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Mango - Carl and Joanie under a Blue Moon
Joanie Collins Villaverde and Carl Ray Villaverde play Blue Moon on the Condor Express, off the coast of Santa Barbara August 2011. Music group Mango from Kona, Hawaii
String Beings Duo - violin and harp
Joanie Collins and Irminsul are the String Beings duo - Violin and Harp, either acoustic or electric, playing a wide range of music from Classical, Hawai`ian, Celtic, Jazz, and more. Sometimes with an `ukulele and vocals, or with a cello to make a trio. Here they are playing acoustic background music at a garden party in Kailua-Kona. They are available for all events - large and small. Contact for booking: [email protected] www.JoanieCollins.com (808)331-3017
Kesh Jig tutorial
Slow, then faster. For students
Lilikoi Jam
Joanie Collins and Evan Tom playing in Santa Barbara July 28th 2012, at the Aloha Spirit Bash, with Tom Towle sitting in on bass and guitar.
A Ghra Mo Chroi Uisce Beatha
Whisky You're the water of life, the love in my heart - Irish drinking song written by Chris Cusick, played by Chris Cusick and Joanie Collins - perfect for St. Paddy's day. Recorded on March 8th 2015 in Kailua-Kona, HI.
Mango plays My Little Grass Shack - Carl Ray Vilaverde and Joanie Collins Villaverde
Mango - Carl and Joanie on the Hawaiian Full Moon cruise in Santa Barbara, August 2011, aboard the Condor Express - Little Grass Shack and Little Brown Gal Music duo Mango from Kona, HI
Kumu Keala Ching's Ho'ike at the King Kam
Kumu and the Halau dancing, Frank Kawaikapokalani Hewitt sings with Rolinda and Mana. Such an uplifting evening!!
The Thrill is Gone - Tomi Isobe, Joanie Collins, Jerry Skaggs.
Tomi and Joanie get the ladies up on the dance floor at the #HUB. September 2017 at #KohalaVillageHUB, Jerry Skaggs sitting in on soprano sax.
Swallowtail, Kesh, Irish Washerwoman - Jigs
Irish jigs set, fiddle tunes, #Swallowtail jig, #Kesh Jig, #IrishWasherwoman. Joanie Colins on fiddle, Chris Cusick on guitar, of the #Celtic band #Craiceáilte from Kailua-Kona. Recorded on March 8th 2015.
Pachelbel's Canon in D
Joanie Collins and Teresa Russell play for Steve Gates at Spinnaker Broiler August 28th 2011.
"Sway" violin solo - Joanie Collins
At the Santa BarbaraBacara Hotel in Santa Barbara playing a borrowed Green Barcus Berry electric violin! With the Montecito Jazz Project.
A recruited phone video at La Luna cafe on 9-18-11 with Mango, Carl Ray Villaverde and Joanie Collins with friends.
Clyde Oshiro and Joanie Collins Watch what Happens
Clyde Oshiro and Joanie Collins playing a little dinner music at the Paradise Brew co., overlooking the pier in Kailua Kona.
Blue Bossa at Columbia Station
Joanie Collins plays Blue Bossa at Columbia Station in Washington D.C. - January 2011 - with the Peter Edelman Trio
El Choclo
A Tango played by Mango - Carl and Joanie in Ojai in August 2011
Condor Express - August 2011 - Aloha Kauai
A rocky rendition of Aloha Kauai with Stacy and Nancy Hula dancers extraordinaire!
The Green and White
Glasgow team song written by Chris Cusick - a tribute to the Glasgow Celtic. By Craiceáilte Celtic in Kailua-Kona!
Clyde Oshiro and Joanie Collins   Watch What Happens
Joanie and Clyde playing at Paradise Brewing Co. Tap and Grill on a Saturday night - Watch What Happens! Kailua Bay in the background, right across from the pier.
Devil Went to Georgia
Mango playing in Kohala July 2017
Black and Tans
Irish fighting song played by Craiceailte - Chris Cusick and Joanie Collins
Drop, Baby, Drop
Joanie Collins and Evan Tom play at Cafe Luna's in Summerland - unplugged!
Haole Hulas
Why do we love our Islands? This song tells you why. Joanie Collins and Kaleiula Makekau are The Hualalai Girls, playing at Daylight Mind Restaurant in Kailua-Kona on Wednesday evenings.
All of Me
Jazz NYE 2014 Columbia Station
Aloha Kona Dogs
Happy people having hot dogs in Kona.
Joanie Collins Music
Christmas at the King's Shops, Waikoloa, 2017. the String Be`ings, Irminsul and Joanie Collins playing Christmas favorites - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The Drummer Boy, on Harp and Violin
Hilo Hawaiian Hotel with Jeff Funada
#Christmas2017 #HiloHawaiian #dinnerbuffet #JeffFunada #JoanieCollins
Bally bay
Shenanigans Irish Band at Amigos Cantina - (good combo!) kick off to St Patty's Day!
Joanie DVD demo
Demo - Joanie Collins - Hawaiian and more
Tomi Isobe and Joanie Collins - Music
Tomi Isobe and Joanie Collins play at the #KohalavillageHUB "Lady Sunshine" September 2017
Fly me to the Moon
Joanie Collins and Clyde Oshiro play Fly me to the Moon at an event in Kona
The Hualalai Girls play Haole Hulas in Kailua-Kona, HI
Joanie Collins and Kaleiulaokala Makekau - The Hualalai Girls
Are u relieved to be rid of me?
Bo Lozoff and Joanie Collins - April 2012
Summer Breeze
Mango is Carl and Joanie - performing at the Beachside Cafe on Goleta beach in October of 2009. Carl's version of Summer Breeze ROCKS!
Hanalei Moon - Mango in Santa Barbara
Hanalei Moon performed by Mango - Carl and Joanie in Santa Barbara, wth Liana and Rika dancing
Hanalei Moon
Joanie and Evan Tom playing at Pa`ina's in San Francisco in December 2012
Pamela Kimbell 75th Bday - Mango
Carl Villaverde and Joanie Collins are Mango
Joanie Collins Music
Irminsul, Joanie Collins, and JingJing Tsong are The String Be`ings, Playing live at Christmas at the King's Shops Waikoloa on a windy night in December, 2014
Māmā Hen with 9 babies, her two sisters makini eggs, and a do e recovering from a mean cat attack!
Joanie Collins Electric Violin "A Night in Tunisia"
A Night in Tunisia played at Tacoma Station, 2015
This is Hilo
We are swingin'!
Anela and Akoni on their new swing set!
me and Bo4
Bo Lozoff and Joanie Collins in Pahoa - April 2012
Lilikoi Jam
Joanie Collins and Evan Tom playing in Santa Barbara July 28th 2012, at the Aloha Spirit Bash, with Tom Towle sitting in on bass and guitar.
Mo`opuna Monday Morning :-)
It's a happy way to start the day!
Sweet spot!
Aloha Kakahiaka from Hawaii Island - all three mountains, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai!
The Kings Head
Last gig of St Patty's Day - I wish I'd had a Gopro camera to catch the audiences we played for! They were great. From 9am all the way through the day, to this last little clip, at midnight.
Soldiers joy on a rocky boat!
Valentine's day cruise 2011
Body and Soul
Columbia Station NYE 2014 Peter Edelman trio
Students practice for their Holidays Show
Second and third graders in Waimea play the recorders, and fourth fifth and sixth graders play the ʻukulele and sing!
Lilikoi Jam at Aloha Spirit Bash 2012 in Santa Barbara - Joanie Collins and Evan Tom