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homebrew - Making 26% alcohol is eaaasy!
I love this stuff. I've been doing this since I learned how yeasts anearobically ferment. Every kind of alcohol gives a different drunk, homebrew is unique. You can also use fining agents (e.g. gelatine) to get rid of the debris at the end. It may take a couple of rounds of cooling/decanting to get rid of it. please drink responsibly and follow your local and federal laws. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this video for excessive intoxication or illegal activity. Proceed at your own risk. I also highly recommend not to alter this process so as to attempt an increase in alcohol percent (e.g. distilling) as it may yield poisonous levels of methanol. This video is for scientific education purposes to demonstrate the applications of anaerobic fermentation. download the written instructions here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B0Din0Zhz7aKMDE4OGJkMzMtN2QzNi00YjU0LWI2YTYtODY1OGM5ZGI0ZmQ3&hl=en
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Homebrew @ 12 hours into fermenting
2 L of juice fermenting with alcohol grade yeasts after letting it sit overnight. Lots of bubbles and CO2 production now! Will take 4-5 days of this and the bubbles will suddenly slow drastically... that's how we know it's done! Then we reap the profits.
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Apartment - MONTREAL
3455 Aylmer -- downtown Montreal
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Glow Discharger
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Vostro V131 screen flickers on battery power
all drivers are up to date. I tried to solve the problem by updating video driver from Intel site (it was slightly out of date). This didn't fix the problem. I tried to update my bios but it is already the most recent version of the driver. for more info see this: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/p/19420095/19986800.aspx
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Confocal microscopy of mouse peritoneal macrophages with (and without) MAP infection. Red (Cy3) antibody stain for LC3; Greed = GFP; blue = DAPI.
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Tam tams Drumming in Montreal public park
Every Sunday in Montreal, rain or shine, hundreds of people go to Park Jean Mance (on the East side of Mont Royal) to play drums, jugs, or anything that makes a sound! People drink, smoke weed, and I'm sure there are other drugs floating around too. It lasts the entire day, and is a good example of the kind of crazy fun that goes in on this city! Also... all the crazies come out to dance too.
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Oktoberfest AFTER October!
This is what the Oktoberfest area in Munich looks like at the end of November. So much more empty space! There's a winter festival going on here now -- "Tollwood" (you can see it in the video).
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Bombshell Techno - MrHansenable
MrHansenable (morebpm.ca) techno mix.
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Markus Schulz ("Arnej - We Unite") @ The Guvernment Toronto Feb 25, 2012
The legendary DJ Markus Schulz did a six hour extended set at the Guvernment [1:30am - 7:30am]. This was just after his release of the comp album "Los Angeles 2012" so the music was still ripe! Here's the first track he played of the night after his intro track; this track by Toronto artist Arnej, "we unite", is off of Markus' newest album and was a mixed work between the two artists. The Guv club was a nice venue with good lighting effects, a great sound system, but a little bit small for the massive crowd that showed up for the show at only 20 bucks per ticket! Sorry for moving the camera so much at times, it was really hard to restrain myself from dancing. Also sorry for the sound quality, it's the best quality I could get using my Samsung Nexus.
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Anthony vs. Cat
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MrHansenable - Mountains MP3
techno. www.soundcloud.com/mrhansenable -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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MrHansenable - 4am Glow
Dark Techno and Dark Trance. https://soundcloud.com/mrhansenable https://www.mixcloud.com/MrHansenable https://www.twitch.tv/djhansenable 0:00 - Spartaque - Uncompromised (Original Mix) 8:15 - Carlo Calabro - Fight on Sissy Lane (Original Mix) 14:00 - Mr. Pit - Mosni (Original Mix) 19:00 - Monoline - Relapse (Original Mix) 22:10 - Joseph Capriati - Kontrol Room (Original Mix) 25:30 - Koen Groeneveld - Slides (Original Mix) 28:50 - Ummet Ozcan - The Box (Original Mix) 32:50 - Kosheen DJs - Clipper (Original Mix) 38:00 - Roy Rosenfeld - Balloons (Original Mix) 45:20 - Mr. Pit - Fugu
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The three of us --- stoned and screaming at pedestrians.
If you heard us screaming on the streets of Montreal then I'm sorry.
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