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XSD 2 Oracle SQL
Demonstration of the Sciumo XSD to Oracle DDL SQL tool available at: http://sciumo.com/xsd2sql/XSD2PLSQL.html This tool takes XML XSD and rewrites it into Oracle DDL to create table structures. Creating Oracle DDL from XSD is not necessarily a good idea. Better ways exist for utilizing XML which is a format for data in motion and not a format for data integration.
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EMD2IMG Electromagnetic Measured Data to Image Toolkit
All browser implementation of an Electromagnetic Measured Data analysis toolkit. Currently implements converting WiPry measured data into PNG. http://www.oscium.com/products/wipry-combo-spectrum-analyzer-and-dynamic-power-meter
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CSV2SFAF WIP Demonstrating mapping Excel into SFAF
Standard Frequency Action Format (SFAF) is a text, line-oriented format used for Department of Defense (DoD) radio frequency proposals & assignments. CSV2SFAF is a safe,in-browser mapping tool from Excel data into the SFAF format.
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