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taboo: james & zilpha; [wicked game}
«I believed once that we were the same person.»
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sansa/petyr/tyrion; [over the love}
«life is not a song, sweetling. you may learn that one day to your sorrow»
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edward & elizabeth; [locked out of heaven}
«if there is love enough, then nothing - not nature, not even death itself - can come between two who love each other»
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cesare & lucrezia; [don't cry mercy}
- do I not make you happy? - no, brother. I think you make me saddest of all.
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alicia & finn; [50 shades of law}
«we need rules» tv series: the good wife; season 6
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crimson peak: thomas & lucille [it is a monstrous love}
«the things we do for a love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. this love burns you and maims you, and... twists you inside out.»
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vanessa ives; [what's in your head?}
«you've always been drawn to the deep ocean, to the dark whisper, a mirror behind the glass eyes. to life at its fullest» fandom: penny dreadful song: zombie by the cranberries (subvert remix)
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harry potter & voldemort; [strange likenesses between us}
«neither one can live while the other one survives»
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daenerys targaryen; [breath of life}
«a woman's life is nine parts mess to one part magic... and the parts that look like magic often turn out to be messiest of all»
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kol mikaelson; [the wily fox}
«there's always time for games»
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stalker: beth & perry; [one way or another}
«I will come for you...» song: one way or another by until the ribbon breaks
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sheriarty; [black sea}
«go down with me, fall with me, let's make worth it»
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stoker; [becomes the color}
«come and say hello to your uncle charlie!» ♥ people who promote the film are total genius: http://youtu.be/LMN8uJNboSY
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will & hannibal; [...lost to the sea}
«no greater love hath man than to lay down his life for a friend» ♫ credit: https://youtu.be/InBboPQwv94 song: https://youtu.be/gKy8dq06zjk
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cesare & lucrezia; [my body is a cage}
«the whole world whispers, you and i are lovers. should we prove them right? make their lies true?»
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twin peaks: cooper & audrey; [a heart that yearns}
«so this is it? you save my life, then break my heart»
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fem!harry potter & tom riddle; [running after my fate}
«a love like that only comes once in a lifetime» quotes: ~ parseltongue «...she tells you she loves you» «a love like that only comes once in a lifetime» «why i did it?» «it's supposed to be a partnership» «where did you go?» «...she was happy» «did you?» «thomas!» «i don't know anything about love» «it can't be true»
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carter & crash; [west coast}
«I destroy everything I touch, I don’t want to destroy you» «[…] and I lied before, you did destroy me but I’ve never been happier» amazing video by Xperiencefull made ​​me watch this show: http://youtu.be/_jP0aEgPlD0
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jessica jones & kilgrave; [18 seconds}
«...and then for 18 seconds, I wasn't controlling you.» ♫ credit: https://youtu.be/0JWfMlAMxLI song: https://youtu.be/cb61AVsxD34
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jim moriarty; [you're not bored now, are ya?}
«but this... this is what you're really addicted to»
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sheriarty; [fifty melodramatic shades}
«i will burn the heart out of you»
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bellatrix & voldemort; [what's happening to the stars?}
«...will rise again» quotes: «you know she's mad.» «I'm not afraid of him, now. I'm afraid of death, though.» «how could you be so nice in so many ways, and then do something so wantonly cruel?» «morsmordre!» «bellatrix lestrange.» «murderer.» «you behaved badly. very badly.» «I'm a bad woman.» «dance with me.» «you want my wife?» «I would die for him...» «do you see what's happening to them, the stars?» «I love you.» «but sadly, I didn't believe her. there was a devil in my mind that would never let me.» «I love you... in the way I understand love.» song: fly by shelley harland
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victor & vanessa; [an inner clockwork}
«that's what they call the workings inside watches, did you know that? the intricate gears and mechanisms. complications.» ♫ credit: https://youtu.be/X94-8grsBbE https://youtu.be/4i0JDDN5pOQ
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victor & vanessa; [love is blindness}
«no more let Life divide what Death can join together» song: love is blindness by u2 ♫ credit: http://youtu.be/qQLja95OBnM
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birdman: mike & sam; [truth or dare?}
«this is the theater, sweetheart. don't be so self-conscious.» song: http://youtu.be/D-aJfcYzct8
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anna karenina; [hearts under fire}
«there can be no peace for us, only misery, and the greatest happiness»
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heroes: sylar & claire; [every breath you take}
«...you and I, we're more alike than any of them; we can't be damaged. I mean... except for a broken heart...»
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robert & lyanna; [after all this time}
«a frightful dream... and I have only you to share it with» cast: lyanna stark: alicia vikander (a royal affair, seventh son) robert baratheon: joaquin phoenix (gladiator) rhaegar targaryen: tom hopper (northmen - a viking saga) quotes: «it's a dream... a frightful dream... life is.» «and I have only you to share it with.» «close your eyes.» «just close your eyes.» «will you stay with me?» «I want to stay here forever.» «what did you feel when you saw him?» «I can not imagine you as a loving wife.» «quiet and obedient.» «close your eyes.» «then kiss me.» «I know how you feel.» «you will love me... as I have loved you.» «you can't hide from destiny.» «after all this time?» «always.» «I've changed my mind.» «we have to go, now.» «life is...» «...it was just dust.»
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luke & annabeth; [do you feel like a young god?}
«family, Luke. you promised»
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anakin skywalker; [can you see the dark?}
«and there is one blazing moment in which you finally understand that there was no dragon. that there was no vader. that there was only you. only anakin skywalker. that it was all you. is you. only you.»
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a royal affair: caroline & johan; [broken crown}
– "le morte d'arthur" have you read it? thomas malory. – i've heard of it. – king arthur's knight, sir lancelot, has an affair with queen guinevere. the king finds out, orders them both killed and the kingdom falls apart.
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the exorcist: casey; [and the snakes start to sing}
«demons are metaphors»
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divergent: eric & tris; [losing my religion}
«you chose us. now we get to choose you»
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daredevil: frank & karen; [how deep the bullet lies}
«I'm already dead»
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draco & hermione; [platinum & chocolate}
«...and if I told you that I loved you, you'd maybe think there's something wrong» based on russian fanfic "Платина и шоколад": http://ficbook.net/readfic/844727 song: https://youtu.be/qsNaOFl_XvY
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taboo: james & godfrey; [I'll be yours}
«you know, at the seminary, I was in love with you. of course you do. of course.»
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rhaegar & lyanna; [never let me go}
«rubies flew like drops of blood from the chest of a dying prince, and he sank to his knees in the water and with his last breath murmured a woman's name» cast: craig parker; gemma arterton; ioan gruffudd
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the covenant: reid & caleb; [friction}
«it's аlwауs him»
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westworld: dolores; [a human being}
«I am a human being capable of doing beautiful things»
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emma & august; [falling around you}
«...about a duckling believing so hard that she'd become a swan. one day... it actually happened.»
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carter & jarvis; [the entire world on their shoulders}
«your line of work requires support. people who care about your wellbeing, who will be there to stitch up your wounds.» song: http://youtu.be/WCIB2SNiyRs ♫ credit: http://youtu.be/L28DMLzKTEo
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laura moon/mad sweeney; [you don't own me}
«do you believe in afterlife?»
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will graham; [wolf at the door}
«you see too much. you don't see enough». ♫ credit: http://youtu.be/msHT-Hr3q-4
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cesare & lucrezia; [cuoresenza}
«heart missing» song: cuoresenza by etta scollo
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jon & melisandre; [...and alone we die}
«I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R'hllor shows me only Snow.»
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robert & lyanna; [the unrequited dream}
«...she was the one thing I ever wanted»
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dorian & vanessa; [is it poisonous?}
«...who shares your rarity» song: http://youtu.be/GCZ20lC3E0E ♫ credit: http://youtu.be/P1Gump8v0K8
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juliana crain/john smith; [flesh and bone}
«some of the people you knew... I started seeing them, too, revolving around you like an atom.»
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sherlock & irene; [in my end you are my beginning}
«you look at people and you see puzzles. i see games. you... you're a game i'll win every time» ♫ credit: http://youtu.be/6kDxe-2UNmU
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arya/jaqen/gendry; [nothing else matters}
«a girl lacks honor»
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