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Confessions of a Binge Eater Part 2
I made this back in March, but felt too vulnerable to share it with you guys... Thank you all for your support!
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Confessions of a Binge Eater
*****Click my channel name to see where I am at today! Change is possible********* my trip to the grocery store filled with 27 dollars worth of binge food: pizza rolls, cookies, candy bars, french bread, ben and jerrys and chinease food.
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Pre-op Gastric Bypass RNY, Pics of my pantry at the end, Items I bought today
https://www.bigtrain.com/sample-packs-c-150.aspx http://www.bestpricenutrition.com/syntrax-nectar-sampler-pack-11-packs.html http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2012/01/frozen-protein-drops.html https://www.facebook.com/#!/jen.burn1 [email protected]
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What I eat in Stage 2 diet, 9 days out from RNY Gastric Bypass
https://www.facebook.com/#!/jen.burn1 http://www.truelemonstore.com
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Welcome to my YouTube Channel!!!
Thank you so much for all of your support!
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Costco Grocery Haul
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VEDA, Part 1, reflecting on where I was/am with my eating disorder
www.facebook.com/jenfromeugene http://www.createforless.com/Punch-Studio-Journal/plid12476.aspx
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Grocery Haul 6 weeks after Gastric Bypass, RNY
Magic Eraser uses... did you know you can cut a piece off and float it in your toilet overnight and voila! no more toilet ring
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Surgery complications, very large growth on my fallopian tube...no Gastric bypass
Thank you guys for your support *I'm here guys...I am reading your comments on fb and youtube. Things are very tough right now...but please know, even if I don't respond, I am reading them and will respond when I can. I have so many feelings right now from anger, to confusion, to heartbreak, thankful and blessed. My family and friends will be coming out today and we will be spending some quality time together. Thank you for all of your prayers and support, Jenni
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Protein Shake Recipes
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VEDA 16, What I wrote on my dating profile, talk about Gastric Bypass??
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In Patient Treatment Facility Rosewood Ranch Part 2
Part 2 of my series about my experience at Rosewood Ranch and Rosewood Capri 2 of 6
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Grocery Haul
Sorry I'm so sleepy :(
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VEDA 19, Ways we use food to self-soothe and why it's soothing
Please like, comment and subscribe, it helps me out a lot! http://www.amazon.com/Ways-Soothe-Yourself-Without-Food/dp/1572246766/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1408452606&sr=1-1
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Video Blog #2
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Body shot, Week 12 after Gastric Bypass, Redlight foods, Checkin myself
Oh and Thank you Belinda for the beautiful card!!! It made my day :)
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Trim Healthy Mama and ask Daniel questions!
Please ask Daniel questions below! oh, and heres the link for more info on THM http://www.trimhealthymama.com/
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Grocery Haul with Prices!
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Confessions of a Binge Eater
Had a rough day yesterday, which included a trip to Wendy's, See's candy and Cinnabon. But today is a new day. Thank you all for your support. I also read a journal entry.
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Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili
Please comment, like and subscribe! Thank you for watching You can find me at www.facebook.com/jenfromeugene Recipe Link: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=1923809
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Still struggling, but not as bad....Thank you for your support
[email protected] https://www.facebook.com/#!/jen.burn1
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VEDA, Turkey Meatballs Part 2
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Over 5000 calories in one day...Binge eating disorder
Decided to monitor my calories, and realized i had ate over 5000 calories that day...i didnt even realize i was binging.
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25 Questions Response Video
justaphotogirl's webcam video March 1, 2011 06:59 PM
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VEDA 16, Online dating and my experience, How I met Daniel
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justaphotogirl's webcam video February 26, 2011 03:25 PM
justaphotogirl's webcam video February 26, 2011 03:25 PM http://www.youtube.com/user/MaureensWLSJourney
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Being single, books I'm reading
justaphotogirl's webcam video March 23, 2011 03:31 PM
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Answers to your questions, Part 1
Pics of me as a kid included :)
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2nd OA meeting
**In regards to concerns about the 11th and 12th OA Tradition** I do address this topic in a video, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgfYBe533uM Also there is a great documentary that discusses anonymity and recovery called "The Anonymous People" that is worth checking out. http://manyfaces1voice.org/ I feel it is important to talk about things that have helped me with my eating disorder recovery and OA is one of them. I am sharing my experience strength and hope, and if someone is guided by this to check out OA to see if it works for them, then so be it. Thank you http://www.oa.org/newcomers/
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BBQ sauce based on a low-carb recipe from Pinterest
Funny thing, apparently when I am tired and pregnant I can't say the word "combine" properly. LMAO Listen for it! Here is the original recipe: http://www.briana-thomas.com/perfect-barbecue-sauce-and-pulled-pork/
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Cherry Chomper!
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Happy New Year!
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Grocery Haul
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VEDA 13, 50 ways to soothe yourself without food: Journaling
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In Patient Eating Disorder Treatment Facility Rosewood Ranch Part 1
This is a video series of my experience at Rosewood Ranch and Rosewood Capri. This is Part 1 of 6. Please leave a comment below or email me any questions
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I am now a Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist
I passed my test, 80% woohoo And I walked two laps around my circle driveway, I am proud of myself. I am also sleepy, so im going to take a cat nap
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Part 3, My experience at Rosewood Ranch
Part 3 of 6
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Day 4 after Fallopian tube and Ovary Mass removal
http://www.thepolishaholic.com/ http://the-swatchaholic.com/ http://www.alllacqueredup.com/ http://www.bowsandcurtseys.com/ http://candycoatedtips.blogspot.com/ http://www.glittagloves.com/ http://loodieloodieloodie.blogspot.com/
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Trim Healthy Mama "S" Candy, just like a Payday candy bar
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