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Hurricane Irma Aftermath In the Lower Florida Keys - 9/10/2017
Apocalyptic scene across Florida Keys following devastating storm surge across Big Pine, Bahia Honda, Marathon, Duck, Long, and Lower Matecumbe Keys. Shots of heaps of interlaced debris and destruction, destroyed US Highway 1, stranded boats, obliterated neighborhoods, and scattered vehicles and belongings. All footage shot during afternoon daylight on September 10, 2017 on/near Big Pine Key, Bahia Honda Key, Vaca Key including the town of Marathon, Duck Key, Long Key, and Lower Matecumbe Key by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer Shot List: 1-3. boats stranded on dry US Highway 1 after a significant storm surge swept them onto the highway in Big Pine Key 4 & 5. shots of huge interwoven mass of debris over US Highway 1 in Big Pine Key; Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer were forced to dig and move large areas of debris by hand to progress through the virtual obstacle course to continue moving through the Keys 6. shot of storm surge water and debris flowing over US Highway 1 in Big Pine Key as Hurricane Irma moves away from the Keys 7. shot of wrecked ship from huge storm surge and high winds of Hurricane Irma on Big Pine Key 8. shot of virtual obstacle course of debris on US Highway 1 near Big Pine Key; Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer moved trees and debris by hand to create a path of evacuation from the island 9. SUV wrecked against debarked vegetation following deadly storm surge and intense winds of Hurricane Irma on Big Pine Key 10. "Bahia Honda State Park" sign surrounded by damage on Bahia Honda Key; there was extensive damage to the state park making some areas nearly unrecognizable and impossible to navigate. Debris from park facilities, campground, and picnic areas were strewn with dead sea life and coral on US Highway 1 from a devastating storm surge. 11. shot of destroyed section of northbound US Highway 1 on Bahia Honda Key; Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer were forced to drive on a pedestrian foot path to navigate around the damaged road 12 & 13. shots of a destroyed SUV from a devastating storm surge on Bahia Honda Key; shows the raw power of a massive storm surge 14-16. various shots of dozens of trailers tossed and destroyed in a trailer park on Bahia Honda Key from powerful high winds 17. obliterated homes in Marathon FL (Vaca Key) from deadly storm surge 18 & 19. shots of roofless auto parts store in Marathon FL 20. homes, outbuildings and furniture scattered on and over US Highway 1 from massive storm surge on Duck Key FL 21. shed moved to opposite side of US Highway 1 from its original site by a powerful storm surge on Duck Key 22. expensive sports car destroyed and mixed with other storm surge debris on US Highway 1 on Long Key FL 23. limousine stranded and damaged in middle of US Highway 1 by devastating storm surge on Lower Matecumbe Key FL 25. House moved nearly a hundred meters from its original foundation across US Highway 1 by a powerful storm surge 26 & 27. SUV, trailer, and large meat smoker stranded and partially buried by deep sand deposits over US Highway 1 on Lower Matecumbe Key 28. front loader moves large deposits of sand from large storm surge on Lower Matecumbe Key 29. pushed-in shot of FIRST outside (the Keys) first responders attempting to go into the Keys. These trucks were followed by long trains of police, fire, and ambulance brigades on their way to help the middle and lower keys.
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Extreme Tornado Footage Wynnewood, OK with debris Flying In the Air - 5/9/2016
New video shows a strong tornado develop west of I-35 and west of Wynnewood, OK on Monday afternoon, May 09, 2016. Clips show tornado in various stages and particularly intense.
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11/10/2014 Duluth MN  Car's Crashing In the Winter Storm
The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ Amazing footage of the Winter Storm as it impacts Duluth, Minnesota causing dangerous road conditions, which resulted in multiple accidents in the area. Shot 1:Car slides down hill over curb and into light pole, breaking front bumper cover. Shot 2:Car slides down hill and hops curb Shot 3:Car slides down hill and hops curb Shot 4:Car slides down hill sideways Shot 5:Car slides down hill sideways Shot 6:Car struggles getting traction on steep hill Shot 7:Van slides down hill over curb and honks to warn drivers Shot 8:Car slides down hill and almost hits stop sign Shot 9:Car cant make climb up hill and turns around Shot 10:\"Winter Conditions Reduce Speed Use Caution\" on interstate signs Shot 11:Snow plow cleaning area streets Shot 12:Heavy snow obstructs view of the Aerial Lift Bridge Shot 13:Flags blowing in high winds Shot 14:Beautiful snow covered road To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com
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12/21/2013 Athens, OH Squall Line and High Winds B-Roll
A line of severe storms prompted a series of severe thunderstorm and a couple tornado warnings across Ohio late Saturday evening. Numerous reports of wind damage and minor flooding were reported from the line as it crossed the state of Ohio at speeds up to 60mph. Several reports of wind damage along I-70 north of Athens from the same line as it blasted through. Most of southern Ohio were under severe thunderstorm watches during the evening and overnight. Video package shot in the town of Athens, OH where a wind gust of 64mph was measured just in the neighboring town of Albany in the same county (Athens County) when the storms moved through. Scene 1: Initial shot of high winds/rain in parking lot lights then pan down to a rolling trashcan that hits items in the parking lot. Scene 2: High winds blowing trash cans around in a super market parking lot. Scene 3: A trash can sliding across the parking lot in the high winds. Scene 4: A trash bag flying around attached to an anchored trash can. Scene 5: Wide shot of parking lot during storm with trash cans down in the foreground. Scene 6: Shot of parking lot with rain blowing hard away from camera. Scene 7: High winds and heavy rains blow over parked cars. Scene 8: Shot of high winds blowing rain to the ground with trash cans down. Scene 9-10: Pair of shots of high winds/rain in street lights. Scene 11: High winds blowing rain at cars parking in parking lot. Scene 12-14: Shots of heavy rains and wind in lights. Scene 15: Shot looking through windshield at traffic lights bouncing in the wind. SID: Tony Laubach
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Stranded trucks in intense snow in Jefferson County, NY - 1/31/2019
Due to the intense lake effect snow, tractor trailers were routed off Interstate 81, and on to the side roads in Adams NY, and they quickly became stranded on the icy roads, as the town was buried under more than 2 feet of snow. Shot Description SHOT 1: Police struggle against white-out conditions while directing traffic in Adams, NY. SHOT 2: State Troopers discuss how to free a bunch of stranded tractor trailers in Adams, NY. SHOT 3: A plow passes by as police direct traffic in an intersection. SHOT 4: Panning shot of a line of stranded tractor trailers in Adams, NY. SHOT 5: A man uses a snow blower to clear more than 2 feet of snow. SHOT 6: A man clears off nearly 2 feet of snow from his truck. SHOT 7 & 8: Shot of cars buried in deep snow. SHOT 9, 10, 11, 12: People struggling to shovel deep snow in heavy snow & wind. SHOT 13: A large snow plow passes by. SHOT 14: True white-out conditions in a residential area of Adams, NY. SHOT 15: People shoveling have nowhere to put the snow because it is too high! SHOT 16: Shot of deep snow accumulation on a house. SID: Dave Lewison
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1/2/2014 Internatoinal Falls,MN 42 Below Zero Daylight B-Roll
The official low temperature in International Falls, MN was -42F or -41.11C at sunrise this morning in International Falls, MN. With the lack of any wind, the cold air has pooled over the area and trapped all of the exhaust gasses which has created smog. Clip 1 International Falls City Limits Sign. Clip 2 An outdoor thermometer showing -42F Clip 3 An outdoor thermometer a few miles south of the city showing the air temp of -45F Clip 4 Tight shot of the thermometer with the -45F air temp. Clip 5 International Falls Water Tower Clip 6 The welcome flags at the boarder entrance. Clip 7 Traffic on Main Street. Clip 8 The one and only person that was brave enough to be out walking along Main Street. Clip 9 Snow and Ice Crystals that built up on the tree on main street from the exhaust gases from the smog. Clip 10 Pan shot of the frost from the exhaust gases on the tree on main street. Clip 11 Traffic on Main Street Clip 12 Traffic on Main Street Clip 13 Traffic on Main Street Clip 14 International Falls Chamber Of Commerce building in the daylight with snow and ice on the roof. Clip 15 Welcome To Minnesota Sign. Clip 16 Exhaust Gases from the Boise Cascade Mill that were trapped by the temperature inversion. Clip 17 Tight shot of the exhaust gases. Clip 18 POV Driving shot of the smog from all of the exhaust gas from all of the furnaces, wood burning stoves, vehicles and business around the city. SID: Douglas Kiesling
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Category 5 Hurricane Michael  Slams Mexico Beach, FL - 10/10/2018
FL from powerful Hurricane Michael. Ground Zero for historic landfall. All footage shot in Mexico Beach FL on October 10, 2018 by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer Shot Description 1. whole tree and debris from houses flying past camera from intense eyewall winds in Mexico Beach FL 2-6. various shots of debris flying through air from devastating winds in Mexico Beach FL 7-13. various shots of catastrophic storm surge racing through Mexico Beach with intense destructive winds with debris flying through air and rushing in storm surge 14-26. various shots of catastrophic damage from powerful Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach FL SID: Simon Brewer Juston Drake
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6/17/2014 Coleridge, NE Extremely Massive Tornadoes
Footage of violent wedge tornado near Coleridge, NE & rope tornado near Hartington, NE. Intense tornado causing damage. All shots during daylight on afternoon/evening of June 17, 2014 near Coleridge, NE Shot List: 1. wide driving shot of violent multivortex tornado passing behind farm north of Coleridge, NE 2. wide driving shot of violent stovepipe shaped tornado passing north of Coleridge, NE 3. pushed-in shot of debris & tornado crossing road north of Coleridge, NE 4. wide shot of large debris-filled tornado crossing road north of Coleridge, NE 5. pushed-in shot of violent debris & side tornado motion pulling out to wedge tornado north of Coleridge, NE 6. wide shot of violent wedge tornado north of Coleridge, NE 7. wide shot of violent wedge tornado north of Coleridge, NE 8. wide shot of violent wedge tornado north of Coleridge, NE 9. wide shot of violent wedge tornado with colar cloud north of Coleridge, NE 10. pushed-in shot of rope tornado south of Hartington, NE
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6/16/2014 Wakefield Nebraska Twin Wedge Tornado B-Roll
The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ Two violent wedge tornadoes impact the area around Wakefield, NE. Shot 1: Twin tornadoes Shot 2: Tornado impacting a farm Shot 3: Tornado continues impacting farm Shot 4: Damage to farm with tornado in background Shot 5: Twin tornadoes in open field. Shot 6: Twin tornadoes rotate around each other Shot 7: Large tornado obscures a second tornado in open countryside To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com
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Yabucoa Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria CAT 5 At Landfall - 9/20/2017
CAT 4/5 eyewall winds from Hurricane Maria rip apart Yabucoa, Puerto Rico as eye makes landfall. Roofs ripped off, debris flying, lightning in the intense eyewall, Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer measure 926.6 mb minimum central pressure in eye of Maria. All footage shot during early and late morning darkness and daylight on September 20, 2017 in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer. Shot Description 1-9. Various shots of extremely high CAT 5 winds in eyewall blowing debris and causing destruction in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria makes landfall 10. shot of ROOF BLOWN OFF HOUSE in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico from high winds 11-14. various shots of extremely high CAT 5 winds in eyewall from landfalling Hurricane Maria causing destruction in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico 15. SHOT OF LIGHTNING in intense eyewall of landfalling CAT 5 Hurricane Maria in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico 16 & 17. shots of high CAT 5 eyewall winds from Hurricane Maria blowing debris in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico 18. shot of Barometer measuring 926.6 mb minimum central low pressure in eye of CAT 5 Hurricane Maria by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer 19 & 20. funnel clouds on edge of inner eyewall as backside of CAT 5 Hurricane Maria begins to pound downtown Yabucoa, Puerto Rico following passage of the calm eye 21-26. shots of blowing debris and destruction in downtown Yabucoa, Puerto Rico as backside eyewall of CAT 5 Hurricane Maria pounds city 27. pushed-in shot of ROOF ripped off building in downtown Yabucoa 28-33. shots of blowing debris and high winds ripping apart downtown Yabucoa 34. large window ripped from building from high eyewall winds in downtown Yabucoa, Puerto Rico Stringer: Simon Brewer & Juston Drake
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Colorado Springs, CO Severe Blizzard Conditions Close I-25 - 3/13/2019
Intense blizzard conditions shut down Colorado's I-25 Highway causing gridlock. The heavy snow and severe winds strand motorists Wed. March 13, 2019 from Denver to Colorado Springs for about six hours until they were able to turn traffic around to get off an exit. Shot Description 0:00 - Chaos of cars trying to exit the highway through the on ramp from Woodman Road. Cop yells at driver. 0:55 - Close ups of vehicles stuck in traffic with blizzard raging. 1:16 - Shots of wind and snow battering trees along the highway. 1:32 - Wide of line of cars in heavy snow and wind. 1:43 - Stopped car in the middle of the highway with heavy wind and snow. 1:54 - Large highway displays swaying in the severe wind. 2:08 - Close up of the same displays. 2:13 - Semi truck spinning tires on highway. 2:32 - Cars stuck in traffic with severe blizzard conditions. 2:40 - Photographer's update. 3:19 - Cars stopped in traffic on the highway with snow drifts building around them. 3:33 - Close up of cars with snow drifts. 3:42 - Strong wind and snow over a chaos of cars on the highway. 3:53 - Officer instructs cars to return to the Woodman Road on ramp to exit the highway to clear the road. SID: Trevor Cokley
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Wright County, MN Winter Storm Crashes and State Trooper in Ditch - 2/7/2019
Footage from the horrible road conditions in Wright County from Clearwater to Albertville with the bulk of the footage shot around Monticello, MN on Interstate 94. Roads are so bad that even the Minnesota State Troopers are getting stuck trying to respond to all the crashes. Shot Description Clip 1 Minnesota State Trooper trying to slow down traffic by blocking both lanes of Interstate 94 in Monticello, MN due to the numerous crashes about a mile in front of this location. Clip 2 V.O. Talking about the slick roads and how Interstate 94 is ice covered. Clip 3 Car almost looses control in front of the camera on I94. Clip 4 POV drive by shot of a State Trooper stuck in the ditch on I94. Clip 5-6 Footage of the state trooper and tow truck driver trying to dig our the squad car and then finally getting it unstuck and backing it out on to the interstate. Clip 7 Numerous wrecks on Interstate 94, one on the right then one on the left as the camera pans left. Clip 8 Roof Camera passing snow plow. Clip 9 Cars in the blowing snow and near whiteout conditions. Clip 10 Car crashed on the side of Interstate 94. Clip 11 SUV in the ditch. Clip 12 Passing snow plow pov. Clip 13 Pickup truck in the ditch. Clip 14 Crash on 94 with trooper blocking and truck and trailer in the ditch. Clip 15 POV Snow plow. Clip 16 - 17 Car in the ditch. Clip 18 Snow Plow. Clip 19 Driving on ice covered roads.
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Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm Crashes AM - 2/7/2019
A winter storm warning is now in effect for the Saint Cloud, MN metro area just to the northwest west of the Twin Cities Metro where already a half a foot of snow or just shy of 16CM has fallen since midnight. Shot Description Clip 1 Dash camera of near wreck right in front of me where I had to act quick to avoid the crash scene. Clip 2 Crash scene on Interstate 94 Clip 3 Shot of ruler in the snow with V.O. saying that just over six inches of snow has fallen since Midnight. Clip 4 Side shot passing snow plow on interstate 94. Clip 5 Snow plow on County Road 75. Clip 6 Passing one of the many spin outs on the side of the road on interstate 94. Clip 7 Driving past crash scene with trooper trying to walk in the snow. Clip 8 - 9 Snow plows on County Road 75.
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Extreme Hurricane Harvey Video from Aransas County, TX - 8/25/2017
INSANE video of buildings ripping apart, lightning flashes inside intense eyewall, image of stars and lightning-illuminated "stadium seating effect" eyewall from inside eye, powerlines sparking, high winds, storm surge flooding, damage from Rockport and Fulton, Texas. Category 4 Hurricane Harvey All footage shot during daylight and night darkness in/near Rockport and Fulton TX on August 25, 2017 by Meteorologists Simon Brewer and Juston Drake Shot Description 1 & 2. lightning flashes inside intense eyewall of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport TX 3-10. shots of buildings and debris getting ripped apart by intense Category 4 winds from Hurricane Harvey in Rockport TX 11. Stars and lightning illuminated "stadium seating effect" eyewall Photograph from middle of eye of CAT 4 Hurricane Harvey 12-22. damage and storm surge flooding in Rockport and Fulton TX inside calm eye of Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey 23. shot of high winds as Hurricane Harvey moves over Rockport TX 24. shot of blown-out back window from meteorologist/chaser Simon Brewer as debris and high winds hammer Rockport TX 25-29. shots of powerful electrical explosions and fire from powerlines snapping in Rockport TX
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Category 5 Mexico Beach, FL Eye Wall and Eye Of Hurricane Michael - 10/10/2018
Fast edit of Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, FL. Footage of 150+ MPH Winds and the eye of Hurricane Michael just west of Mexico Beach.
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Rice Lake, WI Extremely Thin Ice Truck Recovery From Rice Lake - 1/31/2017
Seriously People, stop driving on the ice in the upper Midwest, the ice is not safe with all the above average temperatures in the last few weeks!!! This video package shows the truck that went through ice into open water Friday night(01/27/2017) Being recovered this afternoon. Also a short interview with Britt, on what he was doing with the ice chucks while he was in the water. Shot Description Clip 1.The vehicle extraction equipment is ready to go. This time its has pontoons on the main frame. Clip 2-5. Come of the crew cutting the ice around the truck. Clip 6. Interview with Britt while he was in the water, explaining why they are pushing the ice chunks under the main ice sheet. Clip 7-8. The divers working on getting rid of the weak ice. Clip 9. The crew is moving the vehicle extraction equipment towards the water. Clip 10- 11. The crew pushing the extraction equipment into the water. Clip 12 -13.Some of the crew starting to recover the truck. Clip 14 -16. Divers pushing the equipment and truck while turning everything so the front of the truck is facing the good ice. Clip 17 - 22. Truck being recovered. Clip 23. The truck is on the ice. Clip 24. Truck is being towed toward the shore.
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Faribault, MN Winter Storm, Wrecks and Interstate 35 Shut Down - 4/10/2019
Powerful winter storm hit southern Minnesota this afternoon can has caused numerous crashes on the Interstate and side roads. Interstate 35 has been shut down for most of the afternoon from Faribault,MN to Medford, MN as dozens of accidents occurred over a very sort time frame. Footage shot on I35 and along the interstate on the frontage road and over passes showing the magnitude of the accidents in the heavy snow. Shot Description Various clips of driving in the heavy snow and the numerous wrecks SID: Doug Kiesling
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Adams, NY Lake Effect Deep Snows - 1/31/2019
Very heavy lake effect snow and blankets Jefferson County, NY with feet of snow and frigid temperatures. Shot Description Shot 1: A nervous motorist talks with a snow plow operator at the entrance ramp to I-81 near Adams, NY as very heavy lake effect snow falls. Shot 2: New York State Troopers help push a stuck motorist out of deep snow. Shots 3-6: Near white out conditions in Adams, NY as very heavy lake effect snow falls. Vehicles navigating low visibility conditions. Shot 7: A snow plow drives down the middle of the street in Adams, NY as the lake effect snow briefly lighten up in intensity. Shot 8: A NY State Trooper vehicle navigates his way back into the driveway of their headquarters in Adams, NY Shot 9: Vehicles navigate near whiteout conditions near Adams, NY. Shot 10: A man snow plows a fast food restaurants parking lot as the snow briefly lightens up in intensity. Shots 11-12: A person shovels multiple feet of snow on Main Street in Adams, NY. Shot 13: A tractors hauls snow out of a parking lot in Adams, NY Shots 14-15: Motorists clear snow off of their vehicles in Adams, NY. SID: Scott McPartland
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Mannsville, NY Lake Effect Winter Storm Whiteout Conditions - 1/31/2019
A streamer of very heavy lake effect snow dumped several feet of snow on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. Intense snow and frequent white-out conditions affected the I-81 corridor, near the town of Mannsville NY, causing vehicles to become stuck during the blinding snow. Shot Description SHOT 1: Shot of a person walking their dog as a snow plow comes up behind them SHOT 2 & 3: Passing shot of a vehicle stuck in a ditch with police helping on I-81. SHOT 4: Passing shot of an 18-wheeler stuck on the side of the road in blinding snow. SHOT 5: A driver standing beside his stranded vehicle on the side of the road in heavy snow. SHOT 6: A person digging out from a 5-ft snow bank. SHOT 7: A person trying to shovel the sidewalk in heavy snow. SHOT 8: A person using a snowblower to clear off a sidewalk. SHOT 9, 10, 11: Driving on I-81 during white-out conditions. SHOT 12: Huge icicles hang on a house in Mannsville, NY. SHOT 13: Passing shot of heavy snow accumulations in Mannsville, NY. SHOT 14: An old building on the corner during heavy snow in downtown Mannsville, NY. SHOT 15: Traffic moving slowly past during heavy snow. SID: Dave Lewison
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Category 5 Mexico Beach, FL Massive devastation from Hurricane Michael - 10/10/2018
Footage showing the major aftermath and devastation at Ground Zero for Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, FL. Whole Neighborhoods have been wiped out to EF5 like damage where only the concrete slabs remain with Debris EVERYWHERE. Lots of clips, including collapsed buildings, remains of a home floating down the creek as the reverse storm surge pushes back out to sea and just total devastation. Shot Description Clip 1 Pavement ripped up from the wind and surge heading into Mexico Beach from the west. Clip 2 Massive debris floating in the surge and what is remaining of what looks to be a house floating away down the creek. Clip 3 Interview with injured survivors that rode out the storm and their home collapsed and was destroyed with them in it. Clip 4 Huge debris piles blocking Highway 98. Clip 5 Sheet Metal wrapped around a tree. Clip 6 Destroyed Boats and Debris. Clip 7 Driving in shot of all the debris and damage. Clip 8 Extreme damage all over. Clip 9 Huge Boats washed up on shore. Clip 10 Destroyed boats and debris. Clip 11 Destroyed Boats Clip 12 Destroyed Boat Clip 13 Surge flowing back out from the land into the creek Clip 14 - 15 Destroyed collapsed building Clip 16 Neighborhood wiped out and destroyed with only debris remaining Clip 17 Massive debris and a boat wedged into a house. Clip 18 Piles of debris Clip 19 Pull back shot of what was a neighborhood is now destroyed and just debris. Clip 20 Debris blocking Highway 98 Clip 21 Debris of a Yamaha Sign Clip 22 A Neighborhood Wiped Out Clip 23-24 Only concrete pads and debris remains of this Neighborhood. Looks like Ef5 Damage. Clip 25-26 Concrete slab is all that remains of a home Clip 27-30 More concrete slabs where a home once stood Clip 31 The wind is pushing the fan but this is all that remains of someones home. Pull back shot of a Air Conditioner Unit. Clip 32 More destroyed homes Clip 33 - 34 Boat covered in debris in the water and upended Clip 35 Massive piles of debris blocking Highway 98 Clip 36 More debris piled up on Highway 98 Clip 37 Debris and a boat blocking Highway 98 Clip 38 A slot machine reading 777 but not their lucky day. Clip 39 More debris over Highway 98 Clip 40 More damage Clip 41 Debris and boat blocking Highway 98 Clip 42 Destroyed building for a gift shop and pottery shop Clip 43 Another street with very few structures left remaining Clip 44 Destroyed boats and cars next to a condo building Clip 45 Jeep with someones roof on its hood. Shot at sunset so color is off Clip 46 And last, what remains of the University of Florida Hurricane Probe that was blown over and destroyed by the wind on Highway 98 SID: Doug Kiesling
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Richmond, VA Powerful Winter Storm - 12/9/2018
Footage of tree snapping and falling on another tree blocking I-85 near Richmond VA from heavy wet snow and freezing rain. Dangerous situation in Richmond VA area with widespread trees and tree branches snapping under combined weight of heavy wet snow and freezing rain. Vehicle accidents and traffic jams across entire Richmond Metro area. All footage shot during Evening darkness and daylight in/near Richmond VA on December 9, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1 & 2. shots of large tree blocking Interstate 85 (I-85) snapped from heavy weight of wet snow and freezing rain near Richmond VA. 3 & 4. shots of tree snapping and falling on tree almost hitting people trying to clear tree blocking I-85 5-8. various shots of another large tree blocking I-85 causing massive traffic jam near Richmond VA and snow plow trying to smash and move the tree 9. POV driving shot passing large tree on I-85 near Richmond VA 10 & 11. POV driving shots of large trees bending over I-85 under combined weight of heavy wet snow and freezing rain in Richmond VA 12-22. various shots of vehicles wrecked and/or stranded in deep snow-covered I-95 in Richmond VA 23. pushed-in shot of people dragging luggage through snow to get to hotel after major traffic jams from terrible winter storm in Richmond VA 24-26. various shots of snow plows trying to clear highways around Richmond VA SID: Simon Brewer
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Bowie, TX  Massive Three Inch Hail Storm - 4/11/2016
A tornado-warned storm hammered Bowie, TX destroying vehicles at a gas station off US-287. Hail measured at 3-inches came down like rockets while people huddled under the gas station. Wind-driven hail blew out windows in nearly a dozen different vehicles at this location. Scene 1: Baseball and bigger hail rockets into the ground splashing water in the parking lot. Scene 2: Panning shot of parking lot to a vehicle as the windows are being smashed out. Scene 3: Wide shot of hail falling showing the moment the windows in the blue SUV get blasted out. Scene 4: Shots of two vehicles with busted windows during the storm. Scene 5: Shot of hail falling on the ground Scene 6-7: Shot of gold vehicle covered in leaves with back windshield completely smashed out. Scene 8: Shot of blue car as hail comes down, windshield smashed. Scene 9: Shot of another SUV with busted windows. Scene 10-11: Shot after storm of scene 9 SUV back windshield and front windshield. Scene 12: White car with smashed front glass. Scene 13-14: Woman taping trash bag to her back windshield that was smashed out in hail. Scene 15-16: Shots of hailstones in hand and measured against baseballs.
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2/12/2014 Raleigh, NC Snow Storm & Wrecks
The road's in Raleigh today were so treacherous to drive on, our photographer did not even have to leave his front porch to witness several vehicle crashes and even a semi truck sliding backwards on the road in front of his home. Clip 1 The driver locks up their breaks and slides into another car. Clip 2 Someone walking on the street and falls down. Clip 3 Vehicle pulls out into the road and smashed into the curb on the other side of the street. Clip 4 Vehicle tries to turn into a parking area and slides into the side of the road and curb and barely stops before hitting the fence. Clip 5 The weather is so bad, even the dog wont leave the porch. Clip 6 Pickup truck spinning its wheels and can't get up the little hill. Clip 7 Another pickup truck slides down the hill with the front tires locked up and wheels turned but misses hitting any cars and bounces off the curb. Clip 8 Cars stuck in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Clip 9 Car sliding down the road with its breaks locked up. Clip 10 Silver car spinning its wheels and going nowhere Clip 11 Pickup truck stuck in the road. Clip 12 SUV spinning its wheels and not moving. Clip 13 14 Several cars and vans stopped in the road and not moving with people walking around. Clip 15 Semi truck sliding backwards down the small hill towards another car but the car moves out of the way before getting hit. SID: Matt Robinson To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com
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3/15/2014 Sturgeon Bay, WI Lake Michigan Ice Breaking Operation
Tug Manitou breaking ice along side the SS Wilfred Sykes - 3 Tugs leading the Sykes up the track to the turning basin near Sherwood Pt - Tug Jimmy L passing the Sykes with Ice Fisherman and shanties near the ships track - USCG airboat warning fisherman and patrolling - Tug Mary Page Hannah trying to relieve pressure of the ice field to allow the Sykes to continue and the video pans back to the stern and 2 people that are standing next to the ice track in the distance - 2 shots of motorcycles racing on the ice near downtown Sturgeon Bay - 3 tugs breaking ice ahead of the Sykes. To license this footage, visit http://www.StormChasingVideo.com
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Canton, TX Violent Wedge Tornado - 4/29/2017
Violent wedge tornado from south of Canton, Texas and crossing I-20 Shot Description 1). Tornado developing and crossing Highway 19. 2). Wedge tornado shots passing through power-lines at close range (1/2 to 3/4 mile away)! 3). Tornado widening and moving NE. 4). Power pylons destroyed. 5). I-20 with tornado moving north of the interstate.
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Grantsburg, WI Yukon Recovery The Broke Through Ice - 1/7/2018
This video package shows a Yukon being recovered from Wood Lake. By Grantsburg WI. The Yukon went through the ice about two weeks ago. The Yukon was in about 28 feet of water from what one diver was telling me. The Yukon was sitting vertical in the water at the bottom of the lake. SID: Dirk Miller
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Insane video of Pickup Truck swept away Columbia SC Floods and rescue - 10/4/2015
New footage of the insane flooding happening in Columbia, SC as the driver of this pickup truck drives into the flooded waters and is swept away. Footage continues as someone goes out the help the driver as the truck is pinned up against a tree. Footage ends with the water rescue by EMS personnel. Shot 1 shows a truck driving through flooded roads with moving water Shot 2 shows the truck being swept away in the current Shot 3 shows rescuers making 1 rescue of a good samaratin who swam out to the truck Shot 4 shows the first person (driver) being brought onto shore Shot 5 shows a good samaratin who tried to swim out to help, hanging for dear life in trees Shot 6 shows a good samaratin kicking out the windows of the truck to get the driver out Shot 7 shows the driver coming out of the vehicle
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1/4/2003 Cars Spinning Out In Freezing Rain Video.
1/4/2003 Cars Spinning Out In Freezing Rain Video. Incredible video of cars spinning out on iced over roads in freezing rain. Video used in several programs by The Weather Channel. Cars spinning out video and cars crashing video. Catalog #: 01042003a Screen Format: 4:3 Video Format: Standard Definition License Type: Rights Managed To license this footage, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com
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Watertown to Copenhagen, NY intense lake effect snow - 1/5/2017
Intense Lake Effect snows created blizzard conditions off Lake Ontario, near the towns of Watertown and Copenhagen NY during the late afternoon on Thursday January 5th. Snow accumulations, people walking in blizzard conditions, snow clearing efforts, wind-driven snow. Shot Description SHOT 1: Video showing the depth of the snow and a person with a snowblower for scale. SHOT 2: A person with a snowblower clears more than 2ft of snow off his driveway. SHOT 3: Whiteout conditions in downtown Watertown NY. SHOT 4: A person struggling to cross the street in heavy snow & wind in Watertown NY. SHOT 5: Intense snow & wind on the high elevations of the Tug Hill Plateau SHOT 6: Scene showing nearly 4 feet of snow accumulation. SHOT 7: A snow plow leads a line of cars along a treacherous stretch of road. SHOT 8: A statue in downtown Watertown NY getting coated in snow. SHOT 9: A man with a snowblower clears a sidewalk in Watertown NY. SHOT 10: Close-up shot of a snow plow clearing the streets of downtown Watertown NY. SHOT 11: Roll-by shot of people clearing their homes of more than 2 feet of snow. SHOT 12: Panning shot of windblown snow on the high elevations of the Tug Hill Plateau. SHOT 13: A stop sign is nearly completely buried by snow drifts. SHOT 14: A man shovels the sidewalk in Watertown NY. SHOT 15: Two people walking in the snow in Watertown NY. SHOT 16: A man with a snowblower clears a sidewalk in Watertown NY.
Views: 47548 StormChasingVideo
10/5/2013 Wall SD Blizzard Daylight
The powerful winter storm system was continuing to slam into Central South Dakota and the town of Wall, SD. Footage shot this morning at the height of the blizzard with wind gusts up to 59 miles per hour and blinding snow, conditions on the roads were impassible. Clip 1 Dash camera footage trying to drive out of the hotel parking lot and was stopped by a three foot high snow drift. Clip 2 Standing in front of a eight foot high snow drift. Clip 3 Major snow drifts covering the cars in the hotel parking lot. Clip 4 American Flag blowing in the 50 mph winds. Clip 5 Someone out walking in the blizzard Clip 6 - 7 Semi Trucks parked and waiting out the weather. Clip 8 - 9 Someone checking on the trucks and walking in the blizzard. Clip 10 - 11 Blowing snow blowing over a massive snow drift. Clip 12 The road to Interstate 90 totally covered by 6-12 feet of snow. Clip 13 Standing on top of a snow drift looking under the overpass with massive snow drifts blocking the road. Clip 14 Westbound entrance to Interstate 90 closed off. Clip 15 Store closed down and cut off due to the snow drifts. Clip 16 Someone out walking with massive snow drifts in the foreground. Clip 17 The only way to get around is to walk to the only store that was open. Exxon opened up so stranded travelers could buy food and survival supplies. Clip 18 Stop sign covered in snow and ice. Clip 19 High winds during the over night blew this sign over. Clip 20 Someone did not check the forecast and was stranded when they could not ride their motorcycle home. SID: Douglas Kiesling
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Ice Tsunami, Hamburg, NY Ice Flood from huge cyclone - 2/25/2019
Giant 'Ice Tsunami' or 'Ice Flood' hits Hamburg NY as extremely high winds near 70 mph push huge sheets of ice and water into the shoreline of Lake Erie. The ice buckles and piles-up pushing into neighborhoods in Hamburg NY. Voluntary evacuations ordered for this neighborhood as huge wall of ice is pushed into properties. Tens of thousands of people without power from damaging winds. Vehicles stranded from blizzard conditions. All footage shot in/near Hamburg (including Buffalo area) NY during morning of February 25, 2019 by meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1-9. various shots of a massive wall of ice up to 30 feet high in spots flooding into Hamburg NY neighborhood and restaurant with voluntary evacuation orders in place. 10. pushed-in shot of massive ice sheet in with Buffalo NY skyline in background from Hamburg NY coast on Lake Erie 11. damaged marina flooded with huge chunks of ice in Niagara River in Buffalo NY from 'ice tsunami' 12. high wind damage to marina with ice flood in background along Niagara River in Buffalo NY 13-17. various shots of ice flooded marina and surge flooded Niagara River in Buffalo NY 18-21. various shots of SUV/truck stranded in ditch after losing control on snow-covered highway in blizzard conditions near Hamburg NY 22. traffic in blizzard conditions on snow-covered highway in Hamburg NY 22 & 23. snow plows trying to clear highways with blizzard conditions in Hamburg NY 24-26. various shots of traffic in blizzard conditions on highway in Hamburg NY 27 & 28. traffic lights swinging from very high winds near Hamburg NY SID: Simon Brewer
Views: 159614 StormChasingVideo
Massive Power Flashes as Hurricane Matthew Hits Brevard County - 10/6/2016
As Hurricane Matthew moves closer to the east coast of Florida, the high winds are already knocking out power to the area. Video with extremely up close power flashes. Shot Description Clip 1 Pov driving and power flash right in front of the camera. Clip 2 -3 Multiple Power Flashes right next to the camera Clip 4 Police patrolling A1A, very heavy police coverage of the whole area. Clip 5 Street light ready to break Clip 6 POV Driving Clip 7 POV Driving and police in front patrolling the area. Clip 8 Debris Clip 9 - 10 FPL out clearing downed power lines. Clip 11 Stop sign blowing in the wind. Clip 12-13 Blowing sand at the beach. Clip 14 People out checking out the beach right before sunset Clip 15 -16 Waves.
Views: 27790 StormChasingVideo
Jefferson County, NY Blizzard Whiteout - 1/31/2019
Intense lake effect snow causes treacherous travel and whiteout conditions as several feet of snow fall on Jefferson County, NY Shot Description Shot 1: A man struggles to walk in waist deep snow in Jefferson County, NY Shot 2: A vehicle spins it's tires as it struggles to make it up a hill near Adams Center, NY. Shots 3-4: People brave near whiteout conditions as they snow blow their driveways. Shot 5: A vehicle navigates deep snow on a local road in Jefferson County, NY Shots 6-7: Workers at a local car dealership clear deep snow off of vehicles in their parking lot near Adams, NY. Shots 8-9: Traffic on a local road navigate in whiteout conditions. Shot 10: Shot of a residential home in Jefferson County, NY as very heavy lake effect snow falls. SID: Scott McPartland
Views: 8225 StormChasingVideo
New York City, NY Winter Storm 11/15/2018
Much more snow than expected falls on the NYC Metro from the first significant winter storm of the season. Shot Description Shots 1-5: People out and about in heavy snow on Main Street in Flushing, NY (Queens County) Shot 6: Traffic on the Long Island Expressway is at a stand still as heavy snow falls. Shot 7: People line up at a bus stop in Flushing as heavy snow continues to fall during the evening rush hour. Shot 8: People walk by and enter the subway station in Rego Park, NY. Shots 9-11: People out and about in heavy snow in Flushing, NY after sundown. Shot 12: A bicycle covered in snow is chained to a fire hydrant. Shots 13-15: Snow continues to fall after sundown on a residential street in Queens, NY. Shots 16-17: Car dash POV of heavy traffic on the Long Island Expressway in Queens, NY as snow continues to fall. SID: Scott McPartland
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5/24/2011 Canton, OK Violent Tornado Up Close And Personal.
Amazing close up footage of the Canton, Oklahoma tornado shot by TWISTEX researchers and BNVN Weather Paparazzi'sTony Laubach and Ed Grubb. Video contains life cycle of the Canton tornado including some close up multi-vortex action. Various shots as tornado narrowly misses a casino north of town and moves out over Canton Lake where it turns almost white. Good, close-up footage of the tornado as it violently moved to the lake tearing up trees as it went along. Final couple shots of Fairview tornado. To license this footage, contact http://www.stormchasingvideo.com SID: Tony Laubach
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Buffalo, NY Intense Blizzard Whiteout Lake Effect Snow Band - 1/30/2019
Car and Truck collide yards in front of camera during whiteout conditions! Blizzard conditions in Buffalo NY from extremely intense lake effect snow band! Record cold arctic air moving over a much warmer Lake Erie is feeding most intense lake effect snow band in years over Buffalo. Dangerous blizzard-whiteout conditions: accidents, vehicles in ditches, extreme cold, and high winds. Also amazing Time lapse of lake effect snow band feeding over Buffalo during early morning hours! Video ends with an amazing shot of the lake effect snow coming in off the lake from the side of the band under blue sky. All footage shot in/near Buffalo NY during morning daylight hours on January 30, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1 & 2. Incredible timelapse of lake effect snow band feeding off Lake Erie and dumping high amounts of snow on Buffalo NY 3. Vehicles pass, then complete whiteout, and loud "CRASH" on camera (at about 30 secs into clip) then visibility gets slightly better and a truck and car are smashed into each other only yards in front of camera 4-12. various shots of accident scene: police arrive, ambulance arrives, driver with neck injury loaded into ambulance, police putting out road flares, with periodic whiteout conditions 13-15. police stop to assist car stranded in deep snow with heavy snow falling and blowing, very low visibility 16 & 17. shots of snowplows attempting to clear snow in Buffalo NY 18 & 19. traffic jam from stranded vehicle with police assistance on I-90 in Buffalo NY 20. high winds and blowing and falling snow with bending grass in Buffalo NY 21. "1 degree F" temperature reading during blizzard conditions in Buffalo NY 22. As the sun comes out, just to the edge of the LES or Lake Effect Snow band you can see a perfect text book example of the snow band coming off the lake. SID: Simon Brewer
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Freighters frozen on Lake Michigan, Ice Breaking and Mackinac Bridge - 3/25/2019
Ice Breaking Operations involving the United States Coast Guard and vessels from the Great Lakes Merchant Fleet on Northern Lake Michigan in the Straits of Mackinac. All freighters in the area were beset or stuck for at least 24 hours until ice breaking operations could get underway. Video ends with footage of the ship underway and transiting under the Mackinac Bridge and sailing by Mackinac Island, MI. Shot Description 1) Cutter Katmai Bay breaking ice ahead of Paul R Tregurtha (largest ship on Great Lakes). 2) Katmai Bay bubbler system assisting it through ice. 3) Katmai Bay approaching PRT to assist freeing it from ice pack. 4) Same but wider angle. 5) Same but tighter shot. 6) Katmai Bay bubbler system assisting it through ice. 7) PRT plowing through ice. 8) USCG Katmai Bay passing our bow in heavy ice. 9) Zoom in of Katmai Bay bubbler system assisting it through ice. 10) Katmai Bay leading into the track. 11) Bow plowing throough ice field. 12) Looking back toward stern and then panning ice field. 13) Looking over bow toward path through ice field. 14-18) Various Clips sailing under the Mackinac Bridge in ice. 19) Mackinac Island views SID: Eric Treece
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Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip & Slide Winter Weather - Part 1
The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ Compilation edit of ridiculous Car Crashes and winter weather "Slip and Slide" on the roads by Professional Videographer, Doug Kiesling Footage of numerous car crashes, spin outs, stuck cars, and even some guy falling on Nicollet Mall. As far as we know, nobody was killed in any of the accidents in the crashes in this video. But A LOT of ego's were probably bruised :-) All footage shot while working freelance for various television news networks. *** Update *** We have posted Part 2 of this video on line at https://youtu.be/XavVVS1IYyY Contact StormChasingVideo.com to license the clips in this video. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/
Views: 12604963 StormChasingVideo
Cape Canaveral FL Storm Surge, Power flashes & Wind Damage - 10/7/2016
Footage of electrical powerline explosions, hurricane-force wind blowing trees and neighborhoods, wind damage, and storm surge from Hurricane Matthew. All footage shot during early morning hours (daylight and darkness) in/near Cape Canaveral, FL on October 7, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer. Shot Description Shot List: 1-3. Various shots of hurricane force winds blasting trees and houses in Cape Canaveral, FL 4. 5-13. Various close shots of electrical explosions, also called powerflashes, from high winds in Cape Canaveral 14. wide shot looking into rain blowing at photographer by high winds 15. wide shot of trees blowing in highwinds 16. powerline blowing in wind with dark clouds racing overhead 17. shot of palm tree downed by high winds across and blocking road 18-20. Various shots of waves and storm surge coming from Bay into Cape Canaveral 21-24. Various shots of damaged roofs from high winds 25. highway sign on highway blown over by high winds 26-29. Various shots of high winds hammering Cape Canaveral 30. shot of storm surge rising in bay behind Cape Canaveral 31 & 32. Shots of high winds blowing palm trees
Views: 37482 StormChasingVideo
South Hill, VA Winter Storm - 12/9/2018
Powerful winter storm slams southern Virginia with heavy snow over a foot deep expected is causing dangerous driving conditions and power outages. Footage of wrecked vehicles on highway, heavy snow falling and accumulating on South Hill, VA. All footage shot during morning daylight on December 9, 2018 in/near South Hill, VA by meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1-3. various shots of a wrecked and stranded car with driver on Interstate 85 (I-85) after sliding on snow-covered highway into guard rail near South Hill, VA 4-7. various shots of emergency crews, including firefighters assisting a car smashed into a tree after sliding off snow-covered I-85 near South Hill VA 8. pushed-in shot of ambulance driving in heavy snow on snow-covered road in downtown South Hill VA 9. pushed-in shot of pedestrians running in and out of local store to grab last minute supplies as heavy snow falls in South Hill VA 10. pushed-in shot of man walking with shovel with heavy snow falling in South Hill VA 11 & 12. various shots of snow plows clearing snow-covered roads with heavy snow falling in South Hill VA 13. pushed-in shot of traffic driving through heavy falling snow on snow-covered roads in South Hill VA 14. POV driving shot passing a snowplow on side of I-85 near South Hill VA 15-18. various shots of heavy snow falling and accumulating over a neighborhood in South Hill VA 19 & 20. pushed-in shots of heavy snow falling and accumulating on semi-trucks in South Hill VA 21. shot of snow-covered car on snow-covered street in South Hill VA 22. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling in front of trees in South Hill VA 22-27. various POV driving shots of traffic in heavy falling snow on snow-covered dangerous I-85 in South Hill VA SID: Simon Brewer
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Rockport, TX After Hurricane Harvey Showing What Happened - 8/26/2017
Damage, debris, storm surge and flooding aftermath in Rockport TX after Category 4 Hurricane Harvey pounded city and surrounding areas. All footage shot in/near Rockport TX during morning of August 26, 2017 by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer Shot Description 1 & 2. shots of snapped palm tree from severe high winds in Rockport TX 3. shot of bent Rockport TX sign 4-6. shots of the heavily damaged Americas Best Value Inn hotel in Rockport TX 7 & 8. shots of damage brick wall from grocery store in Rockport TX 9. pushed-in shot of damaged neighborhood and bent utility poles in Rockport TX 10 & 11. shots of car partially underwater and damaged neighborhood in Rockport TX 12-17. shots of destroyed buildings and homes and flooded neighborhoods in Rockport TX 18. shot of gas station roof on highway in Rockport TX 19. shot of huge trees and debris in road in Rockport TX 20. shot of camper thrown from nearby store in middle of intersection in Rockport TX 21. shot of flooded highway with vehicles driving through in Rockport TX 22. driving shot of vehicles driving through flooded roads in Rockport TX 23 & 24. shots of heavily damage and flooded mobile home/trailer/RV park near Rockport TX 25-27. shots of loose cattle around Highway 35 with police car near Rockport TX
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Glens Falls, NY Winter Storm Extremely Deep Snow - 1/20/2019
18 inches of deep snow buries Glens Falls NY! Major Winter storm hammers Upstate New York with WHITEOUT conditions, a foot and a half of snow and frigid temperatures. Dangerous icy and snow-covered roads caused numerous accidents. All footage shot in/near Glens Falls NY during morning daylight and early predawn darkness on January 20, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1-3. cars buried under 18 inches of deep snow with creative sock coverings for wiper blades in Glens Falls NY 4. mailbox nearly buried under very deep snow in Glens Falls NY 5-7. man tries to clear over a foot and half of deep snow from driveway with snowblower in Glens Falls NY 8-10. various shots of multiple vehicles buried and trapped under deep snow in Glens Falls NY 11 & 12. driving passing shots of buried neighborhoods (homes and vehicles) in Glens Falls NY 13. pushed-in shot of traffic on icy and snow-covered I-87 with heavy snow falling and low visibility in Glens Falls NY 14 & 15. truck stranded in deep snow in ditch on I-87 with police assistance after sliding off ice-covered roadway in Glens Falls NY 16. pedestrian walking in street because nearly 2 feet of snow buried sidewalk in Glens Falls NY 17. WHITEOUT CONDITIONS with traffic on snow-covered I-87 in Glens Falls NY 18-20. various shots of snow plows clearing deep snow in Glens Falls NY 21 & 22. POV driving shots of traffic on snow-covered I-87 with heavy snow falling and low visibility in Glens Falls NY 23. predawn electronic highway sign warning of winter storm near Glens Falls NY 24-28. predawn snowplows attempt to clear snow and ice from I-87 near Glens Falls NY SID: Simon Brewer
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Incredible Blizzard Time Lapse & heavy blowing snow from Lagrange, NY - 3/14/2017
Several full-storm timelapse sequences from Lagrange NY, which received 16-18" of snow. Also, shots of wind-blown snow while traveling, stuck vehicles and people using snow blowers. Shot Description SHOT 1: Timelapse of snow piling up on a vehicle. SHOT 2: Timelapse of snow piling up on a deck with furniture. SHOT 3: Timelapse of snow piling up on patio furniture. SHOT 4: Intense wind-blown snow envelops the road, leading to whiteout conditions while driving. SHOT 5: A snow plow truck stuck on the side of the road. SHOT 6 & 7: A person clearing a path through 18" snow with a snow blower during blizzard conditions. SHOT 8 & 9: Wide and tight shots following a snow plow truck. SHOT 10: Driving over the Mid-Hudson Bridge during blizzard conditions. SHOT 11: Cars buried under 18" of snow.
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9/12/2013 Estes Park, CO Big Thompson River Rescue
The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ Massive Flooding At The Big Thompson River In Estes Park, CO. Clip 1 Raging flood water rush past a home where a resident is on the deck that is above cars that have been tossed around in the flash flooding. Clip 2 Flood waters washing out the bridge at Rock Canyon Road and Highway 34 as additional flood water flow across highway 34. Clip 3 Rescue crews setting up for a rope line rescue to get people out of their flooded homes. Clip 4 Rescue crews bringing a person over the raging flood waters. SID: Justin King
Views: 345996 StormChasingVideo
1/27/2015 Boston, MA Morning Blizzard  & Heavy Snow B-Roll
Shot 1: Heavy snow with cars drifted under heavy snow Shot 2: Brief snow-nado then heavy snow/strong wind in city Shot 3: Heavy snow in downtown Shot 4: Team of city employees working on snow removal Shot 5: Snow blower Shot 6: Team of city snow removal trucks Shot 7: Wide shot BOS airport snow cleanup Shot 8: Tight shot, BOS airport snow cleanup Shot 9: Tight panning shot of snowplow at airport Shot 10: Emtpy terminals at BOS airport with snow falling Shot 11: Tight shot snow removal equipment BOS airport Shot 12: Wide shot of team of snow plows at BOS airport Shot 13: Kid climbing tall snow drift Shot 14: Heavy snow at Fenway park Shot 15: Cross country skier in town Shot 16: Cars under snow Shot 17: Tight shot state trooper stuck Shot 18: Tight shot of snow plow Shot 19: Empty city with heavy snow Shot 20: Ambulance responding lights/sirens to emergency
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Twin Cities Winter Storm Overnight - 1/28/2019
Winter storm hit the Twin Cities metro area during the overnight hours with anywhere for 2-5 inches of snow depending on the location around the metro. Footage includes cars that are in the ditch, vehicle stuck in deep snow and trying to be pushed out by a state trooper, lots of MnDot snow plow crews out clearing the roads and heavy snow falling. Last two clips were shot in Saint Cloud, MN of MnDot snow plow crews on Highway 23. Motorists need to take extra care around the snow plows as there is reduced visibility with the plows and the blowing snow. Shot Description Clip 1 Minneapolis, MN Skyline with the snow falling. Clip 2 Car stuck in heavy snow on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis as a police SUV passes them. Clip 3 Minnesota State Trooper tries to give the stuck vehicle a push to help them get out of the dangerous area where they are a hazard at an exit ramp. Clip 4 State Trooper checking under the vehicle to see if they are just stuck in snow or on a sign. Trooper almost falls in the deep snow while walking around the vehicle. Clip 5 Car in the ditch on Interstate 94 Clip 6 POV drive by of vehicle being pulled out of the ditch Clip 7 Flags blowing in the heavy snow. Clip 8 POV Passing a snow plow and major whiteout conditions from the snow being kicked up. Clip 9 Near whiteout conditions with the blowing snow. Clip 10 Snow plows on 394 and 94 in downtown Minneapolis with the skyline barely visible in the back ground. Clip 11 Tight shot of snow plow blade. Clip 12 Plows with the skyline in the back ground and the 94 signs and Basilica in the back ground. Clip 13 Snow plows on 94 and entering the Lowry Hill Tunnel. Clip 14 Snow plow kicking up a lot of snow. Clip 15 Near whiteout conditions as a plow passes by in the other lane on Interstate 94. Clip 16 - 18 Plows on 94 with near whiteout from the blowing snow. Clip 19 Plows on Interstate 35W Clip 20 Crash on 94 at the Lowry Hill Tunnel entrance. Clip 21 - 22 *** Note *** Filmed north of the metro in Saint Cloud MN of snow plows on Highway 23 coming towards the camera. SID: Doug Kiesling
Views: 17430 StormChasingVideo
Hurricane Harvey Eye Wall Extreme Winds, Rockport, TX - 8/25/2017
The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ Hurricane Harvey grew to Category 4 status before making landfall on the Texas coast causing serious damage to local areas. Shot Description Shot 1-5: Extreme winds during the eye wall of Hurricane Harvey. Taken from Fairfield by Marriott in Rockport, TX Shot 6: Extreme winds over hotel pool. Shot 7: Piece of debris sparks on parking lot. Shot 8: High Winds and SWAT vehicle Shot 9: Damage to hotel during first Eye wall encounter. No injuries. Shot 10: Huge waves off coast Shot 11: Extreme winds on coast before eye wall.
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10/5/2013 Wall, SD Blizzard Aftermath Cleanup
The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ After the powerful blizzard moved out of the area, the cleanup of the massive snow drifts and impassible roads has begun. Staff from the South Dakota, DOT said that Interstate 90 would not be open until Sunday morning as the blowing and drifting has created a nightmare situation throughout the region. Footage shows the cleanup on the south side of Wall, South Dakota after the winds died down. The roads are still impassible for the most part as major snow drifts are blocking every roadway. Clip 01 Tight shot of a South Dakota DOT logo on the side of a front end loader then pans and pulls back as the front end loader pulls away. Clip 02 V Plow tries to make it through a massive snow drift to clear the roadway. Clip 03 After another attempt, the V-Plow is able to blast through the massive snow drift blocking the roadway. Clip 04 Shot from the I-90 overpass, the V-Plow drives under the overpass to try and clear the snow drifts. Clip 05 Massive snow drifts under Interstate 90 after the storm Clip 06 Interstate 90 entrance shut down Clip 07 Shot from up on interstate 90 looking towards the east as the roadway is totally void of any traffic. Clip 08 Looking north into town from the Interstate, people were starting to come out to check out the aftermath of the storm. Clip 09 Looking east on the interstate showing the snow covered roadway. Clip 10 Looking down from the interstate as people walk on the now cleared path through massive snow drifts. Clip 11 - 12 South Dakota DOT crews work to start clearing Interstate 90 for traffic. Clip 13 Massive snow drifts in the hotel parking lots Clip 14 - 15 People starting to dig out from the blizzard Clip 16 - 17 SD DOT crews working to clear snow from the Interstate entrance and exit ramps. Clip 18 - 19 SD DOT crews lowering the gate to close Interstate 90 after clearing off the ramp. The roads are still ice covered and too dangerous to drive on. Clip 20 - 22 SD DOT crews blowing the streets to try and open them up for traffic tomorrow. Clip 23 Crews clearing out the massive amount of snow in the hotel parking lot. SID: Douglas Kiesling StormChasingVideo.com
Views: 239574 StormChasingVideo
Havana, IL area Tornado Outbreak 12/1/2018
Footage of Major Damaging December Illinois Tornado Outbreak. Large tornado passes by Havana IL, and several other tornadoes develop nearby. All footage shot from one supercell thunderstorm near and in the region of Havana IL (other towns listed) during evening daylight on December 1, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1. wide shot of large violent tornado under sculpted supercell thunderstorm near Havana IL 2. pushed-in shot of large tornado near Havana IL 3. shot of large tornado and wall cloud near Havana IL 4. REFLECTION OF LARGE TORNADO in lake near Havana IL 5 & 6. pushed-in shots of multiple vortex tornado near Havana IL 7. wide POV driving shot of elephant-trunk shaped tornado under large sculpted supercell near Havana IL 8 & 9. Lighting strikes near Havana IL 10 & 11. SLOW MOTION lightning strikes near Havana IL 12. Rapidly rotating wall cloud and funnel cloud near Meredosia IL 13. cone tornado near Meredosia IL 14. tornado debris cloud in field next to road lofts debris near Meredosia IL 15. tornado debris cloud crosses road near Meredosia IL 16-22. various shots of Beardstown IL Tornado with POWERFLASHES 23-24. wall cloud and final tornado from prolific tornado-producing supercell thunderstorm near Monterey IL SID: Simon Brewer
Views: 17121 StormChasingVideo
10/4/2013 Wall, SD Major Blizzard B-Roll
A major blizzard has shut down half of the state of South Dakota on Friday as the powerful winter storm system the brought tornadoes to eastern Nebraska and western Iowa, brought several feet of snow to western South Dakota. B-Roll footage starts out on Interstate 90 in the major whiteout conditions just outside of Wall, SD. Heavy snow is still falling in Wall with wind gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. Currently the area is without power as the powerful storm slams the region. SID: Douglas Kiesling To license this footage, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com
Views: 61378 StormChasingVideo

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