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honda dream.wmv
1968 305 Dream
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Jeep FC 170 round the yard one time
A spin around the yard before taking her apart
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Jeep FC 170 cab lift
Using a 63 Chevy to remove the cab from a 62 Jeep/Willys FC 170
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Vagabond assembly Phase 0ne
Beginning the interior re-assembly of this 1951 Vagabond travel trailer
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rescue of a vintage travel trailer
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Dorsett Part One
Part One of my rebuild and adventure with my 1959 Dorsett Catalina
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V700 drivetrain rebuild
A quick slideshow of my Moto Guzzi V700 drivetrain rebuild by the exceptional Charlie Mullendore. Background music provided by The talented Holden Boyles
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vagabond interior before
interior before cleanout and repair 1950-ish Vagabond travel trailer
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laughing heart once upon a town
combination of poetry music photos and sentiment Tom Waits
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Chester River Fishing
My first time fishing on the Chester River on Maryland's Eastern shore Music: Seneca Square dance played by Patti Kusturok
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Vagabond painter
painting trim before re attaching it] to vagabond travel trailer
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Thompson Keel 2
Hand shaping of new keel for 1960 Thompson Sea Lancer
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Honda 305 vintage
1968 Honda 305 Dream
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vagabond crunch repair
a look at pushing out some damaged metal on the ol' vintage Vagabond thanks to Misterwives for the music "Vagabond"
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who knows final
Kate Wolf rendition of who knows where the time goes. I pieced with it a bunch of old clips that were gathering dust.
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The Lift
After restoring my 1969 V700 Moto Guzzi I had to get it out of the basement. A makeshift hoist with a truck winch and some 2x4s did the trick! Thanks again to Holden for his beautiful music, Spirit of the Sky.
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Dorsett on the Wicomico
an afternoon out boating and fishing on the Wicomico River in my little Dorsett Catalina. Thank you Holden, for the music "Eva"
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Balloon Budddies BTS video
A brief Behind the Scenes glimpse of a Holden Boyles Video August/September 2017
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maiden voyage of Hutchins Compac 16 in Herring Creek
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1964 Evinrude 40
For Sale a running 1964 Evinrude 40 horsepower outboard motor
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V700 take it off
Began to remove the bad paint job on my V700 tank. Hoped the chrome underneath was ok...well not perfect, but ok for me.
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the streets of derry
audio edit and a video slideshow of sorts mostly from clips while kayaking in Breton Bay one foggy morning
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The Organist
Joe Latona playing the role of The Organist in a video trailer by Holden and Cody at the old church Harvey's Lake
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capt catfish
out for a fishing adventure near sundown The Captain- Fiddle Lesson by Hanneke Cassel (edited)
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Carp Spawn 2016
Carp spawning, I got splashed pretty good a few times! music : "Into the Ocean" by Andy McKee
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Morning Reflection
Sunrise 2/3/2013
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Dorsett till Sunset
A 50 degree day in late December called me out to the local water for a run around. No fish but lots of water! Music : Torla Arise by Holden Boyles
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wait a minute
Always liked this song and heard this version of the Seldom Scene tune covered by L' Angelus and edited a slice of it
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Vagabond project
a brief history of my ongoing project trying to bring a Vagabond I found back to life abandoned, found,retrieved,movie propped,and current makeover in progress Background music by MISTERWIVES "Vagabond" There you go, there you stay Keeping low, never wanna play Wandering far, disappearing Feet stuck in place, not moving You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Troubled sea so deep, troubled home no sleep You've been flying so high Avoiding the road Pretending to not feel alone Where to fly? Who knows Winds rapidly blow From branch to branch you go When you see the sun dear friend let it glow Don't shun it all, Don't let it fall From your hands how you used to crawl You're walking tall, no need to hide Behind the clouds in the sky You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Troubled sea so deep, troubled home no sleep You've been flying so high Avoiding the road Pretending to not feel alone Vagabond is you, Ran the mile no shoes If the sun goes down too soon Embrace the starry-eyed moon Vagabond is you, Swam the sea at the darkest blue You made it, made it through You made it, made it through, oh You've been up and down, down You've been low, low, low Troubled sea so deep, troubled home no sleep You've been flying so high Avoiding the road Pretending to not feel alone
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first fish 2019
a warm day in February ,last day of fishing for a few weeks
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gee wally
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st marys Lake nature kayaking and fishing
a sunny day out in the open air and sunshine at St Mary's Lake
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Stahl bed review #two
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Siamese Twins
Toulouse and Berlioz guarding the fridge together
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X mas Guzzi build
Piecing together my 1969 Moto Guzzi V700. Waiting on some parts to proceed right now.
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FC 170 utility bed review
Stahl utility box from a 1962 Willys/Jeep FC 170
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allens fresh
sunrise sights this morning while in the kayak
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my trip to denver november 2015
A few scenes of when I recently took a trip to Denver to finish a van conversion with my son, Holden music by Andrea Valeri, #1 Australia, #2 Afrisong #3 A Note of Loneliness.
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wet heron
morning walk at the water
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Moto Guzzi V7C Classic Spring Final 0001
Second of three V7C season videos
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Morning Aire
Morning Aire, a tune by Tommy Emmanuel (AKA Tommy Enamel) video images provided by St. Mary's Lake and Macintosh Run
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Vagabond Coach remodel interior phase one
was just planning on cleaning the woodwork but decided to do a complete remodel,slight upgrade, wiring, water damaged panels, take out all the musty stuff and refresh.
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sunrise November 30, 2014 Cobb Island
piece of the sunrise at shymansky's parking lot music by danishstrings
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Blue Cats from the Thompson
catching blue catfish from my 1960 Thompson. intro music by Holden Boyles
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sunrise activity on the marsh 9-22-2013
a view of activities by some of the inhabitants of the marsh at Breton Bay seen from kayak
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cold brick house cove morning
frozen waters at the head of Brick House Cove
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2011 Highpoint with credits
2011 European Motorcycle Rally. Clarksburg, Maryland. Lots of brands that day. This video highlighting Guzzi attendees
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a crappie time
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