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Abbey Sky - She's So Over Me
Performed live and Folsom Live.........sound quality is not so good here, I was way to close to the speaker setup :(
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Hollis Ranch & Foote Rice Farm - Willows, California
Family Ranch and Land
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The Empty House - Willows, California
A family house that has been vacant since 1995
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MTB Dirt Ride - Lake Natoma South Side -  Aquatic Center to Old Folsom
This is a local dirt trail I've been riding for nearly two decades already. Fun to hit for a quick fast ride when there is little trail traffic like you'll see in this video. Always have to worry though about what's around every corner on this trail. Lots of local runners and walkers use this trail daily.
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Flume Trail MTB Ride - North Shore Lake Tahoe
Section of the Flume Trail on the north shore of Lake Tahoe
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Eddie Money - One More Soldier Coming Home
This concert was at Folsom Live off of Sutter St in Folsom, California
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Two Rude Men Illegally Riding Their Segways Along the American River Bike Trail & Refusing To Leave
Two Sacramento county park officials (one showing in this video confronting these two men again) were sitting along the side of the American River bike trail handing out ice cold water and information for cyclists, joggers and walkers who approach them. Apparently these two men came along earlier cruising there Segways on the American River bike trail path and were warned by the county park officials that it is not legal for them to have those on the American Parkway and that they need to leave the parkway now or face a fine. Approximately 30 to 45 minutes later they show up again and start arguing and complaining and that they phoned an official that told them they could ride these Segways on the American River bike path. We insisted that that is not true, both the county park officials and us cyclist who were there witnessing this fiasco with these two very rude and irate older men. These two men continued to argue and then they stated they had a disability and had the right to ride their Segways on this bike trail. These two men then proceeded to leave and head east towards Sacramento down the bike trail giving us all the middle finger. If you know who these two men are, please have them read the laws pertaining to the American River Parkway both state and county ordinances that are applicable along different parts of the American River Parkway bike trails. Segways have never been allowed legally along the American River bike trail on neither county nor state regulated routes.
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EDNSP Avalanche Training near Echo Lake
Avalanche Training
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MTB Ride - Lake Natoma East Side - Old Folsom to Aquatic Center
This is starting at the ARBT trailhead off of Leidesdorff St & Reading in old town Folsom and heading south on the dirt trail to the Aquatics Center in Fair Oaks. One way is approximately 4.9 miles
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Fernley Nevada SOTMX 2008
This is an annual event after the 1st day of moto's. The test is to see who can cross the finish line last, in other words a balancing act on one heavy ars bike moving as slowwww as possible.
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Round Top Lake Hike July 30, 2011
This was taken in between Woods & Winnemucca Lakes in the Mokelumne Wilderness. This was along side the trail on our hike up to Round Top Lake...it was amazing how strong the river was flowing under the snow blankets.
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Truckee Bike Park Fun October 22, 2017
Two over 50 kids having a great time riding theTruckee bike park :)
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Jeff Davis Peak Climb
Climbing Jeff Davis Peak on June 23, 2012
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Downieville  MTB Fun - October 1, 2017
One of several video segments from our Downieville ride on October 1, 2017 and the opening of the Gold Valley Connector Trail segment. I was riding nearly one legged the entire near 21 miler as my left knee decided to break loose some lengthy scar tissue hiding under my knee cap about 1/8 way in on me making this quite the extra challenge in deed. I ended up in surgery 10 days after this...
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Folsom Lake Clean·Up 2017
Many of the shorelines out at Folsom Lake are unusable due to all of the debris that have washed in from upstream. This is what they are doing in their attempts to clean it all up.
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Bradley Hut Snowshoe
Returning to the trailhead from Bradley Hut
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Waterhouse Peak Winter Adventure - February 4th, 2012
Waterhouse Peak Winter Adventure just South of Lake Tahoe near Luther Pass...
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Natoma Twisty
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Folsom Light Show June 3, 2009 - Part 4
Video taken in the North West over Folsom Prison
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Amgen Tour of California 2011 Part II
The Peleton coming through In Folsom California at Riley & Wales Drive. Should have used a tripod, the wind and rain made this very unsteady.
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Folsom Light Show June 3, 2009 - Part 2
Video taken in the North West over Folsom Prison
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Sierra Buttes - At the top of the tower
We were at the tower located on the peak of the Sierra Buttes...
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The Craypion - 1999 6th Grade Science Project
This was a 6th grade science project of sorts while at Camerado Middle School in Cameron Park.....
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Folsom Light Show June 3, 2009 - Part 1
Video taken in the North West over Folsom Prison
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Folsom Light Show June 3, 2009 - Part 3
Video taken in the North West over Folsom Prison
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Annual Folsom Cattle Run 2011
This was the annual Folsom Cattle Run here in Folsom, California on Sutter Street. It is the only Annual cattle run remaining in the State of California to date.
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Amgen Tour of California 2011 Part I
The Breakaway coming through In Folsom California at Riley & Wales Drive. They were minutes ahead of the Peleton, actually stopped recording as it was taking to long. I continued on a 2nd video when the Peleton finally came into site. Should have used a tripod as the wind and rain made this very unsteady.
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Heli picking up worker on Power Pole in Folsom
Rain & wind I might add...What a great job to have :)
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