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#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0003 How to trade like Jesse Livermore Part 1 ABCD System
Top Trader, Jesse Livermore, Billionaires, head and shoulder, double top, stock pattern, profit, entry point, exit point, sit tight
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires 0035 John Templeton Crisis Investing 10 Lessons
John Templeton was one of the greatest investor of all time. For over 7 decades he was a pioneer in global investing, in cirisis investing and in contrarian investing. He is also a very spiritual man, who believes in giving. He lived a long and stress-free life till 95.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0002 Jesse Livermore & his Top 10 Trading Rules
Secrets self-made billionaires, billionaires, top traders, wall street, crash 1929, san francisco earthquake, boy plunger, bucket shop, suicide, paint weber, reminiscences of a stock operator, shorting market, bull market
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0176 Henry Sy Part2 From Millionaires to Richest  Filipino 85 to 2017
Henry Sy Part 2 From Millionaires to the Richest Man in Philippines. He built some of world's largest and most beautiful malls. He built more than 50 megamalls in Philippines and 7 more in China.
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires0260 Paul Tudor Jones 14 Trading Rules
Paul Tudor Jones One of Best Traders 14 Trading Rules , Be a Cautious and Happy Trader, Don't grant interviews, Don't talk about trading secrets, Secrets to Great Trader, thirst knowledge, Intellectual Capital Trump Financial Capital, Spend 90% of energy on risk control, Loser Average Loser , Ego is your #1 Enemy, Always assume you are wrong, He trades Turning Point, Tops and Bottoms
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0065 Jim Simons 10 Rules On Building Models & Life
Jim Simons is the Pioneer in Computer Model Trading. He is the only billioniare who married twice, each wife is a PhD. Here are his 10 rules on how to build computer model, how to build an organization and life
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires0315 Adnan Khashoggi Biggest Arms Dealer in World His Rise & Fall
Adnan Khashoggi is the World's Biggest Arms Dealer. His father is from Turkey and the personal doctor of Saudi King. At age 25, he made his first fortune and dropped out of college, soon to become one of richest man in world. He divorced his first wife and paid $874M. Then scandals came and most things turned downhill
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0149 Graeme Hart From Panel Beater to Richest Man New Zealand
Graeme Hart dropped out of school age 16 and became a panel beater. Received MBA from U of Otago where he wrote a thesis on LBO. In next 25 years he would buy underperforming companies using debt and became the richest man in New Zealand
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0024 From Migrant Laborer to the Richest Woman Self made Billionaire
Zhou Qunfei: Part1 From Migrant Laborer to the Richest Woman Self-made Billionaire. Born in a poor rural village in China, he mother died when she was 5 and her dad blind from an industrial accident. She dropped out of school at age 16 to become a migrant laborer.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0009 Amancio Ortega From highschool dropout to Richest Man in Europe
Secrets of Billionaires, Richest Man in Europe, Amancio Ortega, Richest Woman int the World, Rosalia Mera, ZARA, Inditext, Coruna, Paradox, Spain, Fast Fashion, Catwalk, H&M, Forever 21, Target
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0005 Jesse Livermore Part 2 The 7 Secrets of Money Management
Secrets of Billionaires, Jesse Livermore, Money Management, top traders, wall street, pareto rule, stop loss, trend following, 10 bucket rule, bankrupt, suicide, profit, loss, trading lessons
#SecretSelfmadeBillionaires0235 Robert F Smith 2nd Richest Black SM Billionaire 4thIndustrialRevolut
Robert F Smith 2nd Richest Black Selfmade Billionaire in US, His parents are PhDs and high school principles. It began with an internship at Bell Lap. After working 6 years at Goldman Sachs he co-founded Vista Equity Partner specializing in enterprise software.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0012 George Soros Part1 From Refugee to Richest Man in Wall Street
George Soros, secrets of billionaires, richest man in wall street, top traders, hedge fund, king of wall street, refugee, Hungary, Jim Rogers, Stanley Druckenmiller, Quantum Fund, Black Wednesday, Nazis, reflexivity, short market, currency trader, secrets, wall street, London School of Economics,womanizer, bank of England
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0175 Henry Sy Part1 From Selling Shoes on Streets to Millionaire
Henry Sy from poor immigrant selling shoes on street to richest man in Philippines Part1 How he survived World War 2 and 1972 Martial Law to build first of his megamall SM North Edsa
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0069 David Tepper 10 Trading Rules
David Tepper's 10 Trading Rules to show you how makes 40% annual return during times of turbulence, buying distressed debt and bankrupt companies. Look for High Revenue, possibility of political intervention and big upside/ small downside situation
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0013 George Soros Part2 Trade Secrets Managing Time , Managing Partners
George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, Victor Niederhoffer, Quantum Fund, Secrets of Billionaires, billionaires, hedge fund, richest man in wall street, partners, strategy, trade secrets, womanizing, workaholics, blowup, crazy trader, focus trader, flexibility, best traders,time management, open society, philanthropy, Eastern Europe, charity,
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0052 Frank Wang The Drone King
Frank Wang is now the Drone King, with 70% of the world's market for commercial drones. He began his obsession with helicopters as a child. And average student, he made his breakthrough with the invention of the flight controller in 2006. Drones are one of the most important tech revolution in the world today
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0179 Donald Bren From Ski Champ to Richest Real Estate Billionaire US
Donald Bren is richest real estate billionaire in US. A National Ski Champ at U Washington, he started with $10,000 loan when he was 26 in 1958. His proudest development are 2: Mission Viejo and Irvine, both in Orange County, California.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0180 Donald Bren Richest Real Estate Selfmade Billionaire US 10 Lessons
Donald Bren is Richest Real Estate Selfmade Billionaires in US. 10 Lessons, Location, Location and Location, how to manage cash flow, how to deal 28 years frustration with regulatory agency, let Time be your Best Friend
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0068 David Tepper The Vulture Fund King of Distressed Debt
David Tepper is the King of Vulture Fund, a kind of hedge fund that specializes in distressed debt. He averaged 40% return for himself and 30% return for his clients. Here is how he invested in bankrupt companies, Enron, Worldcom, Conseco and also how he invested in sovereign debt.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0081 Yanai Tadashi 10 Lessons to #1 in the World
Yanai Tadashi has ambition to lead his company to #1 apparel retailer in the world by 2020. Here are his 10 lessons, how to fold clothes, how to embrace failure and how to be a tough boss, how to learn from the competitors
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0015 George Soros Part4 14 Offense Trading Rules
George Soros, Bubbles, Chaos, Crisis, Offense, Trading Rules, Gap, Opportunity, Trend, lies, falsehood, invest, investigate, manias, profit, billionaires, secrets, wall Street, Robert Slater, Ahead of the Curve, Time, reflexivity, perception and reality, asymetry, pain, trading, trading rules
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0146 Patrick Shiong From South Africa to Richest Doctor 9 Lessons
Patrick Soon-Shiong Richest Doctor in the World originally from South Africa, 9 Lessons: fight dogma, fight discrimination, Crusader against Cancer, an inventor, an investor
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0027 Margin of Safety, 12 Lessons
Margin of Safety is the Single Most Important Concept in Investing. Here are 12 Lessons on how and when to apply Margin of Safety using examples of my own, John Templeton, David Tepper, Seth Klarman and Warren Buffett
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0117 Eduardo Eurnekian Richest Selfmade Billionaire Argentina 7 Lessons
Eduardo Eurnekian is the richest selfmade billionaire in Argentina. He joined his family textile business, became TV Man and then Airport King. He is one of many overseas Armenian billionaires.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0145 Patrick Shiong From South Africa to Richest Doctor in the World
Patrick Soon-Shiong is Richest Doctor in World. He was born in South Africa, became a surgeon/professor UCLA at age 31. He sold 2 companies and founded a third. Here is his story
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0080 Yanai Tadashi How he grows Uniqlo from1 to 3,000 Stores
Yanai Tadashi is Japan's richest self-made billionaires. He started Uniqlo in 1984 in Hiroshima and grew it from 1 store to 3,000 stores. Uniqlo stores are found now all over the world. His goal is to lead Uniqlo to the largest apparel retailer in the world by 2020. Now he is number three in the world
#SecretSelfmadeBillionaires0238 The Jesse Livermore Methodology The Chalkboy in Bucket Shop
Jesse Livermore was famous for very rich, very handsome and young womanizer. Here I explore the secrets of Livermore Methodology, how as a 14 year old runaway kid, he worked as chailk boy and recognized repeatable patterns of stock price movements. I applied this methodology and wrote 17 eBooks on selfmade billionaires
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0067 Chang Yun Chung World's OldestSelfmadeBillionaire age 99
At age 99, Chang Yun Chung is the oldest self-made billionaire in the world. He founded his company PIL at age 49. In his twenties, he was a refugee from China in Malaya. His father was killed by Japanese soldiers and he was imprisoned for 1 year for supplying food and medicine to resistance fighter.
#SecretSelfmadeBillionaires0214 Wang Wei Delivery King of China How he Built SF Express in 24 yrs
Wang Wei founded SF Express at age 22 with a loan of HK $100,000 from his Dad. In 24 years he built SF Express into China's largest deliver company with his own fleet of 41 airplanes and SF Airlines. This is his story. He is now one of richest man in China.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0138 Lee Shau Kee from Refugee to 2nd richest real estate billionaire i
Lee Shau Kee started as a refugee immigrant to Hong Kong 1948 with $200 US and became #2 real estate selfmade billioniares in world. This is his story.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0171 John Henry Most Famous Turtle Trader 10 Lessons
John Henry made his first fortune as trader using Turtle Trader Method 10 Lessons, Richard Dennis is founder The Secret Formula The Bet Trend Following Win-Loss
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0064 Jim Simons & The Father of Computer Model Trading
Jim Simons has been the top trader in the world for the past 20 years. Only George Soros is richer than him as a Hedge Fund Manager. He created his company at age 44. Prior to that he was a world-class mathematicians and taught at Harvard University, MIT and State University of New York at Stony Brook. In 2017, he shared top earner award with Michael Platt. He is pioneer in computer model trading, the wave of the future.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0014 George Soros Part3 5 Trading Rules for Defense
George Soros, Trading Rules, Defense, Niederhoffer, expect the unexpected, Secrets of Billionaires, Best Traders, Crisis, financial markets, loss, hedge fund, Julian Robertson, Blowup, risk, leverage, deleverage, profit
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0017 Aliko Dangote The Richest Man in Africa  The Future is NOW
Aliko Dangote, Richest Man in Africa, founder of Dangote Group, The Cement King, now building Africa's largest oil refinery, made his fortune first trading sugar and rice, later into manufacturer.
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires0259 Paul Tudor Jones Best Trader & A Capitalist with a Conscience
Paul Tudor Jones Best Trader & a Capitalist with a Conscience. He was an amateur boxing champion at U of Virginia. In 1976, his rich uncle found him a job trading with Eli Tullis. 4 years later he founded his own hedge fund. He made a killing in 1987 crash and founded the Robin Hood Foundation a year later to fight poverty in America
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0181 Matsushita Konosuke Greatest Entrepreneur Japan National Panasonic
Matsushita Konosuke Greatest Entrepreneur Japan He grew up an orphan and began work at age 9. with no education, no capital and no experience he built great companies National, Panasonic, Technics. Known as "God of Management" he led socially responsible companies and his philosophy is everlasting
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0153 Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte Richest Swiss Selfmade Billionaire
Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte founded MSC in 1970. They own world's largest private shipping company from landlocked Switzerland. They met and fell in love in Naples Italy in 1960s. Rafaela is daughter of wealthy Jewish Swiss banker.
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0001 4 Kinds of Billioniares, Ben Franklin First Self-made Billionaires
4 kinds of Billionaires (1) Dictator Billionaires (2) Royalty Billionaires (3) Inheritance Billionaires and (4) Self-made Billionaires. Ben Franklin is the America's first self-made Billionaire, Secrets Billionaires, Ben Franklin, Billionaires, John Hancock, Mobutu, Sultan of Brunei, Queen Elizabeth
#SecretSelfmadeBillionaires0234 Robert Kuok Richest Malaysian Selfmade Billionaire 9 Lessons
Robert Kuok Richest Selfmade Billionaire Malaysia 9 Lessons Listen to Mother He learned trading rice from Mitrubishi. Hobnobbing with Head of States. Don't be Afraid to take Risk. He is against Cronyism
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires 0039 Diane Hendricks 12 Lessons Richest US Woman Billionaires
Diane Hendricks is Richest Self-made Woman in US. Wisconsin produce 2 Woman Self-made Billionaire while Tokyo, Paris and New York produce None. Here are the 12 lessons of Roofing Queen, how she built a world-class company in Wisconsin
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0023 Harry Triguboff Part2 10 Lessons
Secrets of Self-mae Billionaires: Harry Triguboff 10 Lessons. He came to Australia as a refugee in 1948. In 1963, he built his first apartment in the suburb of Sydney. By 2016, he became the richest man in Australia. How he fights dogma (no demand for apartment)
#SecretSelfmadeBillionaires0201 Comparison Jesse Livermore & George Soros Top Traders Wall St
10 Comparisons Jesse Livermore vs George Soros. Both were top traders in Wall Street for 30 years. Both famous womanizer. Both famous short sellers. Both self-taught geniuses. Livermore Good Writer, Soros Bad Writers, Livermore Suicide, Soros Philanthropy, Both are Momentum Traders, Both are Contrarians
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0187 Carl Icahn Corporate Raider King 9 Lessons
Carl Icahn The Corporate Raider King 9 Lessons Have a Rich Uncle, Have Courage, Do the Unthinkable, How to Look for Value, How Morons became CEOs, if you need a friend, get a dog. He is an excellent Poker Player
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0082 Leonardo Del Vecchio From Orphan to Richest Billionaire in Italy
Leonardo Dell Vecchio is the richest self-made billionaire in Italy. His dad died before he was born and from age 7 to 14 he spent his life in an orphanage because during World War 2, his mother was unable to feed him. He founded Luxottica in 1961 in Agordo and built the largest Eye Wear Empire in the world.
#SecretSelfmadeBillionaires0278 Ken Griffin Founding & Building Citadel Hedge Fund 14 Lessons
Ken Griffin 14 Lessons. Griffin was a stock prodigy at grade 6, he was a Geek who used latest technology in Harvard Dorm at age 19. He found a great mentor and a great investor in Frank Meyers. Deep Specialization, Recruit only the Best, Be Decisive, Hustle, find Competitive Advantage
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires0258 Steven Cohen 10 Trading Rules
Steven Cohen King of Wall Street 1992-2012 His 10 Trading Rules Stocks move 4:3:3, Information is Edge, Half Your Position if you are wrong, Stick to Yourself, if you are not innovating, you are dying. He hired Dr Ari Kiev Olympic Coach Trading is like Sports both are high performance
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0026 Margin of Safety, 2 Books & 3 Wise Men
Margin of Safety is the single most important concept that every investor must master. 3 generations of value investors, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman. More than 50 self-made billionaire owe their success to this concept
#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires0255 Steven Cohen From Middle Class toKingof Wall Street 1956 2012
Steven Cohn, born to middle class Jewish family, became King of Wall Street in 2012. He started first job at Gruntal, where he made $20M in 14 years. Then he started SAC, which was broken up by SEC in the largest insider scandals in history. In 1990, his ex-wife was informant of his first insider trading scandal
#SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires 0178 Pareto Distribution for Wealth Peterson &de Solla Price 1% get 90%
Pareto Distribution explains why "1% get 90%'. IQ is distributed Normally, wealth is distributed Pareto. Over time, the distribution is the same, but the players are different. So the system is fair. It applies to Arts, Science, Music, Sports & Income