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Ghoultown "Drink With The Living Dead" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN www.ghoultown.com Art by: Juha Vuorma Directed by: Laume Conroy DRINK WITH THE LIVING DEAD I was sittin in The Thirsty Devil one sheet hung to the wind when the bat wings doors creaked open and a stranger sauntered in he moved his head from side to side and glared with a sunken eye I heard the spin of a rusty spur as he shook off the dreary night he lowered his hat, checked his gun and headed toward the bar walked on up beside me I knew he'd traveled far in a voice as thick as mud he looked to the 'keep and said... "one shot of whiskey for myself and one for my new friend" the patrons whispered hushed and low they seemed to be afraid as if a ghost had stood right up and walked out of its grave his face was shallow and dirty his skin like leather hide sure he spoke like any man but something wasn't right so I twisted on my stool turned to him and said "thank you sir, but just the same, I'm chasin worms instead" he growled and shoved the drink my way his eyes cold as death "I pick the drinks, you knock 'em back else draw against my hand" chorus: when it's six to midnight and the boney hand of death is nigh you better drink your drink and shut your mouth if you draw against his hand, you can never win go ahead... drink with the living dead "who the hell do you think you are?" my patience growin thin but swallow hard, I had to do, when the story he began his lips curled back and words came forth starting up the tale and every face inside that bar turned a shade of pale "my name is Stanton Cree and I died three years before I shot a man to steal his drink at least that's what they hung me for now I'm cursed to walk the earth and challenge every night a man to match me drink for drink or by the bullet die" "now wait a minute, mister, no one makes me a fool" I pushed the shot of whiskey back on over towards the ghoul "I love a drink like any man but that's a losin game to drink or draw against the dead would only be insane" Stanton Cree tipped his hat and laughed a wicked laugh "you see, the lord cursed my soul for killin that poor man there ain't no choice so you must try to match me shot for shot if you win, then you'll go free and I can finally rot" the barhop nodded slowly and I knew that I was screwed if I chose to duel the dead then I would surely lose so I took the glass and threw the shot into my throat I would match him drink for drink no matter if I choked whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum or gin ain't no man that I can't beat be him live or dead so into the morning I matched him ounce for ounce til Stanton Cree fell over and a winner was announced now he rests in his pine box and I still walk the streets but I don't forget the night when death had chosen me there ain't no fancy moral to go with this I fear unless you aim to kill a man and drink down his last beer!
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Ghoultown "Under the Phantom Moon" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN www.ghoultown.com Directed and Edited by: Howard Kelley
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Ghoultown "Mistress of the Dark" starring Elvira [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the EP: MISTRESS OF THE DARK www.ghoultown.com Directed and Edited by: Gris Grimly Filmed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood
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Ghoultown "Bury Them Deep" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album BURY THEM DEEP www.ghoultown.com Directed and Edited by: Timb Hamilton
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Ghoultown "I Am the Night" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album GHOST OF THE SOUTHERN SON www.ghoultown.com Directed and Edited by: Brady Tulk Produced by: Johnny Zero-Forever and Lyle Blackburn Gaffer: Patrick Alexander Production Assistant: Carolina Govea Prop Construction: Santi Lead Actor: Chase Terrel Special thanks to: Cathy and Steve Bennett Julie Haldeman Jef Pollard Tim Nabonne Plinian Films www.facebook.com/plinianfilms -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Am the Night I am the night, despiser of light I fall over you in the blink of an eye the tunnel of love is flickering dim as the blood in your veins is runnin so thin shadows of body and soul a command over life that no one else holds I’m stained by the dirt of the grave pray all you want but I won’t go away twilight descending, I vanquish the sun there’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to run a demon of opiate dreams you hear my whisper as loud as a scream chorus: I am the night say your goodbyes this is the hour darkness devours the pain just call my name I am the night, deceiver of sight forever in darkness, death is denied in the tunnel of love my rats make their home we measure your worth by the flesh that you will sow chorus this omen of ill, you know it so well know it by heart, by touch and by smell I am the final demise make no mistake when you gaze into my eyes chorus just call my name
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Ghoultown "Killer in Texas" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album TALES FROM THE DEAD WEST www.ghoultown.com Directed by: Larry Moses
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Ghoultown "Hog Trail" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album THE UNFORGOTTEN: RARE & UN-RELEASED www.ghoultown.com Edited by: Lyle Blackburn ---------------------------------------------------------------------- HOG TRAIL when the dogs howl at night and the moon is full and bright I feel like drinkin me some wine down by the creek where you find all the freaks it’s down to the hog trail tonight bring yourself a girl and an ice chest full of Pearl we’re sure to have a hell of a time if you don’t mind some mud or perhaps a little blood I think we’re really gonna shine chorus: darlin don’t run away just come back right here beside me let’s go down where the moon meets the lake I know there’s this really good place called the hog trail let’s make it a night it ain’t no good to fight let’s just drink some beer and have a good time maybe if you’re good we’ll make it back from these woods when you see the sun start to rise chorus hog trail (x4) all these flies buzzin buzzin buzzin all these flies
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Ghoultown "Carry the Coffin" - Live [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album LIVE FROM TEXAS! (2005) www.ghoultown.com
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Ghoultown "Fistful of Demons" + hanging intro! - Live  [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Ghoultown performing at Trees in Dallas, Texas on July 16, 2011. (Footage by Shooter Shot; sound & editing by Lee Russell)
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Ghoultown "Revolución" - Live [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album BURY THEM DEEP www.ghoultown.com
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Ghoultown "Find a Good Horse" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the album LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN Directed by Gris Grimly Originally included as part of the limited-edition 'Mistress of the Dark' DVD www.ghoultown.com
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Ghoultown - Full Show Halloween 2016
Filmed by TexasRockFan Ghoultown performing live at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas, on October 28, 2016
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Ghoultown 'Ghost of the Southern Son' - Album Promo [Official]
Available now! Info at www.ghoultown.com
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Ghoultown "Dead Outlaw" - Live v1 [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Ghoultown performing at Trees in Dallas, Texas on July 16, 2011 www.ghoultown.com
Views: 7480 Ghoultown Official

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