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Guy raps about losing someone that’s passed away EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL (Ig:Daddysofficial)
To all who’ve lost someone Beat - https://youtu.be/QJneWnK21C8 I completely DO NOT own any rights to any/all audio heard in this. I only uploaded it for entertainment purposes, so all rights go to the original creator of this track/song. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for and quote fair use and quote for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED THIS VIDEOS IS FAIR TO USE UNDER U.S.COPYRIGHT LAW BECAUSE IT IS 1. NON-COMMERCIAL. 2.TRANSFORMATIVE IN NATURE 3.DOES NOT COMPETE WITH THE ORIGINAL WORK OR HAVE ANY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON ITS MARKET.
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Guy raps to ex "Surrender Prt 2"  Dusza and Cozy.markk
Beat name https://youtu.be/L_r_wVibyiI (FOLLOW @COZY.MARKK)
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Guy raps to ex - Letting go (Lyrics-description) IG: @Daddysofficial
This is the raw footage of "Letting Go". All the emotion seen in this video is real. Posted right after a break up . Soon a official high quality full version song will n uploaded via. YouTube and Sound cloud. Hit the like drop some comments and Follow my journey Instagram @Daddysofficial Beat : https://youtu.be/OwnG-lyuVe0 Sometimes .... If you love someone you gotta let them go Yeah that's what she wrote over the phone If I can do that...... I really don't know But won't text you No More no hitting your phone Ill leave you alone You living your life , thoughts of a wife So many things but now you are gone and talks of a ring and our Wildest dreams And everything we said we'd be Everything we said we'd stand for Feeling empty Share my feelings Not burying Em deep That you taught me Take them off of the shelf And I look at myself And I'm asking some things You mean more than my dreams And all of my songs Why'd you do wrong look at youuuu You writing these songs once again Less then barely even friends Nothing has changed but she has changed lanes So really it has Ain't nothing the same You needa move on You need to let go You need a new one You know it ain't hard Text you some hoes start playing your cards And then hey all fold then they are yours They asking all night Can I be yours but telling them no I am still yours Though you ain't mine would of gave you my life All of my time But I guess you were right ..... If you love someone you gotta let them go But it's hard to do that since you came in my life I'm a new mold no longer the old Sending mixed signals more complex then morse code Deciffer rhyme Deciffer the code The things that she said And the things that she wrote My feelings for you can't ever control I ain't no drake and I ain't no Cole but I know this pain and this pain feel cold These late night fights they all getting old I guess you were right I gotta let go ...... Sometimes if you love someone all you gotta do is let them go
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Dusza -  Y o u  (Prod. Young Taylor)
Instagram - Daddysofficial Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/user-994761063/y-o-u Written , Recorded , Mixed , And Uploaded to Youtube And Soundclould All in the same night. Emotions were high this night.
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Guy raps “I’m back” - Dusza
Instagram - Daddysofficial
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Most Relatable rap on youtube ! " Dusza - Anxious"  (beat in description)
Beat - https://youtu.be/YRsfLUihL0c
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TENTOESCHALLENGE All copyrights to Tentoesbeat you YouTube
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Dusza - Who Are We (Pro. Pilgrim)
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3am Thoughts - Dusza    Pro. Lord Rico
You know who you are......hope it all makes sense now. I Love you https://soundcloud.com/user-994761063/3am-thoughts
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Dusza - I dont wanna do this anymmore (XXXTENTACION REMIX) *Lyrcis in description* IG@daddysofficial
Verse 1 Shoutout X Dead eyes in the sky he turned his back on me I aint chained roam my mind but I still aint free what is wrong what is right depends on how you see what was going on in heaven that he made a human being if he can be all things he must not be complete what was so wrong with earth he had to make me for what its worth take the hurt but don't be deceived but I've been here before so this far from a plea Verse 2 last year was in a really bad place this year now dawg everything changed I still feel the same but the pain dont sting it runs through my viens take course to my brain every move states but i cant get away feeling like X might go Cobain do I gotta die so theyll know my name and only when im sad do they hear what I say understand I write what they think what they all wanna say but theyre all scared to speak but if i dont go preach they all go away when I make mistakes like who gona stay as i grow with age and change in my taste its fair to say that i aint the same but dont ever say I switched up and changed cuz my hearts full of love and my hearts been the same had to take a break had to go and clear my plate just cuz i aint dropping songs don't mean I aint write a thing I need you right now cuz im lost in this daze lost in this maze bluring these days question this dream do i know what it means splatter my brain all over this page the pain in the bullet its always the same my pride or my ego who is to blame
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Dusza - Trauma (Lyrics and social media in description)
SoundCloud: Dusza Instagram: Daddysofficial Twitter: Daddysofficial Snap: Daddysofficial Lyrics [Verse 1] Been high for a minute Living on the edge searching for a feeling Fu** church I’ve been sinning I hate myself and the life that I’ve Been living My momma tell me that I’m different and with my dad and me yeah it’s just the same old My girl say that Ive been drifting that I ain’t give the effort that I did in the beginning But it don’t matter though They will never get it They can never wear my shoes it won’t ever fit em If they ever tried guarantee you that they quitting What you see is all a lie but you won’t know unless you in it Enzo,smoke up out the window In zone so close don’t fumble They all, say that I’m an angel And it makes sense Because im hallow like a halo [bridge] Looking for a big change yeah Im just tryna get my name heard Pull up on the whole scene and I’m just like yo it’s me man Going through the whole motions Hoping somebody notice is it to late for me man Is it to late for me [Verse 2] Tell me that I’m falling off tell me what do they know They weren’t there to starve for me back when I was dead broke Back when I was laid out Passed out on the damn floor before I had a fan And these hoes didn’t answer Ah damn yeah I’ll make it out regardless Ah shit i got my eyes up on my target I’ll leave them all if it don’t mean that I fall off Ask neiima yeah I left her heavy hearted apart of me cares but more of me is heartless Oh no I’m never where the best be I rather walk then be up in a Bentley I rather be all alone or I rather be chillin with my whole team Whipping through to la yeah Hollywood where I be yeah South though where I stay yeah Im really up on the scene
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Guys rap to crush “Surrender prt3” w/ Cozy.markk (Ig-daddysofficial)
Like share and subscribe album on the way ! https://youtu.be/PAwnkfB00Ks
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Dusza - June 28th
Beat - Drake " do not distrub"
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Dusza - Let's Get Away (Prod. Sagun) Instagram-Daddysofficial Snapchat - Pullin_cx
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/user-994761063/dusza-lets-get-away Beat -https://youtu.be/YKWFNdi432Q
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Guy Raps About Suicide “44 Scars” 44 Bars instrumental
Beat - logic 44 bars
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Dusza - 666od loves Me (Emotional Rap) “I Spoke to the devil in Miami Instrumental”
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Dusza - " Aint No Love Song "
“ Aint no love song “ This was just fun , real shit soon. Bars on bars got a lot to say
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Russ - Flip (REMIX) !!! Bodied by 18 yr old !!! (Instagram-Daddysofficial)
Instagram - Daddysofficial Russ - Flip https://youtu.be/tNvmHLtqgtg Like And share !
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Guy raps about life - "Vision" ( W/ Daddysofficial)
All beat to rightful owner. Beat listed below
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Rap to my ex - Things fade
Personally not my favorite but everyone has been wanting me to post it up. Show some love ! And My ex and me got back together shorty after this video was first posted on Instagram and were happy and pushing 1 yr soon. If you support drop a comment , like , and SUBSCRIBE ! The official song for "letting Go" and "Things Fade " are still in the process and will be posted shortly. No credit for the beat used in this video Instagram - Daddysofficial
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Guy raps about life - Transparent
A rap about stopping looking at yourself and who you are. More so who I am. It's alright for something made in a car and on a iPhone. No video enchantment voice changer or nothing. Raw footage and materials everyone has No credit is taken for the best used in this video !!
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Dusza - DONT TRY ME (Official Audio) Prod.Penocho
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Emotional break up rap - EVERYTHING CHANGES -
Beat - https://youtu.be/Lru7Y54dnHs
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XXXTENTACION-  Carry on tribute rap.
Thank you X
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Guy raps to girlfriend "loving you  " - Daddysofficial.  ( beat in description !!!!)
Drop a comment if you can relate or vibe with this. 💯 Instagram : Daddysofficial Beat name : https://youtu.be/g1pGS9a0YQU
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Guy raps To anyone chasing a dream
This is a old rap I recorded a few months ago decided to re-upload because these are some of the thoughts that have been going through my head as of lately. I have notebooks full of raps but rarely the time or equipment to record. I’m tired of car raps but I’ll keep the music coming for you guys
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Dusza - Let Me Talk To You Ma
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Guy raps about girl
Instagram - Daddysofficial Beat - Go time drake
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All rights and background music and lables go to the rightful owners !! MAKE SURE TO HIT THE THUMBS UP ! AND IMAGINE THAT SUB BUTTON AS A FINE CHICK AND SMASH IT. Follow My Nigga And Co-Editor On Instagram @_Mark_castillo_
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Dusza - Individual Expression (Official Audio)
Instagram / Twitter - @Daddysofficial [VERSE 1] Quality over quantity Dots my I’s and cross my T’s You gotta make it perfect dawg don’t you forget the apostrophe I’ve been writing for so long Now it’s really just a part of me been getting deep with all my writings They starting to call me Socrates but honestly if I’m only speaking truthfully when I write what I write that’s a different part of me that’s a different side you see That’s someone that I hardly am and that’s someone that I hardly be The same way that you look at him the same way he amazes me the later that he gets the quicker that he writes When paper hits the pen through the cracks he starts to shine I come alive inside And I just I feel like I can fly ain’t no problems in the world and everything‘s going to be all right And all my fucking dreams I see them down my site and all those long nights that I just said I’m gonna quit at least we know that I didn’t because look at where I’m at used to skip class Rap in the bathroom and get laughs sometimes I question if it’s all me or got plans Sometimes I sit and think about these memories with me And all the people in my life that every went and lied to me How I had to go to far to understand what truth what be I’m a different breed one of a kind And I ain’t lying I understand all these principles like they was all mine Many long nights I stayed up crying And I ain’t ashamed to say it A lot of real up in that line I ain’t a saint or Satan And lords knows I be trying , lord knows I be trying
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Dusza - 93  (Prod.Canis major)
All credit goes to rightful beat owner https://soundcloud.com/user-994761063/93-1
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Dusza - Poppin Off Freestyle ( Official Audio ) lyrics in description
I gotta learn to not really just go and care much And I be laughing at ya threats like come do some I barely started But some how I’m a threat now And all my friends I’m prepared to go Nd loose some This what happens when you coming up and being real I’m far from average This is talent plus skill It ain’t no mistake that I’ve been offered ten deals Never sign Back away Give me space And Let me build Got a target on my back And a bounty on my head Give it back like Robin Hood And they’ll always want you dead My ex hmu on some dumb shit If I’m honest she ain’t cross my mind in a min Ain’t gonna disrecpt and say I hate that bitch Just so it clear I want a queen she ain’t it I know she gonna feel same way Hearing this And when she do She gonna text Talking nonesone Stay over there Baby chill this ain’t a diss I just wanna set it straight I ain’t missing shit Hop off that pedal stole Dont you stand go ahead sit And I ain’t talking mess so don’t get all upset Picking through these comments That’s a lot of options Evvaulte all these girl like a scholar You are wrong if you think by him I ever am bothered I wonder if he knows when y’all fight who you be calling I ain’t give a fuck told karma don’t bother And all you pussy niggas Y’all can claim who harder But I showed up to the spot you ain’t there So why holla I made my threats too But I meant them all I promise And if you shoot me down You only growing up my numbers Extend my bank with some couple extra fucking comas Tried being nice Man fuck being Norman I’m Here to take what’s mine And by that I mean the world man R&b is a kind of learning curve But real rap and heat I always murder that If ever step to me You’ll get hit right back Never be deceived Cuz I’ve never been a bitch I’m a wolf not a sheep but I love to keep the peace Wake me up I’ll whoop you ass poke at me And you will see So fuck you dawg if you hating on me Dropping so much heat in this police are after me But I’ll serve the time I’ll never take a plea Cuz I’m a man and I owe up to everything I be This is for all the ones that said I couldn’t Rap straight through bars Barely taken breaths I got you thinking Damn what’s he gonna say next Fuck all of the feeling mans this ain’t that track But if you ever press them They take it all back Say they was playing They ain’t never mean that hush all these bitches Don’t be afraid to use your chest I got the ambationed lo That’s what they dont have So they call me cocky And hardly ever confident But that is insane And a whole lot of nonsense push someone down to build yourself up Definition of a clown or a cocky fuck Confident is me build myself and you up Always help in need to do that’s it tough I ain’t you and you ain’t me I’m doing what I say I don’t just pretend to bitch I’m me The only time you think hard is when you tweet The only time you making moves is hating on me I be making money dawg in my sleep While I was in class Or even when I eat All long as I get the views dawg I’m all good Doing what I love To do that you wish you could I understood now why you want me dead It took my writing this understand where’s your heads Now I see it clear Even rapping this will get you more mad So for anyone who shoot You Better make sure I’m dead Don’t take it as a challenge Take it as a threat I never really realized there was way much more to rap But ever since I’ve started See ive had to watch me back So I keep the old circle Barely make new friends The life that cole lives is really making sense Cuz when you get popping even fam is at your neck Cuz when you get popping even fame become stress To be a voice to the world It always comes with that 4 min popping off think enough been said So remember what I said Use your fist if you a man If you spray or bring friend you a bitch nuff said
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