoy the fun ! Everybody getting wet, dancing, spraying, drinking, covered in chalky paste. There's nothing like Songkran. 13th to 15th of April every year marking Thailand's New Year.
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Muttrah souk, Oman 1991
Full of fascinating artifacts giving us a glimpse of Oman's history. Old silver coins, khanjars, knives..... and reminders of an age when Muttrah was an important trading and cultural gateway to Iran, India and the East.
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Muttrah fish market 1991, Oman
Hot, busy, fishy smelling fish souk. The fish is freshly caught just hours earlier. In 1991 it was the best place to buy fish in the Gulf. The Kingfish steaks (kanad) were delicious !
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Alaçatı (Alacati), Turkey
One of Turkey's most authentic towns. Lovely traditional stone houses, narrow streets, pretty street restaurants and old fashioned boutique hotels. Becoming increasingly popular with Turks and foreigners - get a taste of this beautiful Aegean town.
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Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) - tourist guide
Visiting Burma is much easier than it was even just a few years ago. The days of needing to take perfect dollar notes and nothing else are gone. Hope this guide gives you some ideas about what to do, what to expect. It's a fascinating place - but take care crossing the roads.
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Madinat Qaboos 1991 Oman
Long ago. The British School was just a Junior school, MQ was a quiet pretty park with two supermarkets. Hardly any cars around. National Training Institute was the biggest English Language school in Oman.
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A white man alone in Africa ! Downtown Kampala, Uganda
Through Kampala's crazy streets. I Sample Sudanese food for the first time in 30 years ! Beware the boda boda, my son! Uganda's got saucy Talent at the Chez Johnson Hotel. Bananas with goat intestines anyone?
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Oman's first airport: Bait Al Falaj old runway, 1991 Oman (& Honda Road, Ruwi High St )
Bait Al Falaj was Oman's first airport. At first nothing more than a dirt track, it was used from 1929 until 1973 when Seeb International Airport opened. In the 1960s Gulf Air started using the airport for DC3 aircraft. Takeoffs and landings were very dangerous due to the narrow landing strip and high mountains and hills around the airport area.
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Lorney goes up the Tallest Building in the World - Dubai's Burj Khalifa
From the quiet Philippine fishing village to Dubai's World's tallest Burj Khalifa tower. 125 floors up in just 77 seconds. You look out over the cityscape of Dubai with a mixture of fear and exhilaration. Go see it quick before Saudi Arabia builds one taller.
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Negombo, Sri Lanka: Mr Ascari's wonderful Guest House
If you visit Sri Lanka I highly recommend a stay here, just 30 minutes drive from the airport. Ascari's Sea View Cottage is a little treasure trove of fascinating curiosities ! And within hours he makes you feel so welcome you think you're part of the family :)
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Waiter school - Philippino style !  in Iloilo, Philippines
I join the Hotel and Restaurant Services class in Iloilo's Professional Electronic Institute. Then walk down the Esplanade and round off the day with an evening of video karaoke !
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Bo Sang Craft Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Next time you're in Chiang Mai this place is well worth a visit. Some beautiful stuff and fascinating watching the craftsmen and women at work. Wish i could afford the teak drinks cabinet !
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Cooking matoke in Uganda with Hope Shifah
A taste of Africa with Uganda's music sensation Hope Shifah and family. I discover that peeling green bananas is not as easy as it looks !
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Shati al Qurum 1991, Oman,  InterContinental Hotel
The beaches were clean and quiet. No crowds having barbecues and playing football. The Crowne Plaza was the Gulf Hotel. The road along the beach had not been built.
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Oman 1991: Tiwi, Turtles at Ras Al Hadd
Stopping at beautiful Tiwi, then on to see the amazing wildlife experience of egg laying turtles at Ras Al Hadd. Watch the baby turtles try to make it to the sea in the most dangerous journey of their lives !
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Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) - Train journey round Yangon
Closed from the rest of the world for more than 50 years, Burma is now opening up ! I take a trip on the British built circular line around Yangon and experience an ever changing show of different people and sights, both on and off the train. It's a real taste of Myanmar!
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Wangfujing Street - heart of Beijing City, China
Considered the central heart of the city, like Oxford Street in London, famous for shopping. In the Qing Dynasty the Princess built a residence here, soon after a well of sweet water was discovered, thus giving the street its name: "Wang Fu" (princely residence) "Jing" (well).
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Turkey: Crossing Dardanelles, Izmir, Asian Turkey
Across the narrow Dardanelles to Asian Turkey. On to Izmir (once called Smyrna) - what a Turkish Delight !
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Alone on a small small Philippine Island
I stay with Lorney on a tiny deserted island in Guimaras, Philippines. Sand, sea, sunshine, showers, starfish and stars. By the way I'm OLD OK. Get over it.
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The astonishing coconut man of Phuket
I felt sick with fear just watching him do this ! Sooooooo high up ! Holding on with just his bare hands and feet. Health and safety would have a fit !
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Bolton Revisited
21 years since i took the video of Bolton Town Centre 1992 I return and follow pretty much the same route. A lot has changed and sad to say much of it for the worse.
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Philippines village life: cooking menudo
A taste of Filipinos ! Simple life down in the village and Lorney shows us how to cook one of the Philippines' most famous dishes - pork menudo.
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Night Safari, Chiang Mai, Thailand
This is definitely the best zoo I've ever been to. Unlike most you get the chance to get up close with many of the creatures. See lions, tigers, panthers, jaguars - animals of the night come alive ! Then take a ride on the open tram and hand feed a giraffe ! Kids will love every minute.
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The Amazing Long Neck Ladies of Burma
Sadly this is a disappearing tribe - as its customs no longer fit in with our modern world. Originally a way of protecting the women from tigers in the jungle while the menfolk were away. Thanks for truly beautiful ambient music from the talented Chris Zabriskie and Nevada City by Huma-Huma. I Don't See the Branches, I See the Leaves by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/dtv/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/ For Martin
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Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) crumbling memories of the Empire
In downtown Yangon you soon come across ghosts of its colonial past. I look at memories of the British Empire, some still standing proud, others crumbling into oblivion.
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Paradise Island, Guimaras, Philippines - Paraisong Isla nang Guimaras
I travel with Lorney from Manila to Guimaras Island. Then experience life in the quiet fishing village where her family lives. ANG buhay sa Paraisong Isla nang Guimaras sa Pilipinas.
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Oman 1990 Oman TV
This is how the one Omani TV channel looked back in 1990. They were just celebrating 20 years of the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
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