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Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst Magazines International on digital strategy
Hearst had a record breaking year in 2014, and has so far seen huge growth again during of 2015. We caught up with Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst Magazines International, to find out a little more about the digital strategy behind such outstanding growth.
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FIPP World Congress 2017: Linda Thomas Brooks, MPA
Linda Thomas Brooks, CEO, MPA, USA: Magazine media tells and sells Magazine media continues to provide powerful opportunities for marketers. Showcasing examples from a new industry campaign in the US for the first time globally, Linda Thomas Brooks, CEO, MPA, challenges conceptions to the contrary and addresses why magazines have enduring power, solving marketer dilemmas across every key metric.
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Buro 24/7's Miroslava Duma speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit, 21 March 2016
How a Russian luxury lifestyle brand is growing through the world It may only be five years old, but Russian digital lifestyle publishing company Buro 24/7 has not only become a huge presence in its home market, but has already created sites in ten other international markets from the Middle East to Singapore and Australia. Formerly with Harper’s Bazaar, founder Miroslava Duma explains what moved her to launch Buro 24/7, why being a pureplay provides distinct advantages and how she has attracted global luxury advertisers as revenue partners.
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DIS 2018: Melissa Rosenthal, Cheddar
A new kind of media for a new generation Cheddar Inc. broadcasts live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, covering companies driving change in media, technology and entertainment. Aimed at business-savvy millennials, Cheddar tells the stories of change through the lens of business leaders making the change. With its main source of revenues distribution deals from the likes of Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Roku, Cheddar is a new kind of media business for a new generation. Melissa Rosenthal, Executive Vice President, Cheddar Inc., USA
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Ringier Africa's Julian Artopé speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit, 22 March 2016
Engaging new audiences in the mobile-first continent: Ringier’s digital foray into Africa Africa is a continent where high levels of mobile penetration present the single biggest media opportunity for the continent. Ringier Africa today runs content, classifieds and ecommerce businesses across five Sub-Saharan African countries. Hear how it has built the business, why mobile is crucial to business success and what other markets can learn from mobile innovation and trends on the African continent.
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FIPP speaks to Gerrit Klein, CEO, Ebner Publishing Group
FIPP speaks to Gerrit Klein, CEO, Ebner Publishing Group.
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Hearst Magazines’ months-to-moments strategy and plans for future growth
FIPP World Congress, Toronto, Canada, October 2015 Duncan Edwards, President and CEO, Hearst Magazines International, USA Months-to-moments is more than a nice-sounding sound bite at Hearst, but encapsulates everything the company does to embrace change and become mobile first: from adapting to changing media consumption habits of its audiences, to aligning underlying technologies and systems to enable change, from fostering a new organisational culture to building and enabling effective teams. In this session you will get updated insights into Hearst’s plans, and will hear some jaw-dropping numbers to boot. This session will change the way you think and talk about magazine media.
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DIS 2018: Troy Young, Hearst Digital Media
The Amazonification of media Technology is disrupting nearly every part of the economy as the internet continues to fundamentally impact how we communicate, purchase products, and work to create long-term value. While the media industry is changing at a breakneck pace, so too are the retail, manufacturing, travel, transportation and healthcare industries, to name a few. The process of change in media is exhilarating, but also hugely challenging, as media companies look to develop and capitalize on new revenue opportunities while managing cost on maturing businesses. And just when we think we are getting close, we discover new hurdles – in video, data and distribution. This requires incredible nimbleness, creativity and execution across all our businesses and markets. Join Troy Young as he considers the challenges and opportunities in the continuously, rapidly changing digital media landscape. Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, USA
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MIT Technology Review's Elizabeth Bramson Boudreau speaks at FIPP London, 10 May 2016
Transforming a venerable tech media brand into a modern media powerhouse Founded in 1899 by MIT, MIT Technology Review was the world’s first dedicated technology publication. Today, it operates in a crowded, disrupted marketplace. In late 2015, the business hired Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau to lead its strategic transformation, building MIT Technology Review into a multi-platform, modern media company. She shares her challenges and how technology is at the heart not only of the brand's editorial content, but is also the foundation on which her product plans are built.
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Madgex's Tom Ricca-McCarthy speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
Tom Ricca-McCarthy, CEO at Madgex, on small Data: How to turn one question into €3 million at DIS 2017
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DIS 2018: Matthew Monahan, Arc Publishing, The Washington Post
Speed and innovation: Using technology to drive growth at The Washington Post Matthew Monahan, Head of Sales & Product, Arc Publishing, Washington Post, USA
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DIS 2018: Hannah Ray, Condé Nast International
How CNI Digital's global social media works to reinforce local brand loyalty and enhance storytelling Hannah Ray will explain how Condé Nast International (CNI) Digital brings about consistency across multiple franchises without neglecting the local brand and how Vogue International creates global stories for multiple accounts on Instagram and Snapchat Hannah Ray, Head of Visual Storytelling and Social Strategy, Condé Nast International, UK
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Melissa Rosenthal, EVP, Cheddar
Cheddar is a new media company that focusses on delivering business and finance content to younger audiences through an on-demand news channel. Here, executive vice president Melissa Rosenthal talks us through evolving distribution, the dangers of Facebook, and why millennials are still being talked down to by the traditional media.
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Grzegorz Piechota speaks at Digital Innovator's Summit 2017
Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota, Research Associate at Harvard Business School and 2016 Nieman Fellow, on why publishers should think twice before outsourcing their future at DIS 2017
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DIS 2018: Daniel Sieberg, Civil
Civil is about to launch a decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism using blockchain technology But what does it all mean? Find out how they plan to transform the relationship between journalists and readers and what blockchain means to fostering better civic discourse and unlocking viable, ad-free business model Daniel Sieberg, Co-Founder and Head of Journalism Operations, The Civil Media Company, USA
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Gary Liu, CEO, South China Morning Post
The Hong Kong based South China Morning Post sits in the unique position of reporting on mainland China while being viewed as a predominantly foreign organisation by the state. Here, we speak to CEO Gary Liu about transitioning to digital, creating user-friendly content, and operating within China’s press restrictions.
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Cliqz's Marc Al-Hames speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
Marc Al-Hames, Managing Director, CLIQZ, on balancing audience tracking with secure and private browsing at DIS 2017
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The Financial Times' Mi Li on plans to reach one million paid subscribers
There is an interesting cultural shift going on within the FT. As one of the most respected newspaper brands in the world, focus is shifting towards a more expansive offering. There is talk of engagement based advertising, social media exclusives, and a robust video ramp-up including that includes documentary film-making. The media brand’s Senior Global marketing Manager, Mi Li, talks to us about content, commercial, and an ambitious plan to reach one million paid subscribers.
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FIPP speaks to Kaylee King-Balentine, director of T Brand Studio, New York Times
Native advertising remains a key commercial talking point for legacy publishers in 2016. One such publisher taking this challenge by the scruff of the neck is the New York Times, who in 2014 launched T Brand Studio, a dedicated content creation wing that produces paid native advertising for global brands. In its bid to expand this service internationally, the NYT opened a dedicated European office in London in 2015. We spoke to Kaylee King-Balentine, director of T Brand International, to find out more about the logistical process involved in producing and publishing this kind of content for brands.
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Sourcepoint's Ben Barokas speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit, 22 March 2016
Strategies to combat ad blocking and increase ad effectiveness Arguably some of the biggest debates of 2015 surrounded ad blocking itself and strategies available to publishers to overcome the problem. Reactions varied from doing nothing, to blocking access to content for users with ad blockers on to focusing on better user ad experiences and more. In this session we get views on latest developments and insights.
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DIS 2018: Chris Boos, Arago
AI and the future of society Chris Boos, Founder and CEO, arago, Germany
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LaterPay's Cosmin Ene speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
Cosmin Ene, CEO at LaterPay, on paygates instead of paywalls – how publishers can use conversion funnels instead of rigid paywalls to lead users to paying for content at DIS 2017
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DIS 2018: Ben Cotton, The New York Times
How The New York Times develops and grows its customer base Ben Cotton describes how The Times has grown to more than 3 million subscribers over the last two years, and how it plans to accelerate into the future. Ben Cotton, Executive Director Retention and Customer Experience, The New York Times, USA
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BBC Worldwide's Soumya Sriraman speaks at Digital Innovators' Tour 2017
Soumya Sriraman, executive VP of franchise and digital enterprises at BBC Worldwide, on Innovating with digital franchising and cross-border expansion to drive revenues at DIS 2017
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Taboola's Adam Singolda and Die Welt's Lars Janzik speak at Digital Innovators' Summit 2016
Evolution of Digital Publishing Industry Monetisation through surfacing the right content to the right audience, at scale. Adam Singolda (Taboola) and Lars Janzik (Die Welt) present in Berlin.
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Hotnest's Fabian von Heimburg speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
Fabian von Heimburg, co-founder of Hotnest, on why digital companies should look towards China for innovation and learning at DIS 2017.
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39th FIPP World Congress Rome 2013 - Tom Bureau, Immediate Media
An excerpt from the 39th FIPP Congress which was held in Rome in September 2013. The next Congress will be in Toronto, Canada, in October 2015. For further details please visit www.fippcongress.com
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Yves Bougon on Hearst's digital strategy
How are the biggest legacy publishers making money from media in 2015? Jamie Gavin spoke to Yves Bougon, Hearst Magazines International's managing director for East Asia, who gave us the answer in under three minutes in this exclusive video interview for FIPP.
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FIPP speaks to Mitchell Caplan, chief marketing officer, IBT Media
IBT Media is the publisher of both Newsweek and the International Business Times, as well as a growing portfolio of additional titles. With more than 90 million monthly global readers and an international workforce of 300+ employees its transparent, no nonsense approach to financial and business news is paying off. We caught up with Mitchell Caplan, the publisher’s chief marketing officer, to find out how the company has become so successful in such a short space of time and how it is evolving its content.
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FIPP speaks to Martin Weiss, MD digital brands international, Hubert Burda Media
As an ‘early adopter’ of digital technology, Hurbert Burda has sought to embrace the publishing world’s transition online from the early years. But did you know that transition stretched all the way back to Bill Gates and the last century? Here, in a fascinating interview for FIPP, Martin Weiss, managing director of digital brands at Hurbert Burda, takes us from the company’s launch in digital right up to a present day in which 60 per cent of Burda’s product base now sits in digital.
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Which game are you playing? Unlocking the growth opportunity
FIPP World Congress, Toronto, Canada, October 2015 Tom Bureau, CEO, Immediate Media Co, UK Building brilliant content brands is fundamental to all magazine media businesses. But ensuring that you place them at the heart of their economic ecosystem is increasingly vital to creating new value from engaged audiences. Immediate CEO Tom Bureau explains how brand development, technology capabilities and data are at the heart of a platform strategy which is unlocking transformational opportunities for the company.
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DIS 2018: Maureen Hoch, Harvard Business Review
Using emerging media formats to super-charge audience engagement Maureen Hoch explains how Harvard Business Review uses emerging media formats to excite and engage audiences, build loyalty and ultimately monetise. In this talk she'll touch on bots, voice, AI and more. Maureen Hoch, Editor, HBR.org at Harvard Business Review, USA
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Centaur Media's Steve Newbold speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit, 21 March 2016
Mission possible: from legacy publishing to modern media business, how customers are shaping our future Moving from format first to a customer-centric approach is not an easy task for a legacy publishing business. Centaur Media's move to becoming a content and data-led subscriptions and events business is an evolution that has had its challenges … but also many successes. Discover how Centaur Media is breaking the mould to become one of the most trusted media companies for business professionals in the UK.
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FIPP speaks to Jens Müffelmann, Axel Springer/Axel Springer Digital Ventures
Last year German publishing giant, Axel Springer, paid $343m to acquire Business Insider. The move was part of a wider global expansion strategy into the English-speaking world, which focusses on both acquisitions and organic growth. Here Jens Müffelmann, President US, Axel Springer & CEO, Axel Springer Digital Ventures, talks us through that strategy and explains the multi-phased approach to tracking a publication’s success from reach, to relevance, and beyond to monetisation.
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Digital Innovators' Summit 2017 panel: Paid content
Strategies to develop paid content success, with Washington Post's Jeremy Gilbert and CeleraOne's Moritz Hilger at DIS 2017
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Hearken's Jennifer Brandel speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
Jennifer Brandel, CEO and Co-founder, Hearken, talks partnering with audiences to take storytelling to a powerful new level at DIS 2017
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Inside Marie Claire’s pop-up experiential shop in New York’s SoHo
In an effort that took a year to come together, Hearst’s Marie Claire launched its own retail location last week. The shop, called The Next Big Thing Concept Shop, is a pop-up shop in New York's SoHo that brings magazine pages to life, featuring fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology and wellness interwoven with innovative technology.
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The Washington Post's Jeremy Gilbert speaks at Digital Innovator's Summit 2017
Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Washington Post, talksThe Washington Post experiments: how new, digital storytelling forms and strategy help build a massive and engaged audience at DIS 2017
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Nick Harthan, Global Product Partnerships, Google
We’ve looked for some years now at the developing relationship between Google and traditional media owners. ‘Friend or Foe’ is a question that’s increasingly been dropped in a collaborative, multi-channel world. Here, Nick Harthan, part of the Global Products Team for Google, talks us through what a successful Google-Publisher relationship looks like in 2016. And as he explains, with the launch of Accelerated Mobile Pages, the way in which Google presents the publisher news offering is very much on the move.
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1plusX Jürgen Galler and Roger Gatti speak at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
1plusX on predictive audience building for enhanced user monetisation at DIS 2017
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The extraordinary story of Atlantic Media’s transformation
FIPP World Congress, Toronto, Canada, October 2015 Michael Finnegan, Chief Operating Officer, Atlantic Media, USA. A mere decade ago, Atlantic Media was a collection of legacy print brands, still renowned for the intelligence and quality of it's the journalism but struggling to find avenues for growth and to adapt to the new digital economy. Fast-forward to today, and you will find a media company setting trends for a multi-platform world, building on its reputation for journalism established over more than a century and turning a print legacy into a digital media company growing at a record pace. This is how they did it.
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The Coral Project's Andrew Losowsky speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit 2017
Andrew Losowsky, Project Lead, The Coral Project, on how to get your community back from Facebook at DIS 2017
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FIPP speaks to Sam Dolnick, associate editor, New York Times
Earlier this year, Sam Dolnick, associate editor at the New York Times, gave a fascinating talk at FIPP London about the baby-steps the publisher was taking into the realms of virtual reality. Here, in this exclusive interview for FIPP, Dolnick talks specifically about the logistics behind the NYT’s VR product is both consumed and produced, and why VR might just be the future of news publishing.
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Different strategies to develop paid content success - panel at DIS 2016
Publishers from around the world have implemented paid content strategies with varying degrees of success. With no single, “silver bullet” solution available, we ask four experts to share their strategies for success. Dr. Falk-Florian Henrich Founder & CEO CeleraOne Cosmin Ene, CEO, LaterPay, Germany Kris Nagel, SVP and monetisation industry expert, Vindicia, USA Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, chief content officer & general counsel, PressReader, Canada
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