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Shooting my Winchester Model 1892  .44 magnum, current production
Shooting my brand-new Japanese-made Winchester Model 1892 for the first time at Hog Wild Ranch. The caliber is .44 magnum.
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Applewood-Smoked Prime Rib Roast in a Smokin'Tex Electric Smoker, Dec. 31, 2010
Smoking a 7.8-lb boneless ribeye roast with applewood in my Smokin'Tex electric smoker on New Years Eve. I used only freshly-ground black pepper and butter on the meat (no salt.) The smoker was initially set at 200-degrees F but after 2 hours, I increased the temperature to 250-degrees because of time constraints. The roast was pulled out of the smoker after an internal temperature of 140 degrees was reached (after 3 hours 55 minutes of smoking time.) The roast was served with au jus and horseradish cream sauce. It was simply delicious. Happy New Year 2011 everyone!
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How to Make Winter Melon Tea 冬瓜茶作法
Recipe for a sweet favorite summertime soft drink from Taiwan. The ingredients are: winter melon (white gourd), light brown sugar and dark brown sugar. Use about 1 part sugar to 3 parts winter melon by weight. Do not add water. Simmer under low heat for 2 hours, then strain out the solids and save the liquid. Use the liquid similar to a syrup--add ice and dilute with water to taste to make a refreshing, ice-cold beverage. The ratio of sugars are about 2 parts light brown sugar to 1 part dark brown sugar.
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How to Change Motor Oil of 2nd-Gen (2004 - 2009) Toyota Prius
This is how I change the oil of my 2007 Toyota Prius. I do this every 5,000 miles since it was new. This car has never been in a dealership or mechanic's shop for repair or even routine maintenances. I just change the oil myself and top off any fluids as needed and change an occasional dirty air filter or worn tires. The brake pads are still factory originals. I don't even bother to take it in for recall-related services (Why, if the car is running great?) I had a 2004 Prius that I did the same for 125,000 miles until it was totaled when it was rear-ended. It was running perfectly up until then. For this 2007 Prius, I average 44.6 MPG. It is a great car. STATUS REPORT Sept. 25, 2016: This car now has 155K on the odometer and I still do the same thing -- changing oil every 5,000 miles. The headlight went bad about 20,000 miles ago (it was going on and off randomly, the first sign of you needing a new headlight, so I took it to the dealer and had it changed (I forgot how much it costed but is wasn't as much as I had heard.) Since the headlights had to be changed, I also asked the dealer to change the brake pads and flush the radiator as well. The brakes were still factory up to that time and I nod no problems with it, but I though it was time to change them anyway.
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How to Change 2002 Toyota RAV4 Brake Light Bulb
Video taken with a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG102 HD "Dual Camera" camcorder and edited using Super Loiloscope Venus.
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Big-Knife Review: Szco Supplies vs Timber Rattler Bowie Knives
Comparison of two inexpensive big Bowie knives.
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DIY Cold Smoker Setup
My cold-smoker set-up. The firebox is a 14" Weber charcoal grill ($29 from Home Depot). The smoking chamber is from an old water smoker, with a 3" hole drilled to its side using a Harbor Freight electric power drill fitted with a bi-metal hole drill-bit, also from Harbor Freight. The smoke conduit is an 8-ft long, 3"-diameter semi-flexible aluminum heating duct (from Lowe's). It is really easy to make -- took me less than 30 minutes. Make sure you wear safety gargles when drilling sheet metal.
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Bulova Precisionist Watch Accuracy Test, Week 4
Week 4 report of an ongoing accuracy test of the Bulova Precisionist UHF (ultra-High Frequency) watch against an ever-accurate atomic watch (Citizen) and a regular quartz watch (Timex).
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Quick & Easy Hard Apple Cider
Quick and easy hard apple cider, brewed right from the bottle using Costco's 100% fresh-pressed apple juice and a champagne wine yeast. Just add the yeast right into the bottle of apple juice, apply airlock and let ferment at room temperature for about 4 days. Once fermentation has ceased, just remove the airlock, recap and store the cider in the refrigerator. The starting specific gravity is about 1.050 and the ending specific gravity will be about 1.002, which will yield an ABV of about 5 - 6%, approximately equal to regular beers. If you prefer a slightly sweeter hard cider, with a little fizz, just add a little more fresh apple juice and close the lid tightly and allow it to ferment inside the bottle a little more (watch out for exploding bottles if you added too much new juice!) The finished product will be a little tart, crisp and refreshing, not unlike a champagne and much better than store-bought hard apple ciders. Enjoy! By the way, since I made this video, I have dispensed totally with the use of the airlock. It is not necessary. I just loosen the cap half-way to allow the carbon dioxide to freely escape while it ferments. It works perfectly. No oxygen is going to get in because the carbon dioxide keeps forming to flush it out. When the visible fermentation stops completely, I then tighten the cap and place the jug in the fridge for a day or so to carbonate the cider. Make sure you don't over-carbonate as there IS always a danger of building up too much pressure, causing a dangerous explosion (it has never happened to any of my brews and the sturdy plastic jugs can take a lot of pressure, even bulging slightly.) When I pour myself a cold, bubbly hard cider, the pressure is allowed to release at that time. I then tighten the cap again until the next pour. This system works perfectly (but always check the pressure to make sure it doesn't become a bomb!). Never shake the jug or otherwise disturb the yeast sediments! Watch the update: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=qcNNUkafYuA
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How I ate "tsampa" every morning and lost 10 pounds in 1 month!
Introducing the Tibetan staple diet of tsampa 糌粑 and the health benefits of full-grain hull-less barley from which it is made.
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Hiking L.A.: Mt. Baldy via the Ski Hut Trail, July 10, 2010
Hiking to the top of Mt. Baldy (Mt. San Antonio), elevation 10,064 ft, with a swell bunch of guys and gals from the Long Beach Canyon Hikers Meetup Group via the Ski Hut Trail. The hike was 8.4 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of 3,900 feet. Approximately 2.6 miles from the trailhead is the San Antonio Ski Hut, run by the Sierra Club (thus the trail name.) Mt. Baldy is the highest peak of the San Gabriel Range located in the Angeles National Forest in L.A. County. As you can see in this video, it is one of the most popular hiking trails in Southern California. The other way to ascend the mountain is by the Devil's Backbone Trail, which is 6.4 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of 2,200 ft.
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Invicta Grand Diver 3045 Automatic Men's Watch, Super-Macroed
My Invicta Grand Diver 3045 watch
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The Flip Ultra HD with and without 0.5X Wide Angle Lens
I added a 0.5X Sunpak 37mm wide angle lens to my Flip Ultra HD camcorder per instructions from rmdembroski's video ("Flip Ultra HD DIY Lens Hack") and the result was EXCELLENT. Thanks rmdembroski, for the great idea!
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Brewing Hard Cider with Lalvin EC-1118, Beast of a Yeast
Using Lalvin EC-1118 champagne yeast (available on Amazon for less than $9 for 10 packs) to brew hard apple cider. This is just about the easiest and hassle-free way to brew a delicious champagne-like sparkling hard apple cider with about 5% alcohol by volume. The yeast can be re-used indefinitely.
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Direct-Drive Vintage Singer Sewing Machines, 201-2 vs 15-91
A comparison of the only two vintage Singers with the direct-drive "potted" motors: model 201-2 ("The Dressmaker's Model" or the "Rolls-Royce of Singers") and the model 15-91 (the "Farmer's Wife Model". Hear the difference in their sounds.
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"Cyser" (apple cider-mead) Fermenting in Jug
One gallon of Costco-bought apple juice plus one pound of raw honey being fermented right in the jug using Lalvin EC-1118 champagne yeast. Video was taken 48 hours after pitching of yeast.
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Winchester  Model 1873 rifle, current 2018 production, up close
Current production of Winchester '73, in .45LC. These are now made in Japan but still have the Winchester brand name and logo, so they are true Winchesters, not replicas.
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My 100,000 BTU Backyard Wok Burner Setup
My backyard high-heat wok setup, with hand-forged Zhangqiu 章丘wok. The burner is Taiwanese-made. The wok is Chinese-made.
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Winner Men's Automatic Mechanical Watch
Another fine Chinese-made Winner automatic, all-mechanical wristwatch that I purchased from eBay for $18.90, including shipping. I will have an update on its accuracy once I have an idea.
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Making Sauerkraut, Szechuan-Style, Part 2 of 2 四川泡菜德式作法之二
Making sauerkraut in a German-made Schmitt 5-liter crock, with a Szechuan twist. Part 2 of 2.
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HiLight P20 Tactical LED Flashlight -- "Good 'Nuff"
Budget-priced, Chinese-made tactical LED flashlight for my Glock 17, by HiLight. I bought it from Amazon for less than $50. It is solidly built, bright and good enough for my purpose of home-defense.
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How to cold-smoke bacon at home
My setup to easily cold-smoke bacon, or any food you want, at home.
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Shooting Mossberg 500 12-gauge Pump Shotgun With Hogue "Tamer" Pistol Grip
Took Mr. Biden's advice and bought a shotgun for home defense. You know, I think it just might work out. Thanks for the sound advice, Mr. Biden. You know what you're talking about.
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Chinese Leather Patcher Sewing Machine Review: Singer Model 29K Clone?
This is a review of the Chinese-made leather patcher sewing machine that I bought recently from eBay, from an American vendor for $220 + $40 shipping (but may be obtained for as low as $215 total, including shipping from China). I believe this is a modified version of the Singer 29K leather patcher. It is sold in China as a "shoe-repair machine" or "shoe-mending machine" and is widely used by street cobblers in China to repair shoes, handbags and other thick leather/canvass products. Recently, it is available from eBay for purchase from different vendors, some shipped from the U.S. and others shipped directly from China. In the U.K., it is re-branded, beautified and sold as the "Able 290". Some models come with a metal tripod (useful only if you like to squat as you work, like Asian street cobblers). Since mine did not come with a tripod, I made a wooden base for it myself, which works just fine. This video will show you how the machine is treaded and operated. Hope this will help you to decide if you are in the market for an inexpensive "industrial-strength" walking-foot leather sewing machine. A higher-priced alternative would be the Techsew 2900 Patcher ($1900 from Amazon), which appears to be a true clone of the Singer 29K. A used, century-old genuine Singer 29K would run you well above $450, if you can find one.
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Anker 14-Watt Foldable Solar Panel Battery Charger with Astro E5 15000mAh External Battery
How I use my portable solar panel battery charger to charge all my peripheral electronics.
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Invicta Pro Diver 8926 Automatic Watch Accuracy Testing
Checking the accuracy of my brand-new Invicta Pro Diver 8926 automatic watch ($85 from Amazon) against a radio-controlled atomic watch over a 7-day period.
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Ruger Alaskan .454 Casull unboxing
Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan with 2.5" barrel, chambered in .454 Casull, unboxing and tabletop review.
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Hickory-Smoked Chicken on the Stovetop in 10 Minutes
How to make delicious hickory-smoked chicken on the stovetop in 10 minutes without special equipments. The technique I described here is the Chinese sugar-tea wok-smoking technique known to Chinese housewives for centuries. But instead of tea leaves, I am using thinly-shaved hickory wood chips to give it an American flair (hickory sawdust will probably work even better.) Just use any store-bought rotisserie chicken as the starting point (here I used Costco's rotisserie chicken.) The end product is excellent as is but the smoke flavor, as with most smoked foods, will be enhanced after overnight refrigeration. You can use this smoking technique to smoke any kind of food -- sausages, hardboiled & marinated eggs, fish... Just use your imagination! Enjoy.
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How To Make Smoked Hunan December Pork (Larou) 湖南燻臘肉作法
List of Ingredients: --------------------------- Pork (shoulder or belly): 7 - 10 lbs Salt: 1 - 2 cups (depending on your taste.) Light soy sauce: 1.5 cup Szechuan peppercorn: 1/3 cup (available from any Asian grocery store) Star anise: 5 - 6 pieces Dark brown sugar: 3/4 cup Chinese white liquor (Kao-Liang liquor): 1/4 cup Chinese rice wine ("michu"): 1/4 cup Prague Powder (pink curing salt #1): Use 1 tsp per 5 lbs of meat (An alternative to Prague Powder No.1 is Morton Tender Quick Meat Cure, in appropriate dosage. Both can be purchased from Amazon.Com.) Applewood or hickory wood for smoking: few chunks Equipments Needed: ------------------------------- (1). DIY meat-drying box ("biltong box"): See video for details. (2). DIY cold smoker: See video for details.
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First 100 rounds from my brand-new Kahr P380 (Reliability Test)
Shooting my brand-new California-legal Kahr P380 pistol (KP38233) for the first time.
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Cold-Smoking Foods -- Easy DIY Setup
This is how I cold-smoke various foods. Cold smoking is just a way of adding smoke flavor to your food without adding extra heat, so the foods are not cooked. Raw foods will remain raw after cold-smoking. Of course, the Costco Kirkland brand oven-browned turkey breast seen in this video is already fully-cooked before the cold-smoking process. I found this method of cold-smoking to be the most-satisfactory because it is so easy and there is virtually no clean-up -- just extinguish the charcoal fire, dump the ashes and hose down the smoking chamber. Have fun!
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How I Made 2 leather Tote Bags: a step-by-step tutorial
I made 2 leather tote bags this weekend and this is how I did it. Please note: I am not a professional leather craftsman, just a hobbyist and I learned everything from Youtube. Not shown in this video is the final application of Tandy's professional red edge paint to all raw cut-edges of the leather bag, including the leather-wrapped handles, using a dauber. This gives the bags a very pleasant finished look. I did not have the red edge paint available when I made this video.
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Hiking L.A.: Mt. Baden-Powell, June 11, 2010
Mt. Baden-Powell, elev. 9407 ft., is the 4th highest peak of the San Gabriel Range in Southern California. The trailhead is located at Vincent Gap on the Angeles Crest Highway, only a few miles beyond the Mountain High Ski Resort which I frequent during winters. The hike is 8 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of 2800 feet and is one of the best hikes in the Angeles National Forest. There are plenty of ancient-growth trees (some over 2000 years old) that provides plenty of shade almost all the way to the top. I did this hike on Friday, June 11, 2010.
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Big-Knife Review: Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife
A Bowie knife on steroids from Timber Rattler.
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Ruger Alaskan .454 Casull double-action panic-mode for bears, sasquatch, zombies
First time shooting my Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull, training for panic-mode, double-action shooting. This little hand-cannon is great for bears. It will also work on sasquatch and zombies. Also, my investigation of the recent (2/3/2019) mountain lion sighting in my neighborhood.
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Winchester Model 70 Super Grade, 30-06, current production in pre-64 configuration
Detailed table-top review of the current production of Winchester Model 70, with the pre-64 control-round-feed Mauser-type bolt.
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My Choices for Alaskan Bear-Defense: Gun & Knife
My First Choice for Bear Defense: Pepper Spray Side-Arm of Choice: Ruger Super Blackhawk, .44 magnum Ammo of Choice: Buffalo Bore Heavy 44 magnum +P+ (340 gr, 1,425 fps, 1,533 ft-lbs) Gun Leather of Choice: "Guides Choice Chest Holster" by Diamond D Custom Leathers of Wasilla, AK Knife of Choice: SZCO Supplies Full Tang Hunter ($10.05 from Amazon Prime, came with cheap nylon sheath which was quickly tossed) Knife Sheath of Choice: Priceless (made it myself)
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Parnis Sterile-Dial Submariner Men's Watch, Super-Macroed
This watch has ceramic 120-click uni-directional bezel, sapphire crystal, solid end-links, manual-wind, second-hand hacking 17-jewel automatic Sea-Gull movement. I had it on the watch-winder for 8 days and it gained 15 seconds per day--accurate enough but I am hoping it slows down a bit on the wrist. Got it for $99 on eBay, with free shipping from China. Camera used for this video: SANYO Xacti VPC-CG20 HD Dual Camera.
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Home-Made Leather Tote Bag, How I Did It
Made this leather tote bag for my daughter this weekend. Got the supplies from Tandy Leather Co. and it took me one day to complete the project. All seams were glued together using Barge Contact Cement first, then hand-sewn using saddle-stitching with waxed artificial sinew. The excess edges were then trimmed with scissors. The handles were cut from a double shoulder vegetable tanned cowhide leather, then applied with Super Sheen. I just got started with leathercrafting as a hobby a couple of months ago. Started with making knife sheaths first for myself until my daughters clamored for leather bags. I learned everything from Youtube.
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Walther P22  shooting right out of the box, and my impressions
4th of July pistol plinking at the Hog Wild Ranch
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Ruger GP100 stainless revolver, .357 mag, 6" barrel, up close
Excellent double-action revolver from Sturm Ruger, with after-market Hogue grip.
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Wildflower: California Poppies. Lancaster, CA, April 17, 2010
A Spring outing with my daughter to see the amazing wild California poppies in full bloom just outside of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Resereve along I Street in Lancaster, CA. These are totally wild flowers that bloom each Spring. Video taken on April 17, 2010.
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Shooting my Taurus Model 605  .357 mag snub-nose revolver in Predator Defense Training
The Taurus M605 stainless steel snub nose revolver is an excellent weapon to carry when you are hiking in mountain lion country.
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Irises by Vincent van Gogh, detailed views
Detail view of the renowned painting as exhibited at the J. Paul Getty Museum in L.A. 4K video taken on 9-14-17, which is allowed at the museum.
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Making (Drinkable) Yogurt at Home 酸奶作法
Quick and easy way to make endless supply of your favorite yogurt. AIso, I just realized that we all have a huge yogurt maker in our homes. It is parked right in your driveway -- it is called YOUR CAR! Just put the inoculated milk inside the car, with the windows closed (depending on the temperature of the day of course, open windows slightly if it is too hot), and shield the milk from direct sunlight. The temperature can easily reach above 110-degrees F inside the car and makes for a perfect yogurt incubator. Environmentally friendly, too. Just don't leave your kids inside the car!
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Smoked Chicken in 10 Minutes
How to make delicious smoked-chicken in 10 minutes on your stove top using the tried-and-true Chinese sugar-tea leaf smoking technique. There is no need for special equipments or know-how. Just use any store-bought rotisserie chicken as the starting point (here I used Costco's rotisserie chicken.) The smoke adds a unique flavor to the chicken, which gets even better after a night in the fridge. You can also use this smoking technique for a variety of foods. Just use your imagination. For stronger smoke flavor, use more time. Enjoy!
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A Decoy Safe for the Burglar
A heavy, inexpensive safe that I keep in the bedroom for the burglar to carry off.
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Chinese Peasant Staple from a Forgotten Past: The Lowly Wowotou 窩窩頭
The staple food of the northern Chinese countryside from a forgotten past.
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Invicta Grand Diver 3045 Automatic Watch with Seiko NH35A Movement
Just got my 2nd Invicta from Amazon today. This is one MANLY watch! The workmanship is superb! Will give follow-up report on its accuracy. My other Invicta, the Pro Diver 8926 automatic, also with the Seiko NH35A movement, gains less than 2 seconds per day. This one is rated at 300 meters.
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