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Fortnite Zeze(Kodak Black) and Be Like Me Montage- Good console player
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox Shoutouts- - GoldBroX990 - Not Josef -TheH1tM4n - Ben Jacobson Teammates - GavGoose (Gavin) - Mew2Lorde(Aidan)
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Fortnite Butterfly event 1080p
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox Only people who participated in this event get the Lil' Kev backbling challenges
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I installed a brushless esc and motor into my amp, and I am running on a 2s lipo, it was working well for 20 minutes, then the esc started to smoke, any help?
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Fortnite Prisoner Stage 3 KEY LOCATION NEW
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox
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Apeman a77 action camera footage
1080p 60fps footage - don’t forget to turn on 1080p 60fps on YouTube settings! - youtube compression ruins the video a bit
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Fortnite Montage- Sunflower
Fortnite - Br1aNn88- Xbox Music- I do not own Curb your Enthusiasm- end credits Sunflower- Post Malone and Swae Lee
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ECX RC AMP in the Snow
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox (honestly I don’t know what I’m doing
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ummmmm...... i had 53 points clip (died to a baller glitch)
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox please help me
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Fortnite RARE bandaid glitch!
Strange glitch I found in fortnite a week ago.
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ECX AMP New servo problem
I need help, I don’t why, I think the servo arm thing is stripped, I have a metal one, but I don’t know how to take the ball screw off the old plastic arm to put it on the metal arm.
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Fortnite- Carrying Steve-Check out “Spixyy”s channel
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox Playing and carrying Spixxy Check Steve”Spixyy” on Youtube
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Witchcraft skins! Fortnite ItemShop 10/11/18
Itemshop-xbox Br1aNn88
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Fortnite Hunting Party (A.I.M) skin showcase with emotes
Fortnite Hunting party skin -comes with A.X.E pickaxe -comes with backbling challenges
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Strange light clicking in back side of ECX amp
I just changed my system to a brushless combo, and I started to press the trigger of my transmitter, and the truck is making a slight clicking or WHIRRING sound, if that makes sense. Thank you for your help
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New Fortnite Hunting Party (A.I.M.) skin showcase!
Fortnite hunting party skin -Comes with A.X.E pickaxe - comes with back bling challenges
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How to use an Xbox Controller wirelessly on PC(Windows 10 Fortnite!)
You need the Xbox wireless adapter, it costs $24.99, a bit overpriced but worth the cost
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Fortnite- Free filmora(no watermark) code test
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox
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Fortnite getting the galaxy skin for FREE
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox
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Fortnite + Crabrave (Fortnite - Crabrave Montage)
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox LoveShot btw
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Fortnite - Filmora no watermark test
Fortnite- Br1aNn88- xbox
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