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Oracle's Primavera P6 Team Member Mobile App Demo
Discover how the simple mobile app interface allows for quick status updates so a project schedule remains accurate and timely
Oracle’s Primavera P6 Cloud
Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Cloud is the most powerful, robust, and easy-to-use cloud- based solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs, and portfolios in project-intensive industries.
Making the change: Planning, executing and measuring successful business transformation
Short video highlighting the key findings from the Oracle and Forbes Insight research report “Making the change: Planning, executing and measuring successful business transformation”. For the full report go to: www.oracle.com/goto/makingthechange
Maximize Productivity with Oracle's Primavera Unifier
Watch this new video today and discover how you can: Control costs, Mitigate risk, Reduce complexity, Improve decision making. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can deliver unity of vision, purpose and control to your organization with Primavera Unifier
What Is Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)
Businesses must react quickly to fluctuating markets and changing project and program conditions, while meeting the demand for visibility and actionable information across distributed project teams. Enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solutions enable project-driven organizations to intelligently manage their programs and projects—from small and simple to large and complex. EPPM solutions drive better portfolio management decisions by providing end-to-end, real-time visibility into all relevant information. EPPM solutions also help companies evaluate the risks and rewards associated with projects and programs by providing project management, collaboration, and control capabilities necessary to manage change and successfully deliver projects on time, within budget, and with the intended quality and design. For more information on Primavera industry solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Solutions
Discover how Oracle Primavera can help you gain complete visibility and control into your project portfolios, improve decision-making, standardize processes, and demonstrate business value. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Primavera PPM Solutions for Engineering and Construction
This Primavera Engineering and Construction 3-minute demo will explore the top three challenges that confront construction project stakeholders including, lagging productivity, complex coordination, and disconnected systems and processes. Discover how you can overcome these challenges and deliver successful projects. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Earned Value Lite: 10 Steps to Successful Earned Value Management
In the aerospace and defense industry, adopting an earned value management (EVM) approach to achieve success has become more important than ever before. Yet, EVM doesn't have to be difficult to understand or employ. Oracle has achieved an effective and streamlined formula that works for all projects—not just major, complex systems—by distilling the formal criteria of EVM into 10 fundamental steps that constitute a simplified form of EVM called earned value lite. In this informative video, learn how the implementation of these 10 steps can help your organization reap the rewards of EVM and give you the visibility you need to complete your projects on time and within budget. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Improving Time-to-Market for Industrial Manufacturers
Oracle's Primavera is a powerful tool that focuses on removing complexity out of business operations. Recognized worldwide as the EPPM solution offering real-time insights into financial and operational factors that influence get­ting to market on time
Oracle’s Projects Driven Supply Chain Industry Solution
Video overview of Oracle’s Projects Driven Supply Chain Solution: Improving Project Performance throughout a Complex Turnkey Lifecycle incorporating Oracle’s Primavera, Primavera Risk Analysis and Value Chain Planning Solutions
Understanding the Resource Management Maturity Model (RMMM)
The RMMM identifies a logical progression of resource management process sophistication through five levels of maturity. Each level of maturity is described along seven dimensions. Organizations can use the RMMM to ensure that they can manage project resources and capacity at the "just right" level of granularity for their business.
Primavera P6 for the Public Sector
Oracle's Primavera P6 Demo for the Public Sector shows agency executives and managers how they can get a holistic view of all projects across the organization in order to see which most closely align with their strategic objectives. With Primavera P6's flexible collaborative environment, agency leaders can gain predictability, speed decision making, and increase overall productivity. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry with EPPM
Oracle’s Primavera EPPM offers the most powerful and easy-to-use solutions for managing complex projects in the oil and gas industry. EPPM carefully manages projects, optimizes resources, and controls project costs and risks allowing your company to successfully succeed.
Primavera Cloud PPM Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry
Learn how Oracle's Primavera Project Portfolio Management solutions help leading oil and gas companies meet its CapEx goals, lower OpEx costs, reduce the impact of resource shortages due to attrition, capture best practices, and manage and mitigate projects risks while delivering projects with higher ROIs. For more information on Primavera Cloud solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Mega-Project Management: Reducing Risk & Complexity Across the Value Chain
Oracle Primavera can bring successful project management strategies to the Oil and Gas industry as well as help you improve decision-making and project accountability across your company. Reduce Risk and Complexity in Project Management with Oracle Primavera.
Hill International Standardizes on Primavera
See how Hill International standardized their projects with Oracle Primavera. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Effective Facilities and Asset Lifecycle Management with Primavera Unifier Cloud
Many organizations are faced with rising end-to-end facilities costs of maintenance and upgrades, as well as simply monitoring the entire real estate portfolio, space demands, capital expansions, assets and equipment. Without an integrated lifecycle management system in place, companies face wasted resources, maintenance and operations cost overruns and overall poor financial planning and increased risk.
Optimizing Routine & Complex Maintenance Projects with Oracle Primavera
View Oracle's flash demo for the oil & gas, utilities, chemicals and metals & mining industries, and see how you can Increase productivity, balance resource requirements and reduce operating costs with enterprise PPM solutions. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Making the world a better place with Oracle Construction and Engineering Solutions
Oracle Construction and Engineering is transforming the world by helping organizations plan, build, and operate critical assets.
Choose and Prioritize the Right Programs with EPPM
Every organization faces critical enterprise investment decisions. Management must constantly choose from an array of potential investment choices and supporting projects. If the decision-making process is flawed, the result can affect profitability or, at the very least, impact the case for funding. Portfolio management guides decision makers to strategically prioritize, plan and control enterprise portfolios. Portfolio management also ensures that the organization continues to increase productivity and on-time delivery—adding value, strengthening performance, and ultimately improving bottom-line results. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Faster Time to Value for Your Project -- In the Oracle Cloud
Oracle's Primavera Contract Management Cloud solution provides Engineering & Construction firms with pre-configured business processes, enabling them to jump-start projects, manage contracts efficiently, and control change from start to finish.
Assystem Uses Oracle's Primavera P6 and Unifier for Extraordinary Project Delivery
Engineering and construction company Assystem, which specializes in delivering extraordinary infrastructure and energy projects, relies on Oracle’s Primavera P6 and Primavera Unifier to enable efficient scheduling, robust project and cost controls, and data collection.
Suffolk Construction Uses Oracle Primavera to Build Business
See how Suffolk Construction uses Oracle Primavera to achieve success. Anthony Chiaradonna, Director of Business Systems, discusses how Primavera helped his organization effectively manage projects, improve team collaboration and reporting, and develop strong standard operating procedures. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Engineering & Construction Resource Center
The Engineering and Construction Resource Center - http://bit.ly/VRCYoutube - is your one stop place for exploring customer success stories, information on newest project and portfolio management products and solutions, and leading industry trends. Discover how solutions for financial discipline, operational excellence, and risk mitigation can enhance the efficiency of your entire project portfolio. http://bit.ly/VRCYoutube
Primavera PPM Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry
As aerospace and defense companies struggle to comply with strict regulatory requirements while remaining competitive, they must plan and execute programs that will drive their businesses. See how Oracle Primavera helps these organizations achieve program success. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Primavera Unconventional Integrated Well Delivery Solution
Discover how oil & gas companies can reduce time to initial production, maximize output, and minimize costs. Primavera's Integrated Well Delivery solution provides integrated planning across the entire process.
What about your Facilities’ Assets, their Lifecycle & Maintenance Management?
It’s not just about managing your Real Estate Facilities Portfolio of Buildings and Facilities. Modern facilities management not only involves buildings and facilities, but also the assets within – individual fixed or movable assets – everything from boilers and chillers to medical and office equipment. Asset tracking, warranty dates, inspection and assessment, corrective and preventative maintenance and material management, are all related and necessary to achieve true end-to-end facilities and asset lifecycle management. Join George Haddad, Senior Director, Business Development & Industry Strategy at Oracle and discover the importance of having an integrated solution to manage not only your facilities but also the assets within.
Optimizing Daily and Routine Maintenance through Project Portfolio Management
Learn how Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management optimizes maintenance management strategies for Oil & Gas Projects.
Oracle's Primavera P6 Helping ITER Deliver Nuclear Fusion
ITER Organisation uses Oracle's Primavera P6 to manage the complex construction schedule for its pioneering nuclear fusion project involving 35 nations.
Improving Capital Investment Portfolios
View Oracle's demo for the oil & gas, utilities, chemicals and metals & mining industries to discover how your company can reduce project portfolio costs and speed time to completion with Primavera. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
University of Utah: Enhancing Project Delivery with Primavera Unifier
University of Utah automated its costs, contracts, and collaboration with contractors using Oracle Primavera Unifier and has achieved significant benefits. Unifier is also integrated with PeopleSoft Financials for added automation and efficiency.
Burns & McDonnell Keeps Competitive Edge with Primavera
Find out how How Burns & McDonnell gained a competitive edge with Oracle Primavera. For more information on Primavera solutions please visit our microsite: http://bit.ly/Primavera_Info
Primavera at Oracle Industry Connect
brief overview video of Primavera for the opening of Oracle Industry Connect
Steer your automotive projects in the right direction
Control costs, Enhance visibility, Reduce complexity, Minimize risk
Moving to Primavera Cloud: Swinerton Builders Customer Case Study
Hear from one of Primavera’s Customers, Swinerton Builders, on their experiences moving to the Oracle Cloud
Optimize News: Utilities Special Report
See how many utilities organizations are gaining actionable insight into project performance, controlling costs and mitigating risks through the use of Project Portfolio Management. See the Utilities Special Report video and listen to real customer stories.
Issues Facing the Modern PMO
Much like any other part of a modern business, a PMO needs to be agile and able to react to unforeseen changes at a moment's notice. Explore the biggest challenges that our experts are facing in their own PMOs.
Applications of Exoskeleton Technology in Construction and Engineering
EksoWorks founder Russ Angold examines the evolution of exoskeleton technology its potential to improve productivity, quality and safety and to extend workers’ careers.
Optimize News: Oil and Gas Special Report
Find out ways to drive profitability in the face of growing costs, risks and regulations and how other oil and gas companies are relying on innovative Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions to fuel their bottom-line results. Watch the Oil and Gas Special report video and listen to real customer stories.
IoT for Connected Worksites & Intelligent Maintenance
Highlighting the Oracle IoT Cloud service, Oracle’s Primavera Unifier & Prime Cloud Services. Demos show real-time, condition based maintenance of facility assets and enhanced situational awareness at a construction site by using sensor data.