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Heroic: Free Medivh - Prince Malchezaar Heroic - One Night in Karazhan - How to beat him - Mage Deck
If this does not work look at my new video with a different deck (2017 september) : https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=80HhUscWBvM HS mage deck for heroic Prince Malchezaar - Free Medivh. Sorry bout the editing, show starts at 0:30 , but nevertheless you can see how to beat him :P Aim to get animated armor up and duplicate him.He ignores mostly the animated armor. Next just keep counterspell for when you switch to the next boss, so he cant destroy your minions. Deck: 1x Mirror image 2x Flamecannon 2x Frostbolt 2x Mad scientist 1x Medivh's valet 1x Arcane intellect 2x Counterspell 2x Duplicate 2x Frost Nova 1x Ice Barrier 1x Ice Block 1x Illuminator 2x Animated Armor 1x Cone of Cold 1x Demented Frostcaller 2x Water Elemental 2x Antique Healbot 1x Cabalist's Tome 1x Flamestrike 1x Ragnaros 1x Arcane Giant
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