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The Layering System - GO Outdoors
You only need a handful garments to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in rain, wind or snow. In this video, Jonathon Simons & Jenny Dennis (from GO Outdoors) talks you through the versatile clothing system known as the Layering System. The first part of the layering system is the base layer, which designed to trap a thing layer of warm air against my body and pulls or wicks sweat vapor away from your skin. As part of this base layer, Jon begins by wearing a base layer made of Marino wool, which helps to neutralise body odor and is an environmentally friendly renewable fabric. Jenny explains that she finds that synthetic base layers are a great alternative to Marino garments as they also dry even faster. They also cost less. However, there is one base layer fabric that you need to avoid and that's cotton. Cotton soaks up sweat like a sponge and this is bad news because when cotton gets wet it draws heat away from your body -- and this can lead to hypothermia. The next part of the layering systems, is the mid layer. The mid layer is design to trap body heat and to allow sweat vapor carrying keep moving through the layer system. The most popular mid layer fabric is fleece as its affordable, durable and quick drying, the thicker the fleece the more heat it traps, so you want a mid weight fleece for colder weather and thin or micro fleece for milder conditions. Jenny explains that broadly speaking, all mid layers can be divided into either active or passive garment categories. Fleece garments for active use are worn whilst on the move as they allow sweat and excess heat to escape. Some mid layers are made from material that repels wind, rain and snow -- known as soft shell, these garments leave you comfortable in poor weather and work especially well on blustery days in Spring and Autumn. The next part of the layering system, is the outer layer and is known as the shell which blocks wind and rain. There are 3 types of shell, Paramo, membrane and coated nylon -- they all do a great job in keeping out the elements -- but they vary how quickly they allow sweat vapor to move from the inside to the outside of the garment. Finally, you can use the layering system on your legs to. You can layer a pair a Marino or synthetic leggings underneath your wind resistant summer trekking trousers and you can pull on pair of breathable waterproof over trousers -- should the weather come in. An alternative to the leg wearing layering system is pair a soft shell trousers -- like these. Soft shell is a popular leg wear material, as its time consuming to adjust multiple layers on the move.
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How to Fit a Rucksack
An important aspect of owning any rucksack, is to make sure it's fitted correctly. This will make sure you're as comfortable as possible when out trekking or backpacking. In this video Charlie from GO Outdoors takes us through some rucksack fitting tips.
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Vango Casa Family Tent
Ian takes a look at the new and exclusive Casa tent from Vango. This tent is exclusive to GO Outdoors in 2018, with it's innovative 'best of both' porch/canopy combo, this tent layout really does give you a number of options for your camping holiday.
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Osprey Talon 33 Daypack Review by John from GO Outdoors
John Graham from GO Outdoors reviews the Osprey Talon 33 litre rucksack. The Osprey Talon 33 is super lightweight, but still comfortable and fully featured, and very versatile. It has been well thought out, and makes an excellent daypack that can be used for everything from climbing, to hillwalking. John explains the Osprey Talon 33's features and benefits and why he liked it so much he bought one. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/talon-33-m-l-p178579
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The New Marmot PreCip Jacket Review
In this review John talks about the new version of the best selling Marmot PreCip, which has been updated to be considerably more breathable than previous versions. Light, packable, waterproof, and now with the most breathable coated fabric on the market, the Marmot PreCip is an outdoor classic updated to keep it at the cutting edge.
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How to Pack Away a Family Tent
In this video Ian shows us how to pack away the Hi Gear Enigma 5 weekend tent. The techniques used can be applied to all tunnel tents.
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Do you need to reproof a tent and if so how often?
In the next #campinglive video Ian shows us how to reproof a tent and re-seal the seams.
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How to repair a broken tent pole
In this video Ian shows us how to repair a broken tent pole. He demonstrates an emergency gaffer tape fix, and doing it the proper way.
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Down Jackets VS Synthetic Jackets - GO Outdoors
John explains everything that you need to know about insulation, including the the difference between down and synthetic insulation, their strengths and weaknesses, and the conditions that they are best suited to.
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Montane Extreme Smock Review
The Montane Extreme Smock uses a Pile Pertex clothing system thats been around for ages. But, as John explains, in cold wet conditions it's performance is unmatched. Combined with the design flair and attention to detail associated with Montane and you get a very compelling product. Ideal for cold wet conditions, and amazing value.
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How To Correctly Use Guy Lines
In this video Sally shows us why guy lines are so important and how to use them correctly to keep you tent strong and stable in any conditions
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LittleLife Cross Country S3 Child Carrier
The Little Life Cross Country S3 Child Carrier is designed to carry your young child on long walks in both town and country side. It's comfortable and adjustable back system with padded waist strap, ample storage compartments, and nice additions like an included sun shade make this a perfect child carrier for trips where you might need to carry a child for long periods of time.
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Winter Essentials. How to perform an ice axe self arrest
Mountain Instructor Craig Offless demonstrates how to perform an ice axe self arrest. Being able to arrest a fall on a snow slope is an absolutely essential skill that you should learn before heading into the hills in winter conditions. These videos represent several hours of instruction condensed into a couple of minutes. If you are new to any of the pieces of equipment featured in them, time time spent with an instructor like Craig in a controlled environment is essential.
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Calibre Sentry Enduro Launch Film
A revolutionary, giant-slaying full suspension enduro mountain bike, aimed at riders wanting to go further and faster. Available end of April 2019, register your interest now! https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/s:sentry/?search=sentry
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Hi Gear Gobi Elite 4 Person Tent
The Gobi elite 4 is a compact 4 person family camping tent with a clever design that offers many of the advantages of much larger tents, in a smaller package, making it ideal for weekend camping for small families or couples. The full height living area, is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of headroom, and doors on three sides. A large bedroom backs onto it that can sleep up to 4 people, but will be more comfortable with 3. All three doors have windows and zipped fly netting to provide ventilation without letting the creepy crawlies in, and curtains provide privacy in the evenings. There is also extra ventilation in the bedrooms that can be zipped shut in bad weather. Like all Hi gear family tents there is a sewn in groundsheet, cable entry point, and cable tidies that lead up to a lantern fixing point. The cross pole design makes the gobi a stable tent in windy conditions. To pitch you just peg out the corners, slide the colour coded poles into their matching pole sleeves, place the pins into the ends of the poles, and the Gobi will quickly start to take shape. Then simply attach the pole clips, and guy out. Accessories available to purchase separately include a fitted carpet for a touch of luxury, and a tent footprint. The gobi elite 4 is a great value tent with a clever design, that offers maximum stability, space and height for it's compact footprint, and all the features you need to make this a summer to remember. Happy camping.
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Vango Contour 60+10 Rucksack Review by John from GO Outdoors
John Graham reviews the Vango Contour 60+10 Rucksack. A large, comfortable, durable, well featured rucksack from top brand Vango. The Contour 60+10 Rucksack is recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and is perfect for school expeditions, multi day hikes and travelling. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/contour-60-plus-10-p149964
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How to Choose & Fit a Horse Riding Body Proctector | Know Before You GO
Harry Hall and GO Outdoors have teamed up to advise you about the importance staying safe whilst riding. The video explains, how to fit a body protector and why it is necessary to wear one. Body Protectors will protect you if you fall off a horse. Harry Hall is an established and treasured name in equestrian clothing, leisurewear and essential rider gear, the collection is stylish whilst still remaining practical and functional.
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Meindl Vakuum GTX Walking Boots Review by John from GO Outdoors
John Graham Reviews the Meindl Vakuum GTX walking boots. A definitive 3 season walking boot from Meindl, the Vakuum GTX combines classic styling with the most modern technology to create a supremely comfortable leather walking boot, with a host of features that make this a Rolls-Royse of walking boots. John Reviews the Vakuum GTX's key features and why it is one of his favorites. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/meindl-mens-vakuum-gtx-boots-p106690
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How to fit a mantle to a gas lantern
In this video we show you how to fix a mantle to your gas lamp correctly.
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Rab. Vapour-rise and Latok Alpine review - GO Outdoors
Mike and Ollie explore the history of one of their favorite outdoor manufacturers, Rab, and test the Rab Latok Alpine, Vapourise jacket and trousers, in Snowdonia. Rab was started by mountaineer Rab Carrington to satisfy the needs of a new breed of light weight alpinist. From a single room in Sheffield, he started setting an entirely new standard with a quality down products, for which the company became famous for and today they are one of the very few companies that still fill their high end down products in the UK. Rab is known for innovation. They were the first outdoor company to start using the now ubiquitous perptex fabric and have worked with perplex to develop products like perptex equilibrium (a key part of their innovative multi-layer vapourise clothing range)Their waterproof hard shells use the e-vent membrane with the highest breathability of any waterproof fabric. They have stayed true to an ethos on producing a concise range of focused technical products, but producing them really well. Their insulated products made them rightly famous and today whether your setting out for the Alps or a weekend in Snowdonia, Rab products are something to rely on. During the video, Mike & Ollie discuss the features of the Rab Latok Alpine, Vapourise jacket and trousers. If your looking for something reliable, technical and tailored towards needs in the mountains than look no further. To view GO Outdoors range visit GOOutdoors.co.uk and remember if you find it for a lower price anywhere else, GO Outdoors Price Guarantee will beat it by 10%
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Haglofs Rugged II Mountain Pant Review
John reviews the Rugged II Mountain Pant by Haglofs. John has owned a pair of Rugged II's for a while now, and in his opinion are "some of the most perfectly designed pairs of trousers on the market." Highly durable, and extremely well thought through the Haglofs Rugged II Mountain Pant are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Extremely versatile, they can be used for walking, climbing, mountaineering or just about anything. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/haglofs-rugged-ii-mens-mountain-pant-p290058
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How to pitch a Tent
In this new video Ian Mac explains how to pitch a simple family tunnel tent. The tent featured is the Freedom Trail Sendero 4 but the techniques and tips can be used when pitching any tunnel style tent.
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What is Hydrophobic Down and is it any good? GO Outdoors Show Special
In this video the GO Outdoors Show looks at all things Hydrophobic Down in an attempt to discover what all the fuss is about. Down has been used as an insulator in the outdoor industry for years because of it's unique properties that allow it to provide high levels of insulation, whilst also being incredibly light, giving it an incredible warmth to weight ratio. So light in fact that no other man made synthetic insulation has been able to match it. But synthetic insulation has always had one major advantage over down. It carries on insulating when wet, whereas down will collapse and stop insulating under prolonged contact with water. This limits the sort of conditions that Down can be used in safely. Very cold and dry, and it's perfect. Cold and wet, and you risk dangerously losing your ability to stay warm. For years outdoor manufacturers have tried to make down more robust in damp conditions, usually focussing on using tougher face fabrics to protect the down underneath. This ads weight though, and hampers downs ability to loft. This season several manufacturers have introduced down that has been treated with a hydrophobic coating giving each individual down plume it's own durable water repellant finish, just like they have done in the past with the face fabric, creating hydrophobic down. Each manufacturer has a different method and formula for creating this which they keep as a closely guarded trade secret. But we decided to look into how effective the Rab "Hydrophobic Down" really is. We wanted to find out what it means for down, does it change the conventional wisdom about where and when down products can be used appropriately? Down revolution, or marketing hype? The answers might surprise you.
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Mammut Juho Gore-Tex Jacket Review
Product review of the Mammut Juho Jacket by Go outdoors founder John Graham A packable jacket ideal for backpackers and walkers, the Mammut Juho Jacket uses lightweight GORE-TEX® to give water and wind protection whilst maintaining good breathability, so you stay comfortable in any weather. Very light and with a small packsize that makes it easy to stow in your pack, the front zip and pocket zips are water resistant to keep out any leaks. The fixed hood is volume adjustable with a slight peak to shelter your face and a Coolmax lining that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and comfortable. The fabric has a soft feel and isn't as 'crinkly' as other hardshell-type jackets can be, and the cuffs and hem are both adjustable so you can vary the fit and ventilation to suit your needs. A lovely, lightweight, packable jacket with a clean, uncluttered look and full weather protection. Perfect for changeable weather or backpacking, where you could (hopefully) be carrying the jacket more than you wear it.
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How to Choose a Waterproof Jacket
Charlie from GO Outdoors takes us through what to look for when buying the right waterproof jacket for your needs.
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How to pitch a large family tent
In this #campinglive video Ian demonstrates how to pitch a large family tunnel tent, the Hi Gear Premium Oasis 6. It's a technique that works for all large family tents.
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Montane Prism Insulated Jacket Review by John Graham from GO Outdoors
John Graham reviews the Montane Prism Mens Insulated Jacket. The Montane Prism uses a layer of Primaloft insulation making it warm, whilst still being light and compressible. It's perfect for active use in the mountains or everyday use on cold winter days in the UK. This review covers the Montane prism's key features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for the UK's variable climate. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/montane-prism-2-0-mens-insulated-jacket-p102225
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Leaders advice on choosing group outdoor kit
For school expeditions The "Group Kit" section of the kit list is usually provided by the school. In this video National DofE expeditions provider Ben Maxfield gives tips and recommendations for tents, stoves and other group kit items. For more information, advice and kit suggestions visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/duke-of-edinburgh/
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Hi Gear Kalahari Elite 8 & Kalahari Elite 10 Family Tents
The Kalahari elite 8 and it's bigger brother the Kalahari elite 10, are palatial easy to pitch, great value, 8 or 10 person family tunnel tents. They have all the features you need for a home from home on extended camping trips with family or friends. 2 large bedrooms at either end, sit either side of a spacious, full height central living area, with large windows and an entrance on either side. There is plenty of storage in both the living area and bedrooms, and the bedroom divider can be removed to create one large bedroom. For smaller groups, a whole bedroom compartment can be removed to create one gigantic living area. The Kalahari, is a very well ventilated tent. There are vents in the bedrooms and living area with large ventilation pannels running along each side. These can all be closed in bad weather. Both the bedroom doors and tent side entrances have fully zipped fly netting, and each window has mesh panelling, and can be zipped shut in bad weather. They also have curtains for extra privacy. All Hi Gear family tents have sewn in ground sheets, cable entry points, and cable tidies leading up to a lantern fixing point. The Kalahari's tunnel design makes them very easy to pitch, the poles are all the same length, so you simply peg out, insert the poles into the sleeves, insert the pins into the ends of the poles one at a time, and peg out. This one took our expert pitchers just over 20 minutes, start to finish. The Kalahari 8 and 10 both have a range of accessories available, including a large versatile porch, fitted carpets, and a tent footprint. This update to one of our most popular tent ranges, offers a classic design, easy pitching, fantastic space, and great value. Everything that you need to help make this a summer to remember for all of the family. happy camping.
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Rab Neutrino Endurance Down Jacket Review by John from GO Outdoors
John Graham reviews the Rab Neutrino Endurance Down Jacket. This is an updated classic down jacket from down experts Rab. Very high quality down, intelligent design, incredible warmth, this jacket is a favourite of mountaineers and climbers the world over. Like wearing a warm hug, this jacket performs brilliantly in the mountains, but is the ultimate luxury on cold, dry winter days in the UK. John describes the features and benefits, and why it is one of his favourite down jacket. A jacket that makes you look forward to winter. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/rab-neutrino-endurance-mens-insulated-jacket-p129201
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How to pack a rucksack
A properly packed rucksack is an important part of staying comfortable on school expeditions like DofE, World Challenge etc... So we've put together this short video to help.
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OEX Bandicoot II Tent
The OEX Bandicoot II gives you all you need for comfortable camping, whether solo or with a companion, but weighs next to nothing and packs down to a size that won't slow you down. Its semi-geodesic design, robust flysheet and groundsheet and aluminium poles make it tough enough to protect you from stormy weather. The groundsheet is pre-attached, making pitching easy and keeping insects out. The compact front porch gives you room to store your wet kit and boots. OEX tents have been built to withstand the trials of outdoor adventures and expeditions. They use 7075 lightweight aluminium poles, with durable poly flysheets that won't falter in arduous conditions, and will give you years of service. The flysheet is very waterproof (rated to 5000mm) with a fire-retardant coating which will self-extinguish if exposed to flame. Every OEX tent comes with a waterproof 'split bag', letting you divide the tent into two parts and share the carrying load. Each carry bag has pre-spaced buckle loops, so you can easily attach them to the outside of the OEX Vallo Rucksack.
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Which Walking Boot is Right for Me?
There are many different types of walking boots available, but which is right for you? What should you look for in a pair of boots before buying? Charlie from GO Outdoors offers up some advice on the different types of boots available.
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Rab Baseline Hoodie Review
Product review of the Rab Baseline Hoodie by GO Outdoors founder John Graham. The Baseline Hoodie is a synthetic baselayer made from Polartec Power Dry which will see you stay comfortable and protected for as long as you need.
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Rab Neutrino Pro Down Jacket
The Rab Neutrino Pro Jacket will keep you protected and comfortable in the worst winter weather. It's made from Pertex Quantum fabric outer & inner, with 800 fill-power hydrophobic down kept in place by the stitch-through construction. The down insulation carries on all the way through the adjustable hood, while baffles, elastic cuffs and a drawcord hem make sure that your body heat can't escape. Shop now: https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/rab-mens-neutrino-pro-jacket-p457215
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Montane Extreme Jacket Review
Product review of the Montane Extreme Jacket by GO Outdoors founder John Graham. The Extreme Jacket is a technical softshell jacket for use in cold mountain expeditions and climbs, designed with an active cut and featuring reinforced elbows, zipped handwarmer pockets and a removable fully adjustable pile lined hood with wired peak.
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Mammut Crater Jacket Review
Product review of the Mammut Crater Jacket by GO Outdoors founder John Graham. Developed for use in high alpine terrain, the Mammut Crater Men's Jacket is ideally designed for multi-pitch rock climbing, mountain expeditions, backcountry skiing and winter hiking. Made from a lightweight 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric and offering a simple yet stylish design, with a host of useful features and functionality. The two front pockets have bonded, watertight zippers, and are positioned higher for easy access when wearing a rucksack or climbing harness. There's also an inner mesh pocket with a zip, for keeping any smaller essentials safe and secure.
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Hi Gear Airgo Cirrus 6 Inflatable 6 Person Tent
The Airgo Cirrus 6 is a revolutionary 6 person tent that exchanges poles, for sturdy inflatable beams dramatically reducing pitching time. It's an ideal size for extended camping trips with family or friends, and is constructed from premium, hard wearing materials. The cirrus is packed with features to help make this a summer to remember for all of the family. 2 bedrooms back onto a large full height living area, in which the Cirrus can sleep up to 6 people, but you'll be more comfortable with 4. There are storage pockets in both the bedroom and living areas, and there is also ventilation in the bedrooms to avoid condensation build up, the external vent can be zipped shut in bad weather. All the doors have curtains, and zipped fly netting, and the front entrance can be turned into a canopy using the included stainless steel poles. There is also a storm hood over the right hand side entrance. As with all Hi Gear family tents the cirrus has a sewn in ground sheet, cable entry points, and cable tidies that lead up to a lantern fixing point. The bedrooms are a flexible space that can be configured as 2 triple rooms, one large full width room, or one side can be unclipped and rolled away, increasing storage space. Airgo tents are a doddle to pitch. Simply peg out the corners, ensure the valves are in the horizontal position, attach the included pump and inflate. A couple of minutes is all that it takes. Peg out the guy lines, and you are ready to go. The inflatable beams that support Airgo tents are very tough and durable, with a double skin for protection, and make an incredibly stable tent in strong winds. At the end of your trip, the Cirrus 6 goes down just as easily as it goes up, simply release the valves and watch it deflate. In summary, the Cirrus 6 is a fantastic, premium family tent, with a revolutionary design that means you'll spend less time pitching, and more time enjoying yourself, Happy camping. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-airgo-cirrus-6-inflatable-tent-p286191
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How to choose the right coolbox | Know Before You GO
Keeping your food and drink cool is essential when you go camping and in this video Ian from GO Outdoors to show you the different ways you can do that. Firstly cool boxes, these are great for day trips, festivals or picnics. They use foam insulation to keep stuff cool, but they need to be used in conjunction with freeze packs Next up are your classic cool boxes or passive cool boxes which use foam insulations to help keep things cool. Overtime they will gradually warm up, so there are things you can do to really help maintain a cool temperature for as along as possible. Firstly regularly replace the freeze packs, often campsites will do an exchange system where you give them a defrosted one and they give you a frozen one. Secondly make sure there are as full of possible, they work a lot better with stuff inside of them and ideally when you buy food buy pre-chilled food or frozen food to put in there. Lastly, when you open the cool box to put something in or take something out, do it as quick as possible because you don't want warm air and cold air escaping. If you do all that you can keep things cool really quite long time. A step up from a passive cool box is an active or powered cool box now these use fan powered to aid the cooling process. They are not as good a fridge, but they are better than a passive for keeping things cool . They run of 12 volt or mains power. Now with 12 Volt power one you can run it of the cigarette lighter, but don't leave the plugged in if the car is switched of because it will drain the battery. If you've got mains power at your campsite, you can run them of the mains and there great for keeping your food cool for your whole holiday. Finally, the Quest 3 way fridge, these run of 12 volt mains and also gas power, and are very efficient if they run of gas, but you actually have to keep them out of the tent if you are running of gas If you need any more information on cool boxes and cooling pop into one of our stores or visit our website.
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Hi Gear Airgo Nimbus 8 Family Tent
The Airgo Nimbus 8 from Hi Gear is a spacious, sturdy, premium family tent, with a revolutionary Airgo design that means you spend less time pitching, and more time enjoying yourself. Using strong and robust, inflatable double skinned beams that provide excellent rigidity when inflated, the Airgo Nimbus 8 can be pitched from scratch in under 10 minutes. If you are looking for a large tent for camping with a family or group, or you just need a lot of space, then look no further. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-airgo-nimbus-8-inflatable-tent-p286275
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Scarpa Rebel Lite Mountain Boots Review by John from GO Outdoors
John Graham reviews the Scarpa Rebel Lite Mountain Boots. A very versatile, light and well designed synthetic mountain boot from a great brand that comes in mens and womens fits. The Rebel Lite's from Scarpa are a lightweight mountain boot that has a host of neat features that make it ideal for mountaineering, scrambling, and use with crampons. John discusses key features and what makes the Scarpa Rebel Lite's one of the most exciting new boots on the market this year. For more information visit: Mens http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/scarpa-rebel-lite-gtx-mens-boots-p277475 Womens http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/scarpa-rebel-lite-womens-gtx-boots-p277448
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How to get mains power into your tent | Know Before You GO
A short video showing you how to hook your tent up to the campsite to allow you to use mains power using the Crusader Mobile Mains Unit. The Crusader Mobile Mains unit has a surge protection, a circuit breaker (just like you have at home) and most importantly 3 sockets just like you've got in your house. There is a 20 meter lead which runs out of your tent to the site post where you will find a plug for it to go into. When feeding it into your tent, most tents will have an access point for the power lead to head out to the campsite site post. If you have a look at the outside of the tent you will often see a logo, where you simply feed the lead through. Finally, where possible try to keep the Crusader mobile mains unit of the floor by hanging it up or putting it on a table. If you need to know anything else please visit www.GOoutdoors.co.uk or pop into one of our stores.
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Montane Icarus Synthetic Insulated Jacket
Ian from GO Outdoors checks out the Montane Icarus jacket A lightweight and very well designed mountain jacket. Shop now: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/montane-mens-icarus-jacket-p422084
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Hi Gear Kalahari Elite 8 Tent
A roomy family tent with generous headroom and plenty of space for you and your gear. Hi Gear Tents are available exclusively at GO Outdoors: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-kalahari-elite-8-tent-p396767
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Vango Nadina 600 Family Tent
Vibrantly coloured, very roomy and simple to pitch, Vango's Nadina 600 is a 5-pole tunnel tent with a pre-attached front extension that gives you extended shelter for relaxing or dining, and a large covered storage area too. The huge internal living area and flexible bedroom compartments (which can be separated with a zipped divider) allow for the sleeping and storage options of your choice. Well ventilated due to Vango's AirZone design, the Nadina 600 has breathable polyester 'Lights Out' inner tents which remain dark even in sunshine, so you won't be rudely awakened by a hot, bright sunrise. All the entrances have a mesh door allowing ventilation on warm days and nights, while keeping flying insects outside. It pitches quickly and simply, with the flysheet and inner together. The Protex 70 Denier polyester flysheet is highly waterproof, durable and reliable so will keep you dry and comfortable whether you're in a downpour or a humid spell. The pocketed pelmet at the front gives you additional storage space, hides the inner tent attachment points, and helps reduce drafts. You also have the option of 'wardrobe' inner tents - a removable hanging pole lets you hang clothes, remove it and you have a bedroom again! As well as comfort, you're ensured stability due to Vango's pre-angled pole sections, which create more internal space than with a standard arch, and brace very effectively against side winds. And why not make your camping experience even more homely, by adding underfoot comfort and protection with the Nadina 600's optional carpet and footprint. Breathable polyester inner tent- the fabric allows condensation to pass through, ensuring a comfortable nights sleep Colour Coded Poles for more intuitive pitching Duraflex buckles and zip pullers - renowned for strength, quality and reliability Conveniently positioned inner tent pockets store snacks, torches or electronics Lightweight and low bulk inner tent ground sheet - perfect for sleeping and packing 'Line Lok' patented guyline runners lock securely, release simply and perform in all conditions Guy lines attached at optimum positions for stability and tension (with handy guy line holders) All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal Simple Zip-down curtains allow for varying levels of opening, fit to the flysheet with no gaps and simply roll into a pocket - no more rolling up fiddly curtains! Large Diamond Clear PVC windows for maximum light and great visibility Reflective webbing picks up torchlight, easily visible in darkness Weather tested to the European standard EN5912, in a certified wind and rain test centre. Zipped entry point with Velcro tidies for electrical cables Lantern hanging point in the living area Luxury roller bag - takes the burden out of moving the tent Vango AirZone: high and low level ventilation panels combine for a comfortable flow of air throughout the tent Wardrobe inners- Inner tent with a removable hanging pole for hanging clothes. Can also be used as a normal inner tent Sewn-in groundsheet, 'Skylight' roof
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Winter Essentials. How to fit and walk in crampons
Mountain Instructor Craig Offless demonstrates how to fit and walk in crampons. Crampons are an essential piece of outdoor equipment for anyone heading into the hills in winter conditions. These videos represent several hours of instruction condensed into a couple of minutes. If you are new to any of the pieces of equipment featured in them, time time spent with an instructor like Craig in a controlled environment is essential.
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Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket Review
John Graham reviews the Rab Microlight Down Jacket. A focused, lightweight, down jacket made using high quality down from a manufacturer with great pedigree in producing very well thought through mountain clothing. John describes the Rab Microlight's features and benefits and why it has become such a popular product. For more information visit: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/rab-microlight-jacket-p212382
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The Great Down Showdown - GO Outdoors
GO Outdoors Show Episode 6 Mike & Ollie test & review a range of down jackets in a number of different environments, including an industrial freezer at minus 21, and an indoor ski slope at minus 5. They also have a stab at taking the mystery out of down fill power. Jackets tested include: The Montane Black Ice http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/montane-black-ice-jacket-p212582 The Montane North Star http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/montane-north-star-mens-insulated-jacket-p102223 The Rab Microlight http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/rab-microlight-jacket-p212382 The Rab Summit Batura http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/rab-summit-batura-jacket-p131062 The Rab Neutrino Endurance http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/rab-neutrino-endurance-mens-insulated-jacket-p129201 The North Ridge Elbrus http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/north-ridge-elbrus-down-jacket-p206203 The Berghaus Kendale http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/berghaus-kendale-mens-down-jacket-p213996
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Mammut Kento Waterproof Jacket Review
Product review of the Mammut Kento Jacket by GO Outdoors founder John Graham The men's Mammut Kento Jacket combines high performance fabrics with all-day comfort, offering reliable protection in high alpine terrain. Engineered using DRYtech™ Premium 2.5 layer stretch fabric, with pre-shaped sleeves, for excellent freedom of movement. The Kento Jacket is an ideal choice for high-activity uses like climbing and alpine hiking. The hem and cuffs are adjustable for a better fit whilst the underarm zips offer ventilation without exposing you to the elements
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