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Sia at the Gov in 2000
Sia performing at the the Gov in Adelaide in 2000. Video by Gilli.
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Iceland November 2015 - Golden Circle & South Coast
Thingvellir Rift Valley, Geysir & Gullfoss with snow. On the south coast Seljandsfoss, Skogafoss, Vik, Skaftafell National Park, Hundafoss, Svatifoss and Falljokull Gacier walk.
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Drake Passage to Deception Island, December 8, 2006
Voyage to the Antarctic Peninsular aboard Polar Pioneer departing December 8, 2006 from Ushuaia. While the Drake was not at it's worst there was still a six meter swell. At Deception Island the swell, strong wind and snow made the entrance through the treacherous Neptune's Bellows into the blown out caldera of this active volcano a good demonstration of the skill of the Russian crew.
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Snorkeling With Orcas and Humpbacks
Snorkeling with orcas and humpbacks in Kaldfjord near Tromso, Norway aboard MS Sula from 29/11/15 to 3/12/15. Go Pro video of my experience on the dive boat and in the water.
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Kayaking in South West River, Kangaroo Island
From Hanson Bay to the first meadows of Grassdale and return
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Spyhopping Orcas in Kaldfjord
Orcas spyhopping in Kaldfjord near Tromso, Norway on 30/11/15 & 4/12/15. Viewed from MS Sula.
Views: 1188 David Gibb
Gammon Ranges Dawn Flight
A morning flight in a Jabiru J230 over the Gammon Ranges National Park in the North Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
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Wordie Hut, December 13, 2006
Wildlife photography, ice climbing, kayaking and bumsliding at an historic British Antarctic base.
Views: 149 David Gibb
Port River Tour
Trying out the new camera and new motor in Adelaide's Port River, checking out a few old wrecks and the odd dolphin & pelican.
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Orcas, Humpbacks & the Rhythm of MS Sula
When we heard the rhythm of Sula's engine we knew that we'd soon see orcas and humpbacks. We loved it's beat and danced to it, I added a little bass for the sound track of this video of the best of what I saw from MS Sula in Kaldfjorden, Norway.
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Kayaking on the Cygnet River
From Brownlow to the Hog Bay Road bridge
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South Shetland Island Beach Life, December 16, 2006
Gentoo penguins and elephant seals on Livingston Island
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Mountain biking at Wilpena
On the Mawson Trail going north from Wilpena
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Picking at Wendouree 2010
Grape picking at Wendouree Cellars, Clare Valley, South Australia. Background music by Blue Mandarin.
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Eudunda Christmas Parade 2009
Eudunda's first Christmas parade in over 30 years was a great success, as was the street party that followed.
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Walky 100 Rally -Special Stage 6 Julia 2, corner of Ngapala & Tarnma Rds
Rally cars competing in the 2018 Copyworld Walky 100 in the Eudunda/Robertstown district on a special stage just up the road from home
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Perito Moreno Glacier, December 1, 2006
With a front that's 5km wide and 60 meters above the water, it's one of Patagonia's most spectacular glaciers, extending across Lago Argentinos at a narrow section and periodically forming a natural dam. Where it reaches the other side you can see a cross section right down to the compressed clear ice at the bottom.
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Love is Like Oxygen cover by Rose and Thorns of The Valley
Semi acoustic cover of Sweet's 'Love is Like Oxygen' by South Australian band Rose and Thorns of The Valley. Videoed at The Rising Sun Hotel, Auburn in the Clare Valley by Paul Jury
Views: 109 David Gibb
Frankly Waiting by Entertaining Trevor
Frankly Waiting, an original song by Entertaining Trevor. Videoed at the 2016 Quorn Battle of the Bands.
Views: 137 David Gibb
Coff & Splutters - The Boys Light Up
Coff & Splutters cover an Australian classic in Bill's lounge room and the North Kapunda Hotel's crowded front bar, where they played their first gig 15 years ago. All of the regulars from over the years were there.
Views: 114 David Gibb
Iceland November 2015 - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
Amazing natural ice sculptures at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and some fleeting views of the aurora from Keflavic
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El Chalten, December 2-6, 2006
Views of the elusive 3400 metre Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia. Once I'd seen images of this stunning peak I just had to go there, I wasn't disappointed by this amazing area with many unexpected sights - like the German tango dancers at Hosteria El Pilar.
Views: 72 David Gibb
Yalour Islands, December 12, 2006
Adelie penguins surrounded by beautiful scenery on sunny afternoon.
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Black Magic Woman, Caltowie Jam
Live performance of a classic at the Caltowie Hotel by members of various bands from South Australia's mid-north
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Coober Pedy and the Lunar Eclipse
Where you watched the December 10 2011 lunar eclipse from might alter your perception of the event, at Coober Pedy in Outback Australia it really does feel like you're standing on the edge of a planet, but maybe not Earth.
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BBC Belfast at Wendouree
Morning tea break the day a camera crew from BBC Belfast visited Wendouree Cellars in the Clare Valley, South Australia during picking.
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Tour Down Under 2010, Riverton Sprint
The day's festivities and the view of the race from a balcony, it was a big day for Riverton as a world class sporting event came through town.
Views: 95 David Gibb
Paradise Harbour, December 14, 2006
Cruise into Paradise Harbour Antarctica aboard Polar Pioneer on a beautiful calm sunny morning, with the reflections of the islands, mountains and icebergs disturbed only be the minke whales and the ship's wake.
Views: 326 David Gibb
Otway Forest Waterfalls
Hopetoun and Beauchamp Falls in the temperate rainforests of the Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia
Views: 22 David Gibb
Lunar Eclipse Eudunda 01-01-10
A great way to see in the new year and quite a sight as the part shaded moon set in the smoke haze.
Views: 206 David Gibb
Orcas off Livingston Island, December 16, 2006
An encounter with over twenty orcas while cruising past the South Shetland Islands.
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Long View of the Lemaire Channel
Slow TV view of the Lemaire Channel from Aurora Expeditions' ship Polar Pioneer, cruising south in daylight and returning in twilight at midnight. Videoed in December 2006 in standard definition, edited in 2008.
Views: 23 David Gibb
Lemaire Channel, December 12, 2006
Cruise aboard Polar Pioneer through the Lemaire Channel between the Antarctic Peninsular and Booth Island which is over 900 meters at it's highest point.
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Drive by near Kapunda of the large group of motorcycles and a couple of classic cars in the C.R.A.B. TESTI COOL CANCER RESEARCH RUN 2011.
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Winter Train Ride - Bergen to Oslo
Early winter journey over the mountains from Bergen to Oslo
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Coff & Splutters - Honky Tonk Woman
Live cover of a classic in the Wheaty in it's hay-day
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A Perfect Day in Paradise Harbour
Paradise Harbour on the Antarctic Peninsular on a beautiful calm sunny morning with the music that came to mind at the time, Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) by Richard Strauss, arranged and adapted by Eumir Deodato. On board Aurora Expeditions' ship Polar Pioneer we enjoyed the perfect day with Zodiak cruises, kayaking, climbing, photography, sketching and whale watching.
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Harvesting near Eudunda December 15 2011
A harvesting scene from the mid-north of South Australia.
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The Lemaire Channel After Midnight
A late night cruise through the Lemaire Channel on the Antarctic Peninsula, on board Polar Pioneer with Aurora Expeditions
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Kingscote Yarn Bombing 2013
Part of Kangaroo Art Feast, the tight knit community responded well again, colourfully covering everything from trees, posts and bikes to a car.
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Caltowie Lightning Show
At the Caltowie Hotel on Saturday 17-12-11 the band stopped playing after a couple of power interruptions and everyone went outside to watch the lightning show that knocked the power out for hours throughout South Australia.
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The Lemaire Channel
The weather lifted as we approached the Lemaire Channel, on the Antarctic Peninsula, with mountains nearly a kilometer high on each side, it was one of the highlights of the voyage aboard Aurora Expeditions' ship Polar Pioneer.
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Camping on Ronge Island, December 15, 2006
Choosing to sleep out in pits in the snow on an island off the Antarctic Peninsular when we'd paid good money for beds on the nice warm Polar Pioneer is pretty mad, but quite a few of us did it.
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Young Kookaburra at Wilmington
Young kookaburra at Wilmington, South Australia learning to laugh
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Paradise Harbour Long View
Long views of the amazing scenery of Paradise Harbour on the Antarctic Peninsula
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Blues Jam by Coff & Splutters
Live performance at The Wheatsheaf Pub, Allendale North, South Australia.
Views: 73 David Gibb
Neko Harbour, December 14, 2006
The Antarctic Peninsular Summer-Winter Sport Centre, activities included kayaking, skiing, bum sliding, hill climbing and polar plunging.
Views: 62 David Gibb

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