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OTS Debut by the Awalim Dance Company
The Debut performance of OTS (Orientale Tribal Style Group Improv Format) developed by the Awalim Dance Company at the Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta. www.tribalbellydance.com
OTS Awalim Atlanta Tribal Cafe
This video is about OTS Tribal Cafe
Nasty Women- Awalim Dance Company
Nasty Women Awalim Dance Company performance piece debut at Essence of Bellydance, September 16, 2017 "Everyone I saw was crying, smiling, and connecting in a personal way. It was one of my all time favorite dance performances." "I can't thank you enough for reminding me that I can simply pull those judgements from my skirt, throw them on the ground and live my life as I choose." "To me, Ava's role was really important -- 'the next generation rejects these labels.'" "...haven't been moved like that by belly dance in a long time." At Essence of Bellydance we presented a piece that moved so many people. It grew out of a discussion on FB (some good things grow out of those discussions) when a former student said that she did not come to class any longer because I was too outspoken about politics. To be fair it is usually the politics about the female body (why the hell is THAT a political matter anyway???) or a country that bellydance and its fusions represent, but sometimes the students talk about any old thing in class and I am free with my opinions. So when there were not enough troupes signed up for the competition at EOBD, and we were all the sudden free to do as we wished instead of our competition piece, Elle Raks suggested we do “something political”. Uh great! But what does that mean? Something about our bodies? About politicians? Something about sisterhood? I am so not an actor type, I just want to get up and do the happy puppy dog butt wiggle dance. So, without acting skills, I was a bit at a loss for what we could convey effectively. Everyone fished around for ideas in their head…in the music…in the news…. Three weeks ago we were still at a loss and then during rehearsal we pulled out Rhianna’s Sledgehammer again (we used it for an ATS piece this summer), and started trying to figure out how to convey sisterhood/support. Gwen/Jennifer Morrow-Bruck saw a vision of us wrapped in cloth and then it progressed to words on the cloth (she is a professional muralist and clothing designer). Shedding the labels was the next inspiration. But what words did we want to display about ourselves? Were these good words? Bad words? Just labels in general? Ah, things that made us feel vulnerable. How did the other dancers feel about us outing ourselves? Uncomfortable? Energized? Curious? Sad? Angry? So many feelings to explore in a matter of one week…because that is when it came together, in a matter of 10 days really. We didn’t even have our labels delivered to us until the last day of rehearsal, and then we had to carry them home, sit with them, and practice the technical aspect of displaying them for two days (it wasn't an easy thing to figure out at the last minute). So when we say we had no idea what the reaction was gonna be it is because we really didn’t know what we were feeling about the piece yet, and we still have lots of feelings to explore. This is something we want to take to political rallies, to Gay Pride, to all sorts of places outside the bellydance realm. And we want to make more labels. How do we feel that day? How brave are we willing to be? What is relevant to that venue? So many ideas. Thank all of you for your kind words. We did not expect the tears, really.... well.... we didn’t know what to expect. I asked the dancers what words they would use to describe how they felt on stage and they said Liberated, Empowered, Unity, Authenticity, Strength, and Affirmation. Choreographic Credit to Jules Downum and Carolena Nericcio. Music credit to the powerful Rhianna for "Sledgehammer." Thank you for combining our Trek geekness and female empowerment.
Jules Downum - TribalCon 12, 2016
Jules Downum is co-owner and director of Zanzibar Studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has been a principal dancer and choreographic collaborator in Dandasha Dance Company (2004-2008) under the direction of Andria Perkins, and in Urban Tribal Dance Company (2008-2013) under the direction of Heather Stants (heatherstants.com). Jules performs Tribal Fusion and Contemporary Belly Dance throughout the US and abroad. Though she currently performes primarily as a soloist, she loves collaborations with other dancers, musicians, and/or visual artists.
Awalim Tribal Bellydance Repertory Company of Atlanta 2nd Place
Awalim's 2nd Place winning performance at the 2015 Essence of Bellydance, Atlanta GA Music: Dunje by Teribus
Ziah, Elle and Britni Talk About SEEDs
Ziah, Elle and Britni talk about their Lotus SEEDs Girl's Mentorship program starting Jan 12th at the Tribal Bellydance Canter of Atlanta
TribalCon Music Sponsorship
Thank you for your support in continuing Live Music at the 14th Annual TribalCon in Atlanta GA!