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Catfish and canoe fishing
This is when Dustin and Daniel catch some catfish and bass in the canoe expect another canoe video to be out.
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Are give away video
Ok so are give away winner was Charlie Schneier so we will give him a week to reply if not we will pull another winner. We will most likely ship it through mail some time this week. You haft to live in the United States to be able to get it we can't ship it to any other country's. That's about all the info but a week starting from the day this video is uploaded
Zebco 33 Challenge
This is are Zebco 33 Challenge. Daniels Zebco broke half way through so he got a spider man pole to finish it out. Dustin ended up just 6oz short of beating Daniel. Like, subscribe, and comment. Also during some of the stand still moments i'm using a new audio set up please comment if it makes a difference. instagram- https://www.instagram.com/southgeorgia___bassin_/
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Lews spinning rod and reel unboxing
This is the new spinning set up for Daniel. It is going the be used for finesse. Like, subscribe and comment. Comment if you want some Q/A. follow are instagram SouthGeorgia Bassin. Thanks for watching.
How to dig up your own worms for under 10$ tutorial E6/S1
Hay this is are worm catching technic we ended up getting around 200 worms this is a good way to do it if you just want to kill some time. If you have any questions or comments on future videos then just leave it in the comments. Also if you haven't already herd the give away is goin to end in 2 weeks weather we have 20 subs or not.
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Summer swim jigs
This is when Daniel decided to use a strike king swim jig with a Bruser baits trailer and got lots of bass of it. hope you like it.
Catching worms (on your Driveway)
This is when it wouldn't stop raining so Daniel just started to gather up worms from the driveway. like subscribe and comment. INSTAGRAM- SouthGeorgia Bassin
Lews Pro G/June MTB/500$ unboxing
Daniel went for a vacation for a week and during that week, He received the Lews tournament pro G, The BPS Johnny Morris Titanium rod, the mystery tackle box for the month of June and around 180$ in stuff he got at bass pro, so when he got home he got Dustin and had a mega unboxing.
2016 August MTB slam
This is the August MTB slam. Music- WE Survived Artist- Dark cat
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Redneck is the only real way to explain this video. if you want a good laugh then start watching i ended up catching one Fish and we drove the 4-Wheeler and got stuck in the Mud. over all it was a fun day. hope you enjoy. like subscribe and comment.
spring bed fishing
This is are spring bed fishing video. if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comments section. Like and subscribe.
Best summer pond bass fishing baits
This is are best summer pond bass fishing bait video hope you enjoy. Like, subscribe, and comment
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Tackle Tuesday
This is are tackle Tuesday video we will show you how to rig a trick worm and fluke, and how to use it. Along with what it will look like above and below the water.
Mystery tackle box- MTB slam for August 2015
This is are 2015 MTB slam and last picture is a real picture I took of a bass with the lure in its mouth I actually got really lucky that I took that picture before I lost the lure
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October 2015 MTB slam #mtbSLAM
This is are mtb slam for October 2015 please like and subscribe we are trying to create a fun and growing channel. Sorry for the camera shaking I wasn't expecting to make a video but the fish told me other wise, so I had to make a make shift camera mount.( a dead battery I found on the dock)
Broken GoPro Vlog# 6
This is are broken GoPro Vlog. Since where I live was right in the path of the hurricane. we got a power outage that lasted about 6-7 hours. during this my GoPro was charging and now it want turn on, charge, no wifi, and no nothing so that sucks but we are currently waiting on amazon to pick it up. Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/southgeorgia___bassin_/ Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/user-588003451
The 2016 bass fishing load out.
This is are 2016 bass fishing load out. where we mostly talk about are reels, and rods and how we have them set up. This year i made the transition to the lews reel, and so far it has been a great choice.
Golf Course fishing
This is when i went to my grandmas, and since they live on a golf course that allows fishing i took it to my advantage and went fishing. I had my aunt with me today she like fishing too.
September 2015 mystery tackle box unboxing
So this is are September 2015 mystery tackle box unboxing. If you have any questions about any thing or tips on how to use these lures then just leave it in the comments and I will try and get back to you as quick as I can
spring fishing video
This is south georgia bassins early spring fishing video with dustin brown and , Daniel kennedy
The majestical bass fishing trip.
This episode is when me and dustin went fishing and got some really big bass. (bigger than normal for the pond bass)
the Christmas  day unboxing.
This was the unboxing of everything we got for Christmas that is fishing related.
The Good Friday fishing
This video is when I went bass fishing on Good Friday. Dustin was not here this time to make the video, but he will not be gone forever. I would like to wish every one a Happy Easter. Fish on.
private pond fishing
This is a video of Daniel fishing in a private pond I have yet to get permission for dustin to go there. The pond is over flowing with water so all the usual fishing spots are taken, so i didn't catch as many as usual.
Fall Fishing
This is my fall bass fishing video as you know summer is moving away and fall is coming upon us so different tactics are needed to get that good fall time bite. i haven't quite cracked it in this video but i will eventually. As alway like, subscribe, and comment. tight lines
Episode 1 season 1 are top 5 best fishing baits
Good baits for South Georgia
It went wrong
This is when it was a beautiful day out but quickly that changed within 10 minutes it was raining and very windy. Like, Subscribe, and comment. we also have a instagram and a sound cloud and would really like a follow. links will be in the bottom. Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/southgeorgia___bassin_/ Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/user-588003451 song- Tough on you Artist- Mura Masa
Another good day of fishing
This is just another good day of fishing. Using a swim jig with a strike king rage craw as a trailer.
Sunfish fishing
This is when Daniel and Dustin went to the pond to catch some brim, and ended up catching a decent amount.
ThanksGiving Vlog #11
This is my ThanksGiving Vlog ended up going to my grandmas house for Thanksgiving who also happens to live on a golf course. so i Fished a little bit and got a few ok pre-winter Bass. As you know we are currently experiencing a drought and its making all of the pond water levels drop drastically, but i'm making the best of it. hope you liked the Vlog like, subscribe, and comment. DKbass signing out...
Finesse fishing
This is Daniel went finesse fishing through out the week. Follow are instagram SouthGeorgia Bassin. like, subscribe, comment. last but not least thanks for watching.
cabelas unboxing
Over the break dustin went over to cabelas and picked up some cool fishing supplies.
Summer bass fishing in ponds
This is just a regular day of fishing in the ponds using the finesse set up. keep it up with the comments we love them. follow are instagram SouthGeorgia Bassin. Like, subscribe, and comment. peace
This is my Drop Shot video the Wintertime is coming up in us so i've been practicing my wintertime skills one of which is Drop shot. hope you like it like, subscribe, and comment. DKbass...
Mystery tackle box unboxing for October 2015
This was are October 2015 mystery tackle box unboxing. Give away is ending on Sunday at midnight so subscribe and say subscribed at the bottom of are give away video to enter
Weekend Bassin Vlog# 9
Weekend Bassin Vlog# 9. This is where i took a full weekend of Bass Fishing and put into one video. hope you enjoy. if you want any information on what Baits, Reels, and Rods i was using then leave it in the comments and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Like, and subscribe and comment DKbass - signing out music- https://soundcloud.com/nicperrault/firing-positions
Summer time Cranking
This is when i began to see that the square bill may make a comeback, so i used a KVD sexy shad square bill crank bait. Earlier that day i got 5 bass of it but it wasn't on camera.
April 2016 mysterytackle box unboxing
This is the April mystery tackle box unboxing.
Mid-day fishing
This is when Daniel and Dustin went to the pond and used only soft plastic the entire day.
Early morning Frogin
This is when Daniel went frogin in the morning and went came and went through out the day.
Weekly Vlog #1
This is a Volg of are basic activities over a one week period.
How to use a Baitcaster part 1
This is are video on how to use a baitcaster part 1 there will be another part for the more advanced.
Lots of Dinks
This is are lots of Dinks video where Daniel went fishing on a golf course pond and landed tons of dinks but in the end landed 2 bass above 1 lb while he was there
Salt, peppers, and fish
This is when Daniel, Dustin, and Steven had some fun with Salt, peppers, and fish.
June MTB slam
This is are MTB slam for the month of June. #MTBslam
Review of the live target frog
this is a review of the live target swimming frog, and is most likely the best looking frog and excelled when i put it in action. It is incredibly realistic and waterproof.
Tackle tuesday
This is another of are tackle Tuesday videos. it is over the net rig paired with the vicious fishing shakin pt. The Gambler ugly otter, Reaction strike frog, and the Z9 perch.
Cabelas unbaging
Instagram and reel photo is Southgeorgia ___Bassin
My thoughts on the Neko Rig.
This is when i found out about the Neko Rig and decided to do a video of my first off thoughts on it.

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