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Hesston Steam Museum.
I took train trip on three size trains. It was great. It was first time I go there. It was good to see many steam trains, steam machine and tractors there.
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Oil Train Derailment near Gogama.
On Feb 22, 2013 I took video of oil train derailment from dome lounge on Park Car on Canadian Train #1. It was good that they reopen track so my train can run there again. They only cancelled one Train #1 from Toronto. I saw some smoke from there.
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Canadian train #2
I took 4 nights train trip from Vancouver to Toronto. This is part 1 video. May 2014
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Canadian train #1 Winter 2015
This is my Winter train trip on Canadian Train #1 from Toronto to Vancouver. Feb 21, 2015. There are short video of CN train derailment there. I took last trip with regular Park Car.
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My train trip on South Shore Line train.
I took train trip from South Bend to Chicago and return. I went on train # 504. They had less stops than other train route. I returned on train # 507. I noticed some people waiting at platform at 11th St at Michigan City for train. But train didn't stop and pick them up. They stopped at red lights for about 15 second then leave. I saw old electric locomotive and old post's stuff at Michigan City.
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Canadian Train #2   Winter 2015
I took train from Vancouver, BC to Toronto on Feb 2015. It was pretty to see snow and ice from train. They had new ugly Prestige Park Car and Sleeping Car. They removed arts stuff and donate to museum. I like to see old stuff on regular Park Car. I like regular Park Car better. Prestige Park Car open to Prestige guests only. Not tourist sleeper. Oh I found out that they will run two trains a week between Toronto and Vancouver start May 2019 with new schedule. Also they will run train between Vancouver and Edmonton one day a week.
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South Shore Line trip!
I took train trip from Michigan City to Chicago and return. I saw two old orange cars at storage area outside Michigan City. It was good to see them from train.
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My Via Rail train trip from Windsor to Montreal.
I took train trip from Windsor to Montreal with stop over at Toronto for one hour. Then I came back to train and go to Montreal. Union Station in Toronto is under construction.
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Third day and 4th night on Via Rail train.
The train stopped at Edmonton. They added green Panorama car there. Then we went thought beautiful mountain to Jasper. The train stopped there for half hour. They added Park Car to front of train. They brought her to Vancouver for remodeling. No one use it. So they had 28 cars. Then we have Farewell Party at Skyline car. It was sad night but it was fun. My neighbor from berth section sat with me in dining car few times.
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My train trip on South Shore Line trains.
I took train from Michigan City to Chicago and return. It was hard for me to see screen on camcorder because of sunny. I hope you enjoy this video.
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My Via Rail train trip from Quebec to Windsor
I took train from Quebec to Toronto and have one night stop over there. Next day I took train to Windsor. I rode on three different type of train. I like their older car Heritage car 2 from Toronto to Windsor. Union Station in Toronto are under construction. I never know when will they be done.
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Last day on Via Rail train.
Train arrived Vancouver during light raining. My berth section mate, Clemens and I went to Panorama car after breakfast. Then I went to Park Car. I was lucky again. I caught Rocky Mountaineer train from Park Car. So I took video of it from there. Last day was no fun for me. I did not like to leave train and friends there.
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Hoosier State train.
Amtrak's Hoosier State train departed Chicago with nice Iowa Pacific Railroad' train. Sept 2015
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South Shore Line train trip.
I took train from Carroll Ave, Michigan City to Chicago. I wish they would clean door window. December 2013.
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First day and second night on Via Rail train.
I walked thought 13 cars from Sleeping Car to Park Car at end of train. You can see my white camera on seat. It was my berth and seat there. The train stopped at Hornepayne for about 15 minutes. I got off train from sleeping car and walk to front of train. Then I took photos and videos of engines and train. Then they told me to board train. I aboard train then I walk to rear of train. Then train stopped again. I get off train and take video and photos of Park Car. I was lucky. I was in Park Car and saw another Via Rail Canadian #2 train ran pass our train. So I took video of it. I love it.
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South Shore Line train.
I took train trip from Carroll Ave, Michigan City to Chicago and return.
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Amtrak from Niles, MI
Amtrak train # 350 departed from Niles. Then train # 355 ran pass station without stop over. Then train # 365 departed.
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Canadian Train #2 Part 2
I took train from Vancouver to Toronto. This part video show that train run from Winnipeg to Toronto. May 2014
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Amtrak Builder Empire May 2014
I took two nights trip on Amtrak Builder Empire from Chicago to Seattle. May 13 , 2014.
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Hoosier Valley Railroad
I took 45 minutes trip on diesel train from North Judson, IN. They had 10 miles around trip. They have many railroad cars at museum.
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Amtrak Pere Marquette train ran with new locomotive.
Today Amtrak Pere Marquette train with new locomotive, Siemens SC-44 Charger. She looks better than old ugly locomotive. I wish they run train with one locomotive and turn train around at JCT at end of route.
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S.S. Keewatin
I took a touring of ship museum, S.S. Keewatin at Port Mc Nicoll, ON.
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Hoosier State Train
Amtrak ran Hoosier State train with Iowa Pacific Holding train from Chicago. August 2016.
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Hesston Steam Museum's Little Ghost Train!
I took trip on 7.5" gauge train trip and see Halloween decoration at Hesston Steam Museum.
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Via Rail train from Montreal to Quebec
I took train trip from Montreal to Quebec. It was first time I see this different type of train. They looks like Europe. It was good to see train there. Feb 2016
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Amtrak Pere Marquette
I took 1 1/2 hours trip from Saint Joseph, MI to Chicago.
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Via Rail #76
I took train trip from Windsor to Toronto. It was snowing outside. It was great trip there. February 2015.
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Sand cat walked to his bed at Lincoln Park Zoo.
I glad I came to see this Sand Cat on right time so I catch him walking around before he sleep. Many times I came there he was always sleeping.
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Amtrak train from Chicago to New Buffalo.
I took about one hour and 15 minutes trip from Chicago to New Buffalo. Train was okay.
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Hesston Steam Museum
I took few train trips there. I was volunteer there. They run 4 size trains on three size tracks there.
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Via Rail #71 in Winter 2015.
I took train from Toronto to Windsor on March 3rd, 2015.
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Hesston Steam Museum
I came to museum on July 4th weekend for visiting. It was good to see trains and old friends there. I was volunteer there before. It was good to see steam pop corn machine there. I took two trip on little train.
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St Charles Streetcar
I took streetcar trip many times from downtown , New Orleans to end of track. They are American's oldest streetcars. It was good to have trip on them many times.
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Speeder train at Hesston Steam Museum.
I took a trip on Speeder train around 2 miles narrow gauge track at Hesston Steam Museum after museum closed. It was great. It run about twice faster than steam train.
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Hesston Steam Museum's 14" gauge steam train.
I took a trip on 14" gauge steam train.
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South Shore Line train from South Bend to Chicago.
Train arrived Carroll Ave at Michigan City from South Bend. I took train from there to Chicago.
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Winter at Lincoln  Park Zoo.
I came there last Saturday. I hope to see Zoolights but I didn't have time. It was good to see animals there. Also it was first time I saw two Sand Cats there. I always saw one Sand Cat there. Big cats and some monkeys did't mind cold weather there.
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South Shore train departed Portage/ Ogden Dune at night.
I got off train at Portage/ Ogden Dune at night and take video of it.
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Hesston Steam Museum's Largest Steam locomotive, Shay 7.
I took trip on Shay 7's cab twice on Labor Day Weekend. I never ride on her before. It was great. She burned woods. The train ran on 2 miles narrow gauge track. Also it was good to see 7.5" gauge train from cab.
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This is South Shore train # 14 from South Bend.
Train just arrived Michigan City from South Bend before I aboard her and go to Chicago.
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Amtrak Pere Marquette train ran pass New Buffalo, MI.
Amtrak Pere Marquette train ran with new locomotive, Siemens Charger. CSX freight train stopped on side track and let Amtrak run pass them. It was good to see them run without dummy locomotive. Most of time they run with dummy locomotive.
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Amtrak Cascade and Seattle Waterfront.
I took train from Seattle to Vancouver, BC. I took video of waterfront at Seattle before aboard train. Also I took video of Amtrak train after I get off my train Builder Empire. Then my train moved away. Then other train arrived there. I don't know where they go. I had nice trip on Amtrak Cascade.
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Amtrak Pere Marquette
Amtrak Pere Marquette ran train with Amtrak Cascade cab control between Chicago and Grand Rapids. This train departed from St. Joseph, MI for Chicago.
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Amtrak Empire Builder
I took Amtrak train from Seattle to Chicago. It was not nice outside. It was hard for me to see outside from sightseeing lounge car. I was on train two nights. I had roomette in front of train by baggage car. I shared sleeping car with crews there. Train was 8 hours late for Chicago.
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Amtrak ran to Niles.
Two Amtrak train came to depot on same time. Train from Detroit stop first and wait for other train from Chicago to come.
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Amtrak #351 train at New Buffalo, MI
Train ran through downtown, New Buffalo at 100 mph.
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Hesston Steam Museum's Ghost Train!
Steam locomotive, Shay 7 pulled passenger cars from depot during Halloween weekend. They ran Shay 7 on special event.
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Second day and third night on Via Rail train.
The train arrived Winnipeg in morning while I have breakfast. I got off train for about 4 hours. I walked around few blocks and take photo and video of train and building there. Then train ran thought flat farm land.They had 248 sleeper, 26 coach passenger and about 30 crews.
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Walking touring of Chicago
I took all day walking along Lake Michigan between Navy Pier and Buckingham Fountain.
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Chicago Waterfront
I took walking along waterfront by canal twice. The new waterfront was new and open recently. Waterfront by Amtrak Union Station was old. It was good to see Navy's Pier at night.
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