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How To Connect Your Osborne Pedestal Kit to your Tabletop
In this How To video, Christian and Ethan explain how to attach your Osborne Pedestal Kit to your table top for the perfect dining table height!
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Installing and Using Table Slides (Osborne Wood Products)
This video shows how to use and choose table slides. You can view the entire selection at http://www.osbornewood.com/table-slides.cfm
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Installing a Bun Foot with Wood Screws (Osborne Wood Products)
This video describes how to install bun feet on to a piece of furniture or a trunk using wood screws. - Osborne Wood Products, Inc. Other woodworking projects available at http://www.osbornewood.com/woodworking_projects.cfm
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How to Finish a Maple Corbel Shelf
This video demonstrates how to apply a 3 step antique finish to a maple corbel shelf.
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Installing Bun Feet with Wood Dowels (Osborne Wood Products)
This video demonstrates how to install bun feet with wood dowels on to an existing piece of furniture such as a cabinet or bookcase. - Osborne Wood Products, Inc.
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New Cabinet Crown Molding at Osborne Wood Products
Crown Molding for cabinetry with inserts - http://www.osbornewood.com/cabinet-crown-molding.cfm
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Building a Corbel Shelf
Building a shelf out of Osborne Wood Products Corbels and Molding. An easy weekend woodworking project, learn how to build a simple shelf.
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Long Extension Table (21 feet long) built by Osborne Wood Products and Hartford House
21 ft solid cherry extension table built by Osborne Wood Products and Hartford House. This is the longest table I have ever seen. Check out our website at http://www.osbornewood.com/
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Osborne Wood Products Profile Video
A glimpse of who we are at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. http://www.osbornewood.com/
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Assembling the Wooden Shelf
Part 2 of John's corbel shelf project . This easy woodworking project results in a beautiful and functional wall mounting shelf.
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Installing Equalizer Slides on a Pedestal Base Table
Watch as Haden and Tim of Osborne Wood Products install a pedestal base equalizer slide. Looking for a pedestal base for your table? Check out our website now to find the perfect pedestal for your table! http://bit.ly/2cG6LXP Need a table slide to extend your table? Check out our table slides here: http://bit.ly/2bY7noV Have questions about which slide is right for your table? Contact our customer service department by giving us a call at our toll free number, +1 (800)849-8876
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Installing Equalizer Slides for 5-Legged Standard Tables
Watch as Haden And Tim of Osborne Wood Products instruct on how to install an extra support leg using our new Standard Equalizing Table Slides. Want to find the perfect legs for your table? Check out our wide selection of table legs here: http://bit.ly/2c7ixFj Want to find the right table slide for your table? Check out our table slides here: http://bit.ly/2bY7noV Need to speak with one of our customer service representatives about how to choose the correct slide for your table? Give us a call at our toll free number, +1 (800)849-8876.
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Creating a Custom Turning at Osborne Wood Products
Osborne Wood Products sheds light on our easy custom order process, request your custom wood turning today at: http://www.osbornewood.com/
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Install a bun foot on to an Ottoman
Woodworking - How to install a bun foot on to an Ottoman using a metal screw dowel. Other woodworking projects available at http://www.osbornewood.com/woodworking_projects.cfm
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New Pedestal Table Kits
Christian Smedberg introduces the Osborne line of Pedestal table kits.
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How Osborne Wood turns a leg
For filming purposes the doors on the lathes were open but for safety reasons the doors are always closed. Our full line of wood turnings are available at: http://www.osbornewood.com/
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Design Portfolio at Osborne Wood Products
A vast array of kitchen and bath designs all incorporating Osborne Wood Products. Find various uses for corbels, island legs, table legs, and different kind of ornamental wood products View all of our products at: http://www.osbornewood.com/
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Dinner at an Extra Long Dining Table
Osborne Wood Products and Hartford House put on a community dinner to celebrate the completion of a 21 foot extension table. The table shows off custom made table slides. The dinner was attended by 24 community members who shared ideas and had a wonderful meal together. The table is the longest table I have ever ate at and is made out of solid cherry wood. http://www.osbornewood.com/
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Traditional Wood Brackets
Osborne's new line of wooden shelving brackets are inexpensive and of great quality, offered in 10 different kinds of wood. Christian Smedberg explains how these corbels are used in various applications and other benefits. Check them out at http://www.osbornewood.com/traditional-corbels-and-brackets.cfm
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Electrical Receptacle Notching Service Available
Order your island post ready for electrical application. The Electrical Receptacle Notch service from Osborne Wood Products includes: a hole through the center of the post for wiring, a notch for the electrical outlet, and a standard box. This service is available online or by phone!
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Osborne's Marketing Team Making a Table
Make your own table kit at http://osbornewood.com/skirt.cfm
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Osborne Wood   Pilasters and Panels
Lane Taylor describes Osborne's new line of cabinet pilasters and panels.
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How to Assemble Osborne Chair Kits
Customer Service Representative Cindy takes you step by step through the process of assembling a Chair Kit from Osborne Wood Products.
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New: Traditional Bracket and Corbel Line
Christian Smedberg introduces new corbels and brackets in the Traditional Corbel product line.
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Osborne Introduces Solid Wood Live Edge Slabs
Marketing Assistant, Lane Taylor, introduces a huge new product line! Live edge slabs in various wood types are now offered at Osborne Wood Products. Lane explains the benefits, options, and uses of live edge in your next design.
Massive Island Legs at Osborne
Looking at some massive island legs at Osborne, Christian Smedberg shows off some new products. Large kitchen island legs such as these make a statement in any kitchen design. Check out the selection at http://osbornewood.com/5-6-wide-island-legs.cfm
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Metal Corbels and Brackets at Osborne Wood Products
Tim Revis looks at a selection of metal corbels that Osborne offers, check out the entire selection at http://www.osbornewood.com/metal-corbels-and-brackets.cfm
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How-to Use Osborne Finishing Kit Solution
Osborne Customer Service Representative Brittany demonstrates how to apply aerosol finishing using Osborne Finishing Kit Solutions. Teaming up with Mohawk Finishing Solutions, Osborne kits are custom assembled for our customers.
Free Standing Open Kitchen Island Kit from Osborne
CAD Specialist Haden Smith describes the New Kitchen Island kits available at Osborne Wood Products.
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Craftsman Collection Kitchen Island Legs
Over recent years the kitchen has seen a trend in square profile island posts to adorn and support the kitchen island. Osborne Wood Products offers a variety of square turned island posts to complement your counter, bar, or free standing kitchen island design. Browse the full collection: http://bit.ly/1BgnilG
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Looking at Wooden Knobs and Pulls
Taking a look at wooden knobs and pulls for furniture and cabinetry
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The OWP Blog
Christian and Nancy discuss Osborne Wood Products' blog
Osborne Manufactured Products
Explore the fine details and beauty of products manufactured at Osborne Wood Products.
Fusion Legs Assembly - Wood and Metal Legs at Osborne Wood Products
How to Disassemble and reassemble the Osborne Wood Products Fusion Legs. The new Fusion Legs are only available through Osborne Wood and are the perfect transitional design for any set of cabinetry.
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Absolute Security Review
Osborne Wood Products has recently put in a Fire and Emergency Alert System installed by Absolute Security. Visit Osborne Wood Products at http:\\www.osbornewood.com
Ordering a Stock Item from Osborne Wood Products, Inc.
Take a look at how your orders are prepared when you place an order with Osborne Wood Products, Inc.! This video gives you, our customers, a look at the processes that your orders go through when you place an order for items that are in stock. Place your order now at https://www.osbornewood.com/Default.aspx. Check out our blog here: http://videos.osbornewood.com/category/blog. Have questions for our team members? Give us a call at +1 (800)849-8876.
How to Assemble a Coffee Table - Mission Style - with a Table Base Kit
A video describing how to build a mission style coffee table. John Nixon builds a table using legs and a skirting set from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. Visit us at http://www.osbornewood.com to order this kit.
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Christian Smedberg at AWFS
Osborne Wood Products displays table base kits, columns, and The Fusion Legs at the AWFS 2011 Show in Las Vegas
Introducing: Osborne Wood Products Table Tops
Check out the new line of table tops from Osborne Wood Products! VP Christian Smedberg presents our new table top selections. Hand crafted in Georgia, and selected and put together by our craftsmen, these tops are available in multiple wood types and will not crack or warp over the years. Check out our products here: http://bit.ly/2bj5KAf Check out our blog for ideas on your next project here: http://bit.ly/18VQ6H8 Have a question that you want to talk to one of our team members about? Give us a call at our toll free number, +1 (800)849-8876.
Demonstration of Wood Component Manufacturing
Osborne Wood Products, Inc. manufactures table legs, island legs, and other wood turnings like those shown in the movie. Located in Toccoa, GA, they sell to the fifty States and internationally. www.osbornewood.com
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DIY Table Legs from Osborne
Osborne Wood Products offers the perfect table leg options for Do It Yourselfers and Hobbyists. Featured on blogs such as Ana-white.com, Shanty 2 Chic, House of Wood, and others, Osborne creates stunning table legs to meet your DIY project needs!
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Osborne Wood Products Open House 2018
We recently invited neighboring companies to visit our location and tour many of the products we have to offer
Osborne Wood Products - A Culture of Caring
Meet Tim Smith and Lane Taylor as they discuss their time working at Osborne Wood Products. Get a glimpse of daily tasks and rewarding experiences Osborne Employees experience each day.
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Custom Capabilities at Osborne Wood Products
Christian Smedberg and Haden Smith discuss Custom Capabilities at Osborne Wood Products,
Osborne Lifestyle
Embrace the lifestyle of uniqueness, character, and quality. Featuring sections of the Osborne Wood Products Furniture Component Line.
New Wood Types at Osborne
Christian Smedberg describes several new wood species that are being offered at Osborne Wood Products. Smedberg shows samples of Tiger Maple and Heart Pine.

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