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Iconic 'Akwaaba Photo Girl' Speaks after 20years
Akwaaba means Welcome in Ghana and Angelina Nana Akua Oduro’s iconic Akwaaba photo taken in 1999 when she a teenager has broken all records in the Ghanaian modeling industry. Her divine achievement is so legendary that even Ghanaian models yet unborn would struggle to match the record she has set. The picture is popularly recognized by Ghanaians across the World as a true representation of Ghana’s hospitality to foreigners. This picture has been used on several collectibles like special calendars, bags, dresses, gift items, and many more, but with every passing year, this lady sink deep into obscurity. But thanks to Elabor biztv, she’s now back on the lips of many people.
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Recipes to stay young forever revealed by Taiwanese designer, Lure Hsu
Staying young is the desire of many people around the globe. Many people have done a lot of research into this and nobody really seem to have a solution to aging, but Taiwanese interior designer, Lure Hsu may have gotten something close to an answer as she still look like a teenager even at almost 42 years of age. Check out her recipes for staying young.
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Top 10 African Car Manufacturers
Watch this video and you will be amazed at what the continent has been able to achieve when it comes to automobile manufacturing, happy viewing.
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Top 10 African Businesses that will Make You a Millionaire
Everyone wants to do a business that is lucrative; the case is not different in Africa. On this countdown produced by McKnight Elabor, we present the Top 10 Businesses that will make you Rich in Africa. Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe, share and like before leaving.
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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Nigeria
This list ranks Nigerian skyscrapers that stand at least 100 meters or 328 feet tall, and this is based on standard height measurement. The rating was done using the height to tip method. This includes, antenna masts, and structures attached to the buildings top.
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How Shatta Wale became richer than his peers – worth $10M
Self-acclaimed Ghana dance hall king Shatta Wale says he is richer than his musician peers in Ghana adding that he is worth over 10 million dollars, on this video you will see how much some of his deals are worth and also how he could have possibly made that money.
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Ghana vs Nigeria - Top 5 Most Handsome Actors
On this video we are looking at Ghana versus Nigeria – top five most handsome actors contest. This list was put together by Yen .com.gh, and the question is, which among these two countries has the most handsome actors.
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How Africa’s Top 10 Richest People Made their Wealth
In this video you will see how Africa's top 10 richest people built their businesses into a multi-billion dollars empires.
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Top 10 African Countries to Invest in 2018
Following Rand Merchant Bank’s assessment of the economic outlook and investment opportunities in Africa, they have released their 2018 edition of Where to Invest in Africa. The report which is the seventh edition comes with significant changes especially with a country like Nigeria not appearing on the list for the first time since the report’s first edition in 2011.
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Shatta Wale Inspired Me To Bounce Back - Shegah
Shegee Styla former member of Tripple M, is obviously the hottest female dancehall artiste who has continued to rock the stage after decades of making her debut into the Ghanaian music industry. In this documentary you will see and hear how she faded off the industry but was later inspired by dance hall king Shatta Wale, to bounce back.
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Pamela Watara Visits Men's Room Salon for Her Signature Hair Cut
Pamela Watara is a super model from Kenya and Ghana. She loves to carry a low cut. Many people have requested to see her go to the salon and cut her signature hairstyle, and in this video, you guys will see exactly that. Please don,t forget to like, share and subscribe after watching. THANKS
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The Beautiful Side of Accra Ghana Foreign Media Won't Show You
Accra, capital of Ghana is a very beautiful place, but often, people get to see only the slums around this great city, but on this video, you will see some beauty and serenity that makes Accra the delight of tourists.
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Hotels in Africa
Africa has beautiful hotels that can compete with some of the best hotels in the world. On this count down, we look at African hotels that many people in the continent would like to spend a quality time in with family and friends.
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Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to do Business
Based on the World Bank's, "Ease of Doing Business" report which assessed government regulations affecting domestic businesses in several countries, The African Exponent compiled 10 African countries best for doing business and here we have it presented to you as Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to do Business.
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Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria
The manufacturing sector in Nigeria contributes trillions of Naira to the economy yearly. On this countdown put together by Nigerian Finder list, we look at the top ten manufacturing companies in Nigeria that have become household names in Nigeria and some African countries.
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20 Must See Attractions in Lagos Nigeria
Lagos, a commercial megacity, with abundant tourist attractions, should only provide its residents and visitors with captivating endless choices of sights, sounds, and activities. On this video produced by McKnight Elabor, Cynthia Okoroafor of theculturetrip.com makes a list of 20 attractions you certainly do not want to miss while in Lagos.
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The Nollywood Actress with a unique physique
In Ghana, female celebrities, Joslyn Dumas, Moesha Bodoung and Ghana based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle are highly revered because of their breath taking shape. Interestingly however, Princess Shyngle has managed to put herself in a class of her own. How? You may ask. On this video, you will see how she did it, as well as see everything about her lifestyle. Please like, share and subscribe after watching. Thanks.
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Top 10 Historical Tourist Sites to Visit in Nigeria
Nigeria may not be a big destination when we talk of tourism in Africa, but the country sure have some wonderful tourist site that is really worth seeing. Here we present to you the top ten historic tourist sites in Nigeria.
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Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa
Africa may not be a continental giant when it comes to global technological index, but the continent sure has some countries that are doing well technologically and here they are.
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How to make African loafers shoes very fast
on this video produced by McKnight Elabor, you will see how to make African loafers shoes very fast. Its very simple and interesting.
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Top 10 World’s Richest Black Billionaires of 2018 - Forbes list
On this list put together by Forbes, we look at the world’s richest black billionaires. The majority of the billionaires on the list are self-made self-starters who built business empires in finance, sports, media, and commodities. Only three of the billionaires are from the United States.
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Two Ghanaians Manufacture two-seater Airplane
This aircraft was manufactured by two Ghanaians. The project is not absolutely complete, and they are now appealing to the public for support to finish the job.
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Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year 2000 to 2016, who wins 2017
On this video you will see the winners of vodafone Ghana Music Awards 'Artist of the Year' from the year 2000 when the program began to 2016. Now who wins for 2017?
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Top 10 African Countries with Highest Paying Jobs
Are you contemplating migrating to another African country in order to get a better salary? Then watch this video it could help you make a decision about what African country to migrate to. The data for this countdown was provided by Numbeo. Numbeo is a collection of Web pages containing numerical and other itemizable data about cities and countries, designed to enable anyone to contribute or modify content. Numbeo uses the wisdom of the crowd to obtain the most reliable information possible.
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Top 10 Biggest Churches in Nigeria
Nigeria is Africa's most populous country. it is expected therefore that the nation will need large gathering places like churches to accommodate people when the need arise. This need has seen many pastors in Nigeria building stadium size churches for worship.
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The extra ordinary hourglass shaped model from Ghana and Kenya
Born to a Kenyan father and a Ghanaian mother, 22 year old Pamela Odame Watara is no doubt a social media sensation in Ghana. Pamela who is currently studying Marketing at Wisconsin University in Accra, came to limelight after joining Instagram, where she now has over 45,000 followers. She is now a celebrated video vixen in Ghana. We hope you enjoy this short docu on her.
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The Beard Gang hit African campuses & girls are loving it
Beard is becoming trendy among African youths and in this video we went to campuses in Ghana West Africa to ask students why they are in love with growing their beards. We also asked the female students if they love guys with beards and their answers were amazing.
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria
Nigeria is a country that is striving to develop its infrastructures and other necessities needed by its citizens. This has seen the country's cities wearing a more appealing look today. Here are some of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in Africa
African has a lot of beautiful buildings which most times has a tie to the history and cultural values of the continent. Here we present to you the ten most beautiful buildings in Africa.
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Drogba applauds Davido as he builds house for a boy fan
Nigerian musician Davido has put a smile on the face of his six years old fan by building him a house and sending him back to school. this gesture also got the musicians applause from footballer Drogba.
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Top 10 Things You Don't Know About Sarkodie
Sarkodie is one of the biggest musicians in Ghana and Africa. He is well known all over Africa for his Twi rap and he has collaborated with plenty of musicians across the globe. On this video we bring you ten things we think you dont know about the BET award winner
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Meet the young clothing line (GIG) boss who is still in high school
He is young, ambitious and wants to be a young black entrepreneur. His name is Omar Skipper, a student of Ghana Senior High School Koforidua. He owns a clothing line called God is a Ghanaian. watch this video and be inspired. produced by McKnight Elabor
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Top 5 African currencies that are almost as strong as the US dollar
The strength or value of a currency is an index of its purchasing power. It reflects the current economic situation of a country in comparison with other countries in the world. Using the dollar as a benchmark, Face to Face Africa ranks the five strongest currencies in Africa and here we have them your viewing. Thanks for watching and please subscribe for more on African updates.
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Pamela Watara finally gets her right Bra Size at Beautiful Beneath
Super model and video vixen has often claim to wear a size 44d bra, but many people says that may not be possible, they urged her to get a specialist too measure her which is what we did in this video. See how she now feels after getting to know her real bra size. Please remember to like, share and subscribe after watching thanks.
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10 Most Famous Buildings in Abuja, Nigeria
Buildings are a reflection of a society’s development, tradition and prestige. Abuja the capital of Nigeria has plenty of well-crafted buildings that have unique and interesting features. Here are 10 famous architectural structures in Abuja that would make you love to visit the capital of Nigeria.
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A Day in the Life of Pamela Watara
Wondering what Ghana - Kenyan super model and video vixen spends time doing? well on this video we bring you a day in the life of Pamela Watara. You will see her go for a TV and Radio interviews after which she ends the day with a little party. Happy viewing and please dont forget to share and subscribe. Thanks
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Over 10 Ghanaian Celebrities NOW CALLED into God's Work
Its not uncommon to see celebrities leave the fame and fortune behind to follow God. In Ghana many celebrities have done that and on this video, you will find out who they are. Thanks for watching and please subscribe, like and share before leaving.
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Joselyn Dumas a celeb with sculpted hip, alluring Beauty & Sparkling Brain
Joselyn Duma is an A-list Ghanaian celebrity, the TV presenter and actress is known for her beauty, which comes with a sculpted hips and a brain that a lot of women would wish for. Her perfect combination of these two qualities has made her a notable personality in the African media terrain.
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10 Facts about Ghana Black Stars You Should Know
The Black Stars represent Ghana in international association football and have done so since the 1950s. The team which is the senior national male football team of Ghana has seen success in the past and are regarded as one of the best national teams in football. On this countdown video produced by McKnight Elabor, we bring you ten facts about the Black Stars of Ghana that you should know. Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe, share and like before leaving. Source: primenewsghana.com
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses - Ghana vs Naija
Welcome to Elabor Biz TV, on this video we are looking at Ghana vs Nigeria top 10 most beautiful actresses. This list was put together by yen.com.gh, and the question is which of these two countries has the most beautiful actresses. Watch it and tell us which country is the winner of this contest.
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How to pound and eat fufu in Ghana
Fufu is a wonderful delicacy made from pounded yam, cassava or plantain. It is a meal that is very popular among Africans. On this video, we show you how fufu is pounded in Ghana and of course how best to enjoy eating it.
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