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TI is Driving the Future of Automotive Technology
http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/applications/automotive/overview.page TI, a leading supplier in automotive technology, offers innovations for cars of today and tomorrow. TI's vision of near-term and longer-term automotive technology is featured in this video. TI's automotive technologies give customers the ability to introduce many highly sophisticated features into today's automobiles including infotainment systems that keep drivers informed and passengers entertained, safety features that assist with parking and detect driver drowsiness and innovative communications technology. TI's automotive technologies transform cars into portable command centers for entertainment and information, with instant-on connectivity and adaptive safety technologies. TI automotive innovations drive sophisticated features that bring new levels of safety, body electronics, entertainment, power train enhancements and connectivity to today's automobiles. With more than 30 years of automotive experience, TI offers an extensive semiconductor portfolio and industry expertise which are the foundation for the continually evolving innovative solutions developed by manufacturers and systems suppliers. TI automotive innovations are helping automakers and suppliers to the automotive industry improve system efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of automobiles.
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What is ZigBee?
Brian Blum gives an overview of ZigBee.  How did it start? What is it?  Where is it used?
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A Day in the Life of a Technical Sales Engineer & Field Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments
Learn how two engineers with the same major, from the same university were able to join TI and find their niche. One, an applications engineer in TI’s year-long rotation program, working with customers in the field and then solving technical issues in the business unit. And the other, a technical sales engineer combining his technical expertise with selling skills during an 8-month rotation program that took him from a field sales office to product marketing to sales operations.
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A Day in The Life - Design Engineer
Are you up for the challenge of putting your technical mind to the ultimate test? Design engineers architect new TI products and make our customers' visions a reality. In this role, you will focus on transistor-level circuit design and developing silicon in ways that have never been done before.
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Day in the Life - Validation Engineer
Roja shares her experience as a recent college graduate and validation engineer at TI.
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Engineer It - How to test power supplies - Measuring Noise
TI's Bob Hanrahan demonstrates how to measure noise when testing power supplies. For more videos on testing power supplies, check out: Overview: www.ti.com/testingpoweroverview Measuring efficiency: www.ti.com/measuringefficiency Measuring stability: www.ti.com/measuringstability
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Remembering Bob Pease
TI celebrates accomplishments of the company's legendary design engineer Bob Pease, who died on June 18. During his 33-year career at TI, Bob received 21 patents and designed more than 20 integrated circuits. Some of his circuits reached Mt Everest and the moon and his knowledge and kindness touched a multitude of engineers. Bob Pease is a hero of the analog world.
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A Day in The Life - Applications Engineer
As our ultimate problem solver, applications engineers show TI's many capabilities. You will work in the field deciphering a customer's major design challenges or in the TI labs to tackle problems hands-on and deliver development tools to support our products.
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Engineer It - Understanding basic sensored BLDC motor operation
Learn the basic operation of a BLDC motor from Michael Firth, Motor Driver marketing manager.
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A Day in the Life - Systems Engineer
Systems engineers interact with bright minds around the globe on the next big thing. In this role, you will influence each step of the product lifecycle by working directly with business units and customers to define product roadmaps.
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Day in the life of a Product Engineer at Texas Instruments
Want to know what a product engineer does at TI? Watch TIer Danielle talk about her role in the Product Engineer rotation program, and how she gets to experien
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Nuts and Bolts of the Delta-Sigma Converter
Delta-sigma converters are ideal for converting signals over a wide range of frequencies from DC to several megahertz with very high resolution results. In a delta-sigma ADC, the input signal is oversampled and then filtered by a digital/decimator filter.
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Camera Radar Fusion Project with TI Automotive Processors
This is a brief overview of our automotive Camera/Radar fusion project. The surrounding environment is critical in ADAS and self-driving applications.
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Plug, Play, and Display - TI DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000 EVM
TI introduces most affordable way to get started with DLP® Pico™ display technology. Tiny chipset and $99 EVM make it easier to design display applications. Discover more at http://ti.com/dlp99
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What is Creepage and Clearance?
This video will teach the basics of the safty  distance between conductors in high voltage isolation barriers.
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BUCK POWER STAGE - Tutorial with Bernd Geck (part 1)
Bernd Geck created that 5-part-tutorial in order give customers and future customers valuable basic knowledge. The first video focus on the very basic principles of a buck power stage.
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Boost Power Stage - Tutorial with Bernd Geck (part 2)
Bernd Geck created that 5-part-tutorial in order give customers and future customers valuable basic knowledge. The second video focus on the very basic principles of a boost power stage.
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Imaging radar using multiple single-chip FMCW transceivers
In this video, we’ve cascaded four AWR1243 mmWave radar FMCW transceivers at 77GHz RF frequency to demonstrate how TI’s sensors can enable developers to build high-accuracy systems in dense urban areas and highways.
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Layout Tips for Radiated EMI Reduction in Your Designs
Denislav explains best practices for EMI and board layout with the SIMPLE SWITCHER synchronous regulators then takes you inside TI's 3 meter chamber to test the evaluation board.
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Day in the life of an Applications engineer at Texas Instruments
Want to know what an applications engineer does at TI? Watch TIer Luis talk about his role in the Applications Engineer rotation program
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How To Display Video & Control Light Using TI DLP® Technology
Highly flexible TI DLP® technology helps innovators solve their light control challenges and bring impressive solutions to the market across a diverse range of display, industrial and automotive applications.
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A Day in The Life - Technical Sales Engineer
Our Technical Sales Engineers are a unique hybrid: an engineer who has strong technical know-how with the brain of a business strategist. You will manage customer relationships and understand TI's broad product portfolio, ensuring TI technologies are in the next great innovations.
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Day in the life of a TI technician
Learn more about Infant and his role as an equipment technician at Texas Instruments
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Calculating the Correct Pull-up Resistor Value in I2C Bus Applications
Learn about the pull up resistors used with I2C Bus and the calculations involved to determine the correct value of those resistors. These calculations apply to
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SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 LaunchPad Out of Box Experience
The next generation of embedded Wi-Fi is here. Learn how to start developing with TI's SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3200 microcontroller (MCU), the industry's first programmable Wi-Fi wireless MCU. This video will take you through provisioning, accessing the IoT sample demos from the on-chip web server and links to other projects and resources. Embedded Wi-Fi is now easier for anyone to connect more, anywhere and to anything. What will you connect? www.ti.com/simplelinkwifi
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Engineer It - How to terminate an unused op amp
Find out how to properly terminate an unused op amp, the benefits of doing so, commonly used circuit limitations, and how to select a proper configuration from senior applications field engineer, Todd Toporski.
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About Texas Instruments
We're much more than one of the world's leading semiconductor providers. We're a collection of dreamers, radicals, disruptive thinkers. We're more than 35 thousand employees in 35 countries around the world, unified by a single passion: Engineering change.
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Weigh an Eyelash--Build a Microgram Scale
Paul weighs his eye lash using a microgram scale built from TI's precision op amps and some spare parts.
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How DLP Technology Works
Video explaining DLP technology, including how a digital micromirror device (DMD) works, and its capability for the developer to create products for applications such as 3D measurement, machine vision, 3D scanning, spectroscopy, chemical analysis, wavelength analysis, 3D printing, interactive display, intelligent lighting and more.
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PLL Basics and Usage
This video will help the viewer to understand the benefits of phase-locked loops and their use in the system.
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RS-232, RS-422, RS-485: What Are the Differences?
This video discusses the differences between three common serial interface standards: RS--232, RS--422, and RS--485; and the appropriate application usage for each.
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Debounce a Switch
Learn more about TI's standard logic products. http://www.ti.com/logic-circuit/overview.html Physical buttons and switches can produce multiple outputs from a single button press due to bouncing of the internal contacts. This video presents a simple solution to eliminate multiple triggers from this effect.
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Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Overview and Training
View TI's entire portfolio of LIN transceivers at www.ti.com/LIN http://www.ti.com/LIN This video will discuss the coexistence of CAN and LIN in automotive networks before diving into details on LIN technology. The training will include an overview of the LIN physical layer and frame structure as well as the key features to consider when choosing a LIN transceiver. You will also learn about the conformance and EMC test reports that are available for LIN transceivers and the packaging options from TI. Check out TI's new LIN portfolio featuring the TLIN1029-Q1 [1] for 12V applications, the TLIN2029-Q1 [2] for 24V applications. [1] http://www.ti.com/product/tlin1029-q1 [2] http://www.ti.com/product/tlin2029-q1
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Innovations using terahertz waves
This is the third video in the TI whiteboard video series on innovation. In the series, TI innovators address challenges such as energy and cloud connectivity and brainstorm ways the semicondutor industry can solve these problems.
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Short range radar demonstration using TI’s mmWave sensors
Check out TI's mmWave radar portfolio http://www.ti.com/sensing-products/mmwave/overview.html Watch this demonstration of short range radar using TI’s 76-81GHz single-chip mmWave sensors.
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3D Time of Flight Imaging Solutions
Dan demonstrates how TI is changing the way we interact with machines with its new 3D Time of Flight (ToF) technology. Control applications with finger tracking and simple gestures - without having to touch a mouse or keyboard.
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Engineer It - How to do precision current limiting for a supercapacitor application
Learn how to limit the charging current of a supercapacitor. Texas Instruments (TI) applications engineer Amy Le walks you through the block diagram, provides sample calculations, and demonstrates how to precisely limit the output current of a switching regulator.
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Engineer It: How to Design Protection Circuits for Analog I/O Modules
Learn how to design protection circuits for analog input/output (I/O) modules. The video explains how attenuation and diversion can help you protect your system -- especially when used together.
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6LoWPAN Tutorial – A Wireless Extension of the Internet
A tutorial of what 6LoWPAN is and how it connects to the internet
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Why Sub-1GHz?
In this video, we describe the advantages of using Sub-1GHz wireless communication, and why Sub-1GHz communication can increase range, reduce power consumption, and increase reliability.
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Liquid-level sensing using the FDC1004 EVM
David demonstrates TI’s capacitive sensing solutions for liquid-level sensing using the FDC1004 evaluation module.
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Power Tip 21: Watch that capacitor RMS ripple current rating
In this Power Tip Robert Kollman discusses a mistake designers make often and that is putting too much ripple current into a capacitor that may shorten its lifetime.
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Engineer It - How to test power supplies - Measuring Efficiency
TI's Bob Hanrahan demonstrates how to measure efficiency when testing a power supply. For more videos on testing power supplies, check out: Overview: www.ti.com/testingpoweroverview Measuring noise: www.ti.com/measuringnoise Measuring stability: www.ti.com/measuringstability
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LDO basics: Dropout voltage
Visit the TI LDO homepage to learn more about the TI LDO Portfolio. http://ti.com/ldo This video will go over what an LDO is and discuss the importance of dropout voltage in an LDO. An application will demonstrate the importance of dropout voltage when designing as dropout voltage can affect the desired output of an LDO. The designer must keep the input voltage and dropout voltage in mind when using an LDO. Furthermore, PMOS and NMOS architectures used in LDO's will be covered as this has the most impact to the dropout voltage. The video will also show other variables such as pass element size, temperature, output current, temperature, and output accuracy that all can affect dropout voltage.  Need Help? Visit the support and training tab from the LDO homepage. http://www.ti.com/power-management/linear-regulators-ldo/support-training.html Read the corresponding blog post, LDO Basics: dropout. https://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/powerhouse/archive/2017/03/16/ldo-basics-dropout
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Power Tip 42: Discretes can replace integrated MOSFET driver
In Power Tip 42 host, Robert Kollman talks about discretes can replace integrated MOSFET drivers
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Short-range radar demonstration: Object clustering and tracking
Get started with TI's single-chip automotive mmWave radar sensors http://www.ti.com/sensing-products/mmwave/awr/overview.html This demonstration leverages TI’s short-range radar reference design to detect as many as 200 objects and track up to 24 of them at distances as high as 80-120m, traveling as high as 90kmph. Leverage the short-range radar reference design http://www.ti.com/tool/tidep-0092
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A Day in the Life - Quality Engineer
Quality engineers work on the latest semiconductor technology nodes. You will analyze processes in fabrication plants, conduct tests to determine why a particular product might have failed, and solve customer challenges when they arise.
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Jack Kilby and the Integrated Circuit
Did you know that many of the electronic products you or your family own probably have several ICs? And many of the ICs found in these electronics were made by Texas Instruments (TI). In fact, a TI engineer made the very first working IC – also called a chip or semiconductor – on September 12, 1958. His name was Jack Kilby. His little invention forever changed the face of technology and life as we know it. Watch the video to see how one young mind was inspired to become an engineer and forever changed the world.
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SerDes Basics
This video describes the basics of  Serdes serializer/deserializer technology and its benefits in the system.
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High-power, high-performance Class-D audio amplifier overview for 35-600W applications
Learn more about the industry’s highest performing, high-power, monolithic Class-D amplifier family that enables Ultra-HD audio for applications from 35W to 600W output power. This family includes TPA3244, TPA3245, TPA3250, TPA3251 and TPA3255.
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