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Scenic train ride leaving Takayama, Japan
A front row seat on a train leaving Takayama, Japan in December 2011 after a few days of snow accumulation. The name of the line is"JR Takayama Honsen(Line)" We traveled from Takayama station to Gifu station on that line and changed the train at Yonehara. From Yonehara we took the bullet train to Kyoto.
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Angry Giant African Beetle
I caught this longhorn beetle in Atewa Hills, Ghana, and found that it became quite agitated when grabbed. Here we show the strength of its jaws by placing small twigs into the biting mandibles. More photos and information about our trip can be found here: http://leachelabghana2011.weebly.com/
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Orangutans at Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo
An juvenile orangutan was enjoying the feeding station when the dominant male, Tom, came by. The youngster took off and viewed the feeding from afar. A female wild boar and her young also make a cameo appearance.
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Ants vs termites: Army ants attack termite nest HQ version.mov
Macro video of army ants attacking a termite nest near the town of Mbakaou, Cameroon. You can clearly see the struggle between individual ants and termites. The smaller termites latch on to the ants with their jaws while the ants try to sting them. Une guerre entre des fourmis et des termites. Les termites tente a mordre les fourmis, tandis que les fourmis injectent du venin dans les termites.
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Kingsnake shedding
A close-up view of a Ruthven's kingsnake shedding. It must feel very good to get the old skin off. Apologies for the dirty glass on the cage.
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Termites pwnd by ants: Ants attack termite nest extended version
Extended footage of a previously posted video of some ants I found raiding a termite nest near Mbakaou, Cameroon.
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Collecting Palm Wine near Kribi, Cameroon
Louis shows us how he collects palm wine in his village near Kribi, Cameroon. The palm was felled some time ago and he scrapes the base of the trunk with his machete to induce the fermented sap to drip through an improvised funnel. My friend Mathieu complains about the strength of the bark additives, to which Louis reponds, "You're a woman, then"
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Macro of praying mantis feeding
A macro view of a praying mantis feeding. It looks directly at the camera before resuming its meal. The mouth parts remind me of those of an alien creature from a movie.
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Naughty rabbit eating ornamental flowers
This rabbit was spotted in Portland, Oregon feasting on flowers in the backyard. Along with some friends, he made quick work of these potted plants.
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South African jumping spider, Hyllus argyrotoxus
This species of jumping spider seems to be quite common in KwaZulu-Natal. I found this one in my room. We spent some time with each other before going our separate ways. I am still figuring out the mechanics of macro video recording. Thank you for your patience.
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Cute jumping spider
Jumping spider I found in New Haven today. My first attempt at macro filming of these with mixed results. Does anyone have an idea of species? Quite a friendly one.
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Eye movements of the  flap-necked chameleon, Chamaeleo dilepis
We found this chameleon in Tugela Ferry, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. We were fascinated by the eye movements and captured some macro video of it scanning its environment.
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Praying mantis attacks cricket
We found this praying mantis outside our home in Connecticut. I set it up in a terrarium for observation and fed it a cricket today. They are fascinating creatures but also ferocious predators. Does anyone have ideas on what species of mantis this might be?
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Cute baby crocodile squeaking
We caught this baby crocodile in Gbelle National Park, Ghana. We noosed it to take photos, but it expressed its displeasure with a chirp and some snaps of its jaws. Dan managed to get bit by this guy and was bleeding quite a bit, but I didn't catch that on camera.
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Kung Fu Mantis with incredible moves
We found this praying mantis at the botanical gardens in Entebbe, Uganda. It took a defensive posture in response to my prodding and displayed some incredible defensive moves.
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Ant War Part 2
A colony of driver ants invades and conquers a nest of green insects. Here is some closeup footage of the ants capturing and dismembering their prey. This occurred in Bui National Park, Ghana
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Jumping spider Portia schultzi
A jumping spider I found in Tugela Ferry, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. I believe it is a Portia schultzi, but perhaps someone has a better idea?
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Curious lumpsucker, Ponyo fish, says hello
Lumpsuckers at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. They are inquisitive animals with some interesting expressions and mannerisms. I am unsure of genus or species, but I believe they are in the family Cyclopteridae. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
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Red-billed oxpecker eating snack from hippopotamus
A pod of hippopotamuses naps on the Mara River as a red-billed oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus) walks across their backs. He finds a tasty morsel at just after 1:03 that requires some effort to dislodge from the hippopotamus' head. It appears to be a large parasite larva, but feel free to comment with other theories.
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Millipede going for a stroll in South Africa
Just a few moments from the perspective of a millipede. It says "Hello" to a neighbor, wanders past some snails up to some naughty business, before walking up to the camera.
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Black skimmer, Rynchops niger, feeding
Black skimmer, Rynchops niger, feeding at the Bolsa Chica wetlands in southern California. They have an interesting feeding behavior which gives them their name.
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Nurse Shark at Silk Caye, Belize
We saw this nurse shark swimming by with her remora friend while scuba diving in Belize. There were a few nurse sharks on this dive and they appeared curious, maybe hopeful for a handout?
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Ringing the bell at Chion-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Dress rehearsal for the New Year's ringing of the bell at the Chion-in Temple, Kyoto
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Drive Into Tugela Ferry, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
A winter drive up to the bridge leading into Tugela Ferry. The area is dry in the winter, but it is much greener now that it is summer. I took this footage using a GoPro mounted on my Hyundai Atos. I sped up the footage to make it more watchable, as well as to compensate for my underpowered vehicle. I will post more segments of the drive from Durban to Tugela Ferry later on. The most interesting things that occur during these commutes are overtaking, which can get hairy, and interactions with the local goats and cows.
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Ant War Part 1
A colony of driver ants invades and conquers a nest of green stink bugs. Here is some closeup footage of the ants capturing and dismembering their prey. This occurred in Bui National Park, Ghana
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Army ants close-up
Here is some video closer in on the formation of army ants as they cross a road in Gabon.
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Butterfly drinking blood
The liver of this savannah monitor was removed for research, and this butterfly took advantage of the situation to take a drink of blood. The butterfly sat there for a blissful moment as it sipped away on its drink.
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Collecting Sticklebacks in Salinas
Students in the Stanford Stickleback course collect sticklebacks using minnow traps, dip nets, and seines. All fish were promptly returned back to the stream.
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Cape vulture at Umgeni River Bird Park, Durban, South Africa
Griffon, a Cape vulture, is presented at the Umgeni River Bird Park. It was interesting to be so close to this bird. It is unfortunate the toll poachers have had on the populations of vultures across South Africa. I love the accent of the presenter as well, and I feel that South Africans are generally very good at public speaking.
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Crocodile nictitating membrane with slow motion
Closeup of a crocodile nictitating membrane at Bonamanzi Game Reserve in South Africa.
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Bumble bee attacks camera
I tried to get a closeup of a bumblebee in my yard in Long Beach, CA. It took exception to my efforts, charged the camera, then went on his way. I don't blame him. Apologies for the trouble focusing.
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Fish auction at Ggaba landing site, Kampala, Uganda
Some footage of the fish auction at Ggaba landing site. A few miles outside of central Kampala, Ggaba landing site is one of the fishing centers where fishermen return with their catch from Lake Victoria and auction them off. The tilapia is fried fresh at nearby stalls and is one of the best dishes that I have had in the country. There were tilapia and lungfish for sale when I visited, but catfish and Nile perch also make an appearance on the auction block.
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Rock Hyrax on Table Mountain
An inquisitive hyrax checked the camera out on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a chilly day, and most of the hyraxes were huddled together for warmth.
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Huge flock of snow geese take off
A huge flock of snow geese take off from Skagit County, Washington. They are on their way north this April and were making some stops near the tulip fields to find food. The sheer numbers involved was quite impressive, and the dynamics of the flock (actually called a skein) were mesmerizing to watch.
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Large African snail crawling on hand
I found this large snail in my backyard in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. I let it crawl on my hand to get a sense of scale. It was a friendly creature, and I think it would make a decent pet--as long as you didn't accidentally step on it.
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Millipede trying to cross ant highway
This millipede is trying to cross an ant highway made by driver ants. Unfortunately, the ants are not happy about that and bite him until he changes course. This was in Bui National Park.
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Beetle bite test
I caught this beetle (long-horned beetle?) in my backyard in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. I kept him in a jar overnight, which might explain why he was too tired to give me a more whole-hearted bite. I released him after the video.
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Baby baboon
A man in Ngaoundal, Cameroon wanted to sell me this baby baboon for 10,000 CFA (about 20 dollars). I felt bad for the animal, but I didn't have the resources to take care of it. My friend is seen trying to pry it off the guy's leg, and you can hear me telling him to leave it alone. As the man and the baboon walk off in the distance, you can see him give it a few slaps. A sad sight, especially when you consider that its mother was surely killed for the bush meat trade.
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Crazy Alien Polychaete Worm
I caught this polychaete worm during the summer in Puget Sound. You can see dozens of these worms during any given night as they search for mates, unloading copious quantities of sperm.
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Japan metro from Osaki to Shinagawa station
Taking the metro from Osaki station to Shinagawa station in Tokyo, Japan. An attempt to capture the ambiance of the metro system in Tokyo on a holiday.
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Fish Parasite, Cymothoa exigua?
Interesting parasite I removed from the gills of a perch I caught in the Chesapeake. I believe it is in the family Cymothoidae and is a parasitic crustacean. This clip was included in the movie The Bay.
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Preparing Dinner
Fish is for dinner again in a fishing camp on the Djerem River, Cameroon.
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Screaming Cicada
We found this 17-year periodical cicada, Magicicada septendecim, on a hike at Ragged Mountain in Connecticut. We didn't see any cicadas this year from Brood II in New Haven, and it seems that the last Brood II emergence in CT largely skipped New Haven as well. I am holding this individual, so the call is a bit muffled, but it gives an idea of the sound output from these creatures. I released this individual after handling it.
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Roadside auto repair and welding in Ghana
Our Toyota Corolla broke a strut on a trip in Ghana, so we found this repair shop to weld it back together. The total repair took under an hour for under 10 dollars. I wonder how much a similar repair would cost in the U.S.
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Making cultured pearls
A technician works to introduce small fragments (sometimes of shell) which will become pearls. This footage was taken at a pearl farm in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
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Bushveld Rain Frog, Breviceps adspersus
We found this Bushveld Rain Frog on the road leading to Tugela Ferry, South Africa, on a night of heavy rain. It is a burrowing species that spends most of its time underground. When I picked this female off of the road, I was confused to why she was sticking to my hand. A quick wikipedia search revealed the answer. Females are much larger than males. Since the male cannot grip the female because of the size difference, the female exudes a mating glue.
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Huge Crayfish in Santa Cruz
Neil and Duncan catch a large crayfish in Santa Cruz, CA. The fish weren't biting, but we were able to catch this crustacean.
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Three Kenyan beetles, slow motion flight
I found a number of these beetles eating flowers adjacent to tea fields. These fields are near the town of Chepilat, also known as Keroka. Kisii is the closest large town. I am not sure what type of beetle this is, but they do appear similar to blister beetles. I included footage in real time as well as in slow motion so that the speed of takeoff can be more fully appreciated.
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Ants attacking termite nest
Some ants I found attacking a termite nest in Mbakaou, Cameroon. The termites (white) fought back, but weren't much of a match for the larger ants. The sounds in the background are made by the ants.
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