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Twilight Puzzle-Puzzle games
Play This Game: http://www.mary.com/twilight-puzzle.html Play this puzzle game with Edward en Bella form the Twilight movie. Put the jig saw pieces in the right position on the right place and create a beautiful picture. It looks as if Edward and Bella are really alive.
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Summer Brides - Dress Up Games
http://www.mary.com/summer-brides.html Outside the sun's shining and the birds are singing. These three brides would like to have a walk outside. What clothes shall they wear? There's plenty of choice, just have a look at the closets full of shoes, dresses, ribbons, bracelets, gloves and much more. Have fun dressing these beautiful friends! Use the mouse to play this bride dress-up game.
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Pizzaria - Jogos de Cozinhar
http://www.titter.pt/pizzaria.html Neste jogo de loja, os teus cliente vêm comprar as suas pizzas. É a tua função preparar as pizzas que eles pedem. Se o fizeres bem, os teus clientes ficarão satisfeitos e passas ao nível seguinte. Se os teus clientes gostarem das pizzas, eles voltam de certeza, e a tua pizzaria será um verdadeiro sucesso de fast-food. Diverte-te a preparar pizzas!
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Cozinha Pizza com a Tessa - jogos de cozinhar
Play This Game: http://www.titter.pt/pizza-de-tessa.html Neste jogo de cozinha podes aprender como preparar uma Pizza de Verão do Havai. A Tessa tem uma bela cozinha e ensina-te tudo. Enquanto jogas este jogo, aprendes como preparar a receita. Segue as instruções e farás uma deliciosa pizza. No fim do jogo será também possível imprimir a receita deste jogo. Depois podes fazer esta pizza na tua própria cozinha.
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Bride and Grooms - Free mobile Dress up Game Tutorial for funny little ladies
Brides and Grooms is a smashing game by mary.com. It is now available for your mobile phone and tablet as well. In this dress-up game there will be two couples getting married. You will take care of their looks. You can choose from many bride's haircuts and make-up. The hair and facial care of the groom cannot be forgotten either. Have you always dreamt of a groom with blue locks of hair and green eyes? In this game it's possible. Afterwards you continue, choosing clothes and shoes, corsages and bridal bouquets, veils and ties. There is a lot to do for a wedding. In the closing scene the two pairs will stand together and you can arrange the final scene. Where will the bride stand, what background will you choose, what flowers, doves, bride's cake and rose petals will you add to create the perfect picture? Before you play yourself, you can watch the video to see how you could play the game. You might discover some source of inspiration!
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A Tessa cozinha Kirschtorte - Jogos de Cozinha - Titter.pt
Play This Game: http://www.titter.pt/a-tessa-cozinha-kirschtorte.html Hoje vamos preparar um delicioso bolo: um Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. Assim pega nos teus utensílios de cozinha e começa! Precisas: de um fogão, uma varinha, uma tigela, uma forma, colheres e uma faca. Junta os ingredientes e aprende neste jogo de cozinha como preparar um delicioso Schwarzwälder de cereja. Certamente conseguirás preparar esta receita perfeitamente bem! No fim do jogo podes também imprimir a receita.
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Imagens de Natal - Jogos de Natal - Titter.pt
Play This Game: http://www.titter.pt/imagens-de-natal.html Este jogo está cheio de imagens de Natal. Pai Natal no tecto, Pai Natal no seu trenó com as prendas e Pai Natal na árvore de Natal. Um gato a ronronar em frente à lareira, com meias cheias de presentes penduradas na chaminé. Lá fora está frio e neva, mas dentro de casa está bom e quente! Descobre as diferenças entre estas imagens, que à primeira vista parecem completamente iguais. Desfruta do jogo neste belo jogo de Natal!
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Happy Hairdresser - Dressupgames
http://www.mary.com/happy-hairdresser.html Do you like hairdressing as much as I? In this game you are the top-hardresser who gets many different customers in the shop. Men, women, boys and girls. Make their hair look as beatiful as you can. The example picture shows what it should look like eventually. But that doesn't stop you from eperimenting. Have you dyed it the wrong colour? No problem, let it grow back or choose a different colour. Send this game to all your friends on facebook too.
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Matrimonio tropicale - Giochi di Spose - titter.it
Play This Game: http://www.titter.it/matrimonio-tropicale.html Vieni con me a questa festa di matrimonio su un'isola tropicale. Che posto meraviglioso per organizzare un romantico sposalizio. Il fruscio del mare come sottofondo e il sole che risplende. Gli sposi arrivano per la cerimonia. L'erba verde rigogliosa si piega sotto i loro piedi mentre le palme fanno loro ombra. Gli ospiti guardano estasiati la bella coppia. Alla chiusura del rito la festa può cominciare. Sarà una festa in spiaggia con delle bellissime danzatrici hawaiane con il gonnellino di paglia. La musica è splendida e tutto viene filmato. I camerieri vanno in giro con vassoi pieni di stuzzichini e bevande. Tutti si divertono moltissimo. Puoi salvare le figure cliccando su save. Così, la prossima volta potrai continuare a metter su il tuo matrimonio tropicale. C'è anche un filmino di questo gioco in cui si vede come si deve giocare.
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È nato - Giochi baby sitter - Titter.it
Play This Game: http://www.titter.it/e-nato.html Evviva, è nato un bambino! Mettiti subito all'opera e fai in modo che tutto sia in ordine per il piccolo. Morbidi pelouche nel box in soggiorno e dei giocattoli in cameretta sono una buona idea. Il giardino è pieno di palloncini e in cucina c'è un biberon pronto col latte. Familiari e vicini vengono a far visita al piccolo. In questo divertente gioco di decorazione puoi scegliere che bambino ti piace avere! Puoi anche scegliere una coppia di due gemelli o anche di tre. Tutto è possibile. Metticela tutta e prepara una fantastica casa per il bambino!
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Keep Kissing - Girl Games
Play the game: http://www.mary.com/keep-kissing.html This is a walkthrough on a nice wintergame. Because what's better then kissing and flirting in the snow?! These two are very much in love, but nobody is allowed to know! So they have to kiss when nobody's watching. Help them with that task!
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Tessa's cooking Ratatouille - Cooking game instruction video for girls and kids - mary.com
http://www.mary.com/tessa-s-cooking-ratatouille.html´ Follow the in-game instructions and learn how to prepare a French ratatouille. After you've played the game, you can take the recipe to your kitchen and prepare a real ratatouille. That sounds delicious!
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Tessa's Apple Cake - Girl Games
Play this game now! http://www.mary.com/tessa-s-apple-cake.html It's autumn again, so it's time to bake a tasty apple pie. Can you help Tessa mix all the ingredients? Step by step you mix everything and then you put it into the oven. Learn to bake a delicious cake yourself as well!
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Dog Hotel - Funny Animal Games
http://www.mary.com/dog-hotel.html Is there something nicer than taking care of dogs? In this great game you're a caretaker in a dog hotel! The dogs will adore you if you take good care of them. This means that you'll play with them, give them something to eat and drink at the right moment, and take them out when they need to pee. If you do everything right, you'll pass to the next level and receive a bonus! If things go too fast for you, you can always replay the level to increase your score. In each level there's an extra dog staying in the dog hotel. There will also be more employees that will help you with all these dogs!
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Horse Fan Girls - Free mobile horse Game Tutorial for funny little ladies
Description Play this horse game starring three girls. Carmen, Cathy and Cindty love horses. Today they will take their favorit horse for a ride. But first they need to find the rights riding clothes. You can choose from many beatuiful outfits in this game. The girls appear one at a time, so you can find them the right hair style and make-up. After that you will choose their clothes and you can see the results on the last page. Continue with the next girl or change more to this one To play on your pc or laptop go to: http://www.mary.com/horse-fan-girls.html Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaryGames
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Baby Dreams -  Free mobile baby Game Tutorial for funny little kids
Play this dress-up game featuring baby triplets. Babies are so cute to take care of! In this game you have to find clothes, caps and socks for three little babies. Fortunately they're really sweet and they don't cry. So you can easily dress each baby. Try everything. you can even change their mouths and noses. In the end, you decorate the baby room with toys. The triplet babies crow with pleasure! Take a picture of the cutest triplets and send it to your friends. This is a Primavita game. Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaryGames you can also visit our site: http://www.mary.com/
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Tessa's cup cakes - Girl Games
This is a part of the Tessa cooking games series. In this game you learn how to make cupcakes. Learn what ingredients you need and how to use them. See how to cut your ingredients and for how long you have to cook your dish or how long you have to put it in the oven. You can also print the recipe of the cupcakes, so that you can prepare them at home, in your own kitchen! Play! http://www.titter.com/tessa-s-cup-cakes.html
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Tessa's Horse - Girl Games
Play this game at: http://www.titter.com/tessa-s-horse.html This is a part of the Tessa series. Tessa is at the farm to go horse riding. She is looking for a horse of her own. Help her to find a beautiful horse. There are many to choose from. You can change the horses the way you want. Give them different colors and tails. After you have found the right horse, you can give Tessa a makeover and find the right clothes for her to wear. Have fun!
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Tessa's Hamburger - Girl Games
Play this game at: http://www.titter.com/tessa-s-hamburger.html This is a part of the Tessa Series about cooking. In this game you learn how to make a hamburger. Learn what ingredients you need and how to prepare them. See how to cut your ingredients and for how long you have to cook your dish or how long you have to put it in the oven. You also get the recipe of this hamburger to print it and prepare it at home, in your own kitchen.
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Sweet Dog's home - kids games
Play This Game: http://www.mary.com/sweet-dog-s-home.html In this animal game you're going to decorate a house full of dogs. Choose a warm basket for the dogs and let the baby play with them. You can also let the dogs out. The baby will go out with his parents, too, in the pram. The dogs can run and have fun together. Make it something cosy with all these dogs! Since it's Christmas time, you can also decorate the house with Christmas garlands and lights, so that it will be even more attractive!
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Superamica - Giochi di Moda
Play This Game: http://www.titter.it/superamica.html Questa è un'amica da sogno! Lei è molto bella e le piace cantare e ballare. Secondo me ne vai pazzo anche tu. Farai in modo che il suo spettacolo sia fantastico?
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Thumbelina Puzzle - Free mobile puzzle Game Tutorial for funny little boys and girls
Play this game featuring Thumbelina. Once upon a time there was a little girl. She emerged from a flower and sleeps in a walnut-shell cradle, covered with a blanket of rose leaves. Her name is Thumbelina and her mother loves her very much. One night a frog jumps through the window and he carries away Thumbelina as a bride for his son. The frog puts her on a lily pad so that she can't escape, but her friends, the fish, gnaw through the stalk and a butterfly draws her away over the water, so that the frog can't catch her anymore. Then a stag beetle arrives: he wants to marry Thumbelina, too! He takes her with him, but his friends at home think Thumbelina is a strange creature. "She only has two legs!" That's why he discards Thumbelina in the woods, where she eats nectar from the flowers and the birds sing for her. But then wonter comes and the cold arrives: all the birds fly south and all the flowers wither. Thumbelina is feeling very cold and she almost freezes to death. Fortunately a swallow asks if shw wants to come with him, sitting on his back, to the sunny south. Thumbelina would love to come along with him, so she flies away with the swallow. When they've arrived in the south, the swallow puts her on a beautiful white flower, in a huge flower field. Thumbelina decides to have a look around and on another flower she sees a handsome boy standing. He's just as tall as she but he wears a crown and has wings! Thumbelina and the prince get married and she also gets a crown and a beautiful pair of white wings. Now she can also fly from flower to flower! In this game you can read the entire story.
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Hollywood Hall of Fame 5
Play This Game: http://www.titter.fr/hollywood-hall-of-fame-5.html Voici la cinquième partie de la série Hollywood Hall of Fame. Dans cette partie, tu peux habiller et maquiller trois vedettes du cinéma : Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson et Taylor Lautner. Au cinéma ils ont déjà l'air pas mal, et dans ce jeu tu peux les rendre encore plus beaux ! Choisis leurs vêtements, coupes et couleurs de cheveux, maquillage, accessoires et fonds. Tu peux les relooker de toutes sortes de manières. Ainsi, tu crées tes propres Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson ou Taylor Lautner personnalisés.
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Três bebés queridos - Jogos de Vestir Bebés  - Titter.pt
Play This Game: www.titter.pt/tres-bebes-queridos.html És apreciadora de bebés, também? Neste jogo há três: são trigémeos e podes vesti-los. Eles têm armários cheios de roupas e no seu quarto podes encontrar montes de brinquedos. Toma bem conta destes três pequenos alegres bebés!
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Moda Parigina - Giochi per Ragazze
Ti piace seguire la moda? Ami Parigi? Queste tre ragazze si! Adorano fare lo shopping a Parigi per trovarci vestiti bellissimi e di moda. Ed è chiaro che, se una si veste alla parigina, vorrebbe farsi un bel trucco. Quindi è un makeover totale per queste tre ragazze. Penso che questo gioco dressup alla parigina ti piacerà molto! Ascolta! http://www.titter.it/moda-parigina.html
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Österns Zoo - Tjejspel
http://www.titter.se/osterns-zoo.html Ha kul när du spelar detta utklädningsspel med Warda. Idag ska Warda gå på zoo. Hon älskar delfinerna, aporna och pandorna som finns att se där. Sminka Warda och klä henne vackert. I djurparken kommer du att leta efter alla typer av djur åt Warda. Gör det till en vacker bild!
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Princesa Do Verão - Jogos de Raparigas Engraçados
http://www.titter.pt/princesa-do-verao.html Também gostas de cuidar do cabelo? Neste jogo podes cortar e pentear o cabelo da princesa o tempo e as vezes que quiseres! Caso não gostes do resultado, podes simplesmente recomeçar. Cabelo curto, cabelo frisado ou cabelo liso, tudo é possível. Roxo ou verde, a escolha é tua! A querida, pequena princesa deste jogo acha tudo perfeito. Cria um penteado para o Verão, para que a pequena princesa pareça gloriosa.
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Tessa's Fashion Shoes - Girl Games
This is the third part of the Tessa series. Tessa is going to town with her best friend Eva. They want to buy shoes, but could use some help. Help them find the most gorgeous shoes! Play! http://www.titter.com/tessa-s-fashion-shoes.html
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Receita de strudel de maçã - Jogos de Cozinhar - Titter.pt
Play This Game: http://www.titter.pt/receita-de-strudel-de-maca.html Hoje vamos preparar um strudel de maçã. Assim pega nos utensílios de cozinha de que precisas: - papel vegetal - um rolo - uma tigela - um tabuleiro Junta os ingredientes e aprende neste jogo de cozinha como preparar um delicioso strudel de maçã. Certamente vais conseguir preparar esta receita perfeitamente bem! No final do jogo também podes imprimir a receita.
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Pinocchio hidden object - Jogos de Puzzle - titter.pt
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Barbie vai se casar - Jogos de Divertidos
http://www.titter.pt/vestido-de-casamento.html É Primavera outra vez e muitos casais fazem planos para casar. A Barbie é uma dessas pessoas. Hoje ela vai escolher o seu vestido de casamento, penteado e maquilhagem. Experimenta todos os sapatos e ramos de noiva e faz com que a Barbie fique fantástica! Neste jogo podes escolher duas partes diferentes: na primeira podes vestir tu mesma a Barbie e na outra parte tentas copiar o exemplo. Além disso podes tirar uma fotografia da tua melhor criação e gravá-la. Diverte-te a jogar este belo jogo de casamentos!
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Bonito traje navideño - juegos de navidad
Play this Game: http://www.titter.es/bonito-traje-navideno.html Ya viene la Navidad, y estos cuatro amigos van a pasar juntos estos días. Los preparativos están en marcha: las ideas para la decoración de la casa, para la comida y las actividades de las que van a disfrutar. Sin embargo se han olvidado de una cosa: ¡la ropa que van a llevar!. ¿Y quién no quiere tener un aspecto estupendo durante estos días de fiesta?. Para ti es un auténtico desafío: elige para cada uno de los amigos (dos chicos y dos chicas), los mejores peinados, ropa, maquillaje, etc. Así puedes escoger lo que más te guste, y lo que mejor les quede. No te olvides de poner este bonito juego de vestir en tu perfil de Facebook, para que tus amigos puedan jugar también.
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Princesse Dora - Jeux de Maquillage
Dora est une petite princesse. Elle aimerait sortir, mais bien sûr elle veut garder son look de princesse. C'est pour ça qu'elle attend que tu l'habilles élégamment. Tu peux choisir parmi un tas de robes, de chaussures et de couronnes. Passe au niveau suivant du jeu et choisis un joli fond pour Dora la petite princesse. Ajoutes-y des décorations assorties. Ces décorations, tu peux les agrandir ou réduire, et tu peux les poser là où tu veux. http://www.titter.fr/princesse-dora.html
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Hollywood Hall of Fame 5 - Dress up games
Play this game at: http://www.mary.com/hollywood-hall-of-fame-5.html This is the fifth part of the Hollywood Hall of Fame series. In this part you can make up 3 famous movie stars of the Twilight movie New Moon. Their names are: Kirsten Stewart, Robbert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. You know they look great in cinema but you can make them even more beautiful in this game. You can choose their clothes, hair style and color, make up, accessories en backgrounds. You can give them a whole new makeover and change them anyway you want. So you can create your own special Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Have fun! http://www.mary.com/hollywood-hall-of-fame-5.html
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Cortar y Peinar - Juegos de Niñas
http://www.titter.es/cortar-y-peinar.html En este divertido juego para chicas podrás cortar y peinar todo lo que quieras. Tienes dos opciones diferentes. En la modalidad "free-model" tienes que crear distintos peinados para cinco chicas. En la modalidad "challenge" tienes que imitar el modelo que ves.
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Cinderella FTD - Free Mobile Game - Mary.com
Download this game @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.mary.Cinderella https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cinderella-ftd/id724915202?mt=8 http://www.amazon.com/Mary-com-Cinderella-Find-the-differences/dp/B00KA6XOI4/ref=sr_1_34?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1409692713&sr=1-34 Now you can be Cinderella and learn all about her! Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella. Her mother had passed away and her dad got remarried to a woman with two daughters of her own. The woman and the two daughters made Cinderella work as a maid, cleaning the house. One day there was a large ball held by the country's prince. Cinderella was invited but couldn't come because she didn't have any beautiful dresses. She cried of sadness and disappointment... Play the game and read how this story ends. By spotting the differences between the pictures you will read the fairytale little by little. In the accompanying video you can see how you play the game. Do you know the story of Cinderella? Once upon a time there was a girl. After her mother died, her father got married to a new wife who had to daughters. The wife and the two daughters were very mean; they treated her unfairly and let her do all the dirty jobs in the whole house. One day, a letter of the king arrived, inviting all the pretty girls in the country to come to his castle. This would allow his son to choose the most beautiful girl of the country to get married with. Cinderella wanted to go, too, but the mean stepmother only offered a nice dress to her own daughters. Of course Cinderella couldn't appear at the king's castle wearing her old rags! When the stepmother and her daughters had left to the castle, a good fairy came to Cinderella. The fairy conjured up a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers for her. A pumpkin and two mice were transformed into a carriage with horses, but Cinderella must promise that she'll be home at 12 o'clock: after, the magic would be broken! At the castle the prince fell in love with beautiful Cinderella, but nobody knew who she was, even her stepmother and stepsisters didn't recognize her. Then the tower bells sounded twelve times and Cinderella rushed to get home. On her way, on the castle stairs, she lost one of her glass slippers. The prince traveled all through the country, in search of the girl whose foot the slipper would fit on. Each girl tried on the shoe, but the only one whose foot it fit on was Cinderella. The prince took Cinderella to his palace, where they got married and lived happily ever after! She has never had to clean anything again... In this game you'll read the whole story. Find all the differences and go for the highest score. Find our other mobile games @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=mary.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mary.com-bv/id637844212 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_mobile-apps?_encoding=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Mary.com&node=2350149011
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A Tessa cozinha Zuccotto - Jogos de Cozinhar - Titter.pt
Play This Game: http://www.titter.pt/a-tessa-cozinha-zuccotto.html Este é outro divertido e educativo jogo de cozinha com a Tessa! Hoje a Tessa vai preparar um zuccotto Italiano. Podes ajudá-la? Neste jogo de cozinha vais aprender exactamente como preparar esta receita. A Tessa precisa dos seguintes ingredientes: - 6 leite creme - 2 colheres de açúcar - 60 g de avelãs torradas - 225 g de cerejas cortadas ao meio - 120 g de chocolate picado simples - 2 bolos de chocolate redondos (diâmetro de 20 cm) - 4 colheres de sopa de conhaque - 4 colheres de sopa de amaretto. Para a decoração: - 2 colheres de sopa de açúcar em pó - 2 colheres de sopa de cacau em pó Ela utiliza estes ingredientes da seguinte forma: Bate o leite creme numa tigela grande. Adiciona o açúcar com uma espátula. De seguida, mistura as avelãs, as cerejas e o chocolate com o leite creme com uma espátula. Cobre a tigela com um filme plástico e coloco-o o frigorífico. Corta um dos bolos em fatias de pizza e cobre o molde com ele: cobre o fundo e os lados. Mistura o conhaque com o amaretto e polvilha o bolo na forma. Tira a mistura de chantilly do frigorífico e coloca-o no recipiente. Coloca o bolo restante em cima dele e corta-o à medida. Cobre o recipiente com um filme plástico e coloca-o no frigorífico durante 2 horas. Peneira o açúcar em pó numa tigela, para a decoração. Peneira o cacau noutra tigela. Tira o zuccotto do frigorífico e usa uma faca para soltá-lo da forma. De seguida, vira-o e pulveriza-o, primeiro com o açúcar em pó e depois com cacau em pó. Buon appetito!
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Pizza Shop - Cooking Games
In this shop game your customers come to order their pizzas. It's up to you to prepare the pizzas they order. If you do this well, your customers will be satisfied and you can pass on to the next level. If your customers like the pizzas, they'll come back for sure, and your pizzeria will become a really successful fast-food. Have fun preparing pizzas! http://www.mary.com/pizza-shop.html
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My Sweet Horse - Free mobile horse Game Tutorial for funny little boys and girls
In this animal game horse Flora is starring. In level one she's a little filly. You have to take care of her so he grows and can be strong. In the second level Flora's big and strong. She wants to learn a lot and is loyal to you. Train her and participate in matches, where you'll win if you've trained Flora well. In the third level the horse is old. Take good care of this old cute horse.
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Barbie Biquíni - Jogos Divertidos
http://www.titter.pt/biquini-da-barbie.html Neste jogo de moda podes tratar da imagem da Barbie para o Verão. Escolhe um penteado ed Verão e uma fresca, leve maquilhagem para ela. Uma bela pulseira e uma fita para o cabelo também fazem parte, claro! Uma vez que a Barbie está na praia hoje, podes escolher um belo biquíni para ela, e uns sapatos abertos.
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Barbie de Inverno - Jogos de Vestir
A Barbie Rapariga de Inverno sabe que está frio lá fora. Talvez vá mesmo nevar! É por isso que ela espera que a vistas bem quente. Há vários casacos, calças e sapatos para escolher. Vai para a próxima página no jogo e selecciona um belo fundo para a Barbie Rapariga de Inverno, com umas belas decorações de Inverno. Podes também aumentá-las ou reduzi-las, e colocá-las onde quiseres. http://www.titter.pt/barbie-de-inverno.html
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Crêpes américaines
Play This Game: http://www.titter.fr/crepes-americaines.html Toi aussi, tu adores les crêpes ? Alors, il va vraiment falloir que tu joues à ce jeu de cuisine ! Tu apprendras petit à petit comment préparer des pancakes américains. Apprends quels ingrédients il faut mettre dans la pâte et fais attention à ce que le feu ne soit pas trop haut, car sinon tes crêpes risqueront de brûler. Après avoir joué au jeu, tu peux te mettre au travail dans la cuisine pour faire cette recette délicieuse. Amuse-toi bien !
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Trucco di primavera - Giochi di Trucco - Titter.it
Play This Game: http://www.titter.it/trucco-di-primavera.html Gioca a questo bel gioco di trucco! Guarda un attimo questa ragazza: ha veramente bisogno di qualche attenzione al suo viso. Vieni, andiamo con lei al salone di bellezza. Per iniziare, una maschera per pulire la pelle, poi risciacquiamo tutto e infine applichiamo una crema nutriente. Brufoli e vesciche scompaiono come neve al sole! Poi ti occuperai delle sopracciglia. Guarda, adesso sono davvero belle! Ora questa ragazza può uscire e godersi il sole primaverile. Vuoi anche occuparti della sua acconciatura e di un bel trucco?
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Matrimonio e moda - sposano giochi - titter.it
http://www.titter.it/matrimonio-e-moda.html Per queste due coppiette oggi è un giorno molto importante: si sposano! Vuoi rendere questo giorno indimenticabile per queste due coppie? Per prima cosa trucchi loro il viso e gli fai una bella acconciatura. Trova il trucco e l'acconciatura perfetta per il giorno del matrimonio. Poi ti occuperai dei vestiti degli sposi. In questo gioco ci sono tanti abiti bianchi lunghi e veli di pizzo per soddisfare tutti i desideri delle sposine! Per lo sposo c'è un'ampia scelta di bellissimi abiti. Infine ti dai da fare per decorare la sala del matrimonio. I tavoli, le sedie, le torte e i festoni, i fiori, le automobili e i colombi... non manca niente! Così diventerà un matrimonio da sogno, indimenticabile.
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Party Shop - Jeux de Shopping
Play This Game: http://www.titter.fr/party-shop.html Dans cette boutique tu trouves des vêtements exclusifs. Les clientes y viennent lorsqu'elles cherchent une robe spéciale. Les vendeuses aident leurs clientes à choisir et à essayer les robes. Fais en sorte que les clientes soient satisfaites lorsqu'elles quittent la boutique et gagne suffisamment d'argent à chaque niveau : ainsi tu peux passer au niveau suivant. Es-tu un bon manager qui satisfait ses clientes et en même temps gagne suffisamment d'argent pour faire tourner la boutique ? Essaye et fais savoir sur Facebook combien tu es bon !
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Al ranch - Giochi da Vestire e Truccare - Titter.it
Play This Game: http://www.titter.it/al-ranch.html In America ci sono molte grandi fattorie. Le mucche pascolano liberamente sul terreno circostante e ogni tanto vengono radunate dai cowboy e dalle cowgirl. Questi ragazzi e ragazze girano intorno alle mandrie su cavalli veloci e spingono le mucche nella giusta direzione. E' ovvio che i vestiti di questi duri lavoratori debbano essere almeno un po' resistenti. Cerca in questo gioco degli abbinamenti che ti sembrano adatti. Fai provare il gioco anche ai tuoi amici su Facebook: sicuramente piacerà anche a loro!
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Gotownie z Tessą:Pizza - gry w gotowanie
Play This Game: http://www.titter.pl/gotownie-z-tessapizza.html W tej zabawie w gotowanie nauczysz się jak przygotować Letnią Pizzę Hawaï. Tessa ma piękną kuchnię i wszystkiego Cię nauczy. Podczas zabawy poznasz tajniki przygotowywania pizzy. Pod koniec zabawy możesz wydrukować przygotowaną receptę. I przygotować pizze samodzielnie w swoim domu.
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Ballerina Girls - Mobile App - Lezione di danza - Giochi da Vestire e Truccare - Ragazze - mary.com
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.BallerinaGirls&hl= https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ballerina-girls-girls-games/id732544744 Tre ragazze girano in tondo sulle loro splendide scarpine da ballo. Leggiadre, volteggiano per la sala da ballo. Al pubblico piace lo spettacolo e tu puoi scegliere cosa devono indossare le ballerine! Farai loro una lunga treccia oppure un'acconciatura alla moda, capelli corti e rosa? Balleranno in uno spettacolo di danza classica con una coroncina di piume di cigno oppure in tutina scura da balletto? Fai vedere che tu te ne intendi di balletto! Manderai le foto più belle del tuo spettacolo ai tuoi amici? To see an overview of the android apps we have you can click: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=mary.com&hl=nl to see an overview of the iOS apps click: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/titter-b.v./id637844212
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La mia acconciatura preferita 3 - giochi parrucchiere  - Titter.it
Play This Game: http://www.titter.it/la-mia-acconciatura-preferita-3.html Abbiamo aggiunto un'altra parte alla serie dei giochi di parrucchiere! Nella terza parte gestisci un negozio di parrucchiera vicino al mare. Tutti i turisti passano per farsi un look estivo. Dimostra quanto sei bravo a tagliare i capelli, a fare la permanente e a colorare i capelli. Offri anche la cura di barba e baffi. Una vera sfida per tutti i futuri parrucchieri. Fai vedere che sei il migliore!
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Party Shop - Shopping Games - mary.com
Play This Game: http://www.mary.com/party-shop.html In this boutique you can find exclusive clothes. The clients go there when they're looking for a really special dress. The shop assistants help their customers choose and try on the dresses. Make sure that your customers are happy when leaving the shop and earn enough money in each level, so that you can move on to the next level. Are you a good manager, who keeps her customers satisfied and who earns enough money at the same time to keep the shop running? Try it and let everyone on Facebook know how good you are!
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