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Court Reporting
Want to work at home in your pajamas? Then we have just the career for you. Experts say in the next five years, nearly 5,500 court reporting jobs will be available nationwide. The average starting salary is $45,000. Madison College’s Court Reporting program has 100 percent job placement. To learn more about careers in court reporting, freelance reporting or closed captioning, go to madisoncollege.edu/program-info/court-reporting or call 608-246-6192.
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Industrial Maintenance
Promotional video for the Industrial Maintenance program at Madison College.
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Goodman South Campus Fly Through
Image Credit ©Copyright 2018 Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP The images contained here cannot be reproduced, televised or copied in any form without crediting the copyright or design to Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP.
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Criminal Justice Law Enforcement
Providing the academic and professional training necessary to become a law enforcement officer, the Criminal Justice—Law Enforcement program provides necessary skills in behavioral sciences and written and verbal communication. Police officer efficiency and effectiveness increases with a better understanding of the daily problems of society and knowledge of law enforcement techniques. Graduates seeking employment will be required to pass a physical exam and meet physical fitness standards; have possession of a valid driver's license and a good driving record; and have no conviction of a felony offense. Positions require a background investigation, psychological testing and mandatory drug testing. An applicant for employment as a law enforcement officer must possess either 1) a two-year associate degree from a Wisconsin technical college or its accredited equivalent from another state or, 2) a minimum of 60 fully accredited college-level credits. Program moved to Truax campus Spring 2013
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What is financial aid?
Overview of the different options available for financial aid.
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Which Disinfectants Work Best?
The cold and flu season is here and many of us are reaching for the hand sanitizers and spray disinfectants. But do they really work? Madison College's biotechnology students put them to the test.
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Optometric Technician
An optometric technician works under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist and performs: --Patient pre-testing such as visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, pupil testing, pressure inside the eye, corneal curvature, peripheral vision and blood pressure. --Contact lens ordering, verification and patient education. The technician may also assist the doctor in the fitting of contact lenses. --Eyeglass selection, ordering, verification and adjustment. Established in 1978, the Optometric Technician Program is a one-year technical diploma program that may be completed in nine months of full-time study. The program accepts new students in August. Instructors train students to work in eye care and emphasize the unique duties required of an optometric technician to provide quality vision care services to patients. The technical training includes optometric terminology, optical properties of light, patient pretesting skills, frame and lens selection, eyeglass adjustment, contact lens patient education, ocular anatomy and physiology, visual training and practice management. Clinical experience—working directly with doctors and patients—is an important part of the curriculum.
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High Demand for Auto Collision Repair Technicians
Auto collision repair and refinishing technicians are in high demand right now. Learn how to do everything from welding to plastic repair, and paint mixing, tinting and blending. If you enjoy working with your hands and working on cars, trucks and automobiles - consider a career in auto collision repair. To learn more about the Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing Technician program at Madison College, visit http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/auto-collision-repair-refinishing-technician.
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Early Childhood Education
The Early Childhood Education program prepares students to work as teacher-caregivers in early childhood settings. It combines hands-on fieldwork in area centers with related academic work at the college. Graduates become responsible for the care and education of children in the birth-to-six age range. They create and maintain safe and healthy play environments, guide behavior, plan and implement learning activities, and work cooperatively with staff and parents. Success in the field depends on a caring attitude, showing respect for children and adults, flexibility, good judgment, dependability and effective communication skills. Travel to fieldwork sites is necessary and is the student's responsibility. Public transportation is readily available. Some courses in the program involve preparation of learning materials, field trips, etc., that may involve additional expenses. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/early-childhood-education Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Medical Laboratory Technician
This program is approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (5600 N River Road, Suite 720; Rosemont, IL 60018; 773-714-8880). A combination of fundamental laboratory techniques and clinical experience prepares graduates for work in laboratories serving the health care sector. The final semester of training is in laboratories in Madison and throughout Wisconsin. Students should anticipate the possibility of traveling or relocating to complete the clinical rotation. A list of laboratories used is available in the program director's office. Students are admitted for the fall semester. Graduates of the program qualify for the American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Certification Exam for MLT(ASCP). Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/medical-laboratory-technician Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Human Services
The Human Services Associate program trains people to provide information, support, care and advocacy in a human service agency. Students acquire the skills needed to work with people of diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. General education courses included in the program teach students to better understand social problems. During the second year of the program, students have a fieldwork placement in a human service agency. Travel to fieldwork sites is necessary and is the student's responsibility. A Caregiver Background Check is required for fieldwork placements. Some of the aptitudes and interests that are essential for human service students include emotional stability and maturity, an interest in working with people, and an appreciation of cultural diversity. The Human Services Associate program is accredited by the Wisconsin Certification Board for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Counselor Certification. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/human-services-associate Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Graphic Design
This program prepares students who are interested in a professional career of combining art and technology to communicate ideas in a variety of media. The major career opportunities are graphic designer, production artist, or illustrator. Jobs are in advertising agencies, publishing companies, art studios, and advertising and art departments within companies. Graduates can also work as freelance artists. Some aptitudes necessary for success include aesthetic appreciation and creative imagination, visual acuity, attentiveness to detail, a willingness to complete tasks according to technical requirements, and an ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines. Previous courses that may be helpful include art and typewriting or computer skills. Students should have a good command of the English language, having earned B grades in English courses. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/graphic-design Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Biotech Lab Techs
Like working with science equipment and solving problems? Here’s the career for you. Biotechnology Laboratory Technicians are in high demand. To learn more about the program at Madison College, visit madisoncollege.edu/program-info-biotechnology-laboratory-technician or give us a call at (608) 246-6800.
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Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
The Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program emphasizes skills necessary for entry-level employment in bioscience laboratories. The program focuses on techniques basic to the commercial development of products from biological systems. Students acquire proficiency in laboratory skills, effective communications and employment skills. Individuals who like the challenge of laboratory work are encouraged to apply. Program graduates may seek entry-level employment in public or private laboratories for positions titled laboratory assistant, laboratory technician, laboratory tester or laboratory worker. These laboratories are found in universities, pharmaceutical companies, food processing industries, companies performing research and development, and companies involved in plant and animal breeding. Check the Madison Area Technical College Website or with the program office for the following certificates also available: Bioinformatics Certificate, Biotechnology Post-baccalaureate Certificate, and Biotechnology Intensive Post-baccalaureate Certificate. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/biotechnology-laboratory-technician Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (http://NLNAC.org) and approved by the WI Department of Regulation, this program prepares practitioners to function with judgment and technical competence while providing nursing care to patients of all ages. Upon completion, students are eligible to write the national exam for licensure as a registered nurse. The program emphasizes self-direction and independence. Helpful aptitudes and interests include an interest in people and their welfare; a willingness to follow procedures carefully, understanding that errors may have serious consequences; and an ability to work and communicate with others, to be precise and exact, to work under pressure, and to react quickly in an emergency. Successful completion of both first semester nursing courses qualifies students to become nursing assistants. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/associate-degree-nursing-rn Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Never Give Up
Going back to school as a single parent can be a little scary. But for Madison College Culinary Arts [https://madisoncollege.edu/program/culinary-arts] graduate and new River Food Pantry Chef Craig Ahrendt, it changed his life.
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GED HSED Madison College Graduation 2016
Madison College's 2016 GED (General Education Development) and HSED (High School Equivalency Diploma) students share their graduation stories. Learn more about our GED and HSED programs at http://madisoncollege.edu/gedhsed-information
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Agricultural Equipment Technology
The Agricultural Equipment Technology Program is designed to develop competent and professional agricultural equipment service technicians for entry-level employment in agricultural equipment dealerships. This course of study will specialize in agricultural tractors and implements. Students will gain technical expertise in hydraulics, power trains, electronics, fuel systems, heating, air conditioning and engine service. They will round out their professional skills with training in management, salesmanship, mathematics and principles. In addition to classroom and laboratory instruction at Madison Area Technical College, students will be expected to obtain and maintain a sponsoring dealer that will provide related work experience during the scheduled internships. This program leads to an associate in applied science degree. Graduates of the program will be qualified for a rewarding career as an agricultural equipment technician. In conjunction with the program, Madison Area Technical College has entered into an agreement with the John Deere Company to provide a section of the Agricultural Equipment Technology Program specifically for the company and its dealers. This partnership will be known as John Deere Ag Tech. The classroom and laboratory situations, dealership sponsorship, and equipment studied will be John Deere. John Deere Ag Tech students will be required to obtain and maintain a John Deere sponsor while completing the program. This program will also provide the opportunity to receive the required John Deere certifications in Basic Electrical and Electronics and Basic Hydraulics, along with Service Advisor One Computer Diagnostic Systems. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/agricultural-equipment-technology
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Construction and Remodeling
The Construction and Remodeling program prepares students for a career in residential construction and/or remodeling. Through intensively hands-on coursework, students learn how to take a project from prints and specifications through the final finish work. They will learn about site preparation, layout and foundations. In a semester-long hands-on course, students frame floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. In another course devoted to learning by doing, students install roof shingles, windows, doors, stairs, exterior trim, siding, cabinets and interior trim. All phases of home construction are covered, including estimating materials, understanding building codes and maintaining tools and equipment. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/construction-and-remodeling Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Veterinary Technician
Students are taught the skills and procedures to effectively contribute to the health and well being of veterinary patients. Veterinary technicians, while always working under the supervision of a veterinarian, provide many services. Routine duties include restraint of animals, sample collection, nursing care (IV catheter placement, bandage application, medication administration, etc.), feeding of animals, record keeping, office procedures, and client education and communication. Other skills include administration of anesthesia, surgical nursing, radiographic procedures, dental prophylaxis, clinical pathology procedures and medication preparation. This job requires the physical strength to lift and carry 50 pounds, the ability to distinguish colors, and to have good vision and good hearing. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) administered by the Veterinary Examining Board of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing. Receiving a passing score on the VTNE permits the use of the title of Certified Veterinary Technician. This program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association's Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/veterinary-technician Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Fire Protection Technician Program
The Fire Protection Technician Program at Madison College will help prepare you for a career in: • Firefighter • EMT • Fire Protection Technician • Fire Protection Systems Installer • Industrial Safety Technician • Property Risk Management Specialist To learn more about all of the fire programs at MATC, contact the School of Human and Protective Services at (608) 243-5400 or [email protected] https://madisoncollege.edu/program/fire-protection-technician
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Real Estate
There are numerous career opportunities in residential, commercial and industrial real estate for trained men and women. This certificate gives you the licensing courses you will need to sell or manage real estate, along with practical selling skills, including the use of social media. This program explores the basics of the real estate market, property rights, ownership, construction, financing and brokerage as they related to the American consumer. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/real-estate-sales-certificate Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Goodman South Campus Groundbreaking
Madison College’s new Goodman South Campus is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019. Check out the campus’ recent groundbreaking ceremony and get a sneak peek at some cool video animation. Video Animation Image Credit ©Copyright 2018 Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP The images contained here cannot be reproduced, televised or copied in any form without crediting the copyright or design to Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP
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Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational therapy assistants serve individuals across the life span whose ability to participate in everyday occupations is complicated by developmental disability, physical and/or emotional illness, injury or aging. Occupations are the activities of daily life that have value to individuals and help them be contributing members of their communities. Occupational therapy assistants 1) use purposeful activities to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills needed to function; 2) offer alternative approaches and adaptations to compensate when needed and 3) promote the balance of self-care, work and leisure activities that results in the quality of life and level of independence valued by the individual. This program prepares occupational therapy assistants who collaborate with occupational therapists. OT assistants are employed in community settings providing mental health, residential care and home health and work-related services as well as in nursing homes, hospitals and schools. Accreditation/Credentialing: This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), 4720 Montgomery Lane, P.O. Box 31220, Bethesda, MD 20824-1220, (301) 652-AOTA. Credentialing as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) is separate from Madison Area Technical College graduation. Certification with the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) requires passing a nationally administered OTA competency examination. Licensure by the State of Wisconsin or other states requires passing this certification exam and complying with any other state credentialing requirements. A felony conviction may affect a graduate's ability to sit for the NBCOT certification examination or attain state licensure. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/occupational-therapy-assistant Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Therapeutic Massage
This hands on, fast-track program offers a wide range of career opportunities. To learn more about a career in Therapeutic Massage, visit madisoncollege.edu/program-info/therapeutic massage or call 800-322-6282, ext. 6065.
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Energy Drinks: Great for Your Energy, Bad for Your Teeth
They might give you a boost—but energy drinks are a downer when it comes to your teeth as Madison College Dental Hygenist instructor Marcy LeFave explains. For more information on the Dental Hygenist program go to http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/dental-hygienist
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Medical Coding Specialist
The Medical Coding Specialist program prepares individuals for employment as entry-level coding specialists in health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, physician practice groups, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and home health care agencies. Coding specialists are also employed by consulting firms, coding and billing services, insurance companies, governmental agencies and computer software companies. The coding specialist reviews medical documentation provided by physicians and other health care providers and translates this into numeric codes. The coding specialist assigns and sequences diagnostic and procedural codes using universally recognized coding systems. Several uses of coded data are for payment of health care claims, statistics and medical research. Aptitudes and interests which may be helpful for success in this program include: 1) ability to be precise, exact and detail-oriented; 2) ability to adhere to standards and guidelines; 3) a passion for learning about the medical field; 4) ability to communicate well with others; 5) ability to accept challenges and problem-solve; and 6) respect for confidential information. A copy of the essential functions necessary to successfully complete the program of study is on the program's website. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/medical-coding-specialist Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Recreation & Fitness Career Training
Play for life with a career in recreation and fitness. Turn your passion into a rewarding career! Start your degree or certificate today. Madison College offers a two-year associate degree in Recreation Management and a Fitness/Health Club Specialist certificate. Learn more about Recreation Management at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/recreation-management. Learn about Fitness/Health Club Specialist at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/fitness-health-club-specialist.
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Machine Tool, CNC
Emphasis in Machine Tool is on training graduates for employment in tool and die making, mold making, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming or as quality control inspectors or precision and repair machinists. Students utilize CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) and state-of-the-art machining centers, turning centers and Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM). This knowledge is blended with basic hands-on skills learned throughout the two-year program. Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design, build and inspect a machined part, injection mold or stamping die. This is the program for students seeking interesting and challenging work in a clean, high tech work environment, job stability and a career that rewards growth and experience. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/machine-tooling-technics Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Q & A Monday: What is an associate degree, technical diploma & certificate program?
For #QandAMonday, we ask recruitment coordinator Torvic Caradine to explain the difference between the associate degree, technical diploma, and certificate programs at Madison College.
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Wood Moves
Scenes from a typical day in the Cabinetmaking Lab at Madison College.
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The radiographer is the producer of medical images for diagnosis of disease. Duties include: positioning of patient to obtain proper projection, aligning source (usually x-radiation), making exposure factor selections, processing the image, storing and retrieving images. Graduates are eligible to take the entry-level certification examination and are employable in radiology and medical-imaging departments in hospitals and clinics. Radiographers should be able to follow instructions carefully and work to prescribed standards, able to use good judgment in following procedures and handling problems, interested in work of a technical or scientific nature, and willing and able to work under pressure in emergency situations. Note: For clinical courses, assignments to nontraditional shifts are made to increase and diversify patient exam experiences. Students have access to clinical affiliations in Madison and Southern Wisconsin. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/radiography Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Medical Assistant
The Madison Area Technical College Medical Assistant program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), on recommendation of the Curriculum Review Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants Endowment (AAMAE). Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1970, Chicago, IL 60601-2208 (312) 553-9355. The program is designed to orient students to the duties of a physician's office employee, from general office procedures to the technical phases of examining room assisting and elementary medical laboratory techniques. Occupational experience is provided through placement in a local office/clinic during the last four weeks of the final semester. Graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification examination immediately after graduation. Aptitudes and interests that are helpful are a genuine interest in medicine and in helping people. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/medical-assistant Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Fashion Marketing
Fashion Marketing is a two-year associate degree program designed for people with a creative flair and an interest in business and fashion. The program presents exciting career opportunities for people who have the ability and interest to create, develop and promote new fashion products and services. Opportunities in retail, wholesale, manufacturing and related marketing fields are available to graduates of the program. Professional courses stress an understanding of marketing activities and a knowledge of fashion products and practices. Study tours to markets and fashion centers such as Italy, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis as well as guest lecturers enrich class studies and enable students to explore career opportunities. Second-year students enroll in the Internship course during the summer semester and receive supervised work experience. Students take a variety of courses in Fashion Marketing, General Marketing, and Arts and Sciences. Sixty-seven credits are required for graduation. The program offers articulation agreements with many local high schools and transferability with some four-year colleges. The Fashion Marketing Program is directed by an advisory committee of people from area businesses, including Lands' End, Famous Footwear, Talbot's, Kohl's, Younkers, JC Penney, Target, Limited Express, Old Navy, The Boston Store, Marshall Field's, and The Gap. These companies employ many program graduates and often offer internships to Madison College Fashion Marketing students. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/fashion-marketing Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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What enrollment trends are we seeing?
The Matters Team sat down with Keith Cornille, executive vice president and chief student services officer, to talk about two-year college enrollment trends.
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What is Bucky on Parade?
Bucky on Parade is a free public art event that will bring approximately 100 life-size Bucky Badger statues to the streets of Madison and Dane County this summer. Local and regional artists will transform these Bucky statues into unique works of art. Team Matters spoke with Provost Turina Bakken to learn about how Madison College is involved with the event. Bucky on Parade article in Matters: https://matters.madisoncollege.edu/articles/question-of-the-week/2018-01-17/11041/what-is-bucky-on-parade
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Electrical Engineering Technology
The electronics industry offers many opportunities with high salaries and steady advancement for people with strong mathematics and analytical skills. This program offers an opportunity to develop abilities in a practical, hands-on curriculum. Employer demand for people who can analyze problems and implement solutions is always high. Computers, cellular phones, wireless services and other fields of electronics continue to expand. This program offers excellent opportunities for articulation into four-year colleges and universities. A graduate of this program can articulate as a junior into the Milwaukee School of Engineering Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology program. Partial articulation can be arranged to the UW System with the assistance of a program advisor. COMPASS test is required for enrollment. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/electrical-engineering-technology Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Welcome To The Writing Center
Welcome to the Madison College Writing Center. More than 40 instructors, professional and peer tutors are available to help you with any written assignment or project. Services are free, and you can meet in person on any campus. You can also email assignments for review.
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You’re Never Too Old
If you believe it’s too late to go back to school, wait until you hear Aureola Deloney’s story. The 71-year-old recently received her GED [https://madisoncollege.edu/ged-hsed-information] at Madison College and is now looking at taking college classes in Baking and Decorative Arts [https://madisoncollege.edu/program/baking-decorative-arts].
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Auto Body Collision Repair and Refinishing
The two-year Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing Technician program is designed to provide students with skills necessary to enter or advance in the collision-repair industry. Training includes structural damage alignment, repairing and replacing sheet metal panels, welding, plastic repair and refinishing vehicles to original color match with emphasis on paint mixing, tinting and blending. Considerable time is spent developing hands-on skills that are used on the job. Skills learned in this program are also valuable to individuals choosing to enter professions other than auto collision repair and refinishing. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/auto-collision-repair-refinishing-technician Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Recreation Management
The Recreation Management program develops competencies in technical, problem-solving, human relations and management skills that are needed for employment. The Activity/Fitness Emphasis area develops an ability to plan, implement and evaluate recreation programs. Students may serve as center directors; pool directors; hotel, resort or cruise ship social directors; YMCA/YWCA program leaders; and health club staff. Job opportunities exist in recreation and sports centers, aquatic facilities, theme parks, resorts, community centers, senior centers, parks, campgrounds and other recreational venues. Graduates of this program typically earn $22,000 to $32,000 per year. The Facility Operations Emphasis area develops an ability to plan, maintain, develop, operate and protect natural and man-made resource areas, facilities and equipment, and to develop activity programming. Students may serve as park rangers, building and grounds supervisors, park resource assistants, and park recreation specialists. Job opportunities also exist in campgrounds, sports centers, golf courses, ski areas and the Department of Natural Resources. Graduates of this program typically earn $24,000 to $40,000 per year. Recreation Management program credits transfer to George Williams College, Aurora University for the Recreation Management degree. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/recreation-management Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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IT: Help Desk Support Specialist
The Help Desk Support Specialist program prepares students to interact with PC users providing first-line technical support resolving software, hardware and system problems. Students are trained to install, support, and maintain hardware and software and to ensure that all calls and problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting software and hardware; basic network concepts, supporting new technologies, repairing workstations and performing upgrades are taught in a hands-on class atmosphere. Students gain an understanding of how a help desk functions and the role of customer service in today's world of technology. Students participate in on-the-job help desk internship/work experience with instructor supervision in area companies. Career opportunities exist in all areas of the country. This program may be used to help prepare for CompTIA A+ computer troubleshooting certification. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/it-help-desk-support-specialist Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Bucky on Parade
Chances are you’ve seen some of the 85 life-sized Bucky Badger statues [https://buckyonparade.com/] throughout Madison and Dane County. Two of the statues were designed by Madison College instructors. Here’s a closer look at their unique works of art.
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Court Reporter Training at Madison College
Train today for a lucrative career as a court reporter. Our graduates have a 100% job placement rate. Start your two-year associate degree. Learn more about the Court Reporting program at Madison College, visit http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/judicial-reporting.
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Business Software Applications Specialist
The Business Software Applications Specialist Program gives the student an understanding of the general business activities required of office employees. Software skills, along with customer service and interpersonal skills, are emphasized. To succeed as a Business Software Applications Specialist, students should have a mastery of software skills, a mastery of English fundamentals, enjoy working with people, enjoy problem solving, and be detail oriented. The program is also available completely online. In order to graduate from the program, students must receive a grade of C or higher in all program courses. Graduates of this program typically earn $1,800 per month. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/business-software-applications-specialist Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Architectural Technician
The architectural area is broad and challenging. It is the purpose of the architect and/or consulting engineer to supply owners with a set of plans and specifications of the structure desired. The architectural technician assists the architect or engineer in the development of plans and specifications, and while in the field, checks on building compliance with the contract documents. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/architectural-technology Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Medical Administrative Specialist
The Medical Administrative Specialist Program prepares students for work in the office of a doctor, clinic, hospital, or for employment wherever knowledge of medical terminology, professional procedures and ethics is required. It also provides excellent preparation for administrative positions in any business. The status of Certified Medical Assistant--Administrative can be acquired upon completion of the required job experience and written examinations. Graduates of this program typically earn from $30,000 to $34,000 per year. Learn more at http://madisoncollege.edu/program-info/medical-administrative-specialist Video provided by WTCS: http://www.witechcolleges.org
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Gateway to College at Madison College
See how the Gateway to College program at Madison College changed students lives.
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Goodman Sports Complex
Construction on the Irwin A. & Robert D. Goodman Sports Complex was completed this spring. Team Matters asked Jason Verhelst, Madison College's assistant athletic director, nine questions about the field as they dodged the occasional fly ball.
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