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Philosophy -- From Zero to Fifty (some lessons learned) - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2013
From Zero to Fifty Musings of and reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2013 Copyright, All Rights Reserved Music -- Extemporaneous by Anthony Powers Motivation: Two days before my 50th birthday, I thought of many people in my life and the main thing they taught me. They were/are my guides, heroes, loves, sons, friends, family, and all I have observed including all species and forces of nature. That night as I laid in bed, almost asleep, I flipped on the light and scribbled down what you are about to hear. It does not include all I have learned but I kept this to the lessons that came to me extemporaneously that night. Please accept this gift returned, Nadi Filming Location: Spirited Goat Coffeehouse, Yellow Springs, OH, USA Written version: In my life, about love and faith, I learned To distrust the inconsistency of love as a child then seek its defeat as a man That I am a good man & worth loving, but if I do not know this, no one else will convince me of it To "fear God" then find courage enough to laugh at how ridiculous that notion really is To fear death then learn where we sleep, we wake so death is really just a cat nap in eternity In my life, about equality, I learned To see that souls do not and never have had colors, gross incomes, degrees, titles, or IQs Life ain't fair for almost everyone and that makes it a bit fairer on balance Disenfranchisement may breed despair but it has also bred courage to overcome, to advance When we lose a possession, it is possible to possess more in losing than ever possessed In my life, about work, I learned To rely on my position and possessions to define me then suffer a mannequin living in my suits To work so hard it consumed my life then to work less and let the Universe fill the vacuum If you want a new job, do it in addition to your present one until the company hires you for it Everything done in love is a treasure and all done without it is a forgotten statue in the park In my life, about freedom, I learned Never argue with anyone about questions that cannot be answered (thanks Buddha) Ignore rules that are there for no reason other than someone forgot to erase them Believe in goodness even if it makes you appear silly and naive Consistently do what you believe to be right even if I am misunderstood for it In my life, of love and forgiveness, I learned We cannot love without experiencing or causing pain, but this is the admission price of intimacy That the deepest intimacy comes from creating a place safe enough to be completely honest That saying "sorry" is easy but pulling the roots out of conflicts is much harder and more profitable It takes enormous courage to openly love someone who harms you, but it is possible In my life, of judgment, I learned People judge me by my actions and words, while I know my motivations and intentions If 1000 men think me a villain and I think myself not, I am not If 1000 men think me a god and I think myself not, I am not I describe everything according to my experience and intellect, when I need to consider everyone else's before I describe anything to anyone In my life, on courage and originality, I learned The rip tide doesn't kill you. It is the adrenaline caused by fear that drains your ability to swim Being your authentic self is the hardest thing to do consistently but also the only thing that matters The value of a formal education is far better understood than the advantage of not having one Those who write the books don't always read them In my life, of personal evolution, I learned Our bodies are the genetic composition of our every ancestor, so what of our soul, our spirit Our ancestors belonged to one root, so our souls belong to each other Our present is a collection of all pasts and connected in some way to all futures Our every action will gather in a pond of unexpected consequences 1000 years from now In my life, of diversity, I learned If I believe in believers, I am free to embrace them all Authenticity. kindness, and passion are heard without words in all languages Every language has a different word for love, yet they all have a word for love In my life, of friendship, I learned That giving someone a second chance often pays huge dividends That friends made for convenience rust easily, but those tested by adversity shine Having even one person you can tell anything to is a gift more precious than gold In my life, of love and unity, I learned, there is no darkness, no death, no sin; only voids of Love and Unity, our destiny. Those who are born to Love for the sake of Unity are the gatherers who will gradually draw many to the realization of One through Love.
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Nadi's Secrets © 2013 by Scott "Nadi" Gray (dedicated to Danny Marchesi)
Please share this very personal video with anyone who might benefit. It explains how my addiction, emptiness, then loss led to powerful secrets, to great happiness and purpose, and the courage to embrace authenticity's gift.. Blessings and love, Nadi
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Poem: Oh Vastness (Moab, UT) - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2008-2011
Read by Scott Nadi Gray Motivation: Inspired by a series of seven events that occurred to me on the evening of 1 Feb 2008. This poem marked the beginning of a new phase of my life. A phase "lifting my spirits, my aspirations to live desperately, to explore lands unknown to my fathers". The evening began after an impassioned conversation with a friend after an exhausting day of work that followed an exhausting week of work. In the conversation I begged my friend to see the world and his obligation to it differently, to make a difference, to bring about change. After he left, I walked back into my house and the first event occurred. Filming location: Arches National Park, Moab, UT, USA Nov 2011 Written text: I am not sure what is happening tonight, images, no, possession of an eagle's mind and eyes in flight. Strange freedom as if music plays through my soul, dancing, no, running, no, sprinting to catch, to live, to love, to soar, to drift, to listen, float, enjoy, feel, all now, all before time runs to me. Time runs where fear has driven me before, where logic was my stone-hearted companion, but as now Time returns in new robes, exquisite garments of hope, love, faith...rhythm, yes happiness unfold. Oh magic, oh breath of Gods who smile on me to warm my skin. I write as if to play an instrument, a reed, to loosen a flute's hand to call magically to forgotten days of youth, of early manhood, of yes, oh yes, earlier creations. In the gasp of chill, gazing upon a Frozen Pond, I saw someone, alive, One with great experience and enduring shapes, One who has flown within myriad ghosts, One who lapped the deserted beaches of Africa to lie upon her sands I looked at men, at women, some imprisoned, some exploring prison's options, but none truly free. Strangely alone yet released unbound by swirling currents of air lifting my spirits, my aspirations to live desperately, to explore lands unknown to my fathers, a place never there, a thing that eludes all I know, something untamed. Somehow released to live, scream and explode into laughter, yet feel great pain, while tasting beauty's fragility knowing, as with all gentle vessels, the storm, the sun, the spray will mute her lines, dissolve her hue, and sting her fragrance. Yet no, no, born again with lasting beauty beyond the shallowness of blind man's eyes, no fear, no turmoil, not ranker, sweet confidence in surrender, in complete capitulation to the evitable strength of her bottomless ocean, dark waters yet unexplored, ever expanding like folds of a cloth forever unwound. Oh happiness that life has not deserted me and as my guide has delivered me from the captivity, the destructive familiarity I once embraced only now to taste liberation's vastness, possibility. How will forever extend, how will Goodness embrace, yes, yes, secure her son, to nurture, to lift a man, no, no, lift a soul, no, no lift a force to its feet, to stand, to blow with fury, to explode upon the face of deserts to forge beauty in return. Oh vastness.
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Sailing - Poem of Scott "Nadi" Gray Copyright © 2013, All Rights Reserved
Sailing Poem of and reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Copyright © 2013, All Rights Reserved Motivation: Musing on how unconventional love must needs defy conventions or man and time. Filming location: Zoo in Columbus, OH, USA Waking to see you each morning is beauty, poetry, love in timeless form Yet ancient nemesis of years meanders forward to pick my pockets of joy I call all creatures of oceans deep to plea with Time to leave my vessel, to leave me be Lay softly my eyes, resist the march of age so that I may gaze upon her face forever Placid winds placed now along the shining threads of our engulfed sails Find our entwined star in skies now blackened by the rites of man's conventions Decry their tempest to sail gently beyond all darkened minds, all hardened hearts Save your fury to lift our hearts above them, to bind our light, our limb, our soul Will we cast our lot upon treasured stores to choke our love in vined security Or will we thrust our talons deep into the soul, to harbor roots in the endless sky Will we discover one isle to escape time's mockery so swirling wines clothe our thirst Will we cast our souls into azure depths then soar in soft currents of eternity together
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Dream - Warrior of Love - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Note: This video contains a violent story which leads to the morale of it. Motivation: Story written based on a dream. Moral is that no matter how completely justified anger may be, it destroys us and we must release it to leave a legacy of love. Filming Location: Seven Lakes State Park, MI, USA, Nov 2011 Written Text: His nostrils flared as his chest burned for the lack of oxygen. As he drew closer to their screams, his breathing increased, his adrenaline now fired, stilled by habit from hunting wild beasts. He, who had defeated lions and charging bulls, now faced an attack on his own. He faced man. He faced man unsatisfied with his inheritance, unsatisfied with his portion, unsatisfied with peace. Within the screams he heard his woman, his daughter, his son. His path was straight. His heart poured into his legs to run as eagles fly, a warrior, yet warrior of love. Never before had he raised his hand or even voice to another man in unkindness but as his sight parted through thicket and his tiny village came into view, his love vanquished his humanity and he became possessed by all who live in harmony. He inherited Love's fury. As he sprinted, his right hand lifted his spear driving it through the watchman, the lookout for iniquity. Before the watchman suffered knowledge of his impending death, the spear had severed it from him, piercing his chest below the shoulder, cutting his heart after crush of bone. Then with the grace of Death's servant, he lept and shattered the skull of the second man. The wounded beast cried in agony as he fell across the warrior's daughter his blood now spilling across her. She cried in agony from the humiliation and pain inflicted and in relief for its end as he lost his grip on life. No time for consolation now. He was too close. The warrior now approached his hut. As he entered its relief from the searing sun, he looked to the right to witness the third attacker, unclothed and covered in the blood of his wife beginning a turn towards him. His weapons were Love's bitter separation. He carved his path behind the man's kneeling posture. He planted his left knee in the middle of the man's back just below his neck, then with his left hand gripped the man's hair and with his right, his chin. Instantly his soul descended into darkness as the snap of his neck announced his arrival. Yes, first with spear, then stone, and now bare hands he separated these men, these beasts from life. He threw the man into a heap towards the hut's entrance and turned to the chilling form of love's only cup. Her life separated from her, from him. He leaned to hear her soul depart, above her bloodied skin mixed with the sweaty stench of her attacker. No longer would these eyes smile into his soul, no longer would these lips meet his in gentle embrace, no longer would he hear his name pronounced from her inner sanctum. He held her limp form and wept. The hunter of food, now warrior of love, cried tenderly beside her grave beneath the acacia trees. No one knew on the day that he buried her, why he buried her attacker beside her, at least not until they watched him cast the spear of his ancestors into the attacker's remains each day. He intended that for as long as he lived, he would punish the deeds of inhumanity, but his bitterness was broken by his son, a son who never knew his mother, but saw within his father a man who must lay the final blow by slaying darkness, to love again, to give his son Love's inheritance.
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Poem - I Believe- Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011 - Music by Ashana
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Please purchase the background song, Canticle of Light, from Ashana's Jewel of Silence CD Motivation: Originally an extemporaneous audio recording during an evening meditation which I sent to my friends. Filming Location: Nadi's home. I purchased the drawing from a local artist then used elements of nature to frame it. I am not sure exactly why this face reasonates with me as it does, but if my home were on fire, this would likely be in the one arm full of things I would carry out with me. Written Text: Some say I am enlightened. Some say I am mad. I say I am only crazy enough to believe. I believe in more than here. I believe in more than now. I believe all men, all women can find healing by rediscovering their inner child. I believe all men, all women need more time in nature's embrace. I believe all men, all women must find their roots in our collective humanity. I believe in communal enlightenment. I believe a new era of enlightenment is here. I believe in believers. I believe we can transform pain's energy into healing. I believe we can all be healers. I believe in tiny acts of kindness. I believe I can send my energy to you, to anyone, to everyone, to our world. I believe in purity's gift. I believe in silence and its reward. I believe in forces and powers unseen. I believe death is a semicolon. I believe in love. And yes, oh yes, most important of all, I believe in you. And so my dear friend, stop, and tell me, what do you believe?
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Poem - Among Dunes - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading of his poem, Among Dunes by Scott Nadi Gray Motivation: A meditation while on Anna Marie Island (beach near Bradenton, Florida, USA) alone at night. Filming Location; Anna Marie Island, FL, USA Written Text: Among dunes I linger. Among the dunes I sit. In dunes laid before De Soto's arrival, Sands trumpets left, cymbals right, Ocean stretches beyond horizons to lost love, And Earth's rumbling stomach aches, Luna's girlish giggles leak above, Filtering Soleil's lighter side, Sun of suns in Galaxy of galaxies Spreading mysteries' banquet table, Palms bow to immensity extended, Held as milk in mind's cupped hands, Milk of purity, mixed with misty reflections, Diluted a thousand times by life's distractions Among dunes I linger, accompanied by solitude, Honored among starfish, dolphin, sandpiper, Stroking the night's layers, intricacies, weaves, Expelled to search her folds, discover her secrets Stars stutter, calling out as gentle lighthouses Tearing down castle walls of time, of space Guiding kind energies sailing on white ribbons To reach eyes reading dark pages of the sky Among dunes I linger, consoled by silk borne winds, Lifted high by cries of gull, creatures deep, wave, Clasping hands again with my friend the Sea Her sandy skin, devoid of toil, longings, pursuits Ancient forces search my heart to trace its shadow, Trace its shadow deeply in the dunes where I linger, Pour my spirit as molten love within these lines then Call to tides, to erase all bounds, to release my soul.
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Readings - Favorite Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson #3 - Read by Scott "Nadi" Gray
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Notivation: From my favorite writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Filming Location: Grant Park, Centerville, OH, USA. 2011 "God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please -- you can never have both. Between these, as a pendulum, man oscillates. He in whom the love of repose predominates will accept the first creed, the first philosophy, the first political party he meets -- most likely his father's. He gets rest, commodity and reputation; but he shuts the door of truth. He in whom the love of truth predominates will keep himself from all moorings, and afloat. He will abstain from dogmatism, and recognize all the opposite negations between which, as walls, his being is swung. He submits to the inconvenience of suspense and imperfect opinion..." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Readings - Favorite Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson #6 - Read by Scott "Nadi" Gray
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Notivation: From my favorite writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Filming Location: Grant Park, Centerville, OH, USA. 2011 "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better or worse as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Poem - Woman in a dream by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2012 - Cover: Canyon by A.H.Rahman
Woman in a Dream Poem by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2012 There is something magical, notes bewitching me in this song. This morning I heard it first and finally I understood Canyon is the song singing to my heart, pouring the essence of her soul, body, spirit into my cupped hands, hands trembling from their longing for her Canyon booming below the majesty of her love for All, proclaiming she is no pretender to the throne of their want and despair. Hers is the voice of a mother calling all creatures and forces as her own Hers is a canyon only my river could carve, a canyon filled as a cup with knowledge of my journey, of lifetimes lived and yes lifetimes yet to be born Hers is the spirit joining me to dance in the clouds, to swim the ancient depths with giants, to soar in sweeping circles above sun drenched waters Her body, in lavendered auras reserved for her alone would give final rest to every desire I know, have ever known, will ever know Even now my hands lay below her feet in honor while I await the moment her heart lays below my whispered kiss beating
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Christian Gray Speech - 2013 Oakwood HS Graduation
For the first time ever, I am posting a "new voice" to the Voice of Nadi Channel. This New Voice belongs to the Next Generation, to one of my four amazing sons, to Christian Wallace Gray. His Voice matters as it explains why believing in something bigger than yourself matters, why seeking something more permanent than here and now matters. So to all who believe we can do better, that we do not need our leaders as much as we need to lead ourselves to something beyond their vision of status quo, embrace Christian Wallace Gray, 2013 Oakwood, OH, USA High School Class President. Link to Christian's speech http://youtu.be/uoNoxoxOQgQ Blessings, Scott "Nadi" Gray Day of One dreamer Day of One 2014 Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/531510583534302/ Translations of Day of One found at: https://www.facebook.com/DayOfOneTranslations
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Poem - Deserted Homeland - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2011 (cover Canyon: A. R. Rahman)
Reading of his poem Deserted Homeland by Scott "Nadi" Gray Join Nadi in One Family at http://www.imagine1.org Friend Nadi on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/bynadi/ Subscribe to Nadi on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bynadi Background music by A.R. Rahman; Song Canyon http://youtu.be/kCMVzgJvioM Motivation: A catalog of phenomenal days. Recording location: Abandoned Mine (undisclosed location), MI, USA, 2012 Written Text: His soul releases cordial salutes of ordinary days to embrace the unknown familiarity of all there was, is, and ever will be Dolphins caught inside timepieces dance patiently to beacon him to new lands, to cliff faces revealing signs Eagles sewn to rivered mandolins soar aloft a trilogy of song to guide his flight within sweeping visions Twelve emptied vessels left full call a trinity of beasts alien to his world, to possess, then exhaust his heart Grooved stones of injustice and humiliation lay beneath calloused hands channeling injuries adopted across lifetimes From ocean depths, pod of kindred shapes restore, guide his effortless, sightless escape from the grip of darkness Silvery nomad finds rest now in all lands, all ages yet above one cot, below one ceiling of eternity's mirrored glass In the night, Barcelona's host shouts Seraphim to vanquish ferris wheeled horsemen of darkened beaches Energy's gentle hand laid above his heart reveals a path to forest deep, pathway invisible to all yet known to him Upon the Zahir he flew, aloft the beauty of loving one in eternity's full moon, escaping then accepting the invitation to live unbound Whole universes discovered within tiny blackened grain of an unknown star, Eschered starcases explained by the need for circular meanders Colorless blaze burns his finger tips as electricity is laid to rest above the communion of resurrection's enlightened skin Ah the clothing of nakedness, the symphony of silence, the everlasting nomadic sands of homeland deserted
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Poem: Indigo Child by Selena Howard Copyright (c) 2012 (Cover: Peter by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek)
Indigo Child, a poem by Selena Howard; edited and read by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: A revisitation of a child with the adult she became. Video Produced using Paintings by Selena Howard
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Poem - Shadow Mountain (Tribute to America's Youth) - by Scott "Nadi" Gray, Copyright 2011
Poetry reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Shadow Mountain (Tribute to America's Youth), Poem of Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2012 Motivation: My son Paul invited me to a July 4th celebration camp out on Shadow Mountain where young staff from Yellowstone National Park gathered. They partied sure, but the beautiful thing was seeing how they came from all over our great nation and bonded. They treated each other and the land with respect. They loved and laughed and screamed through the night. They braved the cold without a fire out of respect for the park (dry so fire hazard). Then the morning after they loved again, laughed again, and before leaving, they scoured the mountain to leave it as they found it. Filming Location: Shadow Mountain, USA, July (Independence Day) 2012 Written version: Kaleidoscoped stories below skies without ceilings America's youth come of age laughing and screaming Where will their paths lead, where will they end? Will Freedom's Children find new lands to bend? Beneath our young mountains, they gather, they hold Light without fire, they brave the night cold You hear of their failure, their softness, their slack Yet in Children of Liberty I find fullness, not lack
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Poem - Raindrops - Extemporaneous Musing:  Poem of Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2011
Extemporaneous recording of Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: A friend of mine who is oft comforted by nature reached out to me in pain and so I recorded this "extemporaneously" to comfort them. Recording location: In a parking lot in his truck during a rain shower, 2011. Composed using photos of flowers or leaves that I have taken in my journeys where I could find raindrops on their pedals or leaves. Written Text: Beneath the soil, the arms, hands, fingers of trees extend to embrace each other Above the ground, the rain falls across the lands connecting all energies and persons extended within its reach Firelight, crashing waves, raindrops on metal roofs, leaves blowing in the autumn winds All there to still our soul, all there to remind us from whence we came That our true family consists of so many forces, creatures, powers, not human We place our face beneath the rain and see ourselves again Raindrops... raindrops... raindrops... Paths lie open in the forest for us, our feet now bare With the warm soil of late afternoon below them, we walk We meander, greeting flower tree, bird and familiar stone, old man tree and the young willow by the pond Good day sir they say, all the best to you Madame And oh the blessing when we treat them in equality, when we see them as ourselves When we feel the raindrop from a thousand years ago, fall again upon our face, connecting us to the wool of a baby lamb born continents away Raindrops... raindrops... Cannot see the wind, but we can see the leaves they blowin' Raindrops
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Poem: Sensual Waters by Julie Catherine Vigna Copyright (c) 2012
Sensual Waters, a poem written by Julie Catherine Vigna as read by Scott "Nadi" Gray. Motivation: Filmed as one poem of three comprising a "Poetic Trilogy of Love's Desire". Filming Location: Anna Marie Island, FL, USA, 2012
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Poem: Gypsy by Selena Howard Copyright (c) 2012 (Cover: Dawn by Jean Yves Thibaudet)
Gypsy, a poem written by Selena Howard as read by Scott "Nadi" Gray. Motivation: Filmed as one poem of three comprising a "Poetic Trilogy of Love's Desire". Filming Location: Beer Can Island, FL, USA, 2012
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Poem - Rain (cover Kalai)
Poetry reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Rain, Poem by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2010 Motivation: Whether child, parent, grandparent, friend, or beloved, all have had to explain the unexplainable to their heart then to their child. This poem tries to capture this tender moment in our lives as we move through the process of loss and explain our tears. Filming Location: Dayton, OH, USA, May 2012 Written version: Searching his mother's sandal colored eyes Discovering pools betraying her sadness to him Displaying so tenderly, her one longing unmet Without contempt or anxiety he studied her Little pauper without, seeking coined answer Where did raindrops come from mommy he asked Tenderness turns to face itself now in his eyes Crystal blue eyes of a lost father now wet to meet her Accepting rain must fall, even upon her little one She calls to willow branches to sway, to whisper And answer she finds to fill her little beggars cup Day of Hummingbirds flight united in purpose and song Moment of spiraling dreams encircling them Each morning softened mist lay to kiss their nest Ah but dream's spiral was lost to shattered skies, to unsung songs In once, their skies, she flew alone, bearing the world's first tear Rain, unknown before, born of loving mist's conspiracy to hold her
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Meditation - Forest Meditation 2 by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Journal entries from a late summer backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Filming Location: Grant Park, Centerville, OH, USA, 2011 Written Text: In my life I have seen the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China, the outstretched arms of Jesus in Rio. I have been to the Coliseum in Rome, the Acropolis of Athens, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I ventured inside the entombed beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra and climbed the lofty spires of Notre Dame. I have seen the sprawl of San Paulo, the painted houses of Cape Town, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the lights of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul, but never once have I seen anything a man has made that can compare to the grandeur, magnificence, elegance or beauty of this simple moment in the forest. As I watch the tree filtered sunrays, nature envelopes my every cell, fiber, neuron, marrow, and holds me as a small part of somewhere I belong.
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Meditation - Stones of Peace - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Gift for my friends. Try to find a quiet place. Try to read slowly and stop between each verse. Breathe deeply when you read [breathe]. Filming Location: Detroit Michigan, Nov 2011 Written Text: Can you tell me where you find peace? Peace not between nations Not between tribes Peace not between peoples Peace between body and soul Between your body, your soul Imagine internal peace now. You are sitting on a stone in the sun A stone on a mountain ridgeline You see trees on surrounding mountains You are frozen in time You see trees bloom in leaf You see trees father children You see trees in autumn's flame You see trees adorned by snow You breathe [breathe] This in Until you smell the forest air Imagine your peace again. You are sitting on a stone in the sun A stone overlooking an artic sea You see waves crashing rocks below You are released from space You enter the mind of a baby seal With baby seals, you play in the surf You enter the mind of an albatross Seeing invisible paths of air you fly You breathe [breathe] This in Until you taste the salt in your mouth Imagine peace again You are sitting on a stone in the sun A stone overlooking a little village You see people tending their gardens You are released from care You enter the mind of a child Child greeting flowers blooming Child skipping stones in a brook Child sleeping in the lap of his mum You breathe [breathe] This in Until you feel the belonging of home Imagine peace once more You are sitting on a stone in the sun A stone overlooking your dreams You see yourself acting in kindness You see yourself releasing bitterness You see yourself caring for others You see yourself releasing your pain You see yourself smiling gently You breathe [breathe] This in Until you see the colors of your aura Imagine peace Your peace Imagine it daily or even now Sit beneath the sun Warm your bones in light Find your own stones Then imagine Imagine your entire life upon them
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Poem - Nothing Beyond - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2011 (cover Eluvium: Radio Ballet)
Reading of his poem Nothing Beyond by Scott "Nadi" Gray Join Nadi in One Family at http://www.imagine1.org Friend Nadi on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/bynadi/ Subscribe to Nadi on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bynadi Background music by Eluvium; Song Radio Ballet http://youtu.be/IKv8ibRwMq0 Motivation: A reflection on how an eternal love is born before we even exist and extends beyond everything else in our life. Recording location: Seven Lakes, MI, USA, 2011 Written Text: Before a knock found the door of my eternal life Before sages heaped wisdom upon my aged frame Before picture books colored my waking dreams Before the seed of life sparked my every imagining Before eagles guided my wings in cascading orbits Before shells lifted my hand to hear ocean's symphony Before stones and coupled moss taught me internal joy Before trees whispered my name in my mother's ear Before waves swelled to tickle our laughing feet, Before forest thickened to unite our gentle hands, Before sky greeted us to quench our thirsty dreams, Before dunes bowed to envelop our entwined bodies Before darkness lay its hands below light's feet Before this poet's pen poured as lilac upon lavender Before angelic forces taught clouds to fly the skies Before love knelt before me to wake me from slumber Before all, there was, there is, and there ever will be There was my love for you, and nothing, absolutely nothing beyond it
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Poem - XXX - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2011-2012
Poetry reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray XXX, Poem by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011-2012 Motivation: A poem describing my stroll through the streets of Amsterdam one evening. I thought of how many succcumb to the temptation of the Red Light District, but also how many are faithful to the commitments they make. I thought of those visiting the "coffeeshops" and their swirling thoughts as they wander the night. Filming Location: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA, July 2012 Written version: Dwellings swagger, sway intoxicated by windborne rain Souls rebel, eddy's against high tides on rivered streets Nightingales fly, ascend once more before their winter nesting Endless sea, rose lanterns rise, pickpocket of wedding nights Wise sailors, pass by her lights, stay course for deeper harbors Blood sails, oh torrid storms of grief, born white by love's devotion Ancient timbers, holding laughter's cup, greet the weary traveler Smoldering dog, hazy circle of smoke, licks his swirling thoughts Bold yet gentle ghosts, haunt Amsterdam, to stir the brothy night
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The Ascent by Scott "Nadi" Gray Copyright © 2012, All Rights Reserved
The Ascent Poem of and reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2012 Copyright, All Rights Reserved Motivation: Written for all who believe that bonded lovers can find each other in many lifetimes as entwined souls. . Filming Location: Filmed on the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park between Newfound Gap and Clingman's Dome on Christmas Day, 2012. Written version: He ascended a spire above the world Then roared until all fell silent All rivers halted to hush their babble All machinery of man now in rubble All birds frozen by mysterious glaze All winds stolen by infinite space He ascended a spire above the world Then roared backward in time He called to ancestors of long ago He called to stars of unseen glow He called to creatures now unknown He called to seas now glacier flows He ascended a spire above the world Then roared into time yet to come He called to all beasts yet unborn He called to curtains yet untorn He called to mountains yet to rise He called to babies in mothers eyes He ascended a spire above the world Above all before, now, and evermore His roar dropped in fervor, it dropped in pitch His whispered roar now blew a kiss His roar now contained at fences gated He roared, he roared of love long awaited
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Poem - A New Years' Song - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2011
Scott Nadi Gray reading his poetry Motivation: I penned this for my friends to consider on December 31, 2011. Written while still in bed (before my coffee :) Filming location: "Beer Can Island" (end of Long Boat Key) FL, USA. Written Text: Now let us see... what shall we sing A song of what a New Year brings Perhaps a melody of diamond rings Another tune about shiny things Or will we return gifts freely given Singing songs to live beyond our livin' Harmonious love blankets weaved within That spread from One to warm all men Will we join chorales of blue love's light Will we ignore bloody sirens of the night Will the tyrant, the bully keep their pace Will liberation's song now win the race Remembering promises of long ago We meander through them to and fro Let this year's song be of eternal things By love, to unity, for freedom, oh let us sing.
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Philosophy - Truth's Sphere - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: A reflection on the interdepencies of truth as we evolve. Filiming Location: Appalachian Trail, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, USA, Sep, 2011 Written Text: A child in the womb inherits life's simplest, steadiest sphere of truth. Their truth is absolute...dark progression, muted vibration, warmth, and constant companionship. Upon their departure, or is it their arrival, they discover transition and life's first insistence to accept and reject truth. What was always true is now sometimes true and what was never true is now true some of the time. Darkness remains in the sphere of truth but the sphere expands to accept its sibling, light. Vibrations continue but are rarely muted. Warmth so constant is now elusive or arrives in prolonged intensity. Companionship as constant as a beating heart now flickers like a candle, sometimes complete, but sometimes distracted. Truths of base emotion, instinct, and the senses are later joined by more complex truths which require discernment as each man, each woman grows. Some call these truths knowledge, learning, or wisdom, but in fact it is an expanding, contracting sphere of truth as knowledge, learning, or wisdom, no matter how true, does not expand truth's sphere for those who reject it. Each woman or man awakens each day with his or her sphere of truth. Self-evident truths which all accept become the core of all spheres, mankind's, womankind's universal truths. Some truths, even if not accepted by all, become popularized and serve as the tie that binds those who might not otherwise assemble. Some truths, even if controversial to many, seem self-evident to others, and become personal to them. These truths rejected by some and insisted upon by others become matters of principle. Some truths morph as life evolves and are non-negotiable. I was a boy, this is true. Now I am a man, this is also true. Truth evolves as nature insists. Some truths are negotiable as life present options or arguments or consequences. I neglected my health, this is true. Now I take care of my body, this is also true. Truth evolves as nature persuades. Each day men and women encounter the sphere of truth possessed by men, by women, presented by historians, foretold by prophets. With each encounter, each man, each woman makes decisions about truth. Ambivalence is not an option as ambivalence itself, in matters of truth, is action. Potential truths either: expand spheres of truth (knowledge), leave sphere's size unchanged as one truth replaces another (learning), or leave sphere's size unchanged when they should be rejected (wisdom). Potential truths which remain outside a man or woman's sphere either remain inert or take on significance as untruths. Some untruths remain casual, allowed to sleep then awakened when a lull in conversation or contest prods them. Other untruths become causes when they contest the truths labeled matters of principle,. In an uneasy balance, colliding spheres of truth stir passion when principled truths become threatened. Age, experience, culture, and a myriad of variables as intricate as interlocking snowflakes, each unique, shape the truths we call matter of principles or core beliefs. And so the questions: Why do we accept there are no two identical humans in yet strive to drive consistency in over one billion snowflakes? Can my truth survive when contested by yours? Is it acceptable for one or a few to possess truth not shared by all or even many? Is the test of humankind reaching one truth or accepting there is no one truth? Does each man, each woman deserve the freedom to create a sphere of truth as unique as their fingerprint? Pilot said, "what is Truth" in order to avoid answering the question. In truth, truth cannot be avoided and contests for what is truth are as natural to humankind as breathing. In my sphere of truth I know what is true for one is, of necessity, not always true for another and I am okay with that.
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Poetry: Woman sitting in her kitchen - by Libby Hart © 2012 (Cover: Dawn by Jean-Yves Thibaudet)
My dear friend Sue gave me a book of poetry written by her friend. The summer I received "This Floating World", I read it in the sunshine each day as I ate my lunch outside. I read over and over again enjoying the poet's art so much. Inspired, I requested permission to produce two of her poems, this one and If I were to build a heart. Woman sitting in her kitchen is a beautiful poem by Australian poet Libby Hart, inspired by her days in Ireland, and read with her permission by Scott "Nadi" Gray. Photos of Libby's journey in Ireland frame the words.
Views: 120 Nadi Gray
Poem - Loves' Slender Hands - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading of his poem, Loves' Slender Hands by Scott Nadi Gray Motivation: An extemporaneously wriiten and recorded poem atop a massive driftwood perch. Filming Location; "Beer Can Island" at the end of Long Boat Key, FL, ,USA Written Text: Whose name will Loves' slender fingers trace inside my sands Will her name come to me from seas I sailed in lives before Will her letters carve a fortress against all pounding waves Or will they fade as life itself within red tides' assault Winged friends gather here to guide Loves' hand to driftwood hopes Secure by storm of her gentle kindness, my hand upon her heart Now stay this shaking hand of grief, with generosity of light With her letters carved now upon my heart in love forever borne.
Views: 187 Nadi Gray
My First Summer in the Sierra by John Muir (In tribute to Jade) Cover Canyon - A.R. Rahman
My First Summer in the Sierra by John Muir From Chapter One "Through the Foothills" Cover: Canyon by A.R. Rahman Read by Scott "Nadi" Gray Filming Location: John Bryant State Park near Yellow Springs, OH (from the dinette table of my Airstream) Motivation: I woke to read an email from someone I have never seen nor met but who wrote to me of her discoveries while embracing the dear, old mountains of Appalachia. She now has her heart set on exploring the "new mountains" of the west, the "sharp, untamed mountains". In tribute to her quest I recorded this reading from the book My First Summer in the Sierra by John Muir. It recounts the moment of his entrance into their embrace.
Views: 173 Nadi Gray
Soul Food by Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2015
Musings atop Mount LeConte "Cliff Tops."
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Meditation - Forest Meditation 1 by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Journal entries from a late summer backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Filming Location: Grant Park, Centerville, OH, USA, 2011 Written Text: To stop writing poetry in the woods is simply to be here. The mysterious healing power of the whispering winds in treetops, the business of flower store front for fly, bee, and beetle, the rise and fall in harmonious life and death of oak, maple, pine, and ash, the caterpillar falling from unseen platforms onto my wrist as I write, the unbreakable guardians, sun and moon, taking their turns at watch above me. Oh Benevolent Forces, instill within me three powers this day... to be one in myself, loving the boy within me to empower the man... to bring as many as I can to your healing place of colorful toadstools, tree frogs, and trickling springs... to bring healing within men and women and between humankind. Make this my spiritual journey, the home of my soul, mind, body, and spirit until I join the forest elders and sleep in the arms of my river forever.
Views: 146 Nadi Gray
Poem - La Meilleur Jeunesse (The Best Youth) - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2012
La Meilleur Jeunesse (The Best Youth) Poem of and reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011-2012 Motivation: A poem written while observing three tables of patrons at dinner and my server Anne-Sophie. There was a table with a young couple in love, another table of four young women, one daydreaming, and a table of three women, one of them named Aurelia who was innocent and kind even though she was experienced in life. Filming Location: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA, July 2012 Written version: Wintered locks lay placidly inside the flooded halls of Anne-Sophie Nervous hands roll wine's bottled neck as regards of love fill their stomachs Trio of girls speak of life as the fourth drifts away in ribboned kite daydreams Dancing below death's breathe, candled flames whisper in our ear as confidants of life Aurelia's soft innocence resists staired ages, lofted above life's hardened stones Daydreamer wakes to laughtered embraces of secret potions exposed, explored La Meilleur Jeunesse's storied past unfolds tonight's edition of life untolled
Views: 135 Nadi Gray
Poem - Oh Jimmy - Copyright (C) Scott Nadi Gray, All Rights Reservec
Reading by Nadi Gray Molly Malone performed by The Dubliners http://youtu.be/vdxLxnhGnvo Join Nadi in One Family at http://www.imagine1.org Friend Nadi on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/bynadi/ Subscribe to Nadi on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bynadi Motivation: A poem written about a dear friend of mine from Ireland named Jim. Jim is the kind of man who will leave the world a better place and all he meets are better for it. The poem is similar to another poem, The Dutchman, written for my friend Regenald who lives in the Netherlands. Both poems were written quite quickly with few changes as both portraits were so easily painted in words. Filming Location: Rather than filming in nature as is normally the case for my poems, I used photos I took while in Dublin, Dalkey, and a walk in Howth in 2007. The poem was written and produced in Jan 2012. Written Text: Ahh'ere once was a man with stories to tell A melodious chap we all know so well Whether eggs in d' morning or maybe a scone Comes his gusty rendition of Molly Malone 'en off to new ventures with his fingers now snapped For all who engage him enjoy to this fine chap Whether abroad or in Dalkey he mixes his brew As all who sup with him enjoy his hot stew From his fathers Redbreast we now comprehend Where we came to find Jimmy, d' best in d' land Whether cliffs above Howth or d' back of d' bus We can see why his muddar put up such a fuss With labors behind him he offers a chair Beside Bono at Finnegans, be it truth, be it dare
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Meditation on Love and Unity by Scott "Nadi" Gray - Copyright © 2012, All Rights Reserved
Extemporaneous Musing Motivation: Written in a notebook 43 months to the day and hour of 1 Feb, 2008 and at the same physical location where Oh Vastness was written. Filming location: In a bend in the Narrows of Little Wild Horse Canyon, UT, USA Written text: Love. A feeling? A decision? An arrangement? A dance? A negotiated life choice? Beyond choice? Conditioned? Unconditional? At first sight? Yes... and no. All of the above, yet none of them. A chemical reaction. A source of healing. A recreation of childhood. A dream. A glance. A smile. A touch. Belonging? Possession? Surrender? Victory? Yes. No. All yes yet none. These are manifestations of Love. While Love cannot be contained, held, borne, possessed, forced and can only be resisted to expand its reach beyond the resistance. Love is a Force, an eternal Force that manifests itself upon us so that we might achieve Love's purpose. Love, pure Love, has one purpose. Love as a Force, exists separately from all in yet in all in order to propel life's purpose. When we taste Love we are led by its light on a path to our life's destiny. It (Love) seeks to guide us towards personal enlightenment and the ultimate birth of our union with all. Love is a Being. Love wants our union with all who will bring us towards Love's sibling, light of one, of all, Unity, Oneness. Oneness is our destiny. Love is the wind that carries us there. As unselfish Love manifests itself, fear is vanquished and certain people dare to empty themselves then Love occupies them, adopts them as agents to stir a growing web between the structures of humanity; governments, religions, nations, tribes to show the way home to light which is Oneness. An evolution into the light where we dare to love, to die for Love, to sacrifice for Love so that in our death to self, Oneness is reborn. Love and Unity are the creator. Love leads to Unity. Unity holds Love. They are the electron and the neuron, the yin and yang. There is no darkness, no death, no sin; only voids of Love and Unity, our destiny. Those who are born to Love for the sake of Unity are the gatherers who will gradually draw many to the realization of One, of Love, through Love.
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Poem - The Dutchman - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Written about an amazing man, one of my best friends, a man from Holland I would trust with my life (and in a way I do). Filming Location: Auburn Hills, MI, USA, Nov 2011 Written Text: The man greets the mirror, he likes what he sees The man greets the morning, whatever it brings The smile, the quickstep, he sprints into life Confronted by shadows, he softens the strife His thought, his reflection, he ponders at length Strange turns for companions, he displays hidden strength On to the next thing, on to the rest Whatever he suffers, he suffers it best
Views: 76 Nadi Gray
Poem - Fragrance - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2009-2012
Poetry reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Fragrance, Poem by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2009-2012 Motivation: A short, poetic story of two transcendent lovers. Filming Location: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA, July 2012 Written version: From the crowded, sweaty streets above the potpourri of humanity, her fragrance returned to him. For the first time in his life he encountered the inexplicable physical presence of someone who wasn't there. Was he crazy? Maybe? Ah but to suffer this lunacy would only drive him to ecstasy and so he stopped, bought a sweet Moroccan mint tea and sat with her again as he sipped. As he settled his account with his thirst in the corner of the tea room, he leaned his head back gazing at the two white ceiling fans above. Her fragrance returned and as he closed his eyes his mind returned to the first time she allowed him to see her beauty; that day in the field of Monarch butterflies. It was there she conquered him with a gentle stroke of his hair, a generous smile, a kiss. She had been so natural about it, inviting him to join her as she taught him the ways of butterflies touching the skin. There in the tea shop she arrived, her fragrance, her essence, her kiss, her skin, her eyes. There in the tea shop he was forever changed. He was met, was held by a creature that could transport her soul through a spirit wise enough to find him then deliver passion as a Force time and space surrendered to with hands laid below feet.
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Poem: Novomestsky Pivovar - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: While in Prague, I shared a table with a family then listened to the friendship of people shared over their beer and food. The poem attempts to capture the atmosphere. Filming Location: Entrance to Novomestsky Pivovar Restaurant, Preague, Czech Republic, Oct 2011. Written text: Novomestsky Pivovar Comrades' shouts compete loudly with memories of quieter times Tables shared with strangers prove humanity's common toast From the street all hear the din and smell the roasted pig Below in man's burrow, tales of victory and venture are spun Pretzeled verses fill the air as accordion music compels their cheer They wave their hands, slap their backs, and kiss the morrow not Hearty lives wound outside these walls carve the tables wood Spirits lie in ancient timbers deep, authenticity of mirth The clink, the chink of honored vessels hold their ale, their lager Singing waiter's ties and lullabies, their stomachs filled again!
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Philosophy - Freedom, Sweet Freedom, Come - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2011
Reading by Scott Nadi Gray Motivation: This piece was written originally as a FB post in response to the acts of citizens in the Middle East organizing to liberate whole nations across a region enslaved in oppression. It reflects further on the balances required in post liberation eras to maintain the gains. Filming location: Red River Gorge, KY, USA in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Oct 2011. Written Text: They march for change, sustained change, not to topple one leader, but to raise the banner of freedom for all people, united in the struggle, the contest for human liberty. They rise using the ancient tools of courage mixed with new tools of communication. They rise to defeat the suppression of human freedom in every corner of the earth. Freedom, sweet freedom, come May freedom come... in a balance of joy and celebration with responsibility and soberness so the sacrificial foundations of injuries, imprisonments, or even death will not be laid in vain. May freedom come... in a balance of forgiveness and inclusion with the steely resolve never to accept oppression again so the cycle of despotism can be halted forever with pardon and reconciliation for those forced into oppression. May freedom come... in a balance of new and old where respect for the customs and cultures of each land are preserved, where liberty's colors are woven by local custom. May freedom come... in a balance of saying what we want to say, going where we want to go, but to say and go with respect for who hears us and finds us in their land. May freedom come to every heart that would rather die than live one day longer in the poverty of oppression. Freedom, sweet freedom, come!
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Readings - Favorite Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson #1 - Read by Scott "Nadi" Gray
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Notivation: From my favorite writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Filming Location: Grant Park, Centerville, OH, USA. 2011 "To speak truly, few adult persons can see nature. Most persons do not see the sun. At least they have a very superficial seeing. The sun illuminates only the eye of man, but shines into eye and the heart of a child. The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other; who has retained the spirit of infancy even into the era of manhood. His intercourse with heaven and earth becomes part of his daily food. In the presence of nature a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows. Nature says -- he is my creature, and maugre all his impertinent griefs, he shall be glad with me." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Poem - Fado, Fado - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright 2012
Fado, Fado (Irish term for "long, long ago") Poem of and reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2012 Copyright, All Rights Reserved Motivation: Written after visting the beautiful Glendalough, Ireland with Jim and Audrey Braken of Dalkey. Written in Yellow Springs, OH, USA. Filming Location: On the Appalachian Trail between Newfound Gap and Clingman's Dome in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, USA. Written version: Wave upon wave extend beyond present day Retreating in quartered memories, prancing in distant time Fado, Fado, long ago, oh so long ago Beast upon beauty slain, chambered hopes unlocked Energy below his imaginings, above her pearlescent breast Fado, Fado, long ago, oh so long ago Desert winds howl below the sands themselves Draw all that ever laid once before the sun Draw them now to pour forth, all time, all space Fado, Fado, long ago, oh so long ago Do not fear the depths, the darkness, the chill Awaken all who sleep within these eternal sands Pour them, filling lavished cups of worlds unknown Fado, Fado, long ago, oh so long ago Saint Kevin lift your embraced cross to bless our journey Saint Bridget kiss our altered angels to bless all we meet Incarnate powers rise from ancient bogs to quench our thirst Little flower grow beyond your envisioned gardens Fado, Fado, in hedge rowed memories Fado, Fado, far from here, so long ago
Views: 138 Nadi Gray
Poem - Irish Pub, Little Italy - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2007-2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: After reading the poem "Friend's Love" to a friend, she said she understood it was a reflection of an evening I spent with good friends, but she wanted a new twist. She said I should write it from the perspective of "bar life" and the "pick-up scene" so we called it the "explicit version" or Irish Pub, Little Italy (which is actually a pub called Puck Fair in NYC). Filming Location: Red River Gorge, KY, USA, Oct 2011 Written Text: Holy Communion of friends, laid upon unforgiven tongues, sacred art of absolution, salvation of smoke stained walls, of ancient halls dispensed Beyond tangled, poisoned pettiness, above cold, metallic jealousies, present wrestles past to secure the havened circle and lurking horizons of gold Time separated from their watch, impatient knocks, tumbling locks, heady laughter, water lilied ponds drained without submission, without warning Smiles, voices, shapes, scented vibrations blur the birth of racing blood, velvet invitation to open unfamiliar books beneath worn blankets Sight once cast round as lighthouse candles, walks familiar hallways in the dark, beauty discovered in hidden passageways, in raucous laughter Yah, echo of a stranger's glance, the foreigner's brush of skin, they hear their voice topple off friends like drunks falling from Brooklyn heights Yah, allure of heat, of youth, of shiny things, they throw their line beyond their catch, hooks enslaving thirst, unspoken invitation to faraway lands Street lamps lit from above expose the sport below, finds playmates with forgotten rings lost in darkness 'til daybreak sends them home With hungry eyes and lusty sighs, our common lives and forever love are lost, golden rings and familiar things lay buried beneath these busty lofts.
Views: 116 Nadi Gray
Meditation - Forest Meditation 3 by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Journal entries from a late summer backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Filming Location: Grant Park, Centerville, OH, USA, 2011 Written Text: Man was born in nature. This, our species true origin, is now lost in the crowds, concrete, and noise of humanity. As I sit on a spiraling, hollowed shell of a giant oak, I realize it is important for man to return to his origin, whether to hear a bear crunching in the forest behind him or to take a walk in a local nature preserve. He needs to leave his own inventions behind and trust himself to observe the spiders' handiwork reflecting greatness, order, and beauty in the sun or moon light. Only in the place of his origin can man find himself, his true self. I'm convinced of this as certainly as birds will forever sing with crickets and bees here in this forest neighborhood. Sweet Universe, please coat my words to have men swallow the pill of effort required for them to join me here.
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Musings -- The Table - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2013, All Rights Reserved
The Table Musings of Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2013, All Rights Reserved Motivation: Just an observation on the value of a table. Filming Location: Princeton, NJ, USA July 2013 Written version: Tonight after dinner, I walked past a store called Luxe and through the window I saw a dark wooden table, it was simple, it was strong, elegant, natural, beautiful table. And I thought "Now that's why I need a house. I need a house so I can have a table like that in it." Then I looked at it again and thought "If I had a house with a table like that in it, would I be there to sit at the table or would I want to be out in the woods from whence the table came? Would I sit at the table and write of love or would it simply sit there in my house as a testament to my importance until I was gone, until a son inherited it or until it was sold at my estate auction because none of my sons acquired a taste for it?" I took a final look at the table and asked, "Do I really need a table in my life or do I need the table to measure the stature of my life? Do I need a house in my life or do I need a house simply because... I need a table?" After chuckling to myself, I decided a long walk in the woods and a short rest on a tree stump would suffice and allow one more tree to touch the sky and bear the houses of bird and squirrel.
Views: 55 Nadi Gray
Poem: Prague's Breath (Day Reading) - by Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: I spent a sunny, late summer afternoon day in Prague and wrote this while observing the pace of being in love. Written in the Starbucks at Malostranské náměstí 28, 110 00 Praha 1. Filming Location: Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011. Written Text: Prague's Breath Sweet tonics, wavering lips of our clenched violence now hush Silvery blue ribbons descend Cathedral heights, our heart's swaddling clothes Eddies of a thousand sea turtles ripple across our hope's layered nakedness Sunshined sojourners oblivious to our joy, our cup spilling over tabled bones Flower vendor's song cloaks our loins as the embrace of an unknown friend Around each corner, late summer is shared in our gilded visitation Roll, yah, oh yah, roll the stone of our soul's resurrection from winters sleep Oh Prague, mother of our enchanted dream, blow your spring winds upon us
Views: 54 Nadi Gray
Wisdom of a frozen pond by Scott "Nadi" Gray  © 2015, All Rights Reserved
Our collective knowledge is recorded in various media (e.g., book, video, audio, art.) Yet the knowledge itself originates from people connecting what they learn from their experience of the world (including media.) One source of experience occurs when nature speaks to our consciousness. Once there, we should listen and interpret its meaning in our life. This is one such experience in mine.
Views: 28 Nadi Gray
Lingo of the Southern USA
Piddling is one of many sayings you will hear "in these parts" so "bone up" 'fore you come.
Views: 34 Nadi Gray
Poem: Yellow Petals by Scott "Nadi" Gray, © 2013, All Rights Reserved
Yellow Pedals Poem of Scott "Nadi" Gray © 2013, All Rights Reserved Motivation: Considerations of bonded love while on a trip to San Francisco, CA, USA. Yellow Petals photo taken in San Francisco. Written words: I stand in the sunlight thinking of her Her gentle calm, amidst cold and dark and storm Her mind's order, hearth bestowed, gift of warmth She flies gracefully through my invisible doors And I swim in sacred oceans of her bottomless shores Her temple sanctuary weaves dreams that call Her fiery combustion ignites my love for all Can there be possession where there is promise? No. No there is no sky for birds without wings No shattered glass to open our veins Yellow petals lay below our feet Bitterness abated, cup oh so sweet Yellow petals find tree tops in winds so pure While I stand in the sunlight thinking of her
Views: 82 Nadi Gray
Poem: Transcendent Lover © Copyright 2011-2012 (Cover Canyon by A.R. Rahman)
Transcendent Lover, a poem written and read by Scott "Nadi" Gray. Motivation: Filmed as one poem of three comprising a "Poetic Trilogy of Love's Desire". Filming Location: Arches National Park, UT, USA, 2011 Written Version: Above abandoned robes her parched sands and dunes lay thirsting Prophesied storm gathering, circling, stirring her hungered imaginings Arid canyons within her awaken to distant thunder rolling up her spine Welcomed scent of rain hovers inside her; prophesy of relief to aching desires Fat unsteadied raindrops tumble keyed locks as his whispered kisses arrive Ignorant of metronome, their sporadic cadence embrace her skin's listening ear Leading edge of his gathering storm now rejoices atop her alabaster altar Now falling in overlapping rhythms, rain bursts into song atop longing mesas Dust marries soil as impatient kisses and feathered touch hover above ancient oils Soaking now... now... torrents of electricity lighting candles of remembered storms Moistened ground surrendering to saturation, bubbling in her veins as muddied wine Hungry rain mounts her, devours her, thirst expelled in rippling pools of transcendent joy Skies unleashed, buckling, twisting above every wind born slope, inside her every crevice, His braided lightning surges, incited by her moaning gasps for breath lost in echoed canyons, All resistance forgotten, fiery rain pouring inside her scatters as arching Rose budded flashes Sage's fire extinguished, wet all so wet now, driftwood carried by her lust as fury to the sea
Views: 379 Nadi Gray
Poem - Hidden Lake - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2009-2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Written after an especially taxing marathon week of negotiating global healthcare standards (my career), then while kayaking hat evening, discovering a hidden lake. The contrast between the complexity of business versus the stillness of this oasis produced such joy in me. On the next conference call of the group working on the agreement, I read the poem. . Filming Location: Red River Gorge, KY, USA, Oct 2011 Written Text: Today I wandered upon a hidden lake A place discovered long before it was lost Welcome sanctuary for beleaguered bones Stopping off place for nomadic children Weary of men at home now among the tree stumps Iguana headed pedestals break the water's surface Industry's erratic circles softened by a silent Rock Rock who stopped to tell me more than all I knew I knew rapture, not in things to come but in the present moment Then, there, soft lyrics of Birds and melodies of Insects met Alive with regrets, not of things which passed this way before But for every moment, life mutes this sacred symphony For a moment I was the guest of a hidden Lake Lake so beautiful, were I the Sky, I would stay forever Lake so placid, were I the Wind, I would never leave Today a hidden Lake found me to halt my wandering.
Views: 59 Nadi Gray
Poem - Salute to Afternoon Lovers - Scott "Nadi" Gray © Copyright, All Rights Reserved 2011
Reading by Scott "Nadi" Gray Motivation: Poetic musing about how two lovers erase the cares of life one afternoon. Filming Location: Seven Lakes State Park, MI, USA, Nov 2011 Written Text: Desire before unnoticed, now pour, now swirl, Glasses once empty, now wettened for a toast Afternoons wind down unexpected corridors Softened breezeways halted by unraveling velocity Corners of industry erased by playfulness Labor's edges rounded by the exploding flames Prancing proudly, beating hearts exhausted Surrendering quietly, silence breaks passions storm To all who fill love's glass with lucid memories We raise a toast, high above life's banquet table
Views: 57 Nadi Gray

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