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My Secret confessions
these are my secrets only few know them most of my secrets they dont know
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cause were awesome
this is one of our random days at lunch there was a fight but im to damn short to get in the damn circle of wack as tall people
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the interveiw
well this is me and my best friend and i being stupid idiots like always but we desiced to show you guys on youtube just how we do ;D
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Paramore whore 3
ok so sorry i didnt put this up yesterday i was going though some family problems i just lost my grandma so here you go hope you enjoy :]
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Hello Seattle - owl city
so i just got a new flip cam and i wanted to use it out so i did at the park today and i love how everything came out i hope yall like it too subscribe comment rate!!
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Fishies Are Legit
Shark Week
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Homecoming rally and game :)
some legit shit ahhaha the best part of the rally was the dumbline3
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Free to be - Philip Micheal
hey i like this song so i wanted to make a video for it and i havent made a video in a while ahha
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My Life in Pummelvision
Made at http://pummelvision.com/
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cool status lol
the group(krystina me and alyssa) guest starring paige,her friend,kyle and cynthia
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Big Green Tractor
Dailybooth: @gottabethefreak93 || facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001176087597 ||myspace: www.myspace.com/shelbyme123 || twitter: @SheLivesNLava|| skype: shelby.manding ||
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Airplanes(B.o.B Cover) - The Ready Set
i made this for cheyenne3 aka cheyscreamspeace and i really needed a new video
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awesome handshakes
we've had this handshake since freshman year so for 2 years so yeah. well anyways here's our other youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/WhatTheCrapOhCrapple
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