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Introduction to Suicide Part 1
Deaf Health video clips series about Suicide, Part 1
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How to do practice Mindfulness/ Meditation For Deaf Community ?
Karli answers first question asked by a hard of hearing person how to practice meditation with eyes closed. No need to do that. There are many ways/techniques (Mantra, candle gazing, breathing) you can learn how to meditate with eyes opened or closed. If you want to learn more you can join Karli Yoga Private Group on Facebook for a small subscription fee yearly or 6 months. You get many membership benefits including watching regular video clips. Ask Karli for more info.
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Deaf Health - Introduction (captioned)
An introduction to mental health and counselling for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in AUSLAN with English captions. References and Information: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare http://www.aihw.gov.au Black Dog Institute http://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au Psychcentral http://www.psychcentral.com.au Mind Your Head http://www.mindyourhead.com.au Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselling Services: Karli Deaf Health Centre http://karlideafhealth.com.au Travelling Lightly Counselling and Consulting http://travellinglightly.com.au
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Deaf Health  - Depression (with captions)
Auslan Depression video with Deaf actors. References and Information: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare http://www.aihw.gov.au Black Dog Institute http://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au Psychcentral http://www.psychcentral.com.au Mind Your Head http://www.mindyourhead.com.au Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselling Services: Karli Health Centre http://karlihealthcentre.com.au Travelling Lightly Counselling and Consulting http://travellinglightly.com.au
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Meaning of the word and sign for "yoga".
Karli Dettman from Karli Health Centre discusses the meaning behind the word and sign for "yoga". Video by Nelli Huié.
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Suicide Help Services Part 4
Deaf Health video clips series about Suicide, Part Four. Part Three: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbG_LyNzEL4 Part Five: http://youtu.be/P65BFe-sKCU Suicide Helpline:
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How to Practice Mindfulness & Meditation for the Deaf Community
Recently added captions for the hard of hearing and hearing community.
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NDIS for Deaf Australians
Philip discusses the NDIS and how it applies to Deaf Australians, and the services that Karli Health Centre can provide as part of the NDIS.
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Karli Health Centre - Self Care and Relationships Introduction
Dr Leonora White and Deaf Counsellor and Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Karli Dettman, share a bit about their backgrounds and what they will cover.
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Counselling services and the NDIS at Karli Health Centre
Karli Dettman from Karli Health Centre discusses the NDIS and how it applies to Deaf counselling services at Karli Health Centre.
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How to Help a Suicidal Friend Part 3
Deaf Health video clips series about Suicide, Part Three. Part Two: http://youtu.be/6QhKSLAZxg0 Part Four: http://youtu.be/-NpSo4RgD40 Suicide Helpline:
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Information about Suicide Part 2
Deaf Health video clips series about Suicide, Part Two. Part One: http://youtu.be/kKHpHOBwMYE Part Three: http://youtu.be/fbG_LyNzEL4 Suicide Helpline:
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Relationships Tip 4
Karli, Deaf Clinical Counsellor, explains the differences between "Feelings" and "Context" in arguments.
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Introduction to Karli Health Centre
Karli Dettman introduces Karli Health Centre, and the services offered.
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Mindfulness Training in Auslan - Eating Mindfully - Tip # 1
Try to eat mindfully without reading or working on the Computer or even watching TV. It creates dualistic thinking, making it harder to focus on one thing (object).
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Yoga Promo for Australian Deaf Games 20-27 Jan 2018
Auslan Yoga Classes at the Australian Deaf Games, Social and Cultural Program 20-27 Jan 2018. Book 4 x Yoga classes online for only $65.00 ( $16.25 per class). Casual $22.50 Concession $17.50 http://karlihealthcentre.com.au/booking-class/ 12 Yoga Classes will be offered on Monday 22-25 Jan 2018. See Flyer for more info.
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Auslan version of The Art of Healing Magazine article
Karli Health Centre's volunteer, Melissa Thompson, wrote an insightful article about our Deaf community, Mental Health and Yoga: "Shining the Spotlight of Awareness onto Mental Health, and the Deaf community and Yoga". It was published in the magazine the Art of Healing Magazine on 1 March 2018. Thank you Jennie Kadiki for her fantastic translation work!
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Mindfulness Training in Auslan:  Mindful Eating - Introduction
Karli, Deaf Yoga/Meditation Level 2 Teacher/Clinical Deaf Counsellor, explains what is Mindful Eating in Auslan. She provides Mindfulness Training with Yoga classes in her Yoga Retreats. There is another video clip that explains in depth what it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0fiS_2Mzl0. It has captions.
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Pilates Class with Mary Langkilde
Our lovely hearing teacher, Mary, demonstrates two of Pilates exercises to develop strength and balance in our cores. She is learning some basic Auslan. Classes are running on Mondays 4.30 pm and Thursdays 4.15 pm.
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Bhagavad Gita Book - Introduction
Karli gives a bit of background information about the Bhagavad Gita book as well as the story about a warrior called Arjuna who has to fight against an army filled with his relatives. Krishna, his spiritual guide, gives advice to Arjuna how to have a "yogic attitude" when fighting a battle.
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MIndfulness Training - Eating Mindfully - Tip #4 (Karli Yoga Retreat)
Karli explains she has been teaching the "Art of Eating" in other words Mindfulness Training - there are many MIndfulness courses, yoga classes or retreats everywhere that teaches you how to be more mindful in your everyday life. It is easy to learn. YOu can come to my Mindful Yoga Retreat with Deaf Trainee Chef providing food. My program, you will learn lots of new information and practice new skills and everything about your mind and body and why we sometimes get "stuck" with our emotions and minds. For example "habits", it can be hard to let go of your emotions and your mind's negative tendencies and become more focussed (in other words clearer mind). If you need support and training, contact us for more info.
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Mary Pilates
Mary, Pilates Teacher, demonstrates one of her Pilates exercise.
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A Mindfulness Story : Two Monks and a beautiful Woman
Story translated in Auslan to help you to understand more what is "Mindfulness". We run Mindfulness meditation workshops this year at Karli Health. Contact Karli for more info. [email protected]
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Deaf Counselling
Karli explains what is Deaf counselling, what she provides and her credentials. Text Karli for more info 0403 922 245.
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Karli at Karli Health Centre
Karli, Deaf Director, of Karli Health Centre, welcomes you to try her and other teacher's Yoga and Pilates classes accessible for all. Quote on the Karli Health Centre banner says: " Once you correct your breathing patterns, you are a master in emotional and mental health" by Donna Farhi, The Breathing Book". 1996
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Yoga Foundation Deaf Yoga Program 2018
Yoga Foundation is working with Deaf Yoga senior teacher and clinical counsellor, Karli Dettman and her team at the Karli Health Centre to design and deliver more yoga to the Deaf community. Expression of interest form: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/566e0771a976afcb548fdbf7/t/5a57d6d8419202b169be8382/1515706075170/6281.1_Form_Yoga+Deaf_draft.pdf
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Yoga Pose: Kati Chakrasana - Helicopter
Karli demonstrates the helicopter pose and explains what are the benefits to practice this posture. It is a very relaxing posture; it helps release all tensions in your body and mind including your spinal column, nerves, discs, and keeps your discs in between vertebrates (spinal bones) stay soft and moist.
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Pilates - Auslan Sign
Karli, Deaf Yoga Teacher, shows the Auslan sign for Pilates. She will talk about who invented Pilates in next video. Mary Langkilde, Pilates Teacher, teaches Pilates classes at Karli Health Centre on Mondays 4:30 pm and Thursdays 4.15 pm. We will show you a short video showing Mary teaching Pilates soon. New enrolments welcome.
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Suicide Myths Part 5
Deaf Health video clips series about Suicide, Part 5 Part Five: http://youtu.be/P65BFe-sKCU Suicide Helpline:
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Anxiety Breathing Technique
It is called Anxiety Breathing Triangle : inhale 4 counts, hold 4 counts and exhale 4 counts. Repeat as often as you like and for about 5 to 10 mins each. You give it a try and let me know how you go. I counted quite fast on video so please count slow 4 secs for each inhale, hold and exhale.
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ADG Jan 2016 - Yoga Class with Natalie
Natalie gives some information about her yoga journey and style in her yoga classes.
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Relationships Tip 2
Karli, Deaf Clinical Counsellor, explains swearing at each other is not a good idea...
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Self Care Tip 3
Dr Leonora White talks about why regular sleep is important...
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Hatha Yoga Class usually covers the following....
Asanas ( postures) Pranayama (breathing techniques) Relaxation Meditation And some philosophic yoga discussion thrown in
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Yogic Physiology: The Nadis Part 1
The Nadis are the energy circulatory system of the Pranayama Kosha (2nd layer). The central of the Nadis (runs through the centre of the astra spine) is called Sushumna. The left and right of the Sushumna Nadis (IDA and Pingala) intertwines around Sushumna. Proper flow of Prana (lifeforce energy) through the Nadis is essential to good health. Pranayama techniques (full yogic breathing, Nadi Sodhana, Bhastrika (Bellows breath) help balance your Gunas energy: tamastic (dark), rajastic (fire) to sattvic (light) energy.
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Hailley Reynolds - New Social Media Volunteer
Hi my name is Hailley, I recently started volunteering with Karli Health and my role is to help Karli's social media. I help improve her Facebook and her YouTube and soon we will create a snapchat, that's exciting! I have a Diploma of Business Management, and through that studied marketing and how to promote a business using social media. I learnt Auslan too and am now studying to become an interpreter; hopefully! I love working with Karli and i hope to see you all soon, bye!
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EAP and counselling services for Deaf Australians
Philip explains the EAP (Employee Assistance Program), and how Deaf can access free counselling services in Auslan.
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Communication skills Introduction
Clinical Counsellor, Karli Dettman, introduces what are communication skills including a topic about assertiveness.
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Self care Tip 2
Dr Leonora White talks about how to stay in touch with loved ones including family and friends.
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Relationships Introduction
Karli, Deaf Counsellor, explains there are so many things we can learn about Relationships and how to stay together.
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Leesa Selwyn, Somachi Yoga Teacher
Leesa explains what is SomaChi...and looks forward to seeing you in her future yoga workshops at Karli Health Centre
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Relationships Tip 5
Karli, Deaf Clinical Counsellor, explains what is "dont threaten to leave just for leverage"...
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Self-Care Tip 1
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Thank you!
Karli, Director, at Karli Health Centre, express her thanks...
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