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Dog humps drunk owner
It was a lazy Sunday of drinking. And then someone passed out. Normally, his friends would draw on him, or shave off an eyebrow, but his dog beat them to it. This may be the sexiest, funniest, most disturbing dog hump of all time.
Views: 4293 Mark Elphick
Drunk champagne bottle open
Drunk Kayla opening a champagne bottle. NO!!!
Views: 289 Mark Elphick
Sleeping kid can't get comfortable
This video of my daughter, Paige, was taken in the waiting room of a hospital at about 2 am. We were there for an ER visit for my pregnant wife because she was having what felt like contractions. Turns out it was just food poisoning. Regardless, Paige was exhausted and couldn't get comfortable in the waiting room. Enjoy!
Views: 599 Mark Elphick
Indoor wrestling match
drunken ufc impersonation
Views: 176 Mark Elphick
Body Shots
Kay taking a body shot off a hot bartender!!
Views: 132 Mark Elphick

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